Chapter 0182

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread by – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0182: Ning Cheng’s Challenge

This Junior Marquis was already a Profound Congealing Cultivator, but at this moment his words suddenly stopped as if they were a flowing water source that was cut off. When he saw Ning Cheng, he immediately recognized who Ning Cheng was.

Lao Sheng, since he had just arrived at the Pu Bu Island, was not familiar with Ning Cheng’s accomplishments, but for the top level cultivator officers of the Pu Bu Island, many of them had already come to learn of accomplishments performed by Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng had killed a noble from the Yi Xing Ocean, and had robbed his Black-Silver Warship. And then again made his way to the Hua Continent on this very same Black-Silver Warship, and successfully killed eight Profound Core Cultivators. Moreover, he had even successfully completely annihilated the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator forces that had invaded the Hua Continent.

With regards to Ning Cheng not personally killing the eight Profound Core Cultivators, it was already not important, what was more important was that Ning Cheng had made his way back to the Pu Bu Island all by himself, and was now already a 5 Star Junior Commander of the Yi Zheng Battalion.

In terms of official position, or anything else, a Profound Congealing Cultivator with the title of Junior Marquis simply had no background in front of Ning Cheng and could only behave as a grandchild in front of their strict grandparents.

“Am I the one blind, or are you the one who is blind?” Ning Cheng coldly stared at this Profound Congealing Cultivator and asked just a single sentence. He had previously intended to make this purchase from this Profound Congealing Cultivator but he had never thought that this guy would jump three feet high like an animal.

This Profound Congealing Cultivator’s back immediately broke out in cold sweat, at this moment he really believed that the stories he had heard of Ning Cheng were not at all false at all. To say nothing about the true or false about Ning Cheng killing Profound Core Cultivators, Ning Cheng killing a Profound Congealing Cultivator from the Yi Xing Ocean was already witnessed by a lot of people, and as such he knew that all of those people would not be speaking lies about such a matter. Even if all these things were false, General Kong Pengpeng’s appreciation of this Junior Commander Ning was definitely not false.

“It turned out to be Junior Commander Ning, I was blind, I really was blind. Junior Commander wants to buy this pet beast, ah, Junior Commander must have come to pick it up.” Although this Profound Congealing Cultivator looked robust, but since he knew about Ning Cheng’s background, he immediately took the appearance of a grandchild currying favour from their grandparents.

Ning Cheng simply did not pay any attention to this guy. Such kinds of people were aplenty in the Pu Bu Island. He picked up the cage with the small grey puppy and asked again, “What’s the price?”

“10 Low Grade Spirit Stones.” The owner spoke with some fear. He could see that this 4 Star Junior Marquis Officer in front of him was speaking as if he was the grandson of Ning Cheng, so when he replied to Ning Cheng, he was somewhat nervous and afraid.

Lao Sheng who was hurrying over, when he saw a scene like this in front of him, was immediately dumbstruck like a wooden chicken. He was already prepared to use this Junior Marquis Duan to vent his own anger, but he had not expected that this Junior Marquis Duan would act like a scared grandchild in front of all the people. Moreover, he had even heard the words of this Junior Marquis Duan, and came to know that this Ning Cheng was already a Junior Commander. Since they had come out of the Angry Axe Valley, how much time had even passed? How did this guy jump through ranks this quickly?

Yong Guyun’s complexion once again changed by quite a bit. Even if she regarded herself to be slick and smooth, she did not think that a man like Ning Cheng would ever become a Junior Commander in the cultivator army. Her feelings were sure enough right, every time she saw Ning Cheng who she thought was just about to be trampled under their foot, but in the end, the one’s being trampled were in fact they themselves.

Looking at Lao Shao who had spoken something in a low voice before he turned around and was slinking away in a state of dejection, Yong Guyun had a strong impulse, even though Ning Cheng had a Hybrid Spiritual Root, to go up and make friends with him. She knew that she could no longer look down upon Ning Cheng. She also knew that he did not have any relationship with that Su Zhu who slept around, but as long as she could help her, then it would only to be her advantage, and would be more than worthy for her to become friends with him.

But she was more than aware that Ning Cheng would definitely not have her. Finally, after giving out a long dejected sigh, she also turned away to leave.

Ning Cheng already had known that Lao Sheng had been following him. But he simply did not care about him who was just a red coloured 2 Star Second Lieutenant. He simply took out the 10 Low Grade Spirit Stones paid for the puppy. This was the first time for him to buy a puppy, so as soon as he bought it, he immediately removed the puppy’s cage.

“Although this pet beast looks gentle, but it is actually very fierce, do not remove the cage……” When the owner saw Ning Cheng readily opening the cage, he hastily went ahead to put in a word to remind Ning Cheng. But just as he found that the pet beast was now without a cage, it immediately ran around Ning Cheng’s feet. The following words that he wanted to speak up simply could not be justified.

Ning Cheng just smiled and left, while the grey puppy closely followed behind him. Even if it was flitting left and right all around him, it had a very proud expression on its face showing that it was very satisfied.

They even strolled along for quite a while, and Ning Cheng, other than buying a Spirit Beast Bag, did not buy any other thing. As for a flight type magic weapon, he had simply selected a Low Grade Spiritual Artefact from the spoils of war of the cultivator army. As for the other things, there was basically no need to purchase.

As for the purchase of the Spirit Beast Bag, it was entirely in order to hold the small grey puppy.

Ning Cheng had planned to buy some food for the small grey puppy to eat, but he did not expect that this small grey puppy would not eat solid food, moreover it even did not eat meat. So he took out one of the Returning Qi Pill that he had refined as an experiment, which it immediately swallowed down in excitement.

Did this puppy already know that he was a Tier 1 Ordinary Pill Master? So it wanted to follow him? In any case, Ning Cheng had already come to know that this puppy only knew to eat pills, as such it was definitely no ordinary puppy.

Ning Cheng had originally come out to try out his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, but seeing the alertness around the Pu Bu Island, he immediately dismissed this idea.

The Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings were completely different and unlike from the other things of similar nature, once it was discovered by a person, then they could immediately make a move to take them away. Moreover, Ning Cheng also did not dare to go deep into the Yi Xing Ocean to try them out, he knew that the depths of the Yi Xing Ocean were a place that contained high ranked monstrous beasts everywhere. Once he met a high ranked monstrous beast, then not to mention testing the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, he would just end up becoming a meal for that high ranked monstrous beast.


Coming back to his Junior Commander’s Mansion, Ning Cheng did not go look for Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghuo. He immediately went into closed door cultivation in order to study Alchemy. Moreover, for Ning Cheng to go into seclusion to study Alchemy, it was more of a last-ditch action.

This Island of Pu Bi was a place where the Jia Continent’s cultivators were stationed, moreover this island also contained too many experts. As such he did not dare to cultivate heartily. Once he started to cultivate here, even if he did not arrange a Spiritual Gathering Array, some of the people here would quickly take note of him.

After going into seclusion Ning Cheng refined Level 1 and Level 2 Pills continuously for 3 months. After 3 months, he was already able to refine Level 2 Pills. Moreover, now whenever Ning Cheng wanted to refine Level 1 and Level 2 Pills, he did not need to use any kind of Pill Art.

During these three months, the most comfortable was the small grey puppy, who was freely eating all kinds of pills. This fellow has eaten so many pills, but for some reason was still so small, but his eyes were getting brighter and brighter, and his belly getting rounder and rounder. Ning Cheng decided to give it a name, and called him Grey Toot Toot.

Ning Cheng knew that there was still some time for the Law’s Way to open, as such he was prepared to continue his secluded cultivation and study till he could refine Level 3 Pills without any Pill Arts.

But at this time, Yang Honghuo sent a message to him.

Yang Honghuo knew that he had went into closed door training, if not for a particularly important matter, he absolutely would not take the initiative to call out to him.

After Ning Cheng came out, he came to know that Nan Yuefang was injured. Not only was she injured, but her injury was also very serious, moreover even the Black-Silver Warship was also snatched away from her.

“Did the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army attack again?” This was the first response of Ning Cheng. Nan Yuefang was a person from the Pu Bu Island, moreover was a person from the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, so when he heard that she was injured, he immediately thought that it was because of the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivators, and did not think of any other person.

“No, she was fighting in a challenge issued to her by Chang Battle Battalion’s Junior Marquis Wei Peng. Not only was she wounded, but he also won Junior Marquis Nan’s Black-Silver Warship.” Yang Honghuo quickly spoke from the side.

Ning Cheng raised his eyebrows a bit, as he frowned and asked, “There are only soldiers from the Jia Continent’s cultivator army stationed here at the Pu Bu Island, but they can even challenge others to rob their things? Moreover, even severely wound the people?”

Yang Honghuo hastily spoke up, “Yes, this is not only true in the Pu Bu Island, but it is the same throughout all the 9 Continent’s cultivator army, all of them can bet something in the form of ordinary duelling challenges. But there is also a requirement, that is, the cultivators that are higher up in rankings cannot challenge those that have lower cultivations. Only cultivators having a lower cultivation level can challenge cultivators of a higher cultivation level, moreover the challenges would be such that, as long as it would not affect the foundations and life of the opposite party, it would not be against the rules. Moreover, the high level cultivators also have the option to refuse the challenge.”

“Then when Nan Yuefang was challenged by the Chang Battle Battalion’s Wei Peng, was it because he wanted our Black-Silver Warship?”

“That’s right, because we had the Black-Silver Warship, our harvests from the sea had surged during these three months, moreover during these three months our God Wind Battalion’s income had been the highest among the rest of the Junior Commander Battalions, which resulted in arousing the interest of the other battalions. Moreover, that Wei Peng’s origin is also unusual, as he is a Junior Marquis that fights under the banner of Chang Battle Battalion, which is one of the three major Battle Battalions stationed here. The status of a Battle Battalion is also much higher than that of the Yi Battalions, as such the people in the other battalions do not dare to mess with them.”

“Three big Battle Battalions?” Ning Cheng had yet to fully understand in detail about the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, so now when he heard Yang Honghuo speak about the three big Battle battalions, it was something that he did not know.

Yang Honghuo patiently explained, “There are ten enormous battalions of the cultivator army stationed here in the Pu Bu Island, and the number one battalion among them, is the Kong Hui Battalion. It is then followed by the three major Battle Battalions, Zhi Battle Battalion, Chang Battle Battalion and Kai Battle Battalion. Followed by the six big Yi Battalions, Yi Zheng Battalion, Yi Hai Battalion, Yi Ming Battalion, Yi Fei Battalion, Yi An Battalion and Yi Cheng Battalion.”

“If that is the case, then why did Yuefang accept the challenge?”

“Wei Peng said that the reason Junior Marquis Nan had obtained the Black-Silver Warship, was because she had slept with you. This accusation directly inflamed Junior Marquis Nan, and she immediately agreed to the challenge.”

Ning Cheng nodded and spoke in a calm voice, “I know now, you go to the Chang Battle Battalion and issue a challenge to Wei Peng, saying that I, Junior Commander Ning of the Yi Zheng Battalion wishes to challenge him. My cultivation level is only at the Essence Building Level, which is far less than his own, as such this challenge should be well within the rules.”

“Junior Commander, you wish to challenge Wei Peng? Wei Peng has the cultivation of Profound Congealing 5th Level.” Yang Honghuo asked, no one here was more familiar with Ning Cheng than he was. As since the beginning of the war, he had been with Ning Cheng. Although he knew that Ning Cheng can unexpectedly overcome and defeat Early Stage Profound Congealing Cultivators, but Wei Peng was at Profound Congealing 5th Level, how was this even a challenge?

Although there were rumours circulating outside that Ning Cheng had killed 7-8 Profound Core Cultivators, but Yang Honghuo who was in the middle of it, clearly knew what had transpired. Rather, it was five Profound Core Cultivators that were killed under the joint ambush by Ning Cheng using his Hidden Serial Killing Array and the remaining three Profound Core Cultivators on their side. Even though Ning Cheng had not attacked from the front, he was also injured several times during the process.

From his point of view, his Junior Commander should not even be an opponent of a Profound Congealing 5th Level Cultivator.

Ning Cheng simply patted Yang Honghuo’s shoulder and said, “You don’t have to worry, I will soon be leaving for the Le Continent’s Law’s Way. Once this battle finishes, you will hold the position of a 3 Star Senior Captain in our God Wind Junior Commander Battalion.”

As Yang Honghuo heard Ning Cheng’s promise, he was somewhat excited in his heart, but was also filled with some worry. His exciting time in following behind Ning Cheng was not long, but his rank just like the speed of the Black-Silver Warship was soaring daily. What he was worried about most was, although Ning Cheng wanted to challenge the Profound Congealing 5th Level Wei Peng, once he lost, not only would Ning Cheng be ruined, but even the entire God Wind Battalion, and even the Yi Zheng Battalion might end up getting destroyed. Because of this there was a full possibility that Yang Honghuo may return to his past once more.

Although he was worried in his heart, that Yang Honghuo still hurriedly proceeded to help Ning Cheng with his letter of challenge. For a cultivator in the cultivator army, obeying orders was the first and foremost military command.

The Yi Zheng Battalion’s newly promoted Junior Commander Ning Cheng who is at the Essence Building 4th Level, wants to challenge one of the three major Battle Battalions, the Chang Battle Battalion’s Junior Marquis Wei Peng, who is at Profound Congealing 5th level. This news immediately spread like the wind, and within a short period of time, spread throughout the entire Pu Bu Island. Almost every cultivator residing there received the message, and immediately rushed towards the Duelling Platform of the cultivator army in the Pu Bu Island.

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