Chapter 0136

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0136: Advancing Through Levels

After changing the Cultivation Method in which she was cultivating, Yue Ying just used a few days to break through to the Qi Gathering 7th Level. She was really overjoyed, after stopping to cultivate, she began thinking that since it has already been a few days, but that Ning Cheng still did seem to have come out. Yue Ying hurriedly arrived at his room, when she arrived in the room she saw that the Spiritual Qi had already taken the form of a fog like substance, which made her immediately stunned.

At this time Ning Cheng was already out of bed, and was sitting in the middle of the room cultivating, while the inside of the room was completely filled with Spirit Stones. She, at the moment, could only see that the Spiritual Qi had completely turned into a whirlpool like shape around Ning Cheng, as it was being absorbed by him continuously.

Yue Ying had seen others cultivate, even she cultivated by absorbing the Spiritual Qi by herself, but she had never seen such a fearful and fast scene of Spiritual Qi absorption. She knew that at this time, Ning Cheng was seriously cultivating, and hence should not disturb him. She hastily sat down against the door and began cultivating. Here the Spiritual Qi was extremely rich, compared the Spiritual Qi in Spirit Stones that she was using to cultivate before, she could definitely tell that it was many times better.

Ning Cheng’s injuries had already vanished and could no longer be seen anymore, he could only feel the rich Spiritual Qi around him that he was continuously absorbing, and then was again being transformed into True Essence. At this time Ning Cheng finally became aware of the terrifying amount of Spiritual Qi around him, but he still wanted to know just how much of this Spiritual Qi could he absorb.

He never had been able to be this carefree when he cultivated, this feeling was simply indescribable. This rich Spiritual Qi combined with the Mysterious Yellow Origin Qi, made Ning Cheng’s cultivation to rise up continuously.

Previously when he used Spirit Stones to cultivate, when compared to his cultivation speed now, it basically couldn’t be placed on an equal footing. Yue Ying was also standing at the door watching him, this was something that Ning Cheng was very clear about, but for now he did not pay attention to anything related to Yue Ying.

In just one month, Ning Cheng already advanced to True Condensation 5th Level, in three months Ning Cheng advanced to True Condensation 6th Level. Half a year later, Ning Cheng was already at the Peak of True Condensation 7th Level. But at this time, six months later, Ning Cheng’s stash of Spirit Stones were almost exhausted.

Under the influence of the rich Spiritual Mist around Ning Cheng, Yue Ying’s speed of cultivation was also much faster than when she used the High Grade Spirit Stones. Besides among this heavy Spiritual Mist, there was also a slight trace of the Mysterious Yellow Qi, which allowed Yue Ying to travel a thousand Li a day, unlike the slow progress of Ning Cheng.

With its help Yue Ying was finally able to advance to Qi Gathering 8th Level before getting up to eat for a bit as she left Ning Cheng to cultivate. When she started to cultivate after eating, she finally advanced in rank to Qi Gathering 9th Level, but even at this time Ning Cheng was still deeply immersed in his cultivation. The only difference was, Ning Cheng would occasionally unconsciously eat a few pieces of dried ration every now and then.

Fortunately, she knew that Ning Cheng was still in the middle of cultivation. Otherwise she might have gone crazy. The only thing that she could do, was to continue to eat something, and they once again continue to cultivate.

This day Yue Ying could hear all the Meridians in her body breaking out with a crackling like sound, as her Qi also began transforming into the more powerful True Essence. Yue Ying finally understood that she had finally started to advance to the True Condensation Realm.

Yue Ying did not have the True Condensation Pill, so she did not know if this kind advancement was the real True Condensation Realm was real or not as she had not taken the True Condensation Pill. But when she felt that she was quickly finishing advancing to the True Condensation Realm, she quickly set that matter aside in her heart, and put all her mind to transforming her Qi into True Essence.

In the meantime, Ning Cheng finally broke through to the True Condensation 8th Level. As for Yue Ying, with the help of the Spiritual Mist and the trace amounts of Mysterious Yellow Qi, she finally broke through the shackles and officially advanced to the True Condensation 1st Level, as True Essence surged through her body. She could not help but exclaim out in a clear and crisp sound.

Ning Cheng opened his eyes. As he stood up he felt that compared to before, his True Essence was several times stronger, resulting in him becoming pleasantly surprised in both his mind and heart while simultaneously also feeling a bit pained.

The main reason why he was surprised was that although he had advanced to the True Condensation 8th Level, his strength was still extremely powerful. The reason why he felt pained was that he had obtained so many Spirit Stones, but almost all of it were used up by him. But using even these many Spirit Stones, he was only able to advance to just True Condensation 8th Level. With such a cultivation speed, just how many Spirit Stones would he require to advance to the Profound Core Realm?

“Oh, Big Brother Ning, I’m sorry, I could not help myself and restrain my emotions, and ended up affecting your state of cultivation.” Yue Ying saw Ning Cheng finally woke up, hurriedly spoke in a flustered tone.

But at the moment Ning Cheng’s mood was really good, he just wanted to play a joke on her, but then with an astonished expression on his face he asked, “Yue Ying, you unexpectedly reached the True Condensation Ream? Where did you get the True Condensation Pill from?”

Yue Ying was at a loss, “I did not have a True Condensation Pill, ah, after I advanced to the Qi Gathering 9th Level, I simply naturally broke through the Qi Gathering Realm and into the True Condensation Realm. Um, now that I think of it, I should have benefitted from Big Brother Ning. When I was cultivating in this room, not only was my speed faster, but cultivating in this Spiritual Mist was also much better than cultivating with Spirit Stones.”

Ning Cheng sighed darkly in his heart as he became a bit depressed, this was a true genius, with just a bit of Spiritual Mist, she could just casually advance to the True Condensation Realm, moreover she did not even need a True Condensation Pill. Thinking back to the time when he wanted to advance to the True Condensation Realm. The two people, him and Tai Shu Shi, just to obtain a True Condensation Pill, had to go through various hardships and struggles just to obtain it. This person simply cannot be compared to them.

“How long was I holed up?” Ning Cheng suddenly remembered this matter, if it was already past three months, then it was tantamount to success. Later he would try and think of a way to get out of the Angry Axe Valley and return to the Hua Continent.

“I guess that it been about 7 or 8 months.” Although Yue Ying was also holed up, she was not like Ning Cheng, as she would, from time to time, wake up and take a look at Ning Cheng.

“It indeed is as expected.” Ning Cheng spoke as if talking to himself.

Speaking till that point Ning Cheng asked, “Yue Ying, what plans do you have from now?”

“I do not know where I should go, if that Senior Kang is still looking for me, then even if I return to Hua Continent, I would not be able to escape from his hands, but I am really worried about my brother.” Yue Ying said with a vacant expression, if this Senior Kang really was looking for her, then she truly had no place to go to.

But Ning Cheng spoke with affirmation, “The old man surnamed Kang will definitely not go to the Hua Continent, after arriving here for three months, the two of us have not come out of the Angry Axe Valley, so that man surnamed Kang will definitely think that we are in the Angry Axe Valley. So as long as we are in the Angry Axe Valley, and then secretly leave the Jia Continent, as such there would not be a possibility of such a thing to happen immediately.”

“Big Brother Ning, do you want to go back to the Hua Continent?” Yue Ying immediately asked.

Ning Cheng shook his head, “With my ability, not to mention about passing through the Lost Mountain Range, even if I can pass through the Lost Mountain Range, at this time returning to the Hua Continent would not be a good thing. What’s more, whether we can exit this Angry Axe Valley is itself not certain.”

“That….” Yue Ying absolutely did not think of this.

Ning Cheng hesitated for a moment before saying, “Moreover I definitely don’t dare to exit from here, I think that once we exit from this place we would be transferred out immediately. Unfortunate I don’t have enough Spirit Stones, if I had enough Spirit Stones, then perhaps I could cultivate to the Essence Building Realm, and then go out.”

It was really regrettable for Ning Cheng, if he had enough Spirit Stones, then he would have definitely continued to cultivate. When he finally advanced to the True Condensation 9th Level successfully, then he would have used the Best Quality Spirit Stones to tackle the boundary to the Essence Building Realm. Anyways, he already had seven pieces of Best Quality Spirit Stones, if one was not enough, then he would immediately use another one.

“Big Brother Ning, I have some Spirit Stones in here.” Yue Ying hastily took off the ring on her hand and gave it to Ning Cheng.

“Big Brother Ning, I do not have a place to go now, I can only stay with you. When your cultivation is high, I also will have a bit of safety. During my cultivation before, I ended up using a lot of your Spiritual Mist, it would be best if you can use these Spirit Stones for your own cultivation.” Yue Ying saw that Ning Cheng was hesitating a bit and hurriedly added.

Ning Cheng finally reluctantly nodded, taking the Storage Ring from Yue Ying he said, “If that really is the case, then I will use your Spirit Stones. If after we exit this place, we are not transferred out, then I have a method to return the Spirit Stones back to you.”

These words Ning Cheng spoke were not boasting, he knew the location of the Spirit Stone Mine, and it would definitely have many Spirit Stones. Now that all the people were sent away, he can now go ahead and leisurely dig out those Spirit Stones. He knew that he would definitely find many.

“I do not want that many Spirit Stones.” When Yue Ying heard Ning Cheng say that he would repay the Spirit Stones to her, she hastily waved her hand and adamantly opposed the idea.

Ning Cheng also did not explain any further, as he took out all the Spirit Stones from inside Yue Ying’s Storage Ring. Inside Yue Ying’s Storage Ring there were 10,000-20,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, after Ning Cheng took out all of them, he once again spread them evenly throughout the entire room.

Then Ning Cheng arranged a small Spiritual Gathering Array Formation, and then at last sat down in the middle of this Array Formation as he continued to attack the barrier to the True Condensation 9th Level.

When Yue Ying saw that Ning Cheng had once again began cultivating, she also at the same time sat down to consolidate her own cultivation.

Ning Cheng once again immersed himself in the absorption of Spiritual Qi. Inside the room the Spiritual Qi was being crazily absorbed by him after quickly turning into a Spiritual Mist.

Then numerous Katcha like sounds emerged, as once again several of the obstructed acupuncture points were forced open, which allowed Ning Cheng to smoothly enter the True Condensation 9th Level unhindered. In his spacious Meridians, the True Essence was getting more and more concentrated, even the sound of the True Essence flowing through them could be heard distinctly. Ning Cheng still was crazily absorbing the Spiritual Qi, he simply did not have any regards to his surrounding now.

He did not know how long he had been doing this, but now his True Essence was concentrated to such a point that it was even starting to transform into a genuine liquid, although it was still called as True Essence, however this True Essence had already started to trans mutate.

A formidable True Essence and Spiritual Sense continuously washed over Ning Cheng flowing out from his Meridians and Zifu, Ning Cheng knew that he must break through to the Essence Building Realm at this moment.

He did not hesitate and immediately brought out two pieces of the Best Quality Spirit Stones. Gripping one in each hand, the gentle but extremely pure Spiritual Qi in it almost made Ning Cheng comfortably speak out “shen yin”. This Spiritual Qi that he was absorbing was simply too rich and pure, an ordinary Spirit Stone simply couldn’t even be compared to it.

The extremely rich Spiritual Qi from the Best Quality Spirit Stones directly flowed into Ning Cheng’s Meridians and Dantian, transforming into an even more purer Spiritual Qi, as it once again washed over Ning Cheng’s body.

Even the just transformed True Essence was also flowing much more smoothly. Moreover, as Ning Cheng’s Meridians were remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Origin, they were already thick and spacious but under its influence once again transformed. As a result of this impact, his Meridians once again expanded and strengthened themselves to a whole new level. Ning Cheng indistinctly felt the barrier to the 1st Level, he felt that as long as he could blast open this barrier to the 1st Level, he would see a whole new world, as he advanced in rank to a whole new level.

Ning Cheng continued to crazily absorb the Spiritual Qi from the Best Quality Spirit Stones to attack this barrier. He was eager to know what kind of world would he see after advancing, moreover he also had a pressing need to possess an even more formidable strength.

Truly speaking, cultivating with a Best Quality Spirit Stone was extremely rare, not only were these Spirit Stones rare to the point of being non-existent, only an extremely few people would attack the boundary to the Essence Building Realm with a Best Quality Spirit Stone, moreover he was using two of such pieces.

But to Ning Cheng, even after crazily absorbing the Best Quality Spirit Stones, he still could not break through the barrier. The Spiritual Qi that was needed to break through the barrier far exceeded the scope of his imagination.

After the two pieces of the Best Quality Spirit Stones turned to ash, Ning Cheng almost without hesitation, once again took out two more pieces of Best Quality Spirit Stones. He knew the truth, if he gave up know, then he not only wasted the two pieces of Best Quality Spirit Stones, but he would also not be able to break through in his cultivation in a short time.

The extremely pure and rich Spiritual Qi from the two pieces of the Best Quality Spirit Stones once again flowed into Ning Cheng’s Meridians. Under the circulation of the Cultivation Method of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng once again tried to attack the barrier that was acting as a shackle to his cultivation.

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