Chapter 0128

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth, MissLucifer

Chapter 0128 – So Strong

Just as Ning Cheng arrived, he did not go after the Essence Building Cultivator to immediately rob the Mysterious Frost Zoysias from him. Rather, he simply grabbed the Golden Great Axe on his back and immediately chopped down at the surface of the icy lake. As he chopped down with his axe, he also immediately descended along the heels of his attack, while simultaneously grabbing onto several stubs of Mysterious Frost Zoysias.

“Aaaah……” An extremely pitiful scream emerged from the beneath Ning Cheng’s Great Axe, as giant waves rolled unceasingly on the water surface, while bloody lines emerged from something as it dispersed into the surrounding waters. But then immediately, that something quickly swam to a distant place.

Ning Cheng, at this moment, had already grabbed four stubs of the Mysterious Frost Zoysias. As he simultaneously turned around and ran away. There were a total of nine stubs of Mysterious Frost Zoysias initially in the lake, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to grab them all, so for him, four stubs were already enough. That Essence Building Cultivator had also beaten the now heavily injured Monstrous Beast inside the water, as he picked the two stubs of the Mysterious Frost Zoysias before. As for the remaining three stubs of the Mysterious Frost Zoysias, they were each taken away by three True Condensation 9th Level Cultivators.

With the four stubs of the Mysterious Frost Zoysias in his hands, Ning Cheng finally landed at the shore of the lake with a very quick speed, while he simultaneously rejoicing in his heart. When he had chopped down with his axe, he had no idea where the Monstrous Beast at the bottom was at, he had simply chosen a location where it was best to perform a sneak attack from, but the result proved that what he had guessed was definitely right.

Just as Ning Cheng wanted to leave, three True Condensation Cultivators blocked Ning Cheng’s path. Two of them were at True Condensation 7th Level, while one of them was at True Condensation 9th Level.

“Leave behind the Mysterious Frost Zoysias that you obtained, and you can walk away.” One of the True Condensation 7th Level cultivators, who was short, said as he stared at Ning Cheng in disdain.

The corners of Ning Cheng’s mouth revealed a hint of sneer, he knew that he would not be able to easily walk away. He had thought that the first person to block his path would be that Essence Building Cultivator, but he actually had not thought that that Essence Building cultivator would not even look in his direction, rather it was these three True Condensation Cultivators that had found him. Not only did they want him to leave behind the Mysterious Frost Zoysia, they even wanted him to leave behind all of them.

“Does the Mysterious Frost Zoysias that I obtained belong to you?” Ning Cheng spoke with a sarcastic tone.

“No, but with your trivial cultivation of True Condensation 4th Level, a person like you is really not qualified to carry off four stubs of the Mysterious Frost Zoysias. Don’t you think that your table manners are too atrocious?” That True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator said with a frown.

This was the Angry Axe Valley. So Ning Cheng did not conceal his true cultivation. Here, only the strong could talk, as such he also wished for his own cultivation to reach a high point, so he would certainly not go about hiding his cultivation. So when the opposite party saw that he had the cultivation of True Condensation 4th Level, he did not find it strange.

“If I don’t want to give it?” Ning Cheng opened his hand, as his Golden Great Axe once again appeared in his hand.

The True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator who had not yet spoken, glanced at the Great Axe in Ning Cheng’s hands and said with a light voice, “It seems that your axe is filled with a mercenary spirit, it seems that you are quite rich. I think that it would have taken you a lot of gold coins, to create this kind of axe.”

If this True Condensation 9th Level spoke with some sarcasm in his voice, then this True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator was even more straightforward, “Today, you have to give it, if you don’t give it, and only want to live for a few more moments, then don’t hand over the Mysterious Frost Zoysias.”

Ning Cheng simply did not bother with any more nonsense, he immediately casted out a Golden Great Axe Shadow from the Golden Great Axe in his hands, [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace]. He was eager to try out this attack against another person, and wasn’t this kind of situation directly delivered to his doorstep. He would not even hesitate for even a bit.

Ning Cheng had only shot out a single Axe Shadow, but the people surrounding him actually felt a special space formed all around them because of the Golden Yellow Axe Shadow. An extremely strong Killing Intent surged out into the surroundings along with an extremely heavy killing force. Some of the cultivators standing at the edge immediately felt terror well up in their hearts, as one after the other they continued to take a step back.

Facing such an Axe Shadow that seemed to have covered the sky, gave the public a very strange feeling, that what they were witnessing, although was just a single Axe Trace. But this Axe Trace seemed to have come from beyond the horizon, no matter what they did, it was as if they were simply locked onto by the Killing Force formed from the Axe Shadow, that was now everywhere around them.

That Essence Building Cultivator who was standing by the side, had his eyes filled with shock as he thought, if he was the one who was to face against that Axe, then even he did not know if he could resist such an attack.

But the one who had to bear the brunt of this attack was the True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator, who at this moment was extremely horrified, it was not until this moment, that he realized, that he should not have messed with him earlier. He knew that begging for mercy was now too late, as he hastily brought out his shield to protect him.

Unfortunately, the round shield was not completely charged up, when the golden coloured Axe Trace arrived at its centre.

“Clang” A shrill sound exploded out like a thunder, the round shield was directly split into two halves by Ning Cheng’s Golden Great Axe Trace, and in just a spray of blood, the True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator, who could not even fight back in the slightest, was beheaded.

As for the other two True Condensation Cultivators, when Ning Cheng casted out his Axe Shadow, under its influence, immediately spouted out several mouthfuls of blood, as they suddenly fell down on the ground.

However, although under the effect of the Axe Shadow, their injuries were not much serious, and immediately jumped up, as they stared with panic in their eyes, at Ning Cheng. Just what kind of cultivation was this? How can the cultivation of True Condensation 4th Level go against Heaven’s will?

Ning Cheng once again directly put the Golden Great Axe back on his back, and coldly stared at the two remaining men, “Fuck off, don’t let this young master see you again.”

The two True Condensation Cultivators did not dare say anything else, as they quickly turned away, and soon disappeared without a trace. Ning Cheng immediately picked up the Storage Bag on the ground, and setting fire to the corpse of the True Condensation Cultivator that he had just killed, leisurely walked out from that place in front of everyone.

After this incident, no one followed Ning Cheng, as all of them scattered in all directions completely scared, as for that Essence Building Cultivator, he simply changed his direction and rapidly disappeared in just a twinkling of an eye.

Ning Cheng was in a good mood, his ‘[Angry Axe, The 1st Trace]’ was unexpected very powerful, and could almost, in an instant, kill a True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator. Although Ning Cheng knew that this was because the True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator truly did not put him in his eyes, as such, he was caught off guard, however he was confident that even if this was a real fight, Ning Cheng believed that he could easily destroy that True Condensation 7th Level Cultivator quickly.

Since the time that all those cultivators entered the Angry Axe Valley, Ning Cheng had almost not seen any high ranked Spiritual Grasses.

But Ning Cheng knew without a doubt, that the Angry Axe Valley contained many good things. Because, in just a short time that he came in, his harvest inside was innumerable times much more than what he could obtain outside.

Ning Cheng was just thinking whether or not to resort to a Flying Type Magical Weapon. When he heard scream, moreover this scream was also a high pitched one.

If it was just a scream, Ning Cheng would not have thought much of it, but this scream gave a somewhat familiar feel to him. He immediately swept out with his Spiritual Sense, and immediately found a familiar face appear in the midst of his Spiritual Sense.

Out of all expectations, it was Yue Ying, for Yue Ying to enter the Angry Axe Valley, Ning Cheng did not even have half a doubt as to how she was able to enter. Since at that time, she was also in the same kind of situation as the rest of them, so for her to not enter the Angry Axe Valley would definitely be a strange event. In that kind of human tide, even if it was a True Condensation Cultivator, even they would not be able to resist it, let alone a trivial person like Yue Ying?

At this time, Yue Ying did not have that initial kind of quiet and enchanting appearance, but rather was completely dishevelled, even her hair was grey in colour similar to her clothes, to the extent that they could not even be distinguished apart. But these were not important, what was important was that her clothes were directly torn away by one of the two True Condensation 6th Level Cultivators who were walking towards her, revealing her pure white skin and a touch of a pink undergarment.

It looks like the reason why Yue Ying had screamed a moment ago was because her clothes were ripped off. If this was Yue Yuan Hua here, he would certainly go all out against those two True Condensation Cultivators.

Ning Cheng quickly turned around, and jumped near to them, while simultaneously called out sarcastically, “Two Late Stage True Condensation Cultivators bullying a girl in the Qi Gathering Realm, are you even concerned about face?”

“You are Big Brother Ning……” Yue Ying called out in surprise, as she even rubbed her eyes to confirm. She had met Ning Cheng before, moreover she had also witnessed Ning Cheng’s strength, so she knew that he as absolutely powerful.

After a short while, she finally woke up from her daze, and immediately ran and hid behind Ning Cheng, as her incomparably startled expression finally turned to a calm and steady one.

No matter what was Ning Cheng’s character, Ning Cheng was a person that she knew, at least, he was much better compared to those despicable True Condensation 6th Level Cultivators.

“A trivial True Condensation 4th Level ant….” This True Condensation 6th Level Cultivator didn’t even finish his words when Ning Cheng’s Golden Great Axe chopped down towards him.

When this True Condensation 6th Level Cultivator saw the Golden Great Axe Shadow coming towards him, moreover being heavily mentally shocked by the powerful Axe Intent contained in it, he simply did not have the ability to block this axe of Ning Cheng.

“So strong….” This True Condensation 6th Level Cultivator did not even have the time to even speak more than two words when his body was split in half by the Giant Golden Great Axe.

Ning Cheng recovered the Golden Great Axe, and felt that this Axe was increasingly getting easier to wield. If this was the broken Spear, then perhaps he would have to spend twice the effort. Because of his [Angry Axe, The 1st Trace], he could now settle things at once.

“Big Brother Ning, thank you, if it weren’t for you, I, I….” Although Yue Ying did not have that extreme fearful look on her face from before, but how couldn’t she know what would have happened to her when her clothes were torn by those despicable people?

Ning Cheng looked at Yue Ying for a long time, Yue Ying suddenly realised that the front portion of her clothes were torn, and suddenly became nervous. Initially she had seen Ning Cheng and Su Zhu together, but after hearing to the words of Ying Gu Yun, she had finally looked at that scene differently. Ning Cheng wanted to sleep with Su Zhu, and it stood to reason that he also wanted to do it with her……

Yue Ying grew more and more scared, wasn’t this driving the tiger away from the back door only to let the wolf inside through the front door. If he really wanted to do it with her, then other than killing herself, she could not do anything else. Moreover, this Ning Cheng was so fierce that even if she wanted to die, she would not be able to. A moment ago, that person was obviously a True Condensation Master, but in front of Ning Cheng, he could not even resist for even a single moment.

She hurriedly pulled on her cloths to try and cover up the exposed area, while discreetly glancing at Ning Cheng, but then she actually saw Ning Cheng frown. Her hands shook a little, as the clothes that she pulled up to cover her exposed area once again fell down, this time completely exposing her pink undergarment and more than half of her snow white skin.

Yue Ying’s entire body trembled, but she dared not to cry for the fear of making a noise.

At this time Ning Cheng spoke, “I really don’t get why, you have such a dusty face along with your dishevelled hair, you simply look like an old lady, was that person from a moment ago blind? Why did he want to tear off your clothes?”

Ning Cheng really could not figure it out, although Yue Ying was very beautiful, even as good as Meng Yu Jing, this even Ning Cheng admitted that she was even more beautiful, but Yue Ying was simply a green pepper at the moment. If a green pepper was clean, then it would even be pleasing to the eyes. However, Yue Ying was simply not an improper person, she would definitely not take off her clothes willingly in such an open area, right?

Therefore, he asked these words not because he wanted to tease Yue Ying, but because he wanted to know why that True Condensation 6th Level Cultivator wanted to tear off Yue Ying’s clothes.

“Ah….” Yue Ying was looking at Ning Cheng in an astonished way, she had never thought that when Ning Cheng stared at her for a long while, he would actually say such kinds of words.

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