Chapter 0185

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Translated By – DemonKiller, CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0185: Tenaciously staking it all

Although Wei Peng’s cultivation was not something that can be compared with that of a Profound Core Cultivator, but Ning Cheng was also aware that he had arranged his Serial Killing Array in a short time, as such it could not even be remotely compared to the original Hidden Serial Killing Array which had taken up a few days to set up.

Moreover, this Killing Array had no one to help him divert the attention, so when he saw Wei Peng breaking the first layer of his Killing Array in a short duration, Ning Cheng did not find it strange, rather it was even within the range of his calculation.

After Wei Peng once again resorted to use his Ancient Halberd, the surrounding murderous aura around him immediately changed. The countless battle spirits condensed from the murderous aura suddenly started bursting open, each one forming dozens of small halberds that surrounded Ning Cheng, trapping him in the centre.

Ning Cheng immediately found that even the simplest of motions were very difficult for him, it was as if he had fallen into a quagmire. Anybody looking from the outside would feel as if he was just waiting for the innumerable small halberds to crush him into a meat patty.

But almost at the same time, in just a twinkling of an eye, innumerable Axe Line’s Killing Lights suddenly appeared. Immediately those remaining battle spirits that were surrounding Ning Cheng were almost all destroyed by Ning Cheng’s Axe Line, and in just a twinkling of an eye those murderous aura spirits still remaining from the Ancient Halberd were also dispersed. However, it did nothing to influence the innumerable small halberds that still surrounded him, rather it only slightly impacted a few dozens of them, while the rest of them still continued surrounding Ning Cheng, while the pressure exuded from them also increased, as if they really wanted to crush Ning Cheng to smithereens.

“It unexpectedly is a Serial Killing Array, even if it is so, you will be giving me your life….” Wei Peng saw that Ning Cheng had already activated the second layer of the Hidden Killing Array, and as a result had already come to understand that Ning Cheng’s Array Formation Layout was definitely not an ordinary one, because of which he had already lost the patience to exchange a few more moves with Ning Cheng as he had planned.

Moreover, he also knew perfectly well that Ning Cheng was surrounded by several dozens of his small halberds, and as such would eventually die without a doubt, but even then Wei Peng still brought out his killer move, immediately using his Spiritual Consciousness to create a peculiar sound that could actually kill.

Ning Cheng was already surrounded by several dozens of those miniature halberds, and was already at a disadvantage, if not for his Killing Array that helped him break through the murderous attacks from the battle spirits, perhaps he might have already been killed at this time.

It was at this time, that Wei Peng blasted out with his Spiritual Consciousness in the form of a killing sound, immediately Ning Cheng felt stabbing pains in his Sea of Consciousness. He felt as if innumerable howling wasps had rushed into his Sea of Consciousness and were trying to tear his Sea of Consciousness apart.

Ning Cheng knew at this point that he understood far too less about too many things. But he knew that, at this time, bringing out the Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin was the best choice for him, rather it was the only thing that could help him extricate himself from this situation. But Ning Cheng knew that even if he could extricate himself, he would be unable to kill Wei Peng with the remaining layers of Killing Arrays. Moreover, he also was aware that if he gave into weakness at this moment, it would definitely allow Wei Peng to seize the opportunity.

Wei Peng’s cultivation was higher than him, he even had more methods and techniques than him, moreover he was even fully committed on taking him out. If it were not for him arranging the five layered Hidden Killing Arrays in advance, then in this fight, he was bound to lose.

But he also knew that if he did not quickly bring out the Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin, then he would only die faster. Facing the threat of his death, Ning Cheng did not think of anything else, as he immediately crazily stimulated the circulation of his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness, as he simultaneously brought out his Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coins, while simultaneously hacking out with his third Angry Axe form, [Axe Line].

Since his Sea of Consciousness was being torn apart by the Sound Attack from Wei Peng’s Sea of Consciousness. It had weakened it considerably by a full level, as such when he tried to use his Spiritual Consciousness, the pain and suffering he felt was simply matchless to the extreme. Because of which he was unable to simultaneously perfectly stimulate the movement of the Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coins and the Axe Line.

Ning Cheng was really worried at this time, if he could not stimulate his magic weapon, then he can only wait for his death. As he grew more and more anxious, Ning Cheng, in the calmness of insanity, once more tried to stimulate his Sea of Consciousness. As for the backlash he would receive in doing such a thing, he directly neglected it. If he didn’t have a life, then why would he bother about the backlash?

Ning Cheng, under the crazy stimulation his Sea of Consciousness, suddenly found himself to be extremely calm. The sound attack that threatened to tear apart his Sea of Consciousness suddenly disappeared in a flash, as if it never existed, which immediately made Ning Cheng happy, but then he immediately realized that this was because he had received help from the Mysterious Yellow Origin. The Mysterious Yellow Bead was originally residing in the middle of his Zifu. But now that his Sea of Consciousness was attacked, it was equivalent to the Zifu being attacked. As such the Mysterious Yellow Origin, naturally began to nourish his injured Sea of Consciousness.

How could Ning Cheng let this opportunity go, he immediately once again crazily urged his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness.

An incomparably huge copper coin appeared, which immediately sucked away many dozens of the miniature halberds that surrounded Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng suddenly felt his whole body loosen up, he also immediately threw out the remaining Array Flags, instantaneously activating the rest of the layers of the Killing Arrays that he had hidden using his Concealment Method, while at the same time immediately brought out his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings.

At this time, he did not care if his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings was discovered by others, it was not something that he could care about at the moment, after all protecting his life was the most important thing. Ning Cheng believed that under the concealment of this type of billowing murderous aura that covered the entire Duelling Platform, coupled with the Concealment Method that he used, the only person who could discover his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings was Wei Peng. Unless there was still a Soul Essence Cultivator or a supreme Profound Core Cultivator present here.

“Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin, Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings……” Wei Peng spoke out in excitement to the point that his entire body was shaking as he thought, Ning Cheng unexpectedly has so many good things, if he could get his hands on these, then wouldn’t his overall fighting strength increase by more than twice? But he was confident that these thing would soon become his, as long as he killed this Ning Cheng.

Wei Peng’s hands kept making various kinds of profound seals one after the others, as such the dozens of miniature halberds sucked away by the Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin once again transformed into a huge Ancient Halberd. He had to get rid of Ning Cheng in the shortest possible time. His thoughts were quite similar to that of Ning Cheng, as he thought that these Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, other than to him, would not be discovered by the others.

He cannot let Ning Cheng display the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings once more, after killing Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng’s body would be taken away, who knows if he could even get the chance to take the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings?

Just as Ning Cheng carefully wielded the Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, his entire body was covered in a light, which immediately separated him from the crazy onslaught of those battle spirits generated from his opponent’s murderous aura.

But at this moment Ning Cheng was not pleased by the heaven defying characteristics of his Twin Heavenly Cloud Wings, he was very clear at this time that he had to kill this Wei Peng as quickly as possible, once he missed this opportunity then he knew that there would be no other better opportunity again.

Once the only remaining three layers of his Serial Killing Arrays were simultaneously activated by Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng immediately started to crazily burn his Essence Blood and Spiritual Consciousness. As he stimulated the Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin, although it’s weakness manifested at this time, but Ning Cheng did not have any other choice.

Wei Peng had just recovered his Ancient Halberd, and was ready to give Ning Cheng a fatal blow when he felt that the Axe Line’s Killing Light surrounding him were becoming more and more intensive and even more dense.

“Bastard, he definitely has a big fortune on him, even his Array Formation is so powerful. This horrifying Array Formation not only has more than two layers, they are even higher than Level 3…….”

Wei Peng soundly cursed, just as he wanted to immediately break through this Array, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. This Axe Line formed from Killing Intent appeared to be different from the previous two Killing Arrays. Moreover, it was filled with an incomparably cruel and violent aura, which made even himself feel worried and confused in his mind.

In addition to this ruthlessly oppressive aura, there was even an aura of death mixed in it.

This was not good; this fellow was going to detonate the Array Formation. Wei Peng had just thought of this point, when the entire space around him was completely locked, it felt as if it was the calm before it would be completely destroyed in a moment. Then an extremely fearful sound of explosion arrived as the explosive force generated was completely concentrated around him.

A Level 3 Array Formation exploding was more than enough to seriously injure or even kill an Early Stage Profound Congealing Cultivator, but when three such Killing Arrays exploded continuously, then even if Wei Peng wanted to, he simply did not have the option to retreat.

“Boom Boom Boom Boom…….” Sounds of explosions tore through the surroundings, moreover even the entire surrounding area seemed to be trembling as if experiencing an extremely violent earthquake. While at the base of the platform, one could even see fine cracks spreading out.

The Array Formations laid out by Ning Cheng were giving out such terrible explosive sounds, directly turning into ash flying in the wind, how can there still be even half a trace of a living thing existing inside?

Wei Peng could not do anything at this time, other than crazily circulating his True Essence, while simultaneously stimulating the Ancient Halberd in his hand, in order to block some of the damage from the explosion of the Killing Arrays.

The cultivators in the audience watching such a type of fight were completely shocked, even if it was a fight between two Profound Congealing Cultivators, how couldn’t they know that it would not cause such a terrible situation to occur? Just what the hell was going on in there?

Ning Cheng and Wei Peng’s fight right from the start was shrouded and concealed by the endless billowing battle spirits condensed from the murderous aura which was even covered by the dense and innumerable Axe Lines from the Killing Array. Following the continuous explosion sounds coming from behind these shrouds, even when the people used their Spiritual Consciousness to observe before, all they could see were the dreadful shadows of the two people engaged in an extremely ferocious and violent fight.

But now they were completely dumbfounded, hearing such terrible explosive sounds, was this even a duel or were they using Spirit Stone Cannons?

Even if Wei Peng wanted to erupt from his anger, he knew that it was too late, although he knew that these explosions from the Killing Array might not be able to kill him, but it was inevitable for him to sustain extremely severe injuries.

He decided to escape from this Killing Array, and wait till Ning Cheng’s bones turned to dust, as the threat of death started to well up in his heart. A Golden Axe Line broke out from the Killing Array and exploded on the edge, immediately creating a rift in the empty air. In a blink of an eye, it had already pierced through the distance in between them, as it arrived in front of the space between the eyebrows of Wei Peng.

Wei Peng did not need to guess; he knew that this was Ning Cheng’s sneak attack. As such he did not go ahead and continue to try and block the mountain like explosions of the Killing Arrays that surrounded him, as he crazily charged up his Ancient Halberd. He knew that he had to block this axe first, no matter what.

As long as he waited for the explosions of the Killing Arrays to pass over, he would then be able to gradually recover his spirit. As soon as he recovered enough of his spirit, it would be time for Ning Cheng to die.


The Angry Axe [1st Trace]’s fearful Golden Great Axe Trace brought out by Ning Cheng was completely filled with the violent Angry Axe Type Killing Intent, as it immediately collided with Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd.

Wei Peng clearly felt that Ning Cheng’s True Essence had dropped down by a full level, as such he regretted blocking Ning Cheng’s Great Axe with his full power.

Sure enough, just as this thought flashed by Wei Peng’s mind, the Killing Arrays completely exploded as an extremely powerful Killing Light erupted from it, this Killing Light directly blew past his chest, forming a bloody and gory hole through his chest.

Wei Peng immediately felt waves of weakness wash over him, he knew that the explosive power of the Killing Array had already blown past him, but before he could think or do anything else, at the same time, a gigantic fist came rumbling towards him.

When Ning Cheng had brought out the Five Elements Treasure Fall Copper Coin and had stimulated the Killing Array to detonate, he was already very weak. But he knew that even if he had to destroy his foundation today, he definitely needed to get rid of Wei Peng.

When his Angry Axe, [the 1st Trace] had injured Wei Peng, Ning Cheng once again, despite his already almost destroyed foundation, once again crazily stimulated his True Essence, as he blasted out with his Axe Fist.

Wei Peng had never ever thought that Ning Cheng would had such a tough tenacity in the face of death, although it was just a single axe fist, he could obviously see that Ning Cheng was already a spent force. But although he was already a spent force, even then he could rumble out with a fearful fist at this time.

But Wei Peng knew that he himself was also similarly as weak as his opponent, and could only try to lean to one side to try and dodge it.

“Peng….” But the fist immediately collided with Wei Peng’s chin, although Wei Peng was powerful, after all he still just had the fleshy physical body of a human.

A bloody light erupted, as the big head of Wei Peng was directly blown off by Ning Cheng’s fist, which then immediately burst into a bloody mist.

Ning Cheng with a ‘plop’ immediately fell down on the ground, even if his entire body was feeling weak to the extreme, he still immediately put away the Five Elemental Treasure Fall Copper Coin and Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd, while also taking away Wei Peng’s rings for the duelling platform once again became visible.

The entire Duelling Area was silent, after seeing the result of the fight. Initially everyone had felt that Junior Marquis Wei was the one with the advantage, but in the end, the one who ended up winning was surprisingly Junior Commander Ning.

Not only did he win, he even directly killed Junior Marquis Wei.

But this silence lasted only for a single moment, before the entire Duelling Grand Plaza simultaneously broke out in loud cheers. Even though they were soldiers from the same cultivator army, in actuality, the aggressiveness and warm bloodedness in their blood and bones towards combat was something that could not be erased. In this place there were no losers, so what if he was the No. 1 Junior Marquis in the Pu Bu Island? It did not mean that this No. 1 Junior Marquis would never die.

Seeing Ning Cheng sitting on the Duelling Platform without even stepping down, Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghuo immediately woke up from their daze, as they excitedly dashed onto the platform.

“Immediately take me back to my Junior Commander Mansion to go into seclusion, do not let other people see me.” Just as Ning Cheng had finished saying this sentence, he immediately collapsed.

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