Chapter 0181

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Translated By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0181: Strange Little Puppy

At this moment, Nan Yuefang could not pay any attention to the nearby Ning Cheng and Yang Honghuo, as at this moment her complete attention was focused on the Black-Silver Warship that Ning Cheng had taken out. She was already imagining how imposing her Junior Marquis Battalion would look like when they entered the Yi Xing Ocean with this warship.

Yang Honghuo seemed to have thought of somethings, and immediately spoke up, “Junior Commander, General Kong says that we also have to give ourselves a name, does Junior Commander have a good name for us?”

Nan Yuefang heard Yang Honghuo mention something about a name, this was the second matter that she had come here for, and quickly spoke up, “Yes Yes, our Junior Commander Battalion does not have a name at present, as such our name is not very spread out.”

When she had come here she was very depressed in her heart, but at this time she actually wanted to immediately lead her Junior Marquis Battalion into the Yi Xing Ocean to get rich as soon as possible.

“A name?” Ning Cheng thought for a moment, and immediately spoke up, “Let’s call it God Wind.”

“God Wind Junior Commander Battalion, it really is a good name.” Yang Honghuo immediately spoke up.

Ning Cheng spoke with a smile, “I will be leaving the barracks for some time, as for the minor affairs of the battalion, you and Junior Marquis Nan can make the appropriate decisions.”

Ning Cheng did not want to waste any more time on this, he wanted to get familiarised with the Pu Bu Island, and then find a place to patiently try out his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings in secrecy.


If not for Ning Cheng knowing in advance that the Pu Bu Island was where the Jia Continent’s cultivator army was stationed, he would have thought that this was a huge, prosperous and lively city.

After leaving the barracks and into the streets, he could find crisscrossing streets everywhere, along with all kinds of merchants, shops, restaurants, gambling establishments……

It was not until this time, that Ning Cheng came to understand that for a person to occupy such a large Junior Commander’s mansion was not an easy thing. It seems that, just for him, General Kong Pengpeng had invested a huge amount of capital.

Ning Cheng wandered around the different shops with fascination in his eyes, while in his heart he was lamenting that initially when he was in the Mo Ze City he had not even dared to go out on the street. Life was something that constantly changed. At this time, he was already a 5 Star Junior Commander, and could leisurely walk around in the streets.

It was a pity, that Luofei was not around. If Luofei was here, or if even Ruolan was here, then even if this place was the Pu Bu Island where the cultivator army was stationed, it would not be a bad thing.

“Yi, is that really you?” A wandering voice called out from behind Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng turned around to see that the person who spoke out really turned out to be one of his acquaintances, moreover there was not just one.

Ning Cheng was able to recognize the man who had a short stature, and had the cultivation of Early Stage Essence Building Realm. Ning Cheng had originally seen him in the Angry Axe Valley. There was a woman besides this short man, but Ning Cheng was very familiar with her, it was the Clear Heart Academy’s Yong Guyun. This woman really was able to mix around easily, initially she was from Clear Heart 3 Star Academy but then managed to merge into the Falling Star 5 Star Academy and then from the 5 Star Academy she once again blended into the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy from the Jia Continent.

As for the short man beside her, needless to say he was also a disciple of the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy. But at this time he was wearing a Jia Continent’s cultivator army uniform, it clearly showed that he had chosen become a cultivator soldier for the Jia Continent. Ning Cheng could see from the card on his shoulder, that he was named Lao Sheng, and was a 2 Star Second Lieutenant.

Although Ning Cheng had only recently joined the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, but he had stayed inside the cultivator army barracks for a long time, as such he was well aware of the ranking of the officers.

For an ordinary soldier, who had just joined the cultivator army, he would only have a shoulder card without any stars. Only after gaining a certain amount of military exploits, would they be qualified to be promoted to the rank of a red coloured 1 Star Soldier. After that was the orange coloured 2 Star Second Lieutenant. Then a yellow coloured 3 Star Senior Captain.

After that came the ranks of green coloured 4 Star Junior Marquis and green coloured 4 Star Senior Marquis, after which was the 5 Star Rank which was that of the Junior Commander who held a cyan coloured shoulder card. Then came the rank of 6 Star, which were for the Generals and was blue in colour, such as that worn by Kong Pengpeng.

Lao Sheng was just a 2 Star Second Lieutenant. While he was already a 5 Star Junior Commander, the distance was simply too far. Moreover, Ning Cheng could easily guess why Lao Sheng, who was a disciple from a 7 Star Academy, would join the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, this guy was definitely here for the Law’s Way.

Because of the re-distribution of the quotas of the Law’s Way, the Yi Xing Ocean had taken the spots of 400 people. Of the rest of the 600 spots, 300 of those spots were given to the 9 Continent’s cultivator army, while the rest of the 300 spots were given to the people from the High Ranked Academies of the 9 Continents. This Lao Sheng knew that he would not be able to get a spot in his own Academy, which was why he decided to join the cultivator army, his main purpose was to get one of the spots.

“You are not dead?” Lao Sheng looked quizzically at Ning Cheng for a few times, as if he himself could not believe what he was seeing. If Ning Cheng was wearing his uniform, then he could easily guess that Lao Sheng would not dare to speak to Ning Cheng in such a tone.

At this moment, there was a very strange expression on Yong Guyun’s face, as such he was not able to guess what was going on in her mind. Moreover, she could not even see Ning Cheng’s cultivation, but she had a feeling that after each time she saw Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng’s cultivation seemed to be a lot different from before.

Ning Cheng simply did not pay any mind to Lao Sheng, at this point even if was the Celestial Globe Academy’s old man surnamed Kang, even if he was from a 7 Star Academy, he did not fear him, so why would he fear a trivial Lao Sheng? What he paid more attention to was that Yong Guyun.

“Ning Cheng, how dare you, when a Pu Bu Island’s military officer talks to you, you should give a respectful salute. You insolent man, do you want to go to the Pu Bu Island’s prison that badly?” Lao Sheng cried out in a harsh manner.

He knew that he himself was not an opponent of Ning Cheng, and as such he could only dare to use his tongue in such a manner. But he also was aware that Ning Cheng was absolutely a fearless guy that was not afraid of anything. He did not even hesitate to kill the most important disciples of the Red Heaven Academy. If in a one in a million chance, Ning Cheng disregarded the consequences and killed him, then even if Ning Cheng were to be turned into ash later, he knew that he would have already lost the chance to live.

“Shut the fuck up. If you dare to even speak out even a single word from now on, I will definitely slap you into nihility.” Ning Cheng spoke up calmly as he swept a glance at Lao Sheng, then once again returned his gaze towards Yong Guyun.

Lao Sheng secretly shuddered as cold sweat poured out of him, but he did not dare to even make a single sound again.

Yong Guyun saw Ning Cheng staring at her, and even Lao Sheng did not dare to speak up in front of him, she could only give a salute to him in and speak in a trembling voice, “This one greets Senior Apprentice Brother Ning.”

Ning Cheng spoke in a ridiculing way, “One must not paste gold atop one’s face, when was I ever your Senior Apprentice Brother, moreover I dare not try to become friends with this kind of Bai Fu Mei. But since I have met you today, I just want to ask you something. At the time when you came out of the Angry Axe Valley, Cang Shuo along with Yue Ying and the others, what happened to them?”

Ying Guyun did not know what Ning Cheng meant when he said those words ‘Bai Fu Mei’, and as such quickly spoke up, “They were in the Jia Continent, but did not stay there for long before they were picked up and taken away by the people from the Wu Nian Academy.”

When Ning Cheng heard that Yue Ying was alright, he felt relieved in his heart. He simply ignored the two people once again, and continued on with his window shopping.

When Lao Sheng saw that Ning Cheng did not even bother to deal with him, he immediately felt a bit relieved. But then he immediately spoke in a very uncomfortable manner, “Dares to be so arrogant in the Pu Bu Island, see how I take care of him.”

Yong Guyun hesitated, and then spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Brother Lao, I think that this Ning Cheng does not seem to be very simple. It would be better to not provoke him.”

Although Yong Guyun was very unhappy with Ning Cheng, but after thinking of a few things, she suddenly found that no matter how unhappy she felt because of Ning Cheng, people like him not only lived well, but even their cultivations would also rise higher and higher. After coming out of the Angry Axe Valley, this Yong Guyun had held an unspeakable fear towards this Ning Cheng.

“Don’t mess with him? This place here is the Pu Bu Island, I’ll let him know the might of a 2 Star Second Lieutenant of the Pu Bu Island.” Lao Sheng spoke up as he felt a bitter hate well up in heart as he looked at the disappearing back of Ning Cheng.

Yong Guyun knew this Lao Sheng’s temper, as such she did not dare to speak anything more. But there was a bit of dissociation in her eyes, although she had joined the Celestial Globe 7 Star Academy, but she discovered that this was not what she had wanted for herself at all. She did not even have time to cultivate, nor did she even feel the joy of becoming a disciple of a 7 Star Academy. Now that she had arrived here, wherever Lao Sheng went, she must also follow. If not for the excuse that she had not yet achieved True Condensation, she would have perhaps already ascended this Lao Sheng.

“Yi……” Suddenly Lao Sheng jumped up in surprise.

“How about we go and try to look for General Lao at once?” As Yong Guyun recovered, she quickly proposed a suggestion

Lao Sheng quickly waved his hands and said, “This type of minor matter is not something where we would need to ask my uncle, even if it was not a trivial matter, for my uncle to intervene in my place would not be correct for me to earn a place for myself here. I just saw Junior Marquis Duan, he is the one in front of us.”

“It really is Junior Marquis Duan.” Yong Guyun hurriedly spoke up, since she had joined the cultivator army along with Lao Sheng, their residence and everything else, was all arranged for them by this Junior Marquis Duan in front of them.

“Come on, let’s go ask Junior Marquis Duan for help. Junior Marquis Duan has a debt towards my Uncle, and has a rank that is just under the four Senior Marquis Battalions under my Uncle, moreover he is also a Profound Congealing Cultivator. If we use him to go against Ning Cheng, then wouldn’t it be as easy as pinching an ordinary ant? Haha, I’ll have to look at him as he begs for mercy on his knees………”


Ning Cheng stopped, he saw a pet beast in front of a pet beast stall that was in front of him. Rather to speak more accurately, it was a grey puppy not larger in size than two of his palms put together. Although this thin grey thing was awfully ugly to look at, but this puppy gave a very strange feeling to Ning Cheng.

This little puppy seemed to be staring at him, and truthfully his eyes really looked pitiful to look at, it was as if it’s eyes were crying out with an earnest desire and longing.

Seeing the puppy’s pitiful expression, Ning Cheng could actually understand its feeling. In this Pu Bu Island almost everyone had a pet beast, moreover some people’s pet beasts can even help them in combat. But once the pet beast fell out of favour, they would immediately be discarded or sold out. These discarded or sold pet beasts, would then soon become the cuisine of ordinary cultivators.

What Ning Cheng could not understand was that this street was full of many people that were moving about here and there, but even then this puppy just stared at him.

Ning Cheng had just made his way to this pet beast stall, when a military officer with a very robust body quickly moved past him, and immediately squatted with the intention of stroking the puppy with his hand.

The puppy immediately cried out in alarm, and subconsciously stepped back, but unfortunately it was still in a cage and tied up.

“Hey Hey, this one is really conscious, this puppy I really want to take it.” The cultivator officer gave out a loud laugh, it was apparent that he was becoming even more interested in this grey puppy.

“Yi Yi……” This puppy’s voice was very strange. Ning Cheng thought that this was definitely not the sound of a puppy. When it heard that that burly man wanted to buy it, it caused it to bark non-stop, moreover its voice was full of anxiety and unease.

Ning Cheng noticed that even though this puppy was barking, but its eyes were still looking at him, and it even seemed that it wanted him to buy it.

Ning Cheng suddenly thought of Ruolan, if there was a chance to return to the Earth in the future, then he might as well bring this pet dog along with him for Ruolan. Thinking of this till here, he also finally came over, before this pet owner even had the time to quote his price, he immediately spoke up, “I want to buy this puppy, what is your price?”

The strong and robust cultivator officer suddenly stood up, as he stared at Ning Cheng and yelled at Ning Cheng in an angry voice, “Are you really blind ah, didn’t you see that this Junior Marquis wants to…….”

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