Chapter 0132

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth


Chapter 0132: One Against Six

“Are you sure?” Ning Cheng stopped his digging motion, as he turned to stare at those people who spoke just now. After all, he had already seen this kind of situation, so he already understood their intentions. If one did not want to fight and wanted to dig in a calm and steady manner, this kind of thing was simply impossible here.

“Get lost.” A True Condensation 8th Level finally lost his patience and spoke up.

Ning Cheng did not bother to speak anymore nonsense, at once, grasping the Great Axe in his hands once again, he immediately swept out with it horizontally. Together with the horrifying and matchless Axe Intent, it simply wreaked havoc in the tunnel that he was digging in.

The size of the tunnel was limited, so once Ning Cheng chopped out with his axe, with its strong Killing Intent, almost the entire tunnel was completely filled with its Killing Force.

The six Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators had never thought that Ning Cheng, who was just a trifling True Condensation 4th Level Cultivator in their eyes, would dare to make a move against them. If only he was an ordinary True Condensation 4th Level Cultivator, then Ning Cheng would have definitely not taken the initiative to attack, rather they would have already resorted to their own Magic Weapons and would have already smashed Ning Cheng to a pulp.

However, Ning Cheng was not an ordinary True Condensation 4th Level Cultivator, once his [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace] came out, it contained his Great Axe’s violently strong Killing Intent, as such the first reaction for these six Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators was to quickly escape that single cutting edge of the Axe, and then do something else.


When this Axe Shadow, that was filled with the extremely violent Axe Type Killing Intent, collided with the hard walls of the mine, it immediately brought up two blood mists as two of the True Condensation 7th Level Cultivators were not able to avoid it in time. They were bound by the Killing Intent from Ning Cheng’s Axe after which they were simultaneously blown into two halves. The falling rubble was also instantly crushed by the Killing Intent of the Axe Shadow as it smashed into them. Since Ning Cheng still had some apprehensions of the tunnel collapsing, as a result Ning Cheng did not dare erupt with his full strength.

As for the remaining four True Condensation Cultivators, because the previous two of them took the brunt of the attack, they were able to be one step ahead of them as they escaped from the mine tunnel.

Ning Cheng also did not give up, as he also similarly escaped from the mine tunnel. As he pursued the few True Condensation Cultivators that had escaped previously, he once again sent out an Axe Chop.

The Axe Intent contained in that attack was not even a single bit weaker than when he had unleashed that attack in the mine tunnel. On the contrary, this time Ning Cheng fully displayed the might of his [Angry Axe, First Trace]. Even the scope of the Killing Force increased as it became even more fierce.

One of the True Condensation 8th Level Cultivator was lagging behind, and only had enough time to resort to a conical shaped Talisman to at least block a part of Ning Cheng’s Axe Shadow, however the Axe Shadow was too powerful as it slammed into his chest after it tore through it like tofu, he immediately sprayed out blood from his mouth, as he flew away tumbling, before he hit a huge stone, and no longer breathed.

There were now only three more panic stricken people left. They knew that they no longer would be able to escape, and immediately brought out their Talismans in succession as they prepared to confront Ning Cheng.

It was only until that time that the surrounding people finally came to understand what had transpired. Someone had dug out a few Spirit Stones afterwards some other people came to rob him. This kind of thing was simply too common to them in this place. Ning Cheng was already a person who dared to dig the mine tunnels by himself, this a lot of people already knew about. Moreover, as these people had seen Ning Cheng dig a mine tunnel by himself, they had all ridiculed Ning Cheng as an idiot in their hearts at that time.

So now when six Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators had arrived to grab the tunnel that Ning Cheng had just mined. But afterwards Ning Cheng had killed three people, moreover, even expelled the rest of them from the mine tunnel, this event immediately captured the attention of all the people present there. Where did this True Condensation Cultivator came from? He was only a trivial True Condensation 4th Level Cultivator, how could he be this fierce and strong?

“This friend, just now it was our fault a moment ago, this mine tunnel, we do not want to snatch it from you anymore. Can you please stop now?”  The one to talk this time was also the same True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator who had spoken to him before in the mine tunnel, after he saw how strong Ning Cheng was, he simply gave up on the idea of robbing Ning Cheng’s mine tunnel.

Moreover, their group of 6 people was only a temporary set up for them, why would anyone care for the life or death of their ‘fellow’ companions? If they really got into a fight, they knew that they would lack the spirit of cooperation. So at this moment, each of them were attending to only themselves.

Come when you want to come, and leave when you want to leave. How can such a good thing exist? Ning Cheng simply was too lazy to even reply a few words. He once again raised the Great Axe with his hands and once again covered the sky with his Golden Great Axe Shadow, still that one Axe Shadow was together with his [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace].

Ning Cheng’s display of [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace] was getting more and more fluent with each time he used it, he felt that if he unceasingly continued to display the [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace], with his continuous comprehension, he would be able to make a new breakthrough.

The True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator saw that Ning Cheng did not even want to reconcile with them even for a bit, did not speak anymore words, and immediately began fighting. Even his complexion changed, and a white wheel appeared in his hands as he smashed out with it, while simultaneously shouting to the other two, “Everyone we must fight together.”

The other two people saw that Ning Cheng was not going to agree with them and let them off, basically did not need that True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator to remind them, and simultaneously brought out their Magic Weapons.

For the four True Condensation Cultivators to fight in such a way, the surrounding lights from their Magic Weapons scattered in all four directions. As such many of the cultivators could not continue digging, they immediately got out, while they simultaneously watched the four of them battle. Moreover, even the few Essence Building Realm Cultivators present there were also paying attention to the intense fight going on in that place.

The entire sky above them was covered by the Killing Intent from the Golden Great Axe Shadow as it bombed together with the lights from the various Magic Weapons. The rapid bursts of their True Essences were creating thunder like rumbles all around the place.

“Boom……Ka Ka……”

Although the three Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators were able to block Ning Cheng’s Axe, but the formidable Killing Intent of the Axe immediately made the three of them to fall back once again.

“This person’s True Essence is quite vigorous, is his cultivation level really at True Condensation 4th Level?” A purple robe wearing woman, with her face covered by a veil, who was standing at a distant place observing the fight, spoke up as she simultaneously looked at the Golden Great Axe Shadow that was staggering to the extreme, with an astonished look in her eyes.

Standing beside her was a middle aged man, who already had the cultivation of Late Stage Essence Building Realm. When he heard the words of the woman in the purple robe beside him, he simply shook his head and spoke, “That’s not it, his True Essence is not necessarily more powerful when compared to the three people he is fighting against. But his Axe Intent is too strong, that Axe Shadow that he exploded out with, was also filled with an Axe Intent, making the other three people unable to contend against, which was why they were blown back. For this person’s Axe Intent to be so formidable, I suspect that he has comprehended his Axe Intent in the genuine Axe Valley.”

Ning Cheng did not stop the attack because his Axe was blocked by them, moreover the Killing Intent released from Golden Great Axe Shadow had still not yet dissipated completely, he once again lifted the Great Axe in his hands and fired off another Golden Great Axe Trace.

“Ka….” This time, it was the True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator who had to bear the brunt, and was blasted away along with the Golden Great Axe Shadow. As for his white wheel, under the impact of the Axe Trace, immediately let out a deafening buzzing sound. At this moment, he was simply unable to take back his Magic Weapon.

This True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator’s mind was greatly shaken, he was certain that if the three of them collaborated together, then they would not be in such a sorry state, moreover that True Condensation 4th Level Cultivator in front of them would not necessarily be their match if they did. But this person was simply too ferocious, so he simply turned around and fled.

Ning Cheng finally put his Great Axe down, his True Essence was already somewhat insufficient to continue fighting, if the three people collaborated once more, then even if he could only match them step by step, he would only be able to block them.

But now that the True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator had turned tail and ran, this was really him courting death. Ning Cheng did not care about the two remaining people, and immediately rushed past them, and blasted out a punch in the air.

The Axe Fist travelled in a straight line, as it brought forth a murderous Qi as it hit the back of that True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator. As the punch exploded on the back of the True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator, he was directly sent flying by Ning Cheng’s fist. When the fist collided, he flew several meters away, and immediately fell to the ground. His body twitched a few times, before it went silent, no longer breathing.

Ning Cheng did not, at present, deal with the body of this True Condensation Cultivator. But once again grabbed the Golden Great Axe in his hands and turned towards the other two True Condensation 8th Level Cultivators.

These two True Condensation Cultivators were already scared witless, and as such did not dare to fight against Ning Cheng, they immediately took out their Storage Bags and directly threw them at Ning Cheng’s feet, as they spoke in a quivering voice, “Senior, please accept our Storage Bags, we only ask for forgiveness……”

Ning Cheng grabbed the two storage bags, and spoke with an extremely cold tone, “Get lost.”

“Yes, yes……” These two Cultivators of the True Condensation 8th Level did not dare to even utter half a word of idle talk, as they quickly turned around and ran away, and in just a few moments completely disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng had not been in the Yi Xing Mainland for a long time, but he had heard, once a Cultivator throws down their Storage Bag or their Storage Ring, then as long as they do not have a bitter hatred towards each other, then they would at least forgive the opposite party for that one time. Moreover, he really was not so bloodthirsty, he knew that if he did not talk in an imposing manner at that moment, then there would be more and more people eyeing his mine tunnels.

If there were no good things in the tunnel, then there would not be much of a problem, but once he dug up a good thing, then at that moment, it would not be good for him.

As the fight had finally come to an end, Ning Cheng picked up the few Storage Bags. As he turned to the few cultivators that he killed and turned them into ash, and then leisurely walked towards his mine tunnel.

Ning Cheng was a person who had singlehandedly fought against six Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators, moreover he had continuously killed four of them, and had even grabbed all six of their Storage Bags, as such, this kind of strength was already seen by the people clearly. Because of this, no one had any more ideas towards Ning Cheng’s mine tunnel. Of course, one of the other reason was also because the mine tunnel that Ning Cheng dug up only contained Low Grade Spirit Stones.

“This Elder Brother, I am from Fu Continent’s Yue Yu Sect’s Yang Shu Hui. If this Elder Brother does not mind, then I am willing to help you with your mine, as long as I can obtain only 10% of what we dig out, it would be more than enough for me.” An extremely pure and beautiful woman was standing at the entrance to Ning Cheng’s mine tunnel, and spoke to Ning Cheng in an extremely soft voice.

Her tone was very pleasant to the ears, it even had some magnetic sincerity, which would make the person hearing this voice to have a favourable impression towards her, not to mention that she herself was an extremely beautiful woman.

“Fu Continent? Isn’t that the continent that is neighbour to an Advanced Class Continent?” Ning Cheng had also heard about the Fu Continent, of the three big Intermediate Class Continents, the Jia Continent, the Zhong Continent and the Fu Continent, the Fu Continent was the closest to the Advance Level Continent, the Nan Continent. Ning Cheng wanted to bring Luo Fei and go to the Advance Level Continent in the future, therefore when he heard the words ‘Fu Continent’, he immediately spoke up.

“That’s right, our Yue Yu Sect’s outstanding disciples are frequently selected to go to the Nan Continent, Elder Brother which continent are you from?” This attractive woman called Yang Shu Hui, when she heard Ning Cheng’s response, happily spoke up.

“I come from the Ping Continent.” To be honest, the eyes of Yang Shu Hui were really beautiful, even her speech was also incomparably gentle, as such Ning Cheng already had a favourable impression of her. However, he has already dug up the mine by himself, so when an outsider wanted to form a partnership, then he would have to share his mine with them, which for him, was absolutely impossible at the moment. Moreover, this Yue Yu Sect’s name was somewhat similar to the Hua Yu Academy’s name, but Ning Cheng knew that the Hua Yu Academy couldn’t even be compared to the Yue Yu Sect.

“Ping Continent?” Yang Shu Hui apparently did not react, but then, only after a good long while, did she speak in a surprised tone, “You said that you are from one of the three Lower Class Continents, the Ping Continent? For you to be from the Ping Continent……”

Apparently she felt that the words she spoke were not polite, as such Yang Shu Hui switched her tone and spoke in an embarrassing way, “Because the resources in the Ping Continent are scarce, moreover I also heard that the Cultivation Methods there are also not complete, therefore I found it somewhat strange, I hope that you don’t mind it.”

But then her mood became even more excited as she spoke, “This Elder Brother, with the kind of skill that you possess, you can definitely join our Yue Yu Sect. In my Yue Yu Sect, all the disciples cultivate in a man and woman pair, I feel that you really are very great, if you are willing to join our Yue Yu Sect….”

This Yang Shu Hui immediately felt even more embarrassed, and lowered her head in a sheepish manner as she spoke.

It was at this point that Ning Cheng suddenly realized, that she was actually a Dual Cultivation Sect Disciple. This Yang Shu Hui clearly looked highly attractive, but still, just as she saw him for the first time, she immediately asked him out to be her partner, was this her true personality? Or was the entire Academy, that was the Yue Yu Sect, so debauched?

“So you actually are from a Dual Cultivation Sect?” Ning Cheng subconsciously asked.

Yang Shu Hui’s embarrassment immediately vanished, as she somewhat anxiously replied, “Yes, Yes, do you want to join the Yue Yu Sect?”

“Sorry, I have no interest in Dual Cultivating with others.” Saying that, Ning Cheng simply was too lazy to reply to Yang Shu Hui, and quickly entered his own mine tunnel.

As Yang Shu Hui looked at Ning Cheng enter the mine tunnel, she did not understand why Ning Cheng did this kind of thing. It was very normal in the Yue Yu Sect to Dual Cultivate with the partner that they liked. Moreover, the Yue Yu Sect respected their genuine feelings and as such was not artificial about it, as such, people there could pursue whoever they liked, so why was the opposite party’s reaction so strange?

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