Chapter 0127

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – CurlyAdi
Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0127 – The Fight Over The Mysterious Frost Zoysia

Ning Cheng did not think that it was something strange, since his Meridians were remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, moreover he also had the chance to enter the Angry Axe Valley, so comprehending Killing Intents to the Realm of Major Accomplishment was quite normal. Moreover because of his monstrous comprehension towards the Killing Intents, he could vaguely feel that once his cultivation of the Killing Intents reached the ends of the Realms, it would transform into something else, as to what this something else was, he was unable to understand it at the moment.

Ning Cheng did not care much about these Realms, since he had the Mysterious Yellow Origin in his body, as such if he could not quickly comprehend the origins of these Killing Intents, then he truly would have been a disabled person.

Putting the Golden Great Axe directly onto his back, Ning Cheng once again stood up, as he began to walk towards the depths of this Angry Axe Valley.

In the Angry Axe Valley, together with the traces of Axe Charm, made Ning Cheng unable to stop his own footsteps, just when he felt that his understanding and experience had once again reached a limit, an Axe Shadow once again appeared that split the air in front of him as it tried to make its way towards the centre of his consciousness.

Ning Cheng was ready this time, he lifted his hands and grabbed the Golden Great Axe on his back, and immediately chopped down with it.

[Angry Axe, The 1st Trace], this was the first trace of Killing Intent that he had comprehended in the Angry Axe Valley. As he chopped down with the axe in his hands, at the same time he also exploded out with his Axe Intent.


The invisible Axe Trace and the Axe Trace in Ning Cheng’s mind immediately collided with each other as they exploded, which made Ning Cheng directly fly out. But because of the explosion, Ning Cheng immediately felt a stabbing pain his Zifu, as he spouted several mouthfuls of blood, as he was sent flying tumbling head over heels.

However, Ning Cheng, at present, was different from before. He once again immediately flew up, and once again chopped down with the Great Axe in his hands, this chop was based on the insights that he had gained from that single axe that had exploded in his mind.

The Golden Great Axe Shadow that the axe in his hands had brought out was no longer just a simple empty line, as just under the Golden Great Axe Shadow, a giant tornado formed.

The tornado’s Axe Intent immediately gathered all the Killing Force in the surrounding several feet of it, as it condensed it into a single point, before exploding on the wall of the Valley.

“Rumble Rumble….” An extremely fearful rumble of something akin to thunder resounded throughout the valley, which was coming from the incomparably hard stone wall of the valley, as immediately a huge crater formed at the centre because of the blast. No, rather it would be better to say that the huge stone crater was formed because of the Great Axe that had slammed into it. The crater was shaped like a funnel, moreover the inside surface was as smooth as a mirror, after being cut by the Axe Intent, there was simply not even half a shred of a jagged edge, this was the effect of using his axe along with his Axe Intent a moment ago.

Ning Cheng lifted up the axe and stood there for a while. There was surge of pride in his chest, the Killing Force of this form of his axe was even more powerful than the one from before, moreover once the Killing Force was condensed to a point, even if it was a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm, he believed that when this axe attack exploded on their bodies, then it would be extremely hard for him to even save their poor life.

“This is my Angry Axe’s second form. [Tornado].” Ning Cheng’s voice reverberated throughout the endless axe valley

At present Ning Cheng was filled with excitement, he had only been in the Angry Axe Valley for just 10 days, and not only did he advance to True Condensation 4th Level, but also had comprehended the true Killing Intent. If he continued on like this, just how much would he be able to achieve in the future in this valley before it closed?

With an extremely excited mood, Ning Cheng once again moved forwards towards the depths of the Axe Valley. However, this time, before he could even walk forward 10 meters, a formidable repulsive force descended on him, which made Ning Cheng quickly stop in his tracks. He affirmed that if he dared to disregard this formidable strength, and continued to proceed forward, then most probably he may be blown out of the valley anytime.

If he was thrown out from this place, then it was simply not worth mentioning, he could simply come back again, but if he was blown out of the Angry Axe Valley, then he would possibly have to face off against that mighty Soul Essence Realm Cultivator on exit.

Ning Cheng once again sat down, he wanted to adapt to his surrounding changes first, and only then would he continue to move forward. However, after Ning Cheng sat down, he felt that the pressure on him was getting heavier and heavier, as he subconsciously grabbed something on the ground with his hands to support himself, but then he immediately felt that the thing that he had grabbed from the ground was something icy cold.

Ning Cheng was startled, as he immediately saw that what he had grabbed was a rock, the size of a football. He immediately used his Spiritual Consciousness to swept across the rock, which made him stand up in shock. The rock that he had accidentally grabbed onto, happened to actually be an Exotic Wild Extreme Essence. Not only was it an Exotic Wild Extreme Essence. It was also of a dark silver in colour.

After passing through so many months of hard work, Ning Cheng was now not someone who did not know anything about this world. The Exotic Wild Extreme Essence in his hands was one of the top class crafting materials, moreover it was an extremely rarely seen existence.

The Exotic Wild Extreme Essence was something that originally formed in the centre of a meteorite from space, when this meteorite fell on some planet, it naturally forms under a particular environment, but only after a long time. It was clearly divided into different grades based on its colour. If it was brown in colour, then it was a Rank 8 Crafting material, if it was dark silver in colour then it was a Rank 9 Crafting Material, and if it was pure silver in colour then it was a Crafting Material that went beyond the Rank 9 Crafting Materials.

As to the crafting materials above Rank 9, Ning Cheng had only seen an introduction of them, but as to what use were they, even he did not know a single thing about it.

But now in his hands was an Exotic Wild Extreme Essence and that too dark silver in colour, it meant that he was actually holding an extremely rare Rank 9 Crafting Material in his hands, it was simply priceless.

Ning Cheng once again searched for more, and discovered four more of these Exotic Wild Extreme Essence, without any hesitation he immediately put those treasures into his Storage Bag. Including the Exotic Wild Extreme Essence in his hand, two of them were dark silver in colour, two of them were brown in colour, and unexpectedly there even was one which was pure silver in colour.

Ning Cheng did not have the time to think how these Exotic Wild Extreme Essences came to being here, when an even more powerful repulsive force descended on him that tried to send him away.

He already knew that there was an Axe Charm in the atmosphere in this Angry Axe Valley, which had made Ning Cheng to forcibly back off to some distance by himself, to avoid being entangled by the Axe Charm in the Angry Axe Valley. But facing this kind of strength, Ning Cheng had no room for resistance, before he was directly taken out of this place.

When Ning Cheng finally woke up, he discovered that he was standing atop a low hill. This was definitely not the place that he had entered the valley from, Ning Cheng thought as he looked around for a moment, and immediately became surprised that there was simply nothing in his field of view in front of him, not even the entrance to the valley.

Ning Cheng closed his eyes, and once more clearly saw the Axe Intent that he had comprehended in the Angry Axe Valley. At this point of time he understood vaguely that that valley was the genuine Angry Axe Valley, it was because it was a truly Great Axe that had actually divided the valley, and also why this valley contained the various things like the Axe Type Killing Intent and the Axe Charm.

But not all the people were able to enter this genuine Axe Valley, only when one feels a connection to the Axe Intent here, moreover only after a sudden epiphany, could they unknowingly enter this genuine Angry Axe Valley. In other words, that was the true entrance to the Angry Axe Valley, and was not known by anybody else. Only a person who was predestined to find it could go in. Since he had the Mysterious Yellow Origin, without a doubt, he was one of those predestined people.

That Lan Yu Cheng was also not a simple person, but it was a pity that his strength was slightly weaker, after entering the genuine Angry Axe valley, he could not block the first trace of the Axe Type Killing Intent.

Ning Cheng looked all around the hill, and could only find a few Rank 1 and Rank 2 Spiritual Grasses, as such Ning Cheng was not much interested in wasting time collecting these low ranked Spiritual Grasses. But then a howling sound attracted Ning Cheng’s attention, as he used his Spiritual Sense to sweep past the hill, he immediately sensed several human shadows rushing towards the place from where that howling sound was originating from.

There must be some kind of good thing in that place, Ning Cheng thought as he immediately hung the Golden Great Axe on his back, while simultaneously rushing towards the place from where the howling sound was coming from. With his present strength, he was ready to fight for some good things. He knew that he could not find all the good things by himself, once people found something better, he was not the type to take the initiate and give the good things to others. In any case, since he had to fight for it, then he would not hesitate even one bit.

When Ning Cheng arrived at the place, there were already more than a dozen people present. A burst of incense like fragrance was transmitted to them with every gust of wind. What these more than a dozen men were gathered around was an icy lake that was sending out repeated bursts of cold air, creating howling like sounds, while there were 9 blue mushroom shaped things floating in the centre of the lake.

Ning Cheng immediately identified it as the Mysterious Frost Zoysia, this Mysterious Frost Zoysia was a Rank 5 Spiritual Grass, and can be refined into a Profound Replenishment Pill. Moreover, it was also a top quality healing elixir, even if a master in the Soul Essence Realm was physically seriously injured, using the Profound Replenishment Pill would provide them with extremely beneficial results. As long as their limbs were actually not separated from their bodies, the healing power contained within the pill would be more than enough to completely heal the serious injuries in an extremely short time. Moreover, the Mysterious Frost Zoysia has an even more important characteristic, that was, even if it was not refined into the Profound Replenishment Pill, it still had an extremely good curative effect.

For 90 percent of the cultivators present here, this was the most important point. Because, as most of the people do not know about Alchemy, including Ning Cheng, they simply would not be able to refine such a pill by themselves.

When Ning Cheng arrived, no one paid much attention to him, here there were already more than a dozen people, so even if one more person joined the fray, it would not make much of a difference.

Not to mention that the icy lake was freezing cold, even without the presence of the freezing cold, with it still being so far from them, if their speed in rushing towards it was even a bit slow over such a long distance, then one would end up with not even soup to drink in the end.

Ning Cheng looked at the people who were preparing to rush towards the lake, other than the single Essence Building Cultivator, the rest of the people were all cultivators in the True Condensation Realm, moreover his cultivation was also not the lowest among them, nor was it the highest. This allowed Ning Cheng’s heart to calm down, in the end it would be a competition of speed to reach the lake, at least he knew that he was definitely not worse than others in that respect. Since he had the experience of that Forbidden Cold River, coupled with his now richer and thicker True Essence, although he had the cultivation of only True Condensation Realm, but since he had already formed his Sea of Consciousness, how could he fear that he could not even snatch away the Mysterious Frost Zoysias?

At the moment, the Mysterious Frost Zoysias were not yet mature, as such their fragrance was very light, once the Mysterious Frost Zoysias reached maturity, their fragrance would be countless times stronger that it was now.

Ning Cheng squeezed into the tight crowd of people who were staring at the Mysterious Frost Zoysias that were in the centre of the lake, after the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, the Mysterious Frost Zoysias completely unfolded, while simultaneously giving out a rich and thick fragrance.

Ning Cheng, almost at the same time, exploded out with his fastest speed, but although Ning Cheng was fast, the others were also not slow.

There was a strong Restriction over the icy lake, as a result those True Condensation Cultivators who could not guard against that kind of Restriction splashed into the lake. Because of the biting cold lake water, most of the True Condensation Cultivators who fell into the lake were not able to bear it, as such, those True Condensation Cultivators gave up on wanting to steal the Mysterious Frost Zoysias, as they hurriedly swam towards the shore.

But then, immediately several waves started rolling on the surface the lake, and in just a very short time several of the True Condensation Cultivators disappeared into the depths of the icy lake. It was closely followed by several streams of blood emerging and merging into the lake water, before the icy lake’s surface once again turned tranquil.

Seeing that, the few cultivators still outside the lake felt their scalps tingle with dread, as they hurried to forcibly increase their altitude of flight. But then a shadow jumped from the ice lake, catching onto a cultivator who had flown up pretty high enough over the lake, immediately dragging him down. Once again there were several streams of blood merging into the icy lake before it turned tranquil again.

Some of the cultivators immediately became terrified as they reduced their speed, as such the people competing for the Mysterious Frost Zoysias immediately became a lot fewer in number, if the rest of the people slowed down even more, then they simply would have no hope to obtain it.

At this moment, the importance of a Spiritual Sense cultivated in a body fully manifested, whether it was Spiritual Sense or Spiritual Consciousness, it definitely indicated an extremely powerful cultivator, as those people immediately brought them out in front of them to help. If one’s Spiritual Sense was poor, then they could only fall behind.

Ning Cheng’s speed was only second to that Essence Building Cultivator, rather when compared to him, the Essence Building Cultivator was only a tiny bit slower. When the Essence Building Cultivator saw Ning Cheng’s rapid speed that was slightly higher than his own, it made him glance at Ning Cheng with some doubt in his eyes.

Their target was only a few hundred meters away, as such there was not much time to think about it, the Essence Building Cultivator arrived first, as he immediately bent down and grabbed a handful of the Mysterious Frost Zoysias, and together with it immediately rushed out of the icy lake. That Essence Building Cultivator obviously had taken some precautions beforehand, as he lifted his hand and brought out a sword and immediately flicked it, his aim was the thing that rushed out from the lake to stab him.

It was at this time that Ning Cheng arrived.

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