Chapter 0137

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0137: Formidable Essence Building

With a bang, Ning Cheng’s entire body relaxed as at this moment, that liquefied True Essence also looked for an outlet to vent. His Meridians and the Acupuncture Points throughout his body immediately issued a series of resounding sounds. As each of those resounding sounds emerged he could feel his entire body lighten up bit by bit, section by section.

Never had such a pleasurable feeling and a sense of understanding ever appeared in his heart, Ning Cheng really could not endure it any longer, and immediately gave out an endless shout of joy that made Yue Ying startled. This kind of formidable feeling of intense joy and strength simply wasn’t something that Ning Cheng was unable to express fully. At this time his entire body was oozing out massive quantities of impurities, but he simply did not take any notice of it.

Ning Cheng knew that he finally succeeded in stepping into the Essence Building Realm. But this stepping into the Essence Building Realm came at the price of using up four Best Quality Spirit Stones. For a cultivator, the first real watershed point in one’s cultivation was to successfully enter the Essence Building Realm, only after entering that Realm, would one be actually able to have the qualifications to call themselves as genuine Cultivators. Until that time, they would only be casting their foundations.

But this kind of joy had still not yet ended, when Ning Cheng could vaguely feel the indistinct shape of his Sea of Consciousness. Just like the breaking of an eggshell, it immediately burst and spread out.

Ning Cheng’s eyes turned red with excitement, he knew that after one succeeds in stepping into the Essence Building Realm, he would form a Sea of Consciousness. He would finally no longer have to fight against other people’s Spiritual Consciousness with just his Spiritual Sense, he now officially had the Sea of Consciousness. Later he could also extend out his Spiritual Consciousness. Ning Cheng heard that if one cultivates their Spiritual Consciousness to a very high level, then they can even attack using just their Spiritual Consciousness.

Forcefully stabilising his mind, Ning Cheng started consolidating his cultivation of Essence Building Realm, tidying up the fearsome True Essence, while simultaneously improving his Sea of Consciousness. Meanwhile his True Essence cleaned out the impurities still remaining in his Meridians and body. This was the Marrow Cleansing Process, as long as one stepped into the Essence Building Realm, every single cultivator would have to face such an experience.

Undergoing the Marrow Cleansing Process can make a cultivator even more formidable, as it makes the mortal body even more unobstructed and unrestrained.

Yue Ying looked at Ning Cheng with a blank expression on her face as he succeeded in stepping into Essence Building Realm. She simply was unable to feel the formidable strength of Ning Cheng, but she simply had an indistinct feeling, that Ning Cheng had finally stepped into the Essence Building Realm. She could not help but compare him to the old Essence Building Realm cultivators in the already established Falling Star Academy.

After a few more days passed by, Ning Cheng finally opened his eyes. Immediately jumping up, his eyes betrayed the joy of his innermost feelings.

“Big Brother Ning, congratulations on your success in entering the Essence Building Realm.” Yue Ying spoke with genuine happiness from the bottom of her heart.

“Yue Ying, thank you, without your 10,000-20,000 High Grade Spirit Stones, I would definitely be unable to succeed in breaking into the Essence Building Realm. You have provided me with the biggest favour in my life.”  Ning Cheng was really grateful to Yue Ying from the deepest parts of his heart. He was even able to comprehend such kind of Cultivation Method during this time. Moreover, his own cultivation also went all the way unimpeded. At this time, he was able to break through to the Essence Building Realm in one vigorous effort, if he had to do this again over the same period of time, then he knew that his progress won’t necessarily be this smooth.

If he could increase his cultivation more and more this early, then wouldn’t this be the most appropriate time?

It wasn’t after advancing to the Essence Building Realm, that Ning Cheng finally gained a genuine understanding towards it, for him to seriously injure that Intermediate Stage Essence Building Cultivation was not undeserved. When he thought back to his insights on the two types of Axe Intents, he found that he really was naive to think that he could go against an Essence Building Cultivator.

It was not that his Axe Intents were not good. But the difference between his Spiritual Consciousness and True Essence was simply too big. For him to be able to run away from the pursuit of an Essence Building Cultivator, was already a stroke of good fortune.

But he also knew that now with his present cultivation, if he went out and battled against that Intermediate Stage Essence Building Realm Cultivator once again, then he wouldn’t have to use much strength against him, and could definitely kill the opposite party.

Moreover, the Cultivation Method that he cultivated in was also much more powerful than the others, but although the Cultivation Method that he used to cultivate was more powerful, the cultivation resources required for him to cultivate were also much more.

Ning Cheng did not care about it. What he wanted was to become stronger and stronger and more formidable than others.

This Cultivation Method called the Mysterious Yellow Formless was simply too heaven defying. Ning Cheng could definitely attest to this fact. Even if there was another cultivator with powerful qualifications, as long as he had sufficient resources, his cultivation speed would also not be much slower than the opposite party’s. He only used less than three months to rise and breakthrough to the Essence Building Realm from True Condensation 8th Level, this point in itself explained it in a very illustrative way.

“Big Brother Ning. You are the person who saved me, if you thanked me again, then I would really be embarrassed. But Big Brother Ning, you really smell extremely foul at the moment.” Now that Yue Ying and Ning Cheng were already acquainted with each other, so even their speech did not have any form of apprehensions in it.

“I’ll wash up, then we can exit from this place.” Ning Cheng said with a smile.

After Yue Ying exited, Ning Cheng used the Dust Removal Technique on him many times. But thinking that it was really not enough to remove the stink, he once again washed his body with water a few more time, changed to a clean set of clothes, then came out of the room.

At this time Yue Ying was already eagerly waiting for him at the half-moon shaped arch, it was obvious that Yue Ying really wanted to leave this place.

Ning Cheng looked at Yue Ying, who already was bursting with anxiousness to go out and suddenly spoke, “Want me to carry you?”

Yue Ying hastily shook her head and said, “No, No, I can come up by myself, have you forgotten, that it was me who carried you back here the last time.”

“You really don’t want to? If you don’t want to, then let’s exit this place now.” Ning Cheng also deliberately spoke out another sentence.

“……” This time Yue Ying hesitated, she and Ning Cheng had been together for a long time, although they used the majority of the time to cultivate, she had already become familiar with Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng was completely not the kind of person that Yong Gu Yun made him out to be, although she still had some doubts in her heart at present, mostly because of the thing that Ning Cheng did with Su Zhu. So this time when Ning Cheng asked to carry her on his back, then she thought that there might be a reason for it.

“This….” Yue Ying hesitated for a moment, and then said, “Big Brother Ning, please carry me on your back.”

The reason why she finally actively spoke about Ning Cheng carrying her on his back, was because she knew that Ning Cheng was not the kind of person Yong Gu Yun made him out to be, so she trusted and believed that Ning Cheng would not do anything else to her.

This time Ning Cheng did not use a rope to securely tie Yue Ying to his back, but rather simply carried Yue Ying on his back as he went to open the Array Formation, and immediately entered the river water.

After Ning Cheng entered the river waters, Yue Ying then understood why Ning Cheng offered to carry her. At this time Ning Cheng formed a spherical shell around them with his True Essence that help them avoid the surrounding waters, moreover not even a single drop of water from the surroundings came in.

“Thank you, Big Brother Ning.” Yue Ying felt relieved in her heart, and suddenly felt compassion towards being carried on Ning Cheng’s back.

The two people finally then left the underwater mansion, but none of them proposed to take away the Water Avoiding Pearl. Once the Water Avoiding Pearl was taken away, then the surrounding Water Avoidance Array Formation would not be able to block the river water, and would instantly turn the underwater mansion into rubble.

Although Ning Cheng was a grateful person, but he simply did not think about it. Yue Ying had sort of expected it, but since Ning Cheng did not mention about this matter, she also did not mention about it.

“Big Brother Ning can I ask you something?” Yue Ying who was on Ning Cheng’s back at present suddenly asked.

Ning Cheng absentmindedly replied, “You can ask, as long as I can answer your questions, I will and will not hide anything.”

“Um, Big Brother Ning, on the day that I and Sister Yong Gu Yun and Sister Lu Xue saw you and Sister Su Zhu in the Clear Heart Academy together, did you really like Sister Su Zhu?” Once Yue Ying spoke it out she realised that she should not have done so.

Ning Cheng showed a faint smile, “If you want to really ask if I slept with Sister Su Zhu, then please go ahead and directly ask, you don’t need to beat around the bush.”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s straightforward words, Yue Ying’s face immediately felt as if it was burning, as in her mind she really had such kind of meaning. But how could she ask others about such a matter in a casual way, Big Brother Ning was simply too direct.

She added in a low voice as she put her head down as she blushed fiercely, “I wanted to say that Senior Sister Apprentice Luo Fei is really very good, I also very much like Senior Sister Apprentice Su Zhu……”

Everyone has their own idea, Ning Cheng was simply too lazy to explain such a thing to Yue Ying. He just suddenly asked, “Yue Ying, did we not live in a room together for nearly a year?”

“Yes ah……” Yue Ying answered, while she was still calculating, they truly did live together in a room for nearly a year.

“That’s good.” Then Ning Cheng once again spoke, “Did you also not take off my clothes, so doesn’t this mean that we also slept together?”

“Ah….” Yue Ying’s face immediately turned even a deeper shade of red, “Big Brother Ning, what are you saying, although I stripped off your clothes, when did I sleep with you….”

Saying that, Yue Ying felt that this was not right, although she had stripped off Ning Cheng’s clothes, but other than his shorts, the rest of the clothes were taken off by her, but it was in order to save Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng couldn’t be put on the bed wet right?

Ning Cheng once again spoke with a self-deprecating tone, “Yue Ying, you have stripped off my clothes, we also lived in a room together for nearly a year, but you know that we really did not sleep together. So then why did you think that me and Su Zhu slept together when you walked in and saw me and Su Zhu together? Is it because someone told you?”

“I understand, Big Brother Ning, you really were not with Su Zhu tog….” After saying to that point, Yue Ying suddenly stopped, ‘sleeping together’, those two words she did not speak as her face once again turned crimson red, now that she said it, it sounded even more ambiguous.

However, Yue Ying quickly changed the topics and said, “Big Brother Ning, since you have not done such a thing, then why didn’t you explain it properly?”

Ning Cheng spoke in a light voice, “What are Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun to me? Why should I explain it to them? Even if they don’t believe me, I don’t care and I won’t waste my time to explain it. Those who believe in me, don’t need my justification to believe in me. As for those who don’t believe in me. They won’t believe me no matter how flowery I present it to them.”

“I’m sorry.” Yue Ying had initially thought that Ning Cheng would not explain further even if she asked, but at this time she finally understood the few words that Ning Cheng spoke out just now.

“There are times when you have to keep your own opinions of people and things, and if someone or something tries to change your views, then you have to go out and make sure to confirm it by yourself.”

Now that Yue Ying had heard Ning Cheng’s words, the embarrassment of lying on Ning Cheng’s back completely disappeared. Now that Ning Cheng had stated in such a clear way, it no longer needed any explanation, she also felt that she had really misunderstood Ning Cheng back then, and was even unfair towards Ning Cheng at that time. Unconsciously, she hugged Ning Cheng even more tightly, and even tightened her legs around him.

Although Ning Cheng was carrying Yue Ying on his back, he really did not mind such a green apple. But now that Yue Ying was subconsciously hugging him even more tightly, moreover even tightened her legs around him, it instead made Ning Cheng a bit warm in his heart.

He quickly increased his speed, although he knew that Yue Ying had not done this intentionally, however such an unconscious movement was really inappropriate.

Now that Yue Ying was making such an effort, Ning Cheng felt his back become even more hot. Although Yue Ying did not understand what she had done, but she immediately knew that her subconscious movement was something improper. She was just about to loosen up, when a bright light hit her eyes, as Ning Cheng flew out of the river carrying her on his back, and landed on the shore.

“We really are not being transferred out….” Yue Ying was pleasantly surprised as she called out, what she worried the most was that they would be transferred out once they came out of the river. If after being transferred outside, that old man Kang really was still waiting for them outside, then it really would not be a good thing.

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