Chapter 0131

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0131 – Looting Like Crazy

At the moment, Ning Cheng did not feel even half a bit of danger from it, rather he could clearly feel that the Origin Qi that he had felt from before was actually coming from behind the half-moon shaped arch, as such he did not hesitate even for a bit before entering through this arch.

After entering through this arch, a kind of peaceful looking hall greeted their eyes that was not very big in size. Right in front of them, in the dead centre of the hall was a beautiful jade table and a single chair beside it.

On the right side of the hall, there was a door, Ning Cheng and Yue Ying went through this door on the side, and found themselves in a very elegant bedroom room. But the inside of this room was also inlaid with an Array Formation, so that, even though it was under water, it did not have the least bit of dust or grime.

But still, one could not see what kind of material was used to refine the wooden bed in front of them. Near to the wooden bed, there was a small dressing table. On the dressing table was a mirror and a comb. Other than that, there was nothing else. But the inside of the room was very cold, it was obvious that nobody had come inside for a long time.

“Big Brother Ning, this place is underwater in the Angry Axe Valley, how can a woman’s boudoir be here?” Since she was following behind Ning Cheng, Yue Ying asked in a strange tone from behind him.

“My guess is that when the Angry Axe Valley had just come into existence, a woman had ought to have come here, then for some unknown reason she didn’t leave afterwards, and just remained her.” Ning Cheng replied as he also tried to guess. Moreover, although he was much more familiar with the Angry Axe Valley than Yue Ying, even he would not know where the master of this place went afterwards.

Just as Ning Cheng replied to Yue Ying, who was beside him, they directly moved towards the mirror on the dressing table. He had already felt that the Origin Qi, was actually coming from inside the mirror.

Yue Ying also had a kind of intuition, that this mirror was some kind of treasure, so if Ning Cheng did not want to take it away, then she would definitely take it away. She did not think that a man like Ning Cheng would go as far as to take the mirror. Even if he took it, she did not know whether he would give it to the woman who she had seen beside him in the Mo Ze City.

Ning Cheng unceremoniously put the mirror away. Sure enough, he could no longer feel the Origin Qi in this room again. He finally calmed his heart down, while simultaneously determining that this mirror was the thing that he was looking for.

After he put the mirror away, Ning Cheng once again looked around, but did not find anything worthy enough to pay attention to.

He turned to look at Yue Ying and said, “Don’t you want to change your clothes?”

Yue Ying, at this time, discovered that her clothes were completely stuck to her body, moreover there were even two bulges in front of her chest, which were very conspicuous. The light clothes that she was wearing, completely revealed her slender thighs. Moreover, as she thought of this image of her that actually appeared in front of Ning Cheng, she involuntarily let out a shrill cry before she spoke, “Big Brother Ning, you exit first, I will change my clothes here.”

Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment before he said, “Yue Ying, there are some High Grade Spirit Stones in your storage ring, I suggest you cultivate here temporarily.”

When she heard Ning Cheng’s words, Yue Ying did not pay any more attention to her wet clothes, and stared at Ning Cheng with nervousness in her eyes, “Big Brother Ning. You want to leave me here?”

Ning Cheng smiled and said, “No, at present your cultivation is too low, I want to go grab a few things. Before we came here, I could sense that a treasure had emerged back when we heard the explosion. I don’t know if I could gain something from there now, but I do want to take a look there. Once I succeed in obtaining that thing, I will come back to cultivate here.”

When Yue Ying heard Ning Cheng’s words, her face immediately turned gloomy, although she personally did not want to stay in this kind of place, but she knew that if she followed behind Ning Cheng, with her power, she would only be a burden to him, it would really be similar to dragging along a child with him.

“Ok, then it’s alright. Big Brother Ning, you must remember to take me away after you find something, I really am scared of staying alone in this place.” Although Yue Ying was a cultivator at Qi Gathering 6th Level, but it was still not enough to change the fact that she really was a young girl, who was barely even a teenager.

Ning Cheng spoke in an affirmative way, “You can rest easy, I will definitely be back soon.”

He had come to the Angry Axe Valley in search for Spiritual Grasses and other materials, moreover Ning Cheng was already in the Angry Axe Valley for many days and as such did not find many things, how could he possibly hide in this place? Moreover, he would have to deal with several things a few months later, and also, he had not thought of a good way to escape from this place.

Saying that, Ning Cheng took out an Array Flag and handed it to Yue Ying and said, “This is the Array Flag that I had put down before and is actually an Echo Array Flag, you can use this to exit from here. If something happened to me, then at least you would not be detained here.”

Although Ning Cheng was confident that an accident would not happen to him, but since he was in the Angry Axe Valley, for an accident to really happen or not, who can dare guarantee it?

“Big Brother Ning, can you not go out yet?” After Yue Ying heard Ning Cheng’s words, she immediately became somewhat worried for him, but she knew that whatever she would speak, would be equivalent to nonsense at this moment, she knew that it was simply impossible for Ning Cheng to not go out.


Ning Cheng quickly left from the bottom of the river and swimming in a straight line, quickly returned to the surface once more. It was obviously impossible for him to listen to Yue Ying’s words and stay there, not to mention that Ji Luo Fei was also waiting for him to come back, moreover, there was even that old man surnamed Kang over him, pressing a knife on his head, as such he simply could not dare to be relaxed at all times.

If it was Ruo Lan or Luo Fei who had asked him to say behind, then he would have definitely listened to them. However, Luo Fei and Ruo Lan would definitely not ask him to stay back, since they both clearly understood his way of thinking.

Thinking of this till here, Ning Cheng suddenly became surprised in his heart, as he realized that he had not thought of Tian Mu Wan in a long time. Once he had established a close relationship with Luo Fei, he hadn’t even thought of Tian Mu Wan even for a single bit. Had he already gotten over her?

Ning Cheng shook his head, as he picked up his speed.

Without dragging along Yue Ying, Ning Cheng’s speed was now several times much faster than before. And in just two hours, Ning Cheng arrived at the place where he had sensed the explosion from.

At this moment there were thousands of people here, moreover there were still people coming in continuously. So for Ning Cheng to arrive here was not unexpected to them, moreover, nobody paid any kind of attention to him, as all the people were literally digging holes everywhere.

That’s right, all of them were digging holes.

In all the four directions, the land had turned into some kind of prohibited zone with holes all over the place, the sounds of explosions were still ringing all round non-stop, as a few of the cultivators were using Talismans to create those explosions.

There was a rich Spiritual Qi coming out from the number of already excavated holes. Ning Cheng, at once, swept out with his Spiritual Sense, and immediately understood what was going on.

This place unexpectedly turned out to be a huge Spirit Stone Mine, moreover it was not a low level one. As Ning Cheng saw that there were many cultivators excavating a lot of Medium Grade Spirit Stones, moreover there were even a lot of High Grade Spirit Stones that they were directly putting into their Storage Bags.

Moreover, if someone found a tunnel with High Grade Spirit Stones, many of the cultivators would immediately form a group and surround that person, and almost every hour, there would be a few cultivators who would manage to escape but with serious injuries, moreover there were still many Cultivators who would end up dead in those scuffles relating to the Spirit Stones.

In this place, in this time, almost all the people turned insane, and were going all out to compete for the Spirit Stones in the mine.

Ning Cheng made a sweep again, and did not discover anyone who had come with him from the Hua Continent, evidently he would have to rely on himself and his ability to farm.

“Best Quality Spirit Stone……” A crazy voice sounded out, as Ning Cheng also locked onto him. In the hand of an Early Stage Essence Building Cultivator was a Spirit Stone giving out a gentle pure milky white lustre, just as his Spiritual Sense touched the Spiritual Qi contained within it, he immediately felt an extremely comfortable sensation.

Is this the Best Quality Spirit Stone? If he could cultivate with the Best Quality Spirit Stone, then ….

Ning Cheng did not dare to imagine, he did not need to imagine, the fear inducing scene that, at present, erupted in front of him made him completely speechless. That Essence Building Cultivator did not think that he would be able to dig out a Best Quality Spirit Stone, he had not yet put the Spirit Stone into his Storage Bag, when countless Cultivators swarmed towards him. All of the still sane people finally lost control of themselves, and went completely all out to fight for that Best Quality Spirit Stone.

Ning Cheng, at once, subconsciously withdrew several hundred meters back, this kind of fight was really fear inducing, and if he had to face such a thing, then he knew that trying to run away would be almost impossible for him.

There was bloody mist hanging all around the place as countless streaks of magical weapon lights wreaked havoc, it was simply too crazy to the extreme.

As for that Essence Building Cultivator who had found that Best Quality Spirit Stone, he was already submerged in the middle of the fights with countless people.

Ning Cheng simply walked off to one side, he wanted to try and see whether or not he could also feel a Spirit Stone Vein. However, although Ning Cheng changed places several times, but he could not sense any deposits of Spirit Stones, evidently his Mysterious Yellow Origin was only sensitive to Origin Qi, as for Spirit Stones or Spiritual Grasses and the like, it did not show any special reaction.

At this time, the fight for the Best Quality Spirit Stone finally came to an end, but as for who managed to rob the Best Quality Spirit Stone, no one could determine. Once again, many cultivators drifted out to search for more deposits on their own.

Ning Cheng was in a faraway place, looking for a good location. The reason why he chose this place was because there were a dense cluster of plants growing here, moreover the plants growing here seemed to be much better than the others.

The idea of Ning Cheng was very simple, if a place had a Spirit Stone Vein, then the plants or Spiritual Grasses growing in that area would definitely be better than in other areas. Even if he was wrong, it would not lead to a huge impact to him, this piece of land was definitely a mine, even if he found a spot casually, there was a good chance that he would be able to dig out a Spirit Stone. It was only related to the quantity of Spirit Stones, sometimes there would be a high concentration, sometimes there would be low.

Moreover, there were too many people digging holes within this place, so Ning Cheng coming here to mine was nothing strange, the only thing that was strange was that he was digging all by himself. So when the other people who were digging saw this, they all secretly ridiculed him as an idiot. Just who in their right mind would try and dig in this area by themselves?

After a few hours, Ning Cheng could already feel that the Spiritual Qi in the hole that he had dug was getting more and more concentrated, as such he quickened his speed. Sure enough, after the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng finally dug out a few Spirit Stones, although they were only Low Grade Spirit Stones, but this, to Ning Cheng was already good.

Thinking back to the time when he had arrived at the Cang Qin Province, Ji Luo Fei had gone all out to obtain a Qi Gathering Stone, but now he can unexpectedly dig out a Spirit Stone, how can he not be satisfied with it.

Ning Cheng believed that as long as he continued to keep digging, then perhaps he would be able to obtain Medium Grade Spirit Stones.

Although Ning Cheng’s idea was good, but in this place, this kind of idea was simply not enough. Here, the people who were mining were doing so in groups of threes and fours, even then, they would fight to kill against each other, much less Ning Cheng who was just a single person mining by himself.

If Ning Cheng did not dig out anything valuable, the other people would also naturally not cause trouble for him, but now that Ning Cheng dug out a few Spirit Stones, immediately a few people came over.

This time a total of 6 people came over, and all of them were Late Stage True Condensation Realm Cultivators, moreover the worst among them had a cultivation of True Condensation 7th Level. In this place, the Essence Building Cultivators had already found their own holes, and as such, those Essence Building Cultivators would not come and grab Ning Cheng’s territory.

“The Spirit Stones that you dug up, bring them out, and leave, we’ll be taking over this place.” The one who had called out was a cultivator of True Condensation 9th Level, when he glanced over at the tunnel dug up by Ning Cheng, his eyes flashed with joy, but he spoke calmly as if nothing significant occurred. With his experience, for Ning Cheng to mine such a tunnel was absolutely a good thing for them.

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