Chapter 0184

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0184: Pu Bu Island’s No. 1 Junior Marquis

Seeing both Ning Cheng and Wei Peng write their names on the White Jade Board, all the people who came to watch the challenge match in the big plaza immediately became even more excited. Originally they had thought that it would only be an ordinary challenge, as everyone just wanted to see if this new Junior Commander was really as strong as the rumours portrayed him to be.

They had never expected that these two people would actually go ahead and directly issue a Life and Death Challenge. For them, what was more exciting than watching a Life and Death Duel? Moreover, it was a fight to death between a Junior Marquis and a Junior Commander, this kind of thing had not appeared on the Pu Bu Island for a long time.

“Junior Commander Ning, you really are quite brave, but you will soon realize how stupid you really are. You must not have been with that woman Nan Yuefang for enough time, but don’t worry after your death, I will definitely help you out with that regard.” Wei Peng saw that Ning Cheng had really signed his name, and as such he could not control the excitement in his voice.

Although he spoke about Nan Yuefang, but in his heart he was still thinking about Ning Cheng, if he had really advanced from the Qi Gathering Realm and cultivated all the way up to the Essence Building Realm in just a mere three years, if it really was as such, then at present, this Junior Commander Ning really had a secret on him that was not small at all. Although he had spoken to Lao Sheng that he had seen a few geniuses that had advanced to Essence Building Realm within 3-5 years, but he knew that such kinds of geniuses were extremely few in number. Moreover, he was sure that Ning Cheng was definitely not such a genius.

“Idiot.” Ning Cheng simply scolded him with disdain in his voice, he had already arranged a Hidden Killing Array that even a Profound Core Cultivator would not be able to find, let alone a single Wei Peng who was merely a single Profound Congealing 5th Level guy.

He had already asked Yang Honghuo if there were any Soul Essence Cultivators watching this duel, and found that not even a single one of them were present in the Pu Bu Island Duelling Arena. At the maximum, of the cultivators watching this duel, there was at most a Profound Core Cultivator in the midst of the crowd. With regards to the Soul Essence Cultivators that lived on the island, they would definitely have no interest in watching the fight of a trivial Essence Building Cultivator. Although he was a Junior Commander and was a wonderful figure in the eyes of the ordinary cultivator soldiers, but in the eyes of a Soul Essence Cultivator, he was as common as floating clouds.

Moreover, a Profound Core Cultivator who did not understand Array Formations would not be able to even see the layout of his Hidden Killing Array. The reason why had sent Yang Honghuo to deliver the letter of challenge, was so that he could arrive at the Duelling Platform ahead of time, so as to arrange the Hidden Killing Array.

Previously he had continuously refined Array Flags for several days, and had even plotted against several Profound Core Cultivators with several hundreds of Hidden Chain Killing Arrays, and had even faced far worse than Profound Congealing Cultivators or even Profound Core Cultivators, as such Ning Cheng could not think of a reason that he could fail this time.

Even if he took ten thousand steps back, even if his Hidden Killing Array was seen by others, he did not fear such a thing happening. As it was also within the rules. The rules for the Life and Death Duel clearly stated that regardless of means, regardless of time, as long as one of the two sides involved in a challenge is killed or ended up killing each other at that particular place it was completely fine. Therefore, as long as his Hidden Killing Array was not broken in a short time by Wei Peng, he would then be able to use it to kill Wei Peng, as such who would even care about what means he used?

He had even congratulated himself that he had continuously refined the Hidden Serial Killing Array for several days earlier, and had even arranged several hundreds of Hidden Killing Arrays back then. Otherwise he really would not have been able to lay down this Hidden Killing Array under the watchful eyes of the people present here. When his Killing Array was activated, even if there was someone who noticed it, it would simply be irrelevant at that point of time.

Even if he did not set up an Array Formation, Ning Cheng was not someone who feared death, if he did, he would not have gone and casually challenged a fellow at Profound Congealing 6th Level who, in other’s eyes, could easily kill him.

Wei Peng was already impatient to take Ning Cheng’s ring, so when he heard Ning Cheng calling him an idiot. How could he continue to endure? He immediately opened his hand, and a long pole overflowing with the vicissitudes of an ancient halberd appeared. When this ancient halberd appeared, just arousing it a bit, immediately faint traces of sounds that seemed to be coming from a clash between ancient armies sounded out from it, it was almost like the sounds of battle from an ancient battlefield. It would simply absorb a person’s mind and soul into it.

Ning Cheng immediately realised that the opposite party had immediately brought out a Long Halberd type magic weapon. Moreover, this Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd was of a much higher grade of the already High Grade Halberd that he had seen with Meng Jingxiu.

“Go to hell.” Wei Peng wielded the Ancient Halberd that was giving out an ancient aura. Originally the very faint trace of the murderous aura immediately became much stronger and formidable. Ning Cheng immediately felt as if he was in the middle of a bloody battlefield, and was surrounded on all sides by murderous halberd shadows. Moreover, these murderous halberd shadows were slowly congealing together, as each and every one of them seemed to have formed from a spirit as they took shape.

At this moment, even the air around the platform was torn apart by these kind of terrible murderous halberd shadows, letting him nowhere left to escape.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he had planned to exchange a few moves with this Wei Peng, and then activate his Killing Array, but now it looks like his control over his True Essence was far from that of Wei Peng who had invoked such a battle scene.

Moreover, the murderous aura brought out by Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd was extremely formidable. Also because of the crushing imposing manner coming from it, it had almost suppressed him completely, to the point that if it was just a bit stronger then it was even capable of killing him, this was similar to a kind of contempt shown by a cultivator at the top.

If Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Consciousness and True Essence was even a little bit worse, he basically would not even need to resist it, as under this kind of crushing imposing manner, he would have already been directly crushed.

Even now, if he could not break the opposite party’s terrifying murderous aura in the shortest time possible, his mind and soul would be permanently trapped in that battle scene, which would lead to Wei Peng easily killing him.

Ning Cheng did not hesitate for even half a bit, before he took out his Golden Great Axe.

This Golden Great Axe immediately brought out a fierce Golden Axe Light, immediately blasting open a gap in the murderous aura coming from the Ancient Halberd in Wei Peng’s hands.

“Boom Boom Boom……”

As the Golden Axe Trace and Wei Peng’s murderous aura from the Ancient Halberd collided, the extremely formidable Axe Trace immediately tore open a hole in the murderous aura from Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd, but Ning Cheng did not try to directly burst out through the gap.

Even if that was the case, two of the formidable Ancient Halberds condensed from the murderous aura immediately caused two deep blood stains to appear on Ning Cheng’s chest.

“With this kind of ability, you dare to challenge me? Do you even know that this was just my warm up?” Wei Peng stared at the Golden Great Axe held in Ning Cheng’s hand and spoke out in disdain.

“Now it’s time for my killer….” just as Wei Peng spoke, he once again brought up his Ancient Halberd, immediately covering the entire platform with the murderous aura that seemed to be coming from a terrifying and ancient battlefield.

But at this moment Ning Cheng’s eyes became even more calm. Although at this time he clearly realized that he could not keep a Profound Core Cultivator in check all by himself, as he was facing this many difficulties when he had to facing just a single Profound Congealing Cultivator. Luckily he had arranged things in advance, moreover it was also his own insurance in such a scenario. That is, this time he had arranged a 5 Layered Hidden Killing Array Formation, otherwise without it, he knew he would end up dying without a doubt. Regardless of his cultivation or his Spiritual Consciousness, he knew that it was something that could not be compared to that of Wei Peng in front of him.

At the same time, when that Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd once again swept up, Ning Cheng had immediately thrown out his first Array Flag, instantly activating the first level of his Killing Array, while at the same time he immediately bombed out with an Axe Light from his Golden Great Axe to coordinate with his Killing Array.

Previously when Ning Cheng had just started, although Wei Peng had not put Ning Cheng in his eyes, but he still held some fear towards him. After all, Ning Cheng had killed a Profound Congealing Cultivator. But after he saw that one move from Ning Cheng, he was completely reassured. Even though Ning Cheng could use his Great Axe to tear through his murderous spirits, it proved that his strength was really far higher than a common Essence Building Cultivator, but when compared to him it was really too poor. He was confident that, he could definitely crush Ning Cheng.

After learning that Ning Cheng could not even be compared to himself in strength, Wei Peng completely stimulated the Ancient Halberd, as one burst after another, he kept releasing bursts of murderous aura from the Ancient Halberd. These burst of murderous auras almost instantly turned into countless Fighting Spirits that seemed to have come from an ancient battlefield, moreover all these spirits immediately swarmed towards Ning Cheng.

At this moment, even to those looking from the outside, the entire Duelling Platform had turned into an Ancient Battlefield. The cultivators in the audience who were watching the fight were all secretly horrified, it was no wonder that Wei Peng was called as the Pu Bu Island’s No. 1 Junior Marquis. The murderous aura emanating from this Junior Marquis Wei really was too frightening, others could only watch the duel by hearing the endless terrifying sounds as they rolled across the land. Perhaps it was because Wei Peng had disseminated a powerful imposing manner, because of which Junior Commander Ning, who was completely submerged in this Murderous Aura, could not even bring out a sound.

Almost 90% of the spectators watching the fight had secretly thought that this Junior Commander Ning was already dead, with this kind of cultivation gap, there was simply no way to make up for it.

Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghuo stood there with clenched fists, and the palms of their hands were full of sweat, although they did not dare to look at the platform, however they had no other choice but to look at it.

The formidable pressure and the murderous suppression had almost made Ning Cheng suffocate, and this was even when Ning Cheng had fully activated the first level of his Killing Array.

But then endless Axe Line lights suddenly appeared in the middle of this ancient battlefield that was already filled with such huge numbers of murderous spirits, it felt as if an already burning torch was suddenly plunged into a light drizzle.

The drizzle was very light, and had no way of holding back the billowing flames from passing through, but this kind of rain was continuous and was gradually becoming more intensive.

Even if the flames continued to billow, it also would not be able to stand up to the endless rain.

In the middle of Ning Cheng’s Killing Array’s inexhaustible Axe Line Lights that were falling like a drizzle, these Axe Lights constantly tore through those murderous spirits, as such those murderous spirits who seemed to have a mind of their own gradually began to reduce in number.

The battle spirits condensed from the murderous aura that surrounded the Ancient Halberd also weakened a lot, as such Ning Cheng immediately felt his entire body loosen up. He immediately threw out the second Array Flag immediately activating the second layer of his Serial Killing Array, while at the same time he used the Golden Great Axe in his hands to immediately create a Tornado from his Axe Intent which he immediately sent out towards his opponent.

Even if Wei Peng was stupid, he finally came to understand that Ning Cheng was an Array Formation Master. Not only was he an Array Formation Master, but he was even shameless enough to arrive early on at the Duelling Platform, and then arrange, all by himself, a Hidden Serial Killing Array.

Wei Peng could feel the terrible Angry Axe Killing Intent that was shaped like a Tornado, that was even swirling with overflowing Killing Intent which was rapidly condensing into a single point, as it bombed towards him. It was too late for him to be angry at Ning Cheng’s insidiousness, as he waved his hand and immediately called out a monstrous beast that was more than ten feet high.

He thought that Ning Cheng would be similar to a toy figurine in front of him, but then now he found out that Ning Cheng actually had such a move on him. It was precisely because of this, that he did not care about Ning Cheng’s counterattack. Because he thought that regardless of any method that Ning Cheng had, he first would have to block the battle spirits condensed from his murderous aura, which was something that even he would find difficult.

But unexpectedly Ning Cheng not only was able to block his battle spirits condensed from his murderous aura, moreover he did not even use his own hand to do it, and had even suddenly counterattacked, which took him completely by surprise. It was because of this reason that he had to call out his pet beast to help block Ning Cheng’s axe, while he retreated and tried to first break Ning Cheng’s Killing Array.

“Roar….” The Monstrous Beast knew from the moment that it was brought out that it was in mortal danger, and immediately issued a loud roar, and shot out several Wind Edges, while at the same time it also quickly retreated.

Ning Cheng did not expect at all that his attack could kill Wei Peng, if this Wei Peng could be killed this easily, then he would not have to skip ranks to fight for Nan Yuefang.

However, using just a Class 3 Monstrous Beast, to block his Tornado, it was simply looking down on him to a large extent,

“Peng” His Tornado immediately tore apart the several Wind Edges of the monstrous beast, while simultaneously landing on the head of this Class 3 Monstrous Beast.

Blood sprayed out, as the huge Class 3 Monstrous Beast’s head was directly split open by this attack from Ning Cheng’s Axe.

“Good, since you killed my pet beast, let’s see how you block my second halberd attack….” Seeing the pet beast that he had favoured the most ended up being killed by Ning Cheng, Wei Peng finally broke through Ning Cheng’s Killing Array’s first layer in his anger.

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