Chapter 0183

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread by – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0183: Life and Death Duel

“WHAT? You said that new Junior Commander Ning really dares to challenge me?” In a Junior Commander Mansion of the Chang Battle Battalion, a middle aged man wearing flowery clothes could not believe what he was hearing, as he immediately stood up, and spoke with a slightly excited voice.

This middle aged man with blue hair, thick lips and small ears, was one of the three major Battle Battalion’s Chang Battle Battalion’s 4 Star Junior Marquis Wei Peng, who was at Profound Congealing 5th Level, who had initially found an excuse to challenge Nan Yuefang, and then rob the Black-Silver Warship from her.

“Yes, Junior Marquis, it is even scheduled this afternoon.” A big breasted female cultivator had taken the letter of challenge from Yang Honghuo, before respectfully handing it to Wei Peng.

Wei Peng had first ripped open the letter of challenge, and just swept a glance at it, then threw the letter of challenge to one side, and immediately laughed as he spoke, “He really has the guts that covers the heavens, first he deceives everyone with the matters of the Hua Continent, and then actually does not even give face to this Wei Peng. Initially I had seen the fight between him and the Yi Xing Ocean’s Profound Congealing Cultivator, and knows that the only reason he was able to win was because he could easily suppress the other party’s magic weapon, otherwise with that person’s cultivation of Early Stage Profound Congealing Realm, he would not be even able to take a single hit. Even so, he unexpectedly dares to challenge me, Wei Peng. Moreover, he also dares to issue only a general challenge, it seems this one is just unaware of the fact that he is simply a so-called domestic animal.”

Wei Peng simply laughed and said, “Go and call that Lao Sheng.”

“Second Lieutenant Lao and his friend have been waiting outside, and are ready to come in.” The big breasted woman hurriedly added.

“En, that’s good too, the more you work to my satisfaction, the more you will be rewarded with food and drink in the evening.” Wei Peng smiled, and leisurely walked towards this big breasted woman. Once he reached behind her, he put his hand on her ass as he caressed it for a short while before giving it a hard squeeze and saying, “Go and call them to come here.”

“Yes.” That big breasted female cultivator backed out without the slightest expression, it was as if Wei Peng squeezing her ass a moment ago was simply an ordinary gesture to her.

A moment later, Lao Sheng came in along with Yong Guyun. When Lao Sheng saw Wei Peng, he hurriedly gave a respectful bow to him, “Yi Hai Battalion’s Lao Sheng greets Junior Marquis Wei.”

“Second Lieutenant Lao you don’t have to stand on ceremony like this, this is?” Wei Peng’s two eyes were continuously staring at Yong Guyun who was at the side of Lao Sheng.

There really were not many beautiful women on the Pu Bu Island. Even that Nan Yuefang, although she was not stunning but he had coveted her for a long time, moreover the only thing that was intolerable and unbearable to his heart was that Nan Yuefang’s body was simply too exquisite and wonderful, but he assured himself that sooner or later she would just become a thing in his arms. But when at present he saw the woman who had arrived with Lao Sheng, his eyes couldn’t just help but light up.

How could Lao Sheng not know the meaning behind the words spoken by Wei Peng, although he was not afraid of Wei Peng, but this time he had wanted to kill that Ning Cheng using Wei Peng, because of which he had to act submissive so as to ask help from the others.

When Yong Guyun heard Wei Peng ask about her, she immediately bowed and spoke, “This humble person is Yong Guyun, a disciple of the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy.”

Hearing that Yong Guyun was from a 7 Star Academy, Wei Peng immediately became somewhat uncertain, if behind this Guyun was a Soul Essence Elder, then he absolutely cannot make a move on her. Moreover, if she was the woman of Lao Sheng, and Lao Sheng was not willing to cede her to him. Then also he had no other alternative. As this Lao Sheng’s backer was not small at all, and it was definitely not worse than his own.

Moreover, if they talked about relationships, then this Lao Sheng in front of him was the nephew of the Yi Hai Battalion’s General Lao Yu. Moreover, he also is favoured by the Chang Battle Battalion’s General Ni Gang.

Strongly repressing the restlessness in his heart towards Yong Guyun, Wei Peng simply smiled and spoke, “Second Lieutenant Lao please sit down. For Second Lieutenant Lao to come personally to me must be because Second Lieutenant Lao wants to confirm something from me right. By the way, you should have also known that Ning Cheng had challenged me, right?”

Lao Sheng obviously knew about this thing, he had already planned on making his move in this matter, so when Ning Cheng had taken action, how could he not know about it? He swallowed his excitement, and spoke with a sonorous voice, “That Ning Cheng simply over reaches himself. With a trivial Intermediate Stage Essence Building Cultivation, he dares to challenge Junior Marquis Wei.”

Wei Peng smiled, “That cannot be said for certain. This Ning Cheng had somehow managed to kill a Profound Congealing Cultivator, moreover this was seen by a lot of people. Although I accepted the challenge given out by this Ning Cheng, but it also has its own risks.”

Lao Sheng spoke up in a hurried manner, “Although Ning Cheng has cultivated from the Qi Gathering Realm to the Intermediate Stage Essence Building Realm, but it had not even taken him a full three years to achieve that, this person really must have a huge secret on his body.”

Wei Peng also spoke without showing any approval or disapproval, “Advancing from Qi Gathering Realm to Essence Building Realm in 3 to 5 years, this is something that I have seen before.”

“But that Ning Cheng’s qualification is dirt poor, Guyun here knows about this even more clearly than me, moreover when he had met her for the first time in the Ping Continent, his cultivation was not even as good as Guyun’s. Guyun is still at the Qi Gathering Realm, but that Ning Cheng is already at Essence Building Realm, which is completely abnormal.” Lao Sheng eagerly spoke out.

Yong Guyun darkly sighed in her heart at this dullard called Lao Sheng, it really was regrettable that she could only climb up by relying on this dullard. She immediately spoke up, “Whether Ning Cheng was hiding his cultivation or not at that time I am not very clear about this, but I heard that he has a very powerful Concealment Cultivation Method, perhaps he was already at the Essence Building Realm when I had met him in the Ping Continent. But because he might have been hiding his cultivation using that method, as such I could not see it.”

Wei Peng smiled and spoke, “Even if he concealed his cultivation level, he is still only an Intermediate Stage Essence Building Realm, he is simply akin to a dish of vegetable in front of my eyes.”

Saying that, he looked at Lao Sheng and spoke, “Second Lieutenant Lao do not worry, even if I have to take some risks, I will definitely kill that Ning Cheng. As for that Ning Cheng’s things……”

Lao Sheng spoke to himself in his heart, hadn’t they already reached an agreement before? If Ning Cheng had some things, then he would take 10% of it, while the rest of the 90% would belong to Wei Peng. If there was Cultivation Method among them, then it would be shared between the two men, then why would Wei Peng once again bring up this matter?

But Lao Sheng soon understood what was going on, he could see that Wei Peng’s eyes would, from time to time, sweep at Yong Guyun. Compared to Ning Cheng’s Cultivation Method, what was Yong Guyun to him? How many beautiful women had he not seen, moreover Yong Guyun when compared to the some of the women who came from the Hua Continent, there was simply nothing extraordinary about her at all. Yong Guyun, when compared to that Meng Yujing, simply was miles apart, moreover there was still that Yue Ying.

He had only thought about this only for a second, before he spoke, “The Law’s Way is about to open, and I also want to go to the Law’s Way, but my accommodations of being a Second Lieutenant is very simple. I’d like to request Junior marquis of just one thing, although Guyun lives with me in my Second Lieutenant’s Mansion, once I go to the Law’s Way it would not be very safe for her in there. Can I ask Junior Marquis to provide a place for Guyun to live in your Junior Marquis’ Mansion?”

Yong Guyun’s heart immediately filled with sorrow, if she could really climb up using this Junior Marquis, then it was another thing. But she was also a smart woman, how could she not see that the eyes of this Junior Marquis Wei were just filled with naked and bare desire? In the end the only outcome for her was obviously of being played till he’s full before discarding her.

“Junior Marquis Wei will certainly also be going into the Law’s Way, if my stay in the Pu Bu Island is not very safe, then you can be assured that I can return back to the Celestial Globe Academy……”

Yong Guyun’s words did not finish, when it was interrupted by Wei Peng’s laughter, “Haha, Junior Sister Guyun, you don’t have to worry, my Junior Marquis Mansion is very big, even if I am not here, you can feel at ease staying here.”

When Wei Peng heard Lao Sheng’s words, he could clearly tell now that this Yong Guyun did not have any background, and as such immediately calmed his heart down as he spoke, “So that’s how it is, after my battle with Ning Cheng, you can then come and live here with me in the evening. For now, let us both go to the Duelling Plaza, and see how I get rid of this Junior Commander Ning, haha……”


Once Nan Yuefang was able to walk, she hurriedly rushed towards the Duelling Plaza of the Pu Bu Island. After she obtained the news, her first thought was to immediately stop Ning Cheng. Wei Peng was definitely not an ordinary Profound Congealing 5th Level Cultivator, if he was an ordinary Profound Congealing 5th Level Cultivator, then she would have not lost. Even if Ning Cheng must fight, she had to inform Ning Cheng about Wei Peng’s killer weapon.

It was a pity that when she came to the Duelling Plaza, she was only able to see Yang Honghuo. While Ning Cheng was standing on the Duelling Platform, and was leisurely walking around on the stage as if without a care in the world.

Nan Yuefang sighed, she really did not want Ning Cheng to participate in this kind of battle. Generally during a duel, the one who came later to the duel would definitely have a bigger psychological advantage. The earlier one arrived at the stage, the more anxious would they be perceived by others, moreover they would unknowingly be slaving away a part of their fighting spirit.

At this point, Ning Cheng who was walking around the stage, clearly portrayed to her that he was anxiously waiting.

The Duelling Plaza had long since been filled with people already, but the duel was still far from starting. But Ning Cheng was already on the stage and was even walking around on it, which made some of the people very disappointed as they had come to look at the person who issued the challenge. Seeing such a scene, they felt that this Junior Commander Ning was really unworthy of his name.

As the time it took for an incense stick to burn passed, Ning Cheng still did not look like he was in a hurry, and was still leisurely walking around the Duelling Platform. Few of the people were already whispering, that if this Wei Peng did not come, then for Ning Cheng to take a leisure walk like that really made great sense. For him to take such a leisure walk was not a sign of anxiousness, but rather a sign of provocation.

But everyone’s talk did not last very long, when Wei Peng’s laugh arrived first before the person came into view.

Wei Peng finally came to battle at the Plaza, as he immediately dived onto the Duelling Platform, then standing up on the Duelling Platform, he cupped his fists towards all the people who came to observe the fight all around the platform.

At last he finally turned to Ning Cheng and spoke, “Junior Commander Ning, the letter of challenge that you had sent has been received by me, as such I have come here to accept your challenge. But the letter of challenge that you wrote was just a common challenge, do you dare to challenge me in a Life or Death Duel? Of course, if you do not dare to, I will definitely leave behind your sorry excuse of a life.”

When the people all around the big Plaza heard Wei Peng’s words, each and every one immediately spoke out loudly, “The Life and Death Duelling Challenge, be sure to take up the Life and Death Challenge, ordinary challenges simply have no meaning……”

Ning Cheng had not known that there really were two kinds of challenges, Ordinary and Life and Death Challenges, as he recalled Yang Honghuo’s words, it seems that what Yang Honghuo proposed was an ordinary challenge. But this Yang Honghuo, actually did not mention to him about the Life and Death Challenges. Ning Cheng was very dissatisfied as he glanced at the now nervous Yang Honghuo from the corner of his eye, but he knew that Yang Honghuo did this in order to not want him to take such a risk, but at least he should have told him about this kind of rule.

“What is this Life and Death Challenge?” Ning Cheng already understood from the name, but even then he loudly asked the question.

Wei Peng once again laughed out loud again, “The Life and Death Challenge, that is, when two people from the cultivator army form a Life and Death Contract between each other, and also signs their name. After we sign it, when we are on this platform, regardless of the means, regardless of the time, only one person can remain alive, while the other person ends up dead and would be carried away. Certainly, if the two people perish together, then it would also be the same. The side that won will obtain all the things of the loser, while simultaneously none of the sides would bear any responsibility.”

Ning Cheng gave a light smile and spoke. “I really did not know that there was such a good thing, since there is such a good thing, then of course, I will definitely take up the Life and Death Challenge.”

“Good, Junior Commander Ning really has a threatening heroic spirit within him. If that is the case, then I will sign the contract first.” Wei Peng after speaking, immediately flew up and landed next to the white jade board that was right next to the Duelling Platform, and gathered his True Essence and wrote the words ‘Wei Peng’ on the right side.

Ning Cheng saw that the left side of the white jade board was empty, and immediately understood what was going on. So without any hesitation he also flew up and landed on the left side of the White Jade Board and wrote out the two characters ‘Ning Cheng’.

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