New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0184

Sup Folks

Sorry for the delay in posting this chapter, it’s flu season where I am living at, and well I’m down with the flu. The releases will be affected and will be random till I’m better as such I cannot promise any fixed times on when the chapters will come out. I’ll try to at least bring out the promised 3 chapters this week, but if not then well, just take it as a sign of me being sick.

I’ll also see if I am able to coax MissLucifer and CurlyAdi to translate on my behalf while I am sick.

Enjoy the 2nd chapter of the week:

  1. Chapter 0184 – Pu Bu Island’s No. 1 Junior Marquise
    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
    Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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