Chapter 0129

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0129 – Bringing a child to such an arrangement

Understanding Ning Cheng’s words, Yue Ying was increasingly feeling discontented in her heart, she naturally was a person who knew that her looks were not worse than anyone. After she began cultivating, her appearance had got more and more refined, but wasn’t Ning Cheng’s words implying that her looks were so bad, that nobody would even take a glance at her?

At the moment Yue Ying’s face was completely red as she forgot about the fear from just now, she just wanted to refute Ning Cheng’s sentence, though she did not know how to refute him. She was only a young girl, as such she was extremely confident and pleased with her own looks, and as such was highly concerned about it. But today there was actually a person who said such a thing, that people would not even glance at her with such an appearance.

Ning Cheng was simply too lazy to even realise what Yue Ying was thinking, as he simply threw a mirror to Yue Ying and said, “Just look at yourself in the mirror, then tidy up at once.”

Yue Ying took the mirror and looked in it, and immediately let out a shrill scream. At this moment how could she find even half a bit of resemblance to her original appearance? She was completely looking like a small dishevelled beggar. Aahh, she could see that other than the torn outer garment, her undergarment and a small area around it, there was not a single place that would draw the attention of people to, no wonder that Ning Cheng was speaking in such a way.

“Big Brother Ning, I….” Yue Ying no longer used her hands to cover the torn portion of her clothes, as she nervously tugged on her clothes and said those words.

Ning Cheng just waved his hands, “Why did that person wanted to tear off your clothes? After your clothes have been ripped off, you know that he could see everything. Prior to tearing off your clothes, that True Condensation 6th Level Cultivator would not be so bored right?”

After hearing once again that her clothes were ripped, she did not hear the rest of the words, as Yue Ying once again felt somewhat nervous, as she subconsciously pulled again on her already torn up clothes. But after she again heard Ning Cheng’s words, her face again flushed a deep red. Can’t this man be more tactful of his words?

It’s not right. Yue Ying immediately remembered the matter that she was doing before. She immediately looked up and said, “Big Brother Ning, I understand how this kind of thing happened?”

Ning Cheng also nodded and said, “You can speak while I listen.”

He believed that there definitely must have been a reason, if there really was no reason, then that True Condensation Cultivator was simply too nasty. Or the vision of that True Condensation Cultivator was truly good, for him to actually notice the figure of Yue Ying. For him to see that Yue Ying was an unmatured beauty.

“It is definitely because of this.” Yue Ying hurriedly put her hand into her upper undergarment and took out a ring from inside it.

There were a few characters flashing upon the ring, Ning Cheng reached out and grabbed the ring, the ring still had a trace of warmth and fragrance of a little girl. But Ning Cheng did not care much about the small green pepper like body of Yue Ying, as he immediately swept his Spiritual Sense into the ring, as his facial expression immediately changed.

It turned out to be a Storage Ring, moreover inside, not only did it contain some High Grade Spirit Stones, there were also a lot of Jade Pieces, Elixirs, Artefacts and so on.

When Yue Ying took out the ring, she felt a little lost, after she took out the ring, she knew that it would certainly not come back. If the ring stayed in her hands, then she knew that she would definitely be able to advance to a higher level.

At this time when she saw Ning Cheng pay close attention to that ring, she immediately supplemented, “Before when I obtained this ring, I had worn it on my hand, then I left my cave, to try and find something to eat, but then I remembered that this ring should not be worn on the outside. Therefore, I took it off and placed it down my chest, I did not think that I would be seen by that person….”

Ning Cheng then simply passed the ring back to Yue Ying and said, “You just put this ring in the place you put it before, if you wore it on your hand then it would indeed lead to something difficult.”

Yue Ying hurriedly waved with her hands and said, “No, I don’t want it, Big Brother Ning, you saved my life, it is better if Big Brother Ning took the ring.”

Thinking for a while that her reason was not enough, she also added another sentence, “My cultivation is too low, so this ring is simply useless for me.”

Ning Cheng gave a slight smile and said, “Everyone wants good things, however I just want things that belong to me, or things that are fated for me. You can keep it with you, I simply have no need of your ring.”

Not to mention that Ning Cheng could see the shadow of Ruo Lan in Yue Ying, even if it was an irrelevant person, as long as they did not offend him or annoyed him, Ning Cheng would not try and rob their things. What’s more, Ning Cheng also appreciated that pair of brother and sister.

For many True Condensation Cultivators, a Storage Ring was simply an extravagant luxury, which even if they fought with their lives on the line, they would still not be able to obtain it. However, to Ning Cheng, he simply did not have this kind of urgency to obtain such a thing.

He came from Earth, so he simply was not accustomed to that kind of pillaging from the people who had earned them the hard way, he had his own moral bottom line.

“Big Brother Ning….” Yue Ying took the ring back into her hands, as she looked at Ning Cheng in a puzzled way, she did not know whether what Ning Cheng said was true or false.

“Take your ring and keep it safe, I’m leaving.” Ning Cheng spoke, while simultaneously swept out with his Spiritual Sense into the nearby cave. Outside the cave, there were traces of broken concealment type Restrictions, presumably this concealment Restriction on the cave was set up by Yue Ying, and when he broke it, that cultivator ended up meeting Yue Ying.

Yue Ying hesitated for a moment, before hesitatingly speaking, “Big Brother Ning, I….”

“If you have something to say, then don’t hesitate. When you and I were competing for that pearl hair clip, didn’t I also say that.” Ning Cheng smiled and spoke.

Yue Ying’s face slightly turned red, but this time she no longer hesitated and said, “Big Brother Ning, I’d like to follow behind you until the Angry Axe Valley closes.”

Ning Cheng slightly frowned, bringing along a child in this kind of arrangement was not a good thing. If it was another True Condensation Cultivator, then it would have been alright, since this time in here, besides the cultivators in the True Condensation Realm, there were even cultivators in the Essence Building Realm. But he could also not reject her in his heart, if he did not listen to his heart and rejected her, then a person like Yue Ying, in the Angry Axe Valley would definitely end up dead. For her to even live till this time, was already a difficult to achieve thing.

“Big Brother Ning, I promise that I will not drag you down, as long as I survive till the Angry Axe Valley closes, I can then go to the 7 Star Academy….” Yue Wing explained eagerly.

When Ning Cheng heard Yue Ying speak excitedly about the 7 Star Academy, he simply sneered in his heart.

“OK, first you change the clothes that you are wearing, then follow behind me to a water pool, you can then clean yourself there.” Ning Cheng finally agreed to Yue Ying’s request.

When Yue Ying heard Ning Cheng agree to her request, moreover in a clear and crisp manner, she immediately withdrew several steps back, and went to a place from where she could see Ning Cheng, as she quickly took off her clothes. She was really afraid that Ning Cheng would simply ignore her and walk away, and as such, was once again preparing herself to hide in the cave in an event if it really happened.

In a few moments, Yue Ying changed her clothes, and straightened her hair, although it seemed to be a mess. But at least she was much better looking than before.

“Come on.” Ning Cheng immediately brought out his own airship, as he spoke to Yue Ying.

As Yue Ying got on to the airship, she asked in a surprised manner, “Big Brother Ning, you even have a Flight Type Magic Weapon?”

Ning Cheng was just controlling the airship to hover in the air, and had not yet gone into the full flight mode, when a lightning fast shadow directly rushed over towards them.

Ning Cheng refused to answer Yue Ying, while at the same time punched out with his fist, while grabbing Yue Ying with his other hand.

“Bang…” A formidable force directly collided with Ning Cheng’s fist, when this formidable force collided with Ning Cheng’s fist, Ning Cheng was immediately thrown out from the airship. Ning Cheng hurriedly operated his True Essence, and used his Imperial Wind Technique to glide down.

When the shadow arrived, Yue Ying had not yet reacted. When she felt that she was suddenly grabbed by Ning Cheng, she was immediately startled in her heart. But she didn’t struggle, she knew that in the face of Ning Cheng’s formidable strength, her struggle would simply be useless.

A moment later, she knew the reason why he had done this, a shadow had arrived, and Ning Cheng was thrown out of the airship, even the Airship Artefact blew up when they were thrown out. If Ning Cheng hadn’t saved her, she might have plunged to her death.

Yue Ying hurriedly used her arms and grabbed onto Ning Cheng, as her heart was thumping madly in her chest, she was not shy, but rather worried, when Ning Cheng suddenly fell to the ground. Fortunately, Ning Cheng did not disappoint her, as with the help of the Imperial Wind Technique they slowly glided to the ground.

“What a beast, even my airship was unable to hold on.” When Ning Cheng fell to the ground, he discovered that his airship did not fall down.

At this point he realized, that he could not casually fly around in this place.

Feeling an intense softness hit him, Ning Cheng looked down and said, “Yue Ying, you can let go of me now.”

“Ah….” Yue Ying quickly let go of her hands, and spoke in a somewhat embarrassing way, “I am sorry, Big Brother Ning.”

Ning Cheng smiled, “There is nothing to be sorry about, it was simply natural that I had to save you. Before, I did not know that we cannot fly in this place, if had known it before, I would not have tried to fly here.”

Yue Ying, feeling even more embarrassed said, “It’s not that, Big Brother Ning, I am sorry because I thought that when you suddenly hugged me, that you wanted to, wanted to….”

Ning Cheng suddenly thought of the matter relating to Su Zhu, for Yue Ying to think like this, it was definitely related to the influence from the incident pertaining to Su Zhu. He swept a glance at Yue Ying, this time he really was disinclined to explain it to her once again.

Yue Ying was a very simple girl, Ning Cheng had realised this when he had first met her, although she looked more astute than An Yi, but that kind of simple and honourable nature that was ingrained into her bones, was something that she could not change. Moreover, he also knew that this person was under the influence of people like Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun.

Seeing Ning Cheng sweep a glance at her, and was even disinclined to give an explanation, Yue Ying was even more terrified in her heart. She was very much afraid that if she enraged Ning Cheng, then he would simply dump her in this place. Thinking of this, she hurriedly spoke, “Big Brother Ning likes Senior Apprentice Sister Su, I really thought too much into it.”

Yue Ying did not explain things well, and after explaining, she discovered that she was speaking something even more wrong.

Fortunately, at this time Ning Cheng finally spoke up, “Yue Ying, sometimes it is better to keep your own opinion about people and things, if someone is around you, then you have to determine their nature by yourself. People around you will not always be saints, and many ordinary people would, in most cases, come to you only if they could obtain some benefits. As to who is Su Zhu, well, that I do not know. But I know that at least her nature is far better than that Yong Gu Yun, at the very least she is not like those false people.”

“If you are living under the views of other people every day, without any room for your own judgement, it will only tire you out. Although you are much better than your elder brother and even really smart to boot, but there always will be people who will try to take advantage of you. Your brother will always have an easy time in making intimate friends, but around you, a majority of people will only show false pretences.”

Yue Ying was absentmindedly looking at Ning Cheng, she suddenly had a feeling in her heart that this Ning Cheng was far from being the person that her Sister Yong Gu Yun had described him as, instead he was much closer to the way her elder brother had described him to be.

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