Chapter 0138

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

Chapter 0138 – Do Not Speak Here

“Ha Ha, we are rich….” Ning Cheng laughed, as he turned to look at Yue Ying and said, “Yue Ying, I’ll take you mining.”

Yue Ying did not react, as she stupidly stared at Ning Cheng and repeated his words, “Mining?”

“That’s right, we are going mining.” Just as Ning Cheng finished speaking, he took a step forward.

When Yue Ying saw this, she quickly followed behind Ning Cheng, she was now an Early Stage True Condensation Cultivator. Her cultivation now was many dozen times stronger that before, so of course, her speed would also increase.


After more than two hours, Ning Cheng blankly stared at the totally messed up mining field, and it was only after a good while did he react, “How is this possible?”

This was definitely the mine that he had left from previously, moreover he had only dug up a very small part, even if there were tens of thousands of people dug here till the Angry Axe Valley closed up, it would still be unlikely to completely dug up, right? But as to the present situation in front of him, it simply did not even resemble the mine that he had left before. Not to mention a mine, there wasn’t even a complete weed on the ground that could be seen, the entire mine was completely dug up by others.

“Hey Big Brother Ning, look there, there seem to be still some people here……” Yue Ying said as she pointed to a place in the distance.

Ning Cheng then saw that in front of them, in a distance, were figures of two True Condensation Cultivators, it seemed as if they were looking for something.

“What the hell is this? Didn’t we escape the transmission out of Angry Axe Valley, or did the transfer really did not start because of the accident that occurred in the Angry Axe Valley?” Ning Cheng said as he really could not understand what was the matter here.

Ning Cheng quickly arrived in front of these two cultivators. These two cultivators when they saw Ning Cheng and Yue Ying come over, immediately became alert and stared at the two of them in a hostile manner.

Ning Cheng cupped his fists in front of him and said, “Two friends, me and my Junior Sister Apprentice have been trapped in this place for almost a year, as such we missed the transmission time to get out of the Angry Axe Valley. How haven’t the two friends here not been transmitted out?”

The two True Condensation Cultivators saw that Ning Cheng was only inquiring about this matter, as such slightly became less alert towards them. One of them said in a distressed tone, “Don’t say that, not to mention that you have not been transferred out, rather all the people that came into the Angry Axe Valley are unable to go out. After the accident in the Angry Axe Valley that happened at the beginning, even after the three months passed by, no one was able to be transferred out.”

Ning Cheng and Yue Ying immediately became silent, since not even a single person who entered the Angry Axe Valley were transmitted out, that means that what they had considered to be a good fortune, that they had pinned most of their hopes on, fell empty.


Although this was not a very good news but Ning Cheng was only a bit disappointed, as he walked away with Yue Ying. During their walk, not to mention a Spiritual Grasses, even Monstrous Beasts were hard to come by.

“This Valley is really unworthy of its name.” Yue Ying said in a somewhat depressed tone.

“No, it is because the number of people who entered the Angry Axe Valley are simply too many. When we were at the entrance to this Valley in the Jia Continent, there were already tens of thousands of people who entered from there, maybe there were even more people who entered from the other entrances. With so many people entering the Angry Axe Valley, and also going through almost a year of searching, even the best of the things would be taken away.” Ning Cheng spoke while sighing, he had been in closed door cultivation for too long. There definitely were lots of good things in this Valley, however when compared to the other people, what he obtained at this time would certainly not be something that could even be counted.

“Big Brother Ning, shall we go to the depths of the Angry Axe Valley, I heard that the Angry Axe Valley is boundless, even if several hundreds of thousands of people came, there would still be many places that they would have not gone to.” Yue Ying quickly replied.

“Good.” Ning Cheng was also thinking of this, since there were simply a lot of things in this Angry Axe Valley. It would be impossible to fully empty out the Angry Axe Valley is such a short time. His original idea was to find lots of Spiritual Grasses and lots of cultivation resources in the Angry Axe Valley, and then once again return back to the underwater mansion under the river and start studying Alchemy.

Although he was able to advance from the True Condensation Realm to the Essence Building Realm, but he really wasted a lot of energy, wasted a lot of Spirit Stones, and even used up four pieces of the Best Quality Spirit Stones. He knew that if this continued then he would require a lot more resources in the future. How couldn’t he not try and learn Alchemy?

Although he was not able to go back in time to find Ji Luo Fei, but Ning Cheng believed that Ji Luo Fei would definitely be safe in the God Wind Academy. Moreover, Ji Luo Fei was also very much aware of his thoughts. Since he wanted to let Ji Luo Fei to wait for him in the God Wind Academy, then Ji Luo Fei would definitely be waiting for him in the God Wind Academy. In fact, he knew that she would remain there unless the God Wind Academy no longer existed in Hua Continent. But the fact was that the God Wind Academy was a 5 Star Academy, how could it possibly cease to exist without any reason?


In the depths of the Angry Axe Valley, stretching over hundreds of miles was a mountain range, that was, at the moment, crowded with several tens of thousands of cultivators. Rather than saying that it was a mountain range that stretched for hundreds of miles, it would be better to say that it comprised of innumerable low hills. But these innumerable low hills were covered in lush and verdant greens. Moreover, there was the Qi from the Spiritual Grasses blowing through the air, as even from a distance everyone could see extremely High Ranked Spiritual Grasses that were at a distance from them.

What was strange was that, even though there were many High Ranked Spiritual Grasses, but not even one of the cultivators present there were swarming towards them.

If one looked closely, then some of these hills were already dug out of shape, while there were still many remaining that were safe and sound. Many of the Cultivators formed groups, and some of them did not disperse till the hill that they were on was completely dug up. Every single one of them present was showing a strong momentum as they all pressed forward. Together with such an imposing momentum, it looked as if they were fighting against the hills as their opponents.

Finally, someone cried out with joy, it was as if the cultivators fighting against the hills were finally winning, as the first incorporeal layer surrounding the hill finally disappeared. At once all the people swarmed towards it.

If a person was to see such a scene from the corner, he could then understand why some of the hills here were dug out of shape, and why there were still some hills that were safe and sound.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Jing Xiu, I found a good thing….” A very ugly looking girl joyfully called out.

A young male cultivator beside her quickly covered that girl’s mouth, while seizing the thing in her hand and quickly putting it into his own Storage Bag, and then spoke to her in a severe tone, “Danqin, don’t speak too much here, once you find something, immediately put it away and continue.”

This very ugly looking girl did not have the time to answer, when they heard someone shouting from the edge, “I saw that thing first, take it out.”

This young male cultivator pulled the ugly young girl behind her, and slowly spoke in a polite voice, “My friend, these things here are ownerless, moreover this thing was obtained by my Junior Sister Apprentice a moment ago, your statement is a little too off the point.”

“Talk less nonsense, are you going to hand it over or not.” This man’s cultivation was obviously not low, and spoke out with some impatience.

“Why do we have to hand it over?” A beautiful female cultivator with a slightly dark skin immediately spoke out loudly with a sarcastic voice.

The male cultivator showed a fiendish grin as he spoke, “If you don’t pay up then you can only die.”

Speaking till here, that male cultivator immediately took out a huge green claw, once this green claw came out, a huge overwhelming presence swept across the hill, and immediately enveloped the three people in front of them. Under such a horrifying Killing Intent emanating from the giant green claw, even breathing for them was difficult.

This trio was undoubtedly the three individuals that got separated from Ning Cheng, Cang Shuo, Meng Jing Xiu and Ruimu Danqin. If Ning Cheng had not gone into closed door cultivation for nearly a year, then during this long time, they would have already met up. Only because Ning Cheng was cultivating behind closed doors at the bottom of that river for almost a year, so even when the three of them went looking for him, they could not find Ning Cheng.

When Meng Jing Xiu saw the other party initiate the attack first, she also did not plan to endure it, as she immediately brought out her long halberd, as she immediately shot out with her [Raging Tides of the River]. She was only at True Condensation 6th Level, while the opposite party was already at True Condensation 9th Level. Although she had her own pride in her strength, but she really could not dare to look down at the strength of the True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator in front of her.

The Halberd Shadows moved just like the raging tides of a violent river and was completely overflowing with her Killing Intent as it approached the giant green claw with an overwhelming imposing manner that blotted out the sky. It felt as if Meng Jing Xiu’s attack would completely swallow up that True Condensation 9th Level cultivator and his trio. Her Halberd Shadows completely swept out the other party’s offensive, even that trio also immediately felt chills down their bodies. They had never thought that a True Condensation 6th Level Cultivator would have such a powerful halberd technique.

“Boom…. Ka Ka….” The True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator’s giant green claw and halberd’s killer move immediately collided with each other, as their respective True Essence immediately exploded out. Several Halberd Shadows were able to get past the blockade of the giant claw, and exploded on the chest of the True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator. Although the Halberd Shadows were able to get past the giant claw, but it’s power and influence was greatly reduced, as such it could only tear open the clothes of the True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator, and only give him a few bloodstains.

These bloodstains were simply superficial, but this True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator could clearly feel that he would have fallen under it if not for his giant claw blocking most of the power.

Meng Jing Xiu’s heart sank, she thought that this attack would seriously injure the other side, but she never dreamed that this attack would only produce a few superficial blood stained injuries on him. If they really had to fight all out with them, then their situation did not look optimistic at all.

“Ha Ha…. since the two of them have attacked our Senior Apprentice Brother Qu, such being the case, then don’t blame me, Shang Mou Gao, to be impolite.” As the voice fell, a man wearing a brown robe jumped in front of Meng Jing Xiu.

“Are you really not concerned about face, I was just standing here a moment ago and did not move at all, when did the two of us attack you?” Cang Shuo angrily cursed out.

That male cultivator called Shang Mou Gao simply ignored Cang Shuo, as he immediately brought out a Flying Sword as he pointed it towards Meng Jing Xiu, while he turned to the other True Condensation 9th Level Cultivation who was pushed back by Meng Jing Xiu and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Brother Qu, for you to personally go and teach them a lesson is simply not good, let me handle this black pot of a woman.”

Meng Jing Xiu wanted to retort with a few words, but when she heard the rude words spoken by that brown robbed cultivator, she suddenly trembled with rage, and once again shot out with the long halberd in her hands.

The continuous waves formed from the Halberd Shadows were also much more powerful than before, but these killer shadows were easily blocked by the other party’s Sword Light. Meng Jing Xiu’s heart sank once again. Because she now had practical experience from before, she knew that this man called Shang Mou Gao was more powerful than Fang Xin who had easily defeated her in the Mo Ze Grand Plaza, moreover he was stronger by more than a little bit. Moreover, the Sword Light that he sent out was very strange, it seemed as if it shackled her True Essence and Spiritual Sense.

But here was not the ringside, she could not admit defeat, otherwise once she did, then the only thing that awaited them was death.

Although those endless Halberd Shadows were easily broken by Shang Mou Gao, but the several Sword Lights of the other party actually easily moved to cut off their escape route and also to attack them.

Meng Jing Xiu was greatly startled in her heart, as she immediately forcefully recovered her halberd and turned it into a shield, to block these Sword Lights from penetrating through.

“Puff Puff….” Two arrows of blood shot out, as her waist and arms were still stuck by the Sword Light.

That Sword Light cut through a few centimetres of her arm as it passed through, even if that was the case, she knew that if she did not hurry up and heal it, then her arm would turn to waste.

Seeing Meng Jing Xiu seriously injured, Cang Shuo, who originally knew that he would not be an opponent against the other party, was immediately struck by the giant claw of the opposite party, and was suddenly sent flying away. At this point there were several bloody holes on his chest, moreover the injuries he suffered were no less lighter than Meng Jing Xiu.

Ruimu Danqin was really anxious, as she quickly cried out, “You don’t have to kill Senior Apprentice Brother Cang and Senior Sister Apprentice Jing Xiu, we’ll give you that thing….”

Speaking till there, she immediately directly grabbed the Storage Bag of Cang Shuo and threw it down at the other party. Ruimu Danqin thought that after saying this to the other party and even throwing down their own Storage Bag, there wouldn’t be any more hatred between them, and would not try to kill them.

But the one called Senior Apprentice Brother Qu who was a True Condensation 9th Level Cultivator sneered and spoke, “I told you take it out sooner, but it’s too late now……”

While he spoke, he once again resorted to the giant claw in his hands.

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