New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0161

Sup Folks

I’m back. Sorry for the scare a few days back. After I came back from work, I ended up with a severe headache which lasted till the next day. And man I wished I could just slam my head to get rid of it. Sorry for all it. I had turned off my phone and took a day off from work, so only now did I got all your concerned messages, and frankly I really am touched by the concern showed by you guys in the messages.

Also a big shout out to the Demon Army for stepping up and taking up the things that I left unfinished that day. Honestly people, do thank my slaves I mean my team.

Anyways, the 2nd regular chapter of the week:

  1. Chapter 0161 – An Old Lady
    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

P.S. Please consider white listing our site in your Ad blocking programs, the Ad revenue generated, however small it is, is equally distributed among the team members. Moreover, if the Ad Revenue grows to a significant amount, I planned to add it to the sponsor queue to bring out more chapters for you all. Alternatively, for the time being you can even go ahead and sponsor a chapter if you like, though PayPal or Patreon.


3 comments on “New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0161

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  2. DANIS says:

    Glad you are back and healty 😀


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