Chapter 0161

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0161: An Old Lady

The Restriction on Han Xian’s ring was still intact, moreover there was no trace of being broken into, this made Ning Cheng feel some doubts.

Ning Cheng did not go through numerous ways to try and opening the ring, but rather decided to use the blood refining approach to slowly whet away the Restriction on Han Xian’s ring.

But after Ning Cheng finally broke open the ring, he immediately turned speechless. Other than a pile women’s clothing, there were only a variety of strange odd materials. Ning Cheng picked up a few of these materials, but found himself not knowing what they were, but he was sure that they were definitely not some kind of artefact crafting materials.

But what was an even more distinguishing characteristic of this ring was that there were tons of fanciful women’s lingerie. If not for Ning Cheng knowing that this ring was absolutely not from Earth, he would have even suspected the origins of Han Xian.

The materials of these lingerie were as thin as a cicada’s wing, as long as they were put on they would present an incomparable sex appeal. To put it bluntly, it did this without even exposing the body.

In Ning Cheng’s opinion, Han Xian was an extremely serious and refined woman. However, from the different kinds of flashy lingerie, Ning Cheng’s impression of her suddenly changed.

Other than these clothes and some other odd materials, Ning Cheng did not see even a single magic weapon or a spiritual grass, not even the crumbs of even a single Spirit Stone.

Ning Cheng was extremely disappointed as he put the ring away, and then finally took out the mirror.

This mirror was the thing that Ning Cheng was very much looking forward to, it was because he had found this mirror after he was attracted to Han Xian’s Immortal Cave at the bottom of the river after sensing the faint Origin Aura coming from it.

The mirror had an oval shape, and the frame had a touch of a purple glow on it. As to the materials used to craft this mirror, Ning Cheng did not know about it, but he at least thought that this mirror was exceptionally clear.

The tray of the mirror was a rectangular block, when Ning Cheng swept it with his Spiritual Consciousness, he discovered that his Spiritual Consciousness could not penetrate it at all, so he could only check it out with his hand, but found it to be empty inside.

Ning Cheng traced around all the four sides along the rectangular wooden block, and found a raised bump on one of its edge, and subconsciously pressed down with his hand a bit.

“Ka Chang” a sound emerged, as the rectangular block of wood actually fell down, and a wrapped up Talisman fell in front of Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng picked up the wrapped up Talisman and then tearing off the bindings that wrapped it, a pale water coloured bead rolled into Ning Cheng’s hand.

An intense water attributed Origin Aura was emanating from it, Ning Cheng immediately became incomparably anxious in his heart. At this point he absolutely had no thoughts about the beautiful and attractive bead, but what he was anxious was to how to put away this bead.

This kind of formidable Origin Aura was absolutely impossible to be blocked by placing it in his Storage Bag, if he had known about this before he opened it, that the thing inside contained a bead that had such a powerful Origin Aura, he would have rather not opened it all.

Ning Cheng’s reaction was extremely swift. Although he anxious to the extreme, he knew that the only solution for this problem was that he had to put this water coloured Origin Bead into the Mysterious Yellow Bead. Although he knew that the Mysterious Yellow Bead could store things, but he had actually never tried to put anything inside. But at this time, he could not consider anything else, as he immediately sent the Origin Bead in hand directly into the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

In fact, the Mysterious Yellow Origin Bead did not even wait for Ning Cheng to send the water coloured Origin Bead to it. The Mysterious Yellow Bead had already felt the water coloured Origin Bead in Ning Cheng’s hands. And as such it was even throbbing excitedly in Ning Cheng’s Zifu.

Just as Ning Cheng had just thought of that thought, the water coloured Origin Bead in his hands completely disappeared, and even the Origin Aura in the surrounding also rapidly dissipated, it was apparent that the Origin Bead was already put inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead in Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng then finally let out a long sigh, he knew that once this thing containing the Origin Aura was exposed outside, then it would only end up in him welcoming death.

It appeared that this Mysterious Yellow Bead is very selective of the things that it puts inside. Ordinary things could not be stored in it, but things with an Origin Aura can definitely be thrown into it.

To the present Ning Cheng, he did not know if he could enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead or not. It’s not that he did not try it out, but rather he did not dare to try to try it out. Once he entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead, the Mysterious Yellow Bead would be exposed, as such the Mysterious Yellow Aura might also be exposed immediately. For him, if not for a place being absolutely safe, he would not attempt to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

Let alone this. After he had obtained the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s approval, he did not need to enter the Mysterious Yellow Bead to cultivate, as he could speed up his cultivation using the Mysterious Yellow Aura.

After the water coloured Origin Bead disappeared into him, Ning Cheng immediately felt that the mirror in his hands had become just a plain old ordinary mirror, testament to the fact was that there was no more Origin Aura surrounding it.

When Ning Cheng’s thought swept into the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he could see that the Mysterious Yellow Bead was still the same as ever, covered in a yellow mist. But in the midst of this yellow mist that seemed to cover the Heaven and Earth, there was now a hint of Water Attributed Aura. But as to the water coloured Origin Bead that entered the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he simply could not see it at all.

Ning Cheng just shook his head, and decided to not care about it. This thing was something that he had accidentally obtained, as to what became of it inside the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he did not investigate it with his thought.

He then picked up the Talisman from the ground that had wrapped up the water coloured Origin Bead, and swept it with his Spiritual Consciousness.

A moment later, Ning Cheng became so excited that his hands trembled all over. He did not expect that after looking for quite a while, the Talisman that wrapped up the Origin Bead was the most precious thing of all. This thing unexpectedly turned out to be a Level 8 Blood Escaping Talisman, not to mention the Level 8 Blood Escaping Talisman in his hand, Ning Cheng had not even heard of such a thing existing.

This was a Talisman that could help him preserve his life anywhere in extremely crucial times.

Although with his strength, he was unable to use this Talisman at the moment, and could only refine it first, which was why he had used a drop of his blood immediately.

“Such a good thing, such a good thing……” Ning Cheng immediately began mumbling to himself a few times, as he immediately started to refine the Blood Escaping Talisman in his hand.

These people really were too rich, ayah, but it seems that they did not know where to put their good stuff, just this Blood Escaping Talisman that he had obtained at random wrapped inside something, made him think that this was an unprecedentedly good thing.


At a lake near a village hundreds of miles away, a beautiful woman stopped continuing to strip off her clothes, as she stood up in shock as if she could not believe what she had sensed. She mumbled to herself, “A moment ago was it really the Origin Aura?”

The next moment, she immediately picked up her clothes and cape that she had stripped off a moment ago, and instantly disappeared from the lake. Compared to the Origin Aura, taking a bath was simply an irrelevant thing.


Just as Ning Cheng completed the refining of the Blood Escaping Talisman and was going to put it away, he let out a sigh in his heart, as he thought that it really was time to leave to leave this inn. If he continued to stay here, then maybe that woman would really come to find him.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng, can I come in?” Meng Jingxiu’s voice transmitted from outside his door.

Ning Cheng was already preparing to go find Meng Jingxiu, and as such quickly replied to her, “You can come in, I am already much better.”

Meng Jingxiu entered Ning Cheng’s room, then handed Ning Cheng the ring in her hand and said, “Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng, this is the ring from Sikong Kai.”

Ning Cheng received the ring from her, and swept it with his Spiritual Consciousness, he discovered that this ring had several heavy restrictions placed on it. He put away the ring, and did not immediately start refining it, looking at Meng Jingxiu he spoke, “We have to leave this place, otherwise that shameless woman might end up finding us here.”

“En, that woman really is terrible, she doesn’t even put other’s life in her eyes.” Meng Jingxiu thought back to the time when that woman had killed that green robed woman with just a flick of her hand, even at this moment she would still felt chills from just remembering it.

Ning Cheng also gave an ‘En’ sound and said, “Birds of a feather will always flock together, just a look at that woman and Sikong Kai can tell that they simply are up to no good. Even if she has the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm, but that does not change the fact that she is a shameless woman.”

Saying till there, Ning Cheng once more added to Meng Jingxiu and said, “How is the woman from the Wu Nian Academy that we rescued, does she show any signs of waking up, there are a few things that I have to ask her.”

Saying that Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu arrived at the other room, and saw that the purple robed woman from the Wu Nian Academy was still in a coma. Meng Jingxiu had used a handkerchief in place of the veil to cover her face, it was because this purple robed woman’s face was really too beautiful.

Ning Cheng had no reason to be polite at this moment, as he put his hands directly in the purple robed woman’s chest, and infused her with his Spiritual Sense. At this time, he had to hurry up and wake this woman up, it was the matter of whether or not they could live, as to the other things that were going on in his mind, he would take care of them later. Moreover, Ning Cheng also knew that Meng Jingxiu was not a gossipy kind of a person, so once this purple robed woman woke, and they got the details of the things that happened, he knew that Meng Jingxiu would not spread it or even talk about it.

When Meng Jingxiu saw the hand of Ning Cheng placed on the chest of the purple robed woman, she subconsciously bent down to look at her appearance with great attention, she immediately thought of Sikong Kai’s actions with the green robed woman, and immediately blushed.

But at this time, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open, as a beautiful woman stood in the doorway as she looked at Meng Jingxiu in a daze.

“Mother.” When Meng Jingxiu looked at this middle aged beautiful woman, she immediately recognized her. Her mother had left her when she was just 9 years old. But even if these many years passed by, her mother’s appearance had not changed at all.

“You are Xiu Xiu……” The middle aged beautiful woman called out in shock, she had come here following the Origin Aura but rather than finding the Origin Aura, she had found her daughter.

When she had left her daughter, she was only 9 years old. But this woman in front of her was a fully bloomed woman of 18 years of age, so when she saw Meng Jingxiu she was already a bit suspicious about it, and now that Meng Jingxiu had actively called out to her as ‘Mother’ on her own initiative, she immediately recognized her.

Ning Cheng had not thought that the beautiful middle aged woman that had kicked open the door would turn out to be Meng Jingxiu’s mother. He had originally thought that searching for Meng Jingxiu’s parents would be a very difficult matter, as such he had never thought that she would be so easily found, as they haven’t even reached Xi Hai City.

But what Ning Cheng did not expect would happen when the mother and daughter meet, was that she did not excitedly call out to her daughter, but rather she gave an angry glare as she stared at Ning Cheng and said, “You despicable punk, you dare to lie to my daughter?”

Ning Cheng looked at this middle aged woman in bewilderment, as he spoke in his heart when did he ever deceive her daughter.

When Meng Jingxiu saw her mother being so unreasonable, she quickly spoke out, “Mother, no, this is Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng, he has looked after me a lot along the way.”

“Since he is taking care of you since a long time, then isn’t he your man, why is he so touchy-feely with another woman? For a person to be like this, he is the most hated person for me.” This middle aged beautiful woman did not even know the complete truth, but her tone became even more annoyed.

Meng Jingxiu almost anxiously cried out, as she quickly tried to explain, “That is not the case, there is nothing between me and Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng……”

“Ahem, as a mother, I’ve been there, the way you look at that Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng of yours, with such a face that looks like you’re in heat when thinking about men, do not think that I don’t see it.”

Ning Cheng immediately began sweating profusely inside, what kind of mother is she, how could she be of such a character? She had not seen her daughter for so many years, so when she saw her daughter’s face, how could she say such a thing to her daughter?

Meng Jingxiu simply could not stand the blow, as she immediately gave a startled cry, as she turned and escaped from the room. The beautiful middle aged woman seemed to have realised that the words she had spoken were a bit too heavy, as she patted her head and turned around and chased after her. But before she went out of the door, she stopped again, as she stared back at Ning Cheng and said, “If you dare to tread on two ships, letting my daughter down, I will immediately rip off your little birdy.”

TL Note – The title “An Old Lady” does not actually speak about an old lady, but rather it is somewhat of a derogatory term for ‘Tactless Woman’.

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