Chapter 0130

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0130 – Sensing the Origin Again

“Come on, it seems that from now we can only walk. This time, there are far too many people who entered the Angry Axe Valley, although the Angry Axe Valley is very big, but if we go to the places that people have already been to, then it would not be advantageous for us. If we follow behind someone else’s ass, then we would not have the opportunity to even drink soup.” Ning Cheng was not much interested in continuing this kind of topic with Yue Ying, and so while he spoke, he had already sped up his pace.

Yue Ying also rushed behind Ning Cheng, she did not dare to slow down the person in front of her for even a single bit.

In the Angry Axe Valley, there were not many people who came in during the previous thousand years, as such it was full of either wilderness or stone quarries. There were also lush green hills with rivers and lakes, but unfortunately there was never a clear path to traverse them.

But this time, since there were so many people who entered the Angry Axe Valley, they could make out some vague traces of paths tread by those people.

Ning Cheng, along with Yue Ying, travelled for almost an entire day, while not even finding a single Rank 2 Spiritual Grass along the way.

“I guess everything was taken away by the people who came in first.” Yue Ying said in a somewhat timid way as she looked at Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng stopped, he could actually feel an extremely faint Origin Qi, it wasn’t much. The reason why he thought that it was the Origin Qi, was because this Qi and the Origin Qi of his Mysterious Yellow Bead were somewhat similar, this was the feeling that he had in his heart.

Ning Cheng did not understand the meaning of the Origin, but what he did know was that it was the Mysterious Yellow Origin of the Mysterious Yellow Bead that had let him reshape his Meridians, he could vaguely feel that as long as he could feel that Origin Qi once again, it would be a great thing.

“Bang….” A dramatic explosion sound arrived from the opposite direction. Ning Cheng hurriedly swept out with his Spiritual Sense.

Maybe because it was simply too far, but his Spiritual Sense could not find anything during its sweep, even after a long while. But with his Spiritual Sense, he could perceive a hint of a rich Spiritual Qi.

It seems that a good thing has appeared, this was Ning Cheng’s first thought. Otherwise it was simply impossible for such a strong and rich Spiritual Qi to appear so suddenly. He withdrew his Spiritual Sense, as his heart immediately became entangled.

There were simply too many good things in the Angry Axe Valley, should he go in search of the Origin Qi, or should he go to the place of the explosion from where he had sensed the rich Spiritual Qi?

“Big Brother Ning, I feel that it would be better if we went in that direction to get better things….” Yue Ying carefully said while pointing to the direction opposite to where the explosion took place. She was worried that Ning Cheng was thinking that she was afraid, and thus only spoke those words hesitatingly.

The direction that Yue Ying had pointed to, was the same direction in which Ning Cheng had felt the faint whiff of the Origin Qi, which made Ning Cheng stare at Yue Ying in an astonished way. While thinking in his mind, does this girl Yue Ying also has an Origin in her body? Otherwise, how could she feel the direction from which the Origin Qi was coming from?

Thinking back to the Tournament of the 5 Star Academies in Mo Ze City, when Yue Ying won two consecutive rounds of the Tournament, it showed that she definitely had an extremely powerful memory and understanding capabilities, this made Ning Cheng doubt her even more.

Ning Cheng really wanted to grab Yue Ying’s wrist, then use his own Spiritual Sense to carefully inspect both the inside and the outside of her body. However, he immediately choked back his own nonsensical ideas, this kind of thing would be really terrible for Yue Ying.

This was simply tantamount to stripping Yue Ying naked. It was similar to using his own hands to do it.

“Big Brother Ning, I had a small feeling, it was similar to the feeling that I once had when I was hiding inside the cave. In fact, even I don’t know if it is right or wrong, if you want to change directions then you can, you don’t have to worry about what I think….” Yue Ying was thinking that Ning Cheng really was looking at her ominously. As she stammeringly brought out her own viewpoint.

“Yue Ying, do you know what this thing called ‘Origin’ is?” Ning Cheng was already thinking about it, so he finally decided to speak it out loud, since he had come over from Earth, his mental maturity was on a much higher level than Yue Ying’s. Moreover, Yue Ying also had a flexible mind. Therefore, she definitely was not inferior to him in getting along with people. If Yue Ying really had an Origin, she would have come to know about it as soon as possible. Otherwise she would have simply died a long time back without knowing how she died.

This time, she was brought here by the cultivator with the surname Kang, it was the best example for her situation.

Yue Ying simply shook her head in a daze and said, “I don’t know.”

Ning Cheng just gave a ‘hmm’ and did not continue to ask, and simply said, “We’ll first go in the direction that you talked about earlier.”

To Ning Cheng, the Origin Qi was infinitely much more precious than anything else. Weighing the two things, Ning Cheng finally decided to go and have a look in the direction that he had sensed the faint trace of Origin Qi from.

Since Yue Ying could feel it, then who can guarantee that other people would not be able to sense it.

Ning Cheng and Yue Ying immediately changed directions, while picking up their speed. An hour later, Ning Cheng could feel that the bursts of that vague Origin Qi was becoming less and less frequent. He once again stopped and asked Yue Ying, “Yue Ying, do you still feel it?”

Yue Ying just shook her head, “No, I only have a feeling that it whatever it is should be nearby, as to where it is, I do not know specifically.”

Ning Cheng nodded, even he did not know where the source was, he only knew that it was somewhere nearby. However even when he and Yue Ying searched for another hour, they did not achieve anything.

Yue Ying had thought that Ning Cheng had come here because of her proposal, but now that Ning Cheng did not find anything even after searching for so long, she was growing even more scared in her heart, “Big Brother Ning, I may have been wrong.”

“Let’s look for it again, if we still cannot find it, then we will go to that place where the explosion came from, there should be some good things there.” Ning Cheng replied absentmindedly, he had already scanned the surroundings with his Spiritual Sense, not even leaving a single speck of dust.

After half an hour passed by, Ning Cheng suddenly paused, he was staring at the small river that was still quite a distance from them, in his heart he had already determined that the Origin Qi was coming from the river water. They did not know where the river started from or ended at, as the river simply had no end in sight, but it was very narrow, as even the narrowest place was only 5 or 6 meters wide.

Yue Ying had already noted this river, but the reason why she took note of this river was not because she could feel that there were good stuffs in the river, but rather she wanted to enter the river to clean herself. But now that she and Ning Cheng were walking towards the same place, this made her feel a little awkward.

“I want to enter the river to have a look around it, you can lay on my back, I’ll carry you as we descend.” After Ning Cheng made sure that what he was thinking was right, he immediately spoke to Yue Ying.

“There’s no need for it, Big Brother Ning, I can follow behind you.” Yue Ying quickly replied, she was not a fool. Once she lay on Ning Cheng’s back, then after they entered the river, her clothes would stick to her body, this would easily let Ning Cheng take advantage of her.

“No, I don’t want to talk anymore nonsense, hurry and come up.” Ning Cheng simply did not want to explain such a thing to Yue Ying. He already had a clear understanding back when he was scrambling to grab those Mysterious Frost Zoysias, he knew that the Monstrous Beast in the waters of the Angry Axe Valley could not be compared to the Monstrous Beast on the outside.

“Oh.” Yue Ying did not dare to refute him, and quickly stuck herself to Ning Cheng’s back.

Even if she had not experienced such a thing personally, but when her body actually grabbed onto Ning Cheng and was secured to him with a belt, she felt her face burning. Ning Cheng’s Qi enveloped her in an instant, which made her utter a soft sigh. Although in her childhood, her elder brother had also carried her on his back, but she had never felt this kind of feeling.

Although Ning Cheng could feel two soft spots on his back, but he did not care much about it. Ji Luo Fei’s chest was much more plentiful and bustier that Yue Ying’s, moreover he had even carried Ji Luo Fei’s on his back for a long time, so he could easily endure such a thing.

After securing Yue Ying to his back, Ning Cheng immediately dived into the river.

Although the river water was not ice cold, but even then, Ning Cheng could feel a cold chill seep into his bone marrows. Stirring up his True Essence, he rapidly swam down to the bottom of the river.

Yue Ying’s cultivation was worse than Ning Cheng, she felt the cold invasion even more strongly, but then a burst of True Essence entered her consciousness, rapidly confronting and dissipating the chill, she could also feel a burst of heat coming from Ning Cheng’s back, which scattered the chillness around her body.

So this was the meaning behind why Big Brother Ning originally wanted to carry her on his back, Yue Ying felt ashamed of her own idea. But what she did not know was that, the reason why Ning Cheng had asked her to climb onto his back was not because of this, but rather because Ning Cheng was worried about the Monstrous Beasts in the river.

If it was only the ice cold water, he wouldn’t care much about it. As this kind of coldness, for Yue Ying who was at Qi Gathering 6th Level, could still block it easily.

As Ning Cheng swam in the river for the time it took for an incense stick to burn, he did not encounter any Monstrous Beasts, Ning Cheng was now doubting himself that he may have overthought things previously. This was an ordinary river, moreover there was not even a strong Spiritual Qi here, so how would it be possible for a Monstrous Beast to live here?

That icy lake, that could grow the Mysterious Frost Zoysias, was obviously rich in Spiritual Qi, so for Monstrous Beasts to exist in such a place was quite normal. But since he was carrying Yue Ying on his back, Ning Cheng did not intend to give up easily. Since Yue Ying’s speed was simply too slow, he might as well carry her on his back to move a bit faster.

After the time it takes for another half an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng came to stop at a big piece of rocky reef, and swept out with his Spiritual Sense onto these rocky reefs. He could indistinctly already make out a Concealment Array Formation, moreover this Array Formation was very strange. Rather it would be better to say that this Array Formation was a Natural Array Formation, since the rocky reefs around them were acting as the Array Flags. If this was not a Natural Array Formation, then someone went to great pains to artificially refine the Array Flags in the form of these rocky reefs.

But this Array Formation was a Level 4 one, something that Ning Cheng could not arrange at the moment, the reason why he was able to see this Concealment Array Formation was because this Concealment Array Formation was broken. If this Array Formation was not broken, then Ning Cheng suspected that this Array Formation would have been perhaps even higher than Level 7. If it really was a complete Level 7 Array Formation, he would never be able to find it.

Ning Cheng entered the Concealment Array Formation from the broken area, and unexpectedly actually found a road paved with white jade in front of him. When he saw this white jade road, Ning Cheng immediately knew that the Array Formation before definitely was man made. For someone to arrange an Array Formation that was similar to a Natural Array Formation, just how high was their comprehensions towards Array Formations?

Ning Cheng took out an Array Flag, and turned back to fill the gap in the broken Array Formation. Although his knowledge about Array Formations was still at a low level, but at least, when he used his low level Array Flag to block the broken part in the Array Formation, this Array Formation, at least barely, advanced to that of a Level 5 Array Formation.

Knowing that there was no danger, Ning Cheng finally put down Yue Ying, while simultaneously passing this message to her, “You follow carefully behind me, I guess that there should be some good things here.”

Even if Ning Cheng did not say those words, Yue Ying would not move around without his permission.

Ning Cheng and Yue Ying walked for about a hundred meters along this white jade road, when a light suddenly fell on the two people’s bodies, the amazing discovery of the scenery in front of them made both of them stupefied. It was entirely separate from the surrounding water. In front of their eyes, hovered a humongous water repelling pearl, move over the river water was directly parted due to the combination of the water repelling pearl and the surrounding Array Formation.

Under this water repelling pearl, there was a half-moon shaped arch. And above the arch were carved two characters, Han Xiang.

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