Chapter 0186

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – CurlyAdi and MissLucifer
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0186: Broken Core Pearl

Nan Yuefang and Yang Honghuo quickly took away Ning Cheng while the Pu Bu Island’s Grand Duelling Plaza was still in clamour. All the people present there were fierily discussing about Ning Cheng’s and Wei Peng’s fight, one of them was just a trifling Essence Building Cultivator in their eyes, but even then he unexpectedly was able to kill the Pu Bu Island’s No. 1 Junior Marquis Wei Peng, this was simply an incredible and never before seen affair.

“The sounds from these two people fighting were simply too frightful, although I was able to sense Wei Peng’s imposing manner generated from the murderous aura of his Ancient Halberd, but what in the world could have caused those terrible explosions?”

“Should be because the True Essence of the two people were very rich and vigorous, either it was caused by the agitation of their True Essence, or it was cause by the explosions from Talismans.”

“Humph, ignorant fool, it was caused by the self-detonations of the Array Formations.”

“How is it possible to arrange Array Formations on the Duelling Platform?”

“Not only did he set up many Array Formations, but that Junior Commander Ning also has something similar to a Teleportation Technique with him. Just before the Array Formation exploded, he had suddenly left the centre of the Array Formation in which he himself was trapped, if it was not for Teleportation, then what is it?”

“How can an Essence Building Cultivator even teleport? This is not something possible, right?”

“This Junior Commander Ning, although has won now, but once General Ni comes back, he will be very miserable.”

“What you even know about? Do you think General Kong is mild natured? That Junior Commander Ning was personally promoted to the rank of Junior Commander by General Kong himself, so why would he be afraid of such things.”

“If the two generals could have a duel, then it really would be wonderful?”


As Ning Cheng was carried away, the discussions around the Duelling Platform became more and more fierce. Ning Cheng had arranged a Hidden Serial Killing Array just before the start, because of which some of the people went forward to take a look at what remained of them.

Under the watchful eyes and help from Yang Honghuo and Nan Yuefang escorting him, Ning Cheng finally returned to his Junior Commander Mansion.

“Junior Commander, this time this one thanks you.” It was only at this time that Nan Yuefang was able to get the chance to express her heartfelt thanks towards Ning Cheng. She clearly knew that it was because of the things that she had done, because of which Ning Cheng had gone out to clean up her mess. Moreover, Ning Cheng also had suffered some serious injuries. This Junior Commander Ning of hers definitely was not ordinary in ability, otherwise, Ning Cheng would have definitely died because of her.

Ning Cheng weakly waved his hands before saying, “At the moment, I am badly hurt, as such I will have to go into closed door seclusion. I will only come out a month later, once General Kong comes back, you can speak to him about what had transpired.”

“Yes, Junior Commander. You can rest assured that since you have won, General Kong will only support you. Although Wei Peng was under the Chang Battle Battalion’s Ni Gang. But our General Kong is most definitely not afraid of him.” Yang Honghuo spoke in a loud voice.

Before the duel he was in a very unsettled state of mind, but after the duel, he finally felt relieved in his heart. Just as Ning Cheng killed Wei Peng, if Wei Peng was the one who killed Ning Cheng, then General Kong would also similarly not be able to anything to that Ni Gang.

While Ning Cheng went into closed door seclusion, Yang Honghuo and Nan Yuefang did not leave, rather they remained behind to protect the Junior Commander Mansion.

Ning Cheng’s injuries were not light. If it was any other cultivator, their foundations would have long since been destroyed. However, he was different, his Meridians and Zifu were remoulded by the Mysterious Yellow Bead, as long as they were not completely fragmented or collapsed or completely destroyed into nothingness, the Mysterious Yellow Origin of the Mysterious Yellow Bead would always nourish and repair his Meridians and Sea of Consciousness.

As a month passed by, Ning Cheng was able to fully recover from his injuries. It was only at this moment did he finally breathe a sigh of relief. He estimated that Kong Peng Peng should have been back by now, but he did not immediately go out to meet him, rather he first took out Wei Peng’s ring.

Wei Peng’s ring space was huge, stacked inside were a variety of Monstrous Beast Materials, Spirit Stones, Spiritual Grasses, there was even a pile of Ordinary Grade Artefacts and even several Spiritual Grade Artefacts. As for the Black-Silver Warship, it was impressively stored in a corner.

This guy really lived by robbing others, but ultimately had no life left to enjoy them.

Ning Cheng grabbed a bunch of jade strips from inside the ring. As for the other things, although he also had many of them, but many of them were simply uncommon, but not rare. But that Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd really was very terrible, if he had not arranged a Serial Killing Array beforehand, then he knew that he would absolutely not be a match even against the battle spirits that were brought out by Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd.

He knew that it was not always possible to set up Serial Killing Arrays before a fight, so he wanted to take a look at this Battle Spirit Halberd Technique of Wei Peng. If he really did not have it, then he would have to find a way by himself to create a similar Battle Spirit Halberd Technique that could be utilised or combined with his Axe Techniques.

But Ning Cheng did not find the Battle Spirit Halberd Technique, but rather found the thing that he could use similarly, a Halberd Array.

Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd was actually a magic weapon from the ancient times, although it was only a Spiritual Grade Artefact, but it could actually be split and reconstruct itself. After the Ancient Halberd split apart, it can form dozens of miniature halberds and these miniature halberds can form a variety of Array Formations, once it locked onto his opponent, then he could easily kill them.

When Ning Cheng saw this, he immediately broke out in cold sweat.

He finally came to understand why Wei Peng’s Ancient Halberd split into many miniature halberds, it was because the original Ancient Halberd could perform Array Formation Attacks.

But it was a pity that Wei Peng did not understand Array Formations, as such he was unable to fully utilize the halberd. He could only split apart the halberd into miniature halberds to trap Ning Cheng, it absolutely did not have any kind of methodicalness to it, let alone trying to create a formation with it.

Those Array Formations created without any form from the miniature halberd were already too powerful, once they formed into an actual Array Formation, then wouldn’t it be more than several times more powerful than his 36 Profound Ice Spears?

Wei Peng may have not understood Array Formations, but that did not mean that he also did not understand them. His Golden Great Axe was only a Top Quality Artefact, but on the scale of toughness, it was not worse than any Spiritual Grade Artefact. However, he could not split the Great Axe into smaller axes like the halberd, at most he could break down the axe and then refine the broken down components into smaller axes, and then use it to create an Axe Array to trap his opponents.

But this kind of Axe Array would certainly need the support of a very strong Spiritual Consciousness, as such at this time Ning Cheng was actually missing the Lotus Flower Pond in the Angry Axe Valley. If he could cultivate his Spiritual Consciousness for a year in that Angry Axe Lotus Flower Pond, he knew that his Spiritual Consciousness would certainly rise up by several notches.

Ning Cheng put away the jade strips, as he straightened out his place of seclusion. He estimated that it should be around time for the Law’s Way to open.

“Junior Commander, are you alright?” Yang Honghuo who was standing outside on seeing Ning Cheng come out, immediately cried out with joy.

“I am all right.” Ning Cheng answered in a single sentence, and did not speak for a while. Relaxation could be seen in his eyes as he then saw Nan Yuefang and spoke, “Junior Marquis Nan, you and Yang Honghuo have been continuously waiting here?”

Nan Yuefang gave an En sound and spoke, “I and Second Lieutenant Yang, took turns in guarding this place. General Kong came back and we informed him that you would come out in a few days, as such we all stayed here.”

“That’s true, General Kong asked you to meet him once you come out.” Yang Honghuo quickly spoke from the side.

Ning Cheng came over to the open space in front of his Junior Commander Mansion, and brought out the Black-Silver Warship, then spoke to Nan Yuefang, “Junior Marquis Nan, this Black-Silver Warship, I have already taken it back, you can take it back again if you want to.”

“Thank you, Junior Commander.” Although Nan Yuefang had the mind to reject it, but this Black-Silver Warship’s attraction was simply too huge for her. Moreover, she also knew that this Black-Silver Warship in the hands of her Junior Commander Ning, really would be a waste.

Seeing Nan Yuefang receiving the Black-Silver Warship, Ning Cheng then took out his Junior Commander Insignia and gave it to Yang Honghuo and spoke, “You’ll have to go through the formalities of being promoted to a 3 Star Senior Captain by yourself, I am going to go look for General Kong.”

If this was the first time she met Ning Cheng, seeing Ning Cheng casually give out his Junior Commander Insignia to Yang Honghuo, Nan Yuefang would have definitely cursed this Junior Commander Ning Cheng to be an idiot. However, now she was fully aware of what kind of a man this Junior Commander Ning Cheng of hers was, he was a person that did not want to stay here, for a person like him the title of Junior Commander really had very little attraction.


Ning Cheng had just arrived at General Kong Peng Peng’s Mansion, when Kong Peng Peng’s laughing voice arrived, “Ning Cheng come in, come in quickly.”

Two pretty maids had already come out, and guided Ning Cheng to the living room of Kong Peng Peng’s Mansion.

Kong Peng Peng sat in front of him in the living room, in front of him, there were two cups of Spiritual Tea placed on the table. The rich fragrance from the Spiritual Tea, when Ning Cheng smelled it, it immediately made him feel as if his soul was trembling.

“Quickly sit down and have a cup of this Spiritual Tea, this is a Spiritual Tea that I had just acquired and prepared, it really is very good.” Kong Peng Peng spoke with enthusiasm.

Before Ning Cheng sat down, he intentionally pretended to be full of fear as he spoke, “General Kong, this time when you were not on the island, I gave a little bit of trouble to you.”

“Haha, what kind of trouble. If that piece of shit Ni Gang dares to spout some bullshit, then I will spit in the past. You don’t have to worry about it, he can’t move even a finger on you. If you ask me, you actually helped him. Otherwise, if he let that rice bucket called Wei Peng go into the Law’s Way, it would probably end up wasting a spot.” Kong Peng Peng once again laughed, and in just a few words glossed over Wei Peng’s matter.

Ning Cheng also felt relieved, as he sat down and picked up the Spiritual Tea and took a sip, a cool aura, in just an instant, washed over his entire body, he simply couldn’t help but say, “Good tea.”

“This tea, that’s all I got, if you want I can send it to you. Besides, the tea leaves that I brought over here can’t be considered good, they are actually the leftover tea dregs that the other people don’t want. As for the complete original Spiritual Tea, even I do not have access to it.” Kong Peng Peng spoke with some disappointment.

Ning Cheng immediately asked, as his expression changed slightly, “What kind of tea would be so precious?”

“This tea is called as ‘One Haze’, because once someone drank one full cup of this complete Spiritual Tea, it may produce an epiphany for a cultivator. If their minds are puzzled by something it would help them gain an enlightenment regarding it, because of this property, this One Haze Tea is also called as ‘One Aware’.” Kong Peng Peng spoke in regret; it was clear that the reason for this regret was because he could not get his hands on the complete Spiritual Tea.

“Don’t say anything about this, if you had not come out today, I would have come to call on you tomorrow. The Law’s Way is about to open, the Pu Bu Island has acquired an airship that would take us to the Le Continent, and we will all be going together.” Kong Peng Peng put the matter of the Spiritual Tea aside and spoke.

Ning Cheng hastily spoke up, “Please rest assured General, this Ning Cheng will go all out in the Law’s Way, as long as there is True Spirit Nectar Wash in there, I will certainly help the General out by finding it.”

Kong Peng Peng sighed, “The True Spirit Nectar Wash is absolutely positively present inside, but not every person that enters the Law’s Way can obtain such kinds of Heaven and Earth Treasures. Even if your intentions are good and your heart on the line, if you can’t find it, then it doesn’t matter, it would already be a miracle if you could come out of the Law’s Way alive. I have nothing to give you, other than this Broken Core Pearl that was formed when my Soul Essence condensed. Once detonated, it is equivalent to a full force strike from a Soul Essence 1st Level Cultivator, it would give you an opportunity to maintain your life and act as your life insurance.”

Ning Cheng was immediately moved in his heart, he knew what this Broken Core Pearl was, it was something created when a Profound Core Cultivator broke through and condensed their Soul Essence. When a Profound Core Cultivator wanted to advance to the Soul Essence Realm, then they had to shatter their core into pieces, and then use it to form the embryonic form of the Soul Essence, the violent True Essence resulting from the crushing of the core can then be formed into a Broken Core Pearl.

“Thank you General Kong.” Ning Cheng gratefully received the Broken Core Pearl, as he bowed deeply once more to show his thanks. A Broken Core Pearl, to him, was equivalent to another small life. Inside the Law’s Way, there would not only be Profound Congealing Cultivators, but even Profound Core Cultivators. If he was stopped by a Profound Core Cultivator, then the Broken Core Pearl would be the best method for an Essence Building Cultivator to protect his life.

Kong Peng Peng stood up and patted Ning Cheng’s shoulders and spoke, “You killed Wei Peng, it proves that I picked the right person. You go back and prepare for tomorrow, we’ll be leaving together.”

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