Chapter 0160

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Translated By – DemonKiller, MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Checked By – MissLucifer
Edited By – CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0160: Serious Injury

After Sikong Kai ripped off his clothes, he then extended his hand towards the front of the purple robed woman’s clothes. But at this time, from the front piece of cloth on the purple robed woman suddenly a pale and weak light shot out. This light ray’s speed was extremely fast, in addition to such a close distance between them, he still hadn’t sobered up from his desire, when that light shot into his chest.

When the weak and pale looking ray of light entered his chest, Sikong Kai’s True Essence immediately stagnated. He immediately came to know that he was being plotted against by someone, and his first reaction was to first wrap the thing that pierced into his chest. Despite being in a rush, he was only a bit confused, but not nervous.

As a cultivator with the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm, when that ray of light pierced into his chest, he had immediately realized that it was merely a needle-shaped artefact. Using a needle type artefact to plot against him, it seems that they had grossly underestimated him. As long as he was given just two breaths of time, he could easily extract this needle artefact.

Ning Cheng was already controlling the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle to attack, how could he give Sikong Kai even two breathes time to rest? Even if it was half a breath of time, he would still not give it to him. Almost at the same time the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle successfully completed its sneak attack, a Golden Axe Light simultaneously swept towards Sikong Kai together with it.

This was the Angry Axe’s Second Form, [Tornado].

This was not only Ning Cheng fastest attack, but it also utilised his most powerful Axe Intent to kill.

Ning Cheng fully realized that a sneak attack was the main focus in this battle, so when had to strike, then he had to strike to kill, once he entered into a deadlock with the other person, that is if the previous sneak attack failed, then it would really turn extremely perilous for him. In case he had to face him head on with the intent to kill, Ning Cheng was fully aware that he was not a match against a cultivator in the Profound Congealing Realm.

Just as the powerful Golden Axe’s Killing Intent took the shape of the tornado, the next instant it directly bombed onto Sikong Kai’s Dantian.

This move contained the extremely powerful Angry Axe Type Killing Intent, so when Sikong Kai felt the powerful Axe’s Killing Intent, he immediately became startled in his heart. He sensed that this sneak attack was not as simple as he had thought it out to be.

He never considered that the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle was capable enough to approach his Dantian, as a result he simply ignored it and immediately brought out a pitch black Mourning Soul.

“Bang……” An explosive sound of something blasting open resounded throughout the stone chamber, which then immediately blew up the rest of the things in the entire stone chamber.

Just below the stone chamber, when the floor was actually broken open, it revealed a shiny black hole. There was a rancid smell coming from the inside this hole. Ning Cheng and Meng Jingxiu did not need to use their Spiritual Consciousness to observe it, they immediately knew that there were a lot of corpses inside there.

The Golden Great Axe’s Killing Intent formed into a tornado by Ning Cheng was unexpectedly blocked by Sikong Kai, and only left a few bloody scratches on Sikong Kai’s Dantian area

Meng Jingxiu who was watching from the side, immediately felt her heart sinking, she knew that this Axe Attack was probably Ning Cheng’s most powerful move, but such a move could not even wound Sikong Kai, that is to say that today would definitely be fraught with grim possibilities.

Just as Meng Jingxiu understood this and was about to rush up to help, she saw Sikong Kai throw out a punch at Ning Cheng. But Ning Cheng was not in a position to even receive a single punch from this Sikong Kai, it was because the True Essence fluctuations that were coming from the opposite party really had weakened him considerably.

Ning Cheng immediately started to burn his Essence Blood, Meng Jingxiu could see it in one glance. Once the combustion of the Essence Blood was very big, Meng Jingxiu knew that there would be no turning back for Ning Cheng then.

“Peng……” Sikong Kai’s punch immediately collided with Ning Cheng’s chest, as Ning Cheng was sent flying, while at the same time a sudden booming sound emerged from Sikong Kai’s chest.

Meng Jingxiu quickly ran out. As she immediately caught Ning Cheng, she was immediately shocked to discover that the half of Sikong Kai’s stomach had simply disappeared. Moreover, all the internal organs were completely fried, without any exceptions.

As a bout of weakness washed over him, Sikong Kai’s desire to kill had completely skyrocketed, he had not thought that the opposite party would be so resolute, that he would make the Ice Needle Artefact to explode inside his body.

He must seize the opportunity to kill Ning Cheng, but then Sikong Kai discovered that he could not muster up his True Essence at all, in addition when he saw Meng Jingxiu emerging. He knew that he was no longer in a condition to fight, so he immediately turned around to run away.

But Ning Cheng who was still a bit sluggish could not bear to let him escape as he immediately burned up even more of his Essence Blood, as he immediately wielded the Great Axe with both of his hands.

Another Golden Axe Trace rumble across, but this Golden Axe Trace did not spill out even a bit of Killing Force, as it turned in an extremely thin Axe Shadow as it descended upon Sikong Kai, splitting him apart diagonally from his shoulder down to his waist.

“Puff……” Sikong Kai’s entire body was split into two halves because of this Axe Chop. But even if this was the case, the top half of Sikong Kai’s body could still unexpected move, and in just a twinkling of an eye rushed into the entrance of the stone chamber in which they were fighting and disappeared without a trace.

Ning Cheng also did not hesitate, as he immediately threw out a few pieces of Array Flags, immediately activating the Entrapment and Killing Array at the opening of the crypt entrance. Just a few breaths later, a pitiful scream transmitted to them from the entrance of the crypt before it completely turned silent.

The time it took from the sneak attack to the fight was just a measly few breaths of time, it was similar to a falcon stalking and capturing a rabbit, it was simply abnormally fast. Just as Meng Jingxiu was prepared to lend a hand to help him, the battle was already over. As for the pitiful scream that was transmitted towards them, Meng Jingxiu was very clear about it, it was Sikong Kai’s last dying scream.

Meng Jingxiu knew that Ning Cheng had arranged an Entrapment and Killing Array outside, but she did not know that Ning Cheng had prepared this Entrapment and Killing Array to help them escape if the deed was impossible. Now seeing that Sikong Kai was completely destroyed by this Entrapment and Killing Array, she immediately admired Ning Cheng’s foresight from the bottom of her heart.

But at present Ning Cheng was very weak, as the corners of his mouth were overflowing with bloody froth, but even still he was very clear, that they had to leave this place as soon as possible.

“Junior Apprentice Jingxiu, pick up Sikong Kai’s Storage Ring, we have to hurry up and escape from this place, there is a stone bead on the side of the crypt to open it……”

Hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Meng Jingxiu immediately woke up from her daze, as she immediately took away the Sikong Kai’s Storage Ring, then moving towards the purple robed woman who was still unconscious, she picked her up and put her on her back, then grabbing Ning Cheng she quickly rushed out of the stone chamber, quickly coming out of the crypt.

Ning Cheng’s injury at the moment was very critical, and as such immediately fainted. If during his sneak attack, if he had not worn the inner armour that was given to him from the old woman, that Sikong Kai’s single punch would have been more than enough to kill him a few times over.


Coming out of the crypt, Meng Jingxiu did not dare to turn her head back to look, she only knew that she had to run away from this place with all her might.

The night soon passed quickly, as light started to invade the sky showing the start of dawn, as Meng Jingxiu unexpectedly found herself outside of the mountains, she immediately became joyful as she picked up her speed once again.

As an hour passed by, the sky turned bright, as Meng Jingxiu also saw the first village. She quickly arrived at the outside of the village. But then she immediately stopped herself with a ‘Dang’ sound, as this entire village gave her a scalp tingling sensation.

This village was incomparably deathly still, it felt even more dismal when compared to the crypt they were in.

Meng Jingxiu used her Spiritual Consciousness to sweep at this village, and could see the remains of the village people inside. The scattered pieces of bodies made Meng Jingxiu cower a bit in her heart, she did not even dare to stay even for a single moment longer, moreover she also did not dare to enter the village, she immediately bypassed the village, as she once again picked up her speed.

When Ning Cheng woke up, Meng Jingxiu was still running. But at this time her face was flushed red, and she was panting and sweating profusely, even her sweat had penetrated into Ning Cheng’s clothes. Not only that, even her footsteps were not steady.

Ning Cheng immediately knew that Meng Jingxiu had excessively consumed her True Essence as he spoke, “Junior Apprentice Sister Jingxiu……”

“Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng, you are awake?” Meng Jingxiu spoke in a surprised way, as she stopped.

“En, you should have travelled for a long period of time, so it’s Ok to have some rest, right, how long was I unconscious for?” Ning Cheng knew that since his Meridians had been remoulded because of the nourishment from the Mysterious Yellow Origin, so although that punch was really powerful, as long as he woke up, then he could slowly recover, it was only a matter of time.

“I have been running for seven or eight hours, I was afraid that that woman would pursue us, as such I have been running continuously.” Meng Jingxiu then turned her head to look at the purple robed woman on her back as she spoke, “She seems to have still not woken up, moreover I also do not know any method to wake her up.”

“It should be all right, you don’t need to continue and run, we first have to find a place to stay, so that I can start healing.” Ning Cheng knew that if he could not recover from his injuries, then with Meng Jingxiu’s speed, even if they ran for several days and several nights, they would not be able to escape from the pursuit of a Profound Congealing Cultivator.

Only when his injuries were completely healed, could he pursue other ways to escape. Unfortunately, he had to blow up his 7 Pleiades Ice Needle, as such he had one less lifesaving defensive weapon in his future.

But after an hour, Meng Jingxiu along with Ning Cheng and the purple robed woman finally arrived in a small town, and settled down in an inn.

Because the purple robed woman was still in a coma, and Ning Cheng was also still injured, Meng Jingxiu wanted to take a large room, so that the three of them could stay in the same place. As such she took a large room, that had two smaller rooms inside, she and the purple robed woman took one of the rooms, so that she could take care of her, while Ning Cheng took the other room for himself.

Because Ning Cheng’s serious injuries had not yet healed, so he could only arrange a simple Concealment Array Formation, before he started concentrating on his healing.

As a day passed by, Ning Cheng’s condition finally stabilised. Because he was hurt too heavily, so in the case of having no Advance Levelled Healing Pills, he could only slowly recover.

Ning Cheng also requested Meng Jingxiu to not go out immediately, and continue to stay in the inn. As he wanted to tidy up and reorganise the things that he had obtained, especially the two rings and the mirror that he had obtained in the Angry Axe Valley.

Of these three things that he had obtained, Ning Cheng had already wanted to examine them, but he never had the time to do till now. Since for the moment he was free, so he first took out the ring in which the Soul Essence had hid himself. Compared to the mirror, Ning Cheng wanted to know if there was anything good inside the ring.

Ning Cheng was also very clear that this ring was able to accommodate a Soul Essence, as such this ring was absolutely not as simple as it looked. Ordinary Storage Bags and Rings, did not have any means to hold a Soul Essence.

Possibly because the Soul Essence had to frequently come in and out of the ring, as such the restriction placed on the ring was not very complex, and merely in just an hour, Ning Cheng had completely broken the restriction placed on the ring.

When he saw the inside of the ring, Ning Cheng was immediately shocked. He did not know whether to classify this ring as rich or poor.

Inside the ring there were only three things, the first was Pill Furnace, and the second was also a Pill Furnace. But the third thing was an enormous pile of High Grade Spirit Stones, Ning Cheng tried to count it for a bit, and found that this pile of High Grade Spirit Stones was at least several millions in number.

Other than that, it did not have any Spiritual Grasses, Pills, Jade Pieces, or even a Magic Weapon.

Ning Cheng frowned, he was sure that the log cabin would contain some other things, maybe the Soul Essence’s Magic Weapon was also hidden there, but he simply had no time to check it out thoroughly. For such a formidable master, it was impossible for him to not have a Magic Weapon. But he could not find a single one in his ring, moreover he also did not find any other things related to cultivators inside, it showed that this ring that was of that Soul Essence that he had destroyed was different from other rings.

He temporarily did not remove the contents of this ring, as Ning Cheng took out the other ring. This ring, he guessed that it should be that of Han Xian.

Although he had never met Han Xian, but Ning Cheng had a very good impression of her. If not for the Immortal Cave of Han Xian, he would not have advanced this quickly.

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