Chapter 0162

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0162: Not Be Able To Stay Warm

Looking at this woman leaving, Ning Cheng secretly thought in his heart that this woman really was too pushy, it was completely opposite to her outward appearance. For Meng Jingxiu to have this kind of a mother, it can also be considered as winning a lottery.

Ning Cheng did not pay any further attention to the woman as she left, as he once again concentrated on carefully examining the situation of the purple robed woman. However, he was also aware that that woman’s cultivation was definitely higher than Sikong Kai’s, moreover it was not just 1 or 2 levels higher.


The middle aged beautiful woman soon caught up with Meng Jingxiu. Seeing her own mother chase her down, Meng Jingxiu also stopped herself from continuing to run away, but still couldn’t stop herself from crying. Her mother had simply and brutally thrown her towards that person, how could she say something like that.

Seeing her daughter cry but not speak, the middle aged beautiful woman finally could not bear it and spoke, “It’s not that I don’t trust you, I was just preparing to head to the Hua Continent to bring you back here with me. But instead you came here together with that kid, moreover you also are aware of the fact as to why a man needs a woman by his side……”

Making a reference till here, the beautiful middle aged woman thought of Ning Cheng and that purple robed woman, and she immediately changed the subject bitterly, “Xiu Xiu you can be rest assured that Mother has warned that boy, if he dares to keep a foot in both boats, then Mother will rip off his little birdie.”

As Meng Jingxiu heard her mother speak like this, she began crying even more fiercely. How did she got left with such a mother, wasn’t this simply too much?

This middle aged woman seeing that even though she had just met her daughter, but still continued to cry, immediately started to panic.

“I have already said this to you before, that the only relationship between me and Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng is that of a Senior Apprentice Brother and a Junior Apprentice Sister from the same Academy, we basically have no relation to each other. But you still went ahead and said all those things, are you really hoping that I kill myself…….” Fortunately, Meng Jingxiu knew her mother’s temperament, as she explained while in the midst of crying.

The middle aged beautiful woman’s heart sank, she was confident that she had not misread her daughter’s expression before. However, since her daughter had said it like this, she decided to end this matter here, and said, “Since that is the case. You can come with me, do you want to go and say your goodbyes to your Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng?”

Meng Jingxiu was still crying as she spoke, “Where do I even have the face to see Senior Apprentice Brother Xiaocheng, I, I……wu wu…….”

When the middle aged beautiful woman saw this, she immediately panicked but then gently lead her daughter onto an airship artefact that she had taken out, and left this small town almost instantaneously.


Although Meng Jingxiu’s mother had chased out after her, Ning Cheng was not worried, even if Meng Jingxiu and her mother met each other in ideal conditions, she was still her mother.

He was just about to continue his thorough inspection of what was wrong with the purple robed woman with his Spiritual Consciousness, when this purple robed woman suddenly opened her eyes. When she saw Ning Cheng’s hand on her chest, she suddenly screamed and immediately took out her flying sword to cleave Ning Cheng in two. Unfortunately, she could not use her Spiritual Consciousness, as such she had no way to operate her flying sword.

“You’re finally awake, that’s the best……” Ning Cheng gave an awkward smile, as he hurriedly took away his hands from the purple robed woman’s chest.

“You, You……” The purple robed woman was unexpectedly short of breath, and could not even speak a full word in a single breath. It was only after a long time, that she finally spit out the words in extreme anguish, “You unscrupulous, shameless bastard, beast……”

Ning Cheng’s countenance fell, it seems that this woman is not clear of her own circumstances. In order to save her, he had almost lost his life to grab her from the mouth of death. Although he did not expect this woman to thank him, but it also did not mean that her being from a superior background made her a bitch?

“Who’s shameless? Seeing that you still have the three points of a human appearance, so how could you speak like fart?” Ning Cheng did not hesitate to throw back a sentence. He decided to not be the Mr. Nice Guy. This purple robed woman and he did not have any relation, on the contrary, he was the one who had saved her.

“You, weren’t you a moment ago shamelessly touching my…….” Although she spoke the following words, the purple robed woman really could not finish them. Moreover, she was completely unaware that the way she spoke till halfway was really misleading.

Ning Cheng immediately cut in, “Touch you? Aren’t you that easy to touch? Moreover, wasn’t it your chest that was touching my hand.”

Saying these words, even Ning Cheng felt that it was somewhat shameless. However, this woman speaking in such a way to her benefactor, really made him feel a bit unhappy.

“You……” The complexion of the purple robed woman immediately flushed. As the blood flow in her body also accelerated.

Ning Cheng knew that he could not continue like this, the woman was already indiscriminately white. Only a self-righteous person would be like this, if it was an ordinary person, they would have first enquired why were they here.

“Since you are finally awake, I have a few questions to ask you…….”

Ning Cheng had not yet asked about Yue Ying and the others, when the broken door of the room was once again kicked open.

A Daoist Priestess with a face full of anger rushed in, this Daoist Priestess was completely surrounded with murderous intent, moreover she looked like she was going to bite the first person she laid her hands on.

“Master, save me……” When the purple robed woman saw this Daoist Priestess, she immediately called out in a crying voice.

Ning Cheng quickly tried to explain, “Senior….”

But he had only managed to speak one word, when the Fochen in the hand of this Daoist Priestess immediately whisked out towards Ning Cheng. It was obvious that she did not use her full force, but even still she immediately went towards Ning Cheng’s Dantian.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he did not think that this Daoist Priestess would not only want to kill him, but this person also wanted to destroy his Dantian fist, then slowly torture him.

It seems that these people, because their cultivation was a bit higher than his own, simply did not want to listen to any reason at all. Waiting till his Dantian was ruined, would his explanation then even have the weight of a fart? Even if this Daoist Priestess realized that he was innocent later, at most she would only give some sympathies, but would never help him recover his Dantian. Moreover, it was even questionable that this Daoist Priestess would even help him restore his Dantian. Ning Cheng completely understood these kinds of people.

Ning Cheng immediately took out his spear, and in just a moment cast out this 36 Profound Ice Spear Technique, while simultaneously moving his body backwards.

The 30 Profound Ice Spear Shadows had not yet finished forming before they were immediately dispersed by the Fochen of the Daoist Priestess that she had used to strike, while the broken spear in his hands was also directly sent away flying. The Fochen was only delayed for half a moment, but it was enough to change its direction slightly before it directly exploded onto Ning Cheng’s chest instead of his Dantian area.

Ning Cheng immediately spouted a gush of blood from his mouth, as he flew out of the room smashing through the roof.

The roof was not something that he had broken open by his own force, rather it was because of the powerful force from the Daoist Priestess’ Fochen. Ning Cheng immediately felt his own internal organs starting to break down, moreover even his body felt that it was not something that belonged to him.

Ning Cheng knew that since his previous injuries had not yet fully healed, so the injuries he received now had dealt an even heavier damage. This Daoist Priestess cultivation was definitely much higher that the cultivation of Meng Jingxiu’s mother, as such he did not dare to stay back to continue to give an explanation to this Daoist Priestess, and without any hesitation immediately took out the Level 8 Blood Escape Talisman. At this time his entire body was already covered in blood, as such this Escape Talisman did not need to be infused with his blood, and just at the moment that he had taken it out, it was immediately completely activated.

A red light flashed, and the next moment Ning Cheng disappeared without a trace.

“Yi! a cheap bastard like you even has such an Advance Level Escape Talisman, Damn You!!” This Daoist Priestess found that Ning Cheng had completely disappeared, as she somewhat unwillingly returned to the room.


Wrapped up by the Blood Escape Talisman, Ning Cheng discovered that he himself was without any consciousness. Moreover, he could not even release the slightest bit of his Spiritual Consciousness, it made his entire being to fall into a state of chaos.

He simply did not know for how long he had been in such a state, when Ning Cheng was thrown out from within with an enormous force. With a “Plop” sound he immediately fell onto the edges of an ancient looking road.

Ning Cheng sat up with difficulty, while feeling a bit sad in his heart. This was because he could feel that this was the fate of someone without any real strength. Even if his reasoning made perfect sense, the other party would definitely be unreasonable. Those high-flying and lofty cultivators would definitely not give him the opportunity to even explain himself. If he had not obtained a Blood Escaping Talisman, then he would have already died. This made Ning Cheng remember the story of the farmer and the viper. At present he was the sad farmer, it was really lucky that he had just succeeded in binding the Blood Escaping Talisman, otherwise he would have definitely not be able to stay warm.

Ning Cheng sat there for a full half an hour, before standing up unsteadily, as for his injuries, they only got worse. This made him increasingly want to learn Alchemy, and more so want to increase his own Cultivation.

In his storage rings, there were heaps of spiritual grasses, but at the moment he could not refine them into pills. There was also a heap of Spirit Stones, but at the moment he did not have any means to use it for his own cultivation.

Ning Cheng inspected the degree of his injuries, and found that his five organs were heavily damaged, but he was able to avoid injury to his Dantian. That Daoist Priestess’ wanted to break his Dantian first, before gradually cooking him. Otherwise, even if he had another Blood Escaping Talisman, it would simply be of no use for him.

Carefully taking out the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence, he drank a mouthful of it, the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was extremely beneficial to restore one’s meridians, currently Ning Cheng did not have any healing medicines, as such he could only use this kind of precious thing to heal his five injured internal organs.

After he drank a mouthful of the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence, the burning feeling in his internal organs gradually dissipated, although he was still unable to gather his True Essence, Ning Cheng knew that his injuries had slowly began to recover again. Moreover, the Mysterious Yellow Origin inside him was something that could even reverse the heavens, it seems that as long as he did not die, then if he was given a certain amount of time, he could easily restore and heal himself from any kind of injury.

As Ning Cheng stood on this ancient road with a battered body, he kept thinking about Luofei. The face of that purple robed woman had stunned him senseless, if he said that such a beautiful woman had not moved his heart, then he would only be lying to himself. However, after experiencing this kind of incident, he knew that only Luofei would unconditionally believe in him, only Luofei would sit down and give him the chance to explain himself.

Even if Luofei saw him do other things, she would certainly wait for him to slowly explain it to her.

“I must hurry back to the Hua Continent.” Ning Cheng clenched his fist tight as he thought to himself.

Sounds of a beast carriage with heavy wheels and axle came from a distance. As Ning Cheng was standing by the roadside, this carriage soon arrived in his sights, before stopping by the side of Ning Cheng a moment later.

The coachman looked about 50 years in age, and had a very dark skin due to constantly being basked in the sunlight. One could make out that this coachman travelled outside year round.

“This little brother, do you need any help?” This old man saw Ning Cheng standing on the roadside covered in blood and carefully asked a question.

Ning Cheng saw the worried expression in the old man’s eyes, as he quickly replied, “Thank you for the concern uncle. I was accompanying a merchant caravan along its way when we were attacked by roadside robbers. Although I managed to escape, but I was injured, and now I even lost my way, I do not know if uncle knows about Chang Mo City or the Xi Hai City?”

Hearing that Ning Cheng say that he was accompanying a merchant caravan and that he had met roadside robbers on his way, the old coachman’s eyes finally relaxed a little. He was not sure if Ning Cheng was a cultivator or not, as a cultivator would definitely not obey the orders of the normal people from the merchant caravan.

“Chang Mo City is very far away from this place, moreover even Xi Hai City is also very far from here. Me and my child are going to the Tai Wan Sea Town with our Clear Light Stones. There you can find many merchants ships at sea, we are going there to sell our Clear Light Stones to those merchants. If little brother wants to go to the Tai Wan Sea Town, then you can come with us.” The old man spoke very enthusiastically.

After this, a black skinned, twenty-year-old looking young man jumped out from the inside of the carriage, but looked very shy.

Ning Cheng quickly cupped his fists and said, “My name is Ning Xiaocheng, I’ve heard of the Tai Wan Sea Town that you speak of. Before when my merchant caravan was scattered, we were also heading towards the Tai Wan Sea Town.”

After speaking till here Ning Cheng then happened to look at the inside of the carriage, and found that it really was filled with a lot of Clear Light Stones. Clear Light Stones cannot be regarded as any useful material, as it could only emit light. These Clear Light Stones were evidently dug out by this pair of father and son, and were ready to be sent to the Tai Wan Sea Town to be sold to the merchant caravans.

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