Chapter 0187

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Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
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Chapter 0187: 9 Star Academy

This time, for the Law’s Way, the 9 Continent’s cultivator army were assigned 300 spots. Ning Cheng had initially thought that these 300 spots were a lot. But then he discovered that from the Pu Bu Island, there were only 20 people who were actually participating in the Law’s Way. It was only then did he realize that their island really did not have too many people to fill the spots. Because he was favoured by Kong Peng Peng, he was able to obtain one of the spots, it was purely because of luck.

Although the cultivators from the cultivator army stationed on the Pu Bu Island who were participating in the Le Continent’s Law’s Way were not many, but the people going to visit the Le Continent were a lot. Ning Cheng followed Kong Peng Peng as he boarded the airship, and saw at least 500-600 people already on board.

“Every time the Law’s Way opens, it is an event that involves the entire 9 Continents of the Yi Xing Mainland, in addition to me sending you to the Law’s Way, it is also a way for people like us to search for a few good things.” Kong Peng Peng explained in a sentence.

“Brother Kong, is this your Yi Zheng Battalion’s new Junior Commander, ah, he really is not as simple as he looks like.” A slightly queer sounding voice arrived.

Ning Cheng then saw a bald man, the True Essence Fluctuations around him were similar to that of General Kong Peng Peng, making him not able to observe him clearly. But before he could even try and guess the identity of this person, Kong Peng Peng smiled and spoke, “My Yi Zheng Battalion’s Junior Commander did you a huge favour, I don’t know what kind of a talented genius did Brother Ni select for the Law’s Way this time around?”

Ning Cheng then came to understand, it turned out that this guy was Chang Battle Battalion’s General Ni Gang, it was no wonder that his face had a fierce look on it.

“This is not something that Brother Kong has to be oversensitive about, perhaps this once, everyone inside the Law’s Way would be very warm and affectionate towards each other.” Ni Gang finished, then gave a meaningful glance at Ning Cheng before turning away.

Kong Peng Peng spoke to Ning Cheng with caution in his voice, “This General Ni is not someone easy to deal with, he will certainly arrange for some trouble for you in the Law’s Way, you will have to be more careful inside the Law’s Way.”

Saying that he looked at the group of people a short distance from them, as he patted Ning Cheng’s shoulders and spoke, “I’m going to talk to some old friends of mine. You can go to your room and have a rest. From here to the Le Continent, it will at least take about 2 months of time.”


As Kong Peng Peng left, Ning Cheng directly went to his room, and just as he entered his room, he immediately gave out a sigh filled with emotion as he saw that the treatment given to the Pu Bu Island’s cultivator army was truly different. Although he was just an ordinary cultivator participating in the Law’s Way, even then he was given accommodations in one of the largest rooms available, and that too the room was completely for himself.

Ning Cheng first released Grey Toot Toot, and then arranged a simple Shielding Array Formation. Although this room already had a Spiritual Consciousness Shielding Array Formation, Ning Cheng still preferred to arrange his own Shielding Array Formation. He already knew from the mouth of Kong Peng Peng, that a lot of people had already realized that he had killed Wei Peng with the help of Array Formations. As such there was no need, at this moment, to conceal the fact that he was skilled in Array Formations.

Ning Cheng was very much aware that his cultivation level, on this ship, was probably one of the lowest, plus he still had to do a lot of things, as such if there was nothing important, he rarely got out of his room, and just shut himself inside practicing Alchemy. Once in a while would he go out to get some fresh air, and then go to the Spiritual Fruit Cabin to eat some free Spiritual Fruits.

Two months passed by in a flash, which made Ning Cheng feel the power and might of the 9 Continent’s cultivator army. The Jia Continent and the Le Continent were very far away from each other. But during his journey he did not feel even half a bump staying inside the airship. That is to say, during their journey, they were not harassed by even a single monstrous beast. Thinking back to the time when he was in the airship that had transported him from the Hua Continent to the Jia Continent, when they were passing above the Lost Mountain Range, they had to suffer through the attacks from the many monstrous beasts which had almost threatened to crash the airship into the Lost Mountain Range.

As this airship came to a stop, Ning Cheng followed the rest of the cultivators down the airship, only to discover that the airship was parked on an incomparable huge plaza.

Ning Cheng had seen the Mo Ze Grand Plaza. However, the Mo Ze Grand Plaza compared to this one, would only occupy a single corner. In front of this plaza, Ning Cheng saw a few huge golden words, ‘Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy’.

Not to mention that this was just the entrance of the Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy, if one just looked at the few huge golden characters, it would give the people a feeling of a passionate restlessness, moreover the Spiritual Qi present here on the plaza was a lot many times richer and superior in quality than even General Kong Peng Peng’s Mansion.

Although Ning Cheng in his mind was sighing darkly but his heart was full of praise. After all, this was just the entrance of a 9 Star Academy, this kind of mighty imposing manner created by this kind of rich atmosphere, would immediately instigate a feeling of deep admiration in any person laying their eyes on it.

Kong Peng Peng came forward and spoke to Ning Cheng, “The 9 Continent’s cultivator army will gather here in a month to enter the Law’s Way, during this month, you can basically do whatever you want. But you will have to pay attention to your own safety, this is not the Pu Bu Island, as such there are some things that even I wouldn’t be able to help you with.”

Saying that, he feared that Ning Cheng would be worried, so he also supplemented another sentence, “The Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy is one of the three largest Academies of the Le Continent, as such ordinary people will not dare to make trouble here. You also have the Jade Card to participate in the Law’s Way, as such you are free to access the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. Even if you want to live inside the Dragon and Phoenix Academy for the time being, they would permit it for you because of it.”

“I understand, General Kong you can freely go ahead and take care of your things.” Ning Cheng quickly replied. He had initially thought that the cultivators who came from the Pu Bu Island would be given a unified accommodation, but he did not expect that they would be allowed to be scattered and free.

But he also thought of another thing, that is if a cultivator participating in the Law’s Way was killed before they even entered the Law’s Way, then it also showed that they were not qualified for the Law’s Way.

Kong Peng Peng was very assured over Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng’s behaviour on the airship made it clear that he was not the kind of person who liked to make trouble wherever he went.

Kong Peng Peng along with a bunch of other Soul Essence Cultivators from the Pu Bu Island left soon, after the airship from the Pu Bu Island delivered Ning Cheng and the rest, it also departed quickly. As for the participants from the Pu Bu Island that came for the Law’s Way, or even the other cultivators that had just came to see the Le Continent, each and every one dispersed in all directions filled with excitement.

Although the Pu Bu Island was mainly occupied by the Jia Continent’s cultivator army, but the cultivators from there did not bring out their valiant aura, not because they were from an Intermediate Class Continent, but rather because they wanted to be low key.

Ning Cheng had not been a part of the Pu Bu Island for a long time, and he also lacked presence in the barracks, so for the Military Officers present here, he did not recognize any of them. Although these cultivator army officers can go to the Law’s Way, but not even a single one of them was not without a significant strength backing them, as such no one would try to curry favour with Ning Cheng, who although was a Junior Commander, but was only an Essence Building Cultivator in the end.

After the others left, Ning Cheng planned to go look at the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. One could say that he knew a person from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, while they may not necessarily be friends, but they also cannot be regarded as enemies. That was because in the Angry Axe Valley, he and Cui Niepeng had a duel with each other in which he was the one who profited.

Ning Cheng of course would not go look for Cui Niepeng, he wanted to go explore the 9 Star Academy and see what made it so different from the other common Academies.

As he got closer to the entrance of the 9 Star Academy, Ning Cheng could feel the increasingly rich Spiritual Qi. Ning Cheng immediately understood that there was definitely a Grand Spiritual Gathering Array set up around it. But as to the other Array Formations surrounding the Dragon and Phoenix 9 Star Academy, even if Ning Cheng wanted to sense them, there was no way to perceive them at all, not to mention that he could not even see the markings of the Array Formations.

Small groups of cultivators, in threes and fours, walked across from Ning Cheng as they entered through the entrance of the Academy, Ning Cheng could clearly feel a faint trace of blood emanating from them along with a killing aura. These people that entered the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, definitely were the disciples of this Academy, but these people also had a bloody killing aura around them, it was obvious that they had just returned from the outside after training themselves and gaining a lot of experience.

This also showed that the people dispatched from a 9 Star Academy were clearly different from the ones from the smaller and ordinary Academies. Ning Cheng remembered that although Ruimu Danqin was a Core Disciple of the God Wind Academy but she was fiercely protected by them, while the disciples in front of them were coming in from all direction after gaining experience from the trainings outside.

Ning Cheng casually swept out with his Spiritual Consciousness, and found that a majority of the cultivators among them had the cultivation of Essence Building Realm, and only an extremely few of them were in True Condensation Realm, there were even a few Profound Congealing Cultivators mixed in them.

“Excuse me, this Senior Apprentice Brother, do you know the place of residence of Jia Lingwei of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy?” A questioning voice interrupted Ning Cheng’s observation.

Ning Cheng then looked at a young girl in front of him, she had a baby face that had yet to fully mature, but combined with a pair of long eyelashes and big eyes, it made her look very cute. But at this moment Ning Cheng was really surprised, looking at this small girl in front of him, who absolutely did not even look like a teenager, he found that she was already a Profound Congealing 1st Level Cultivator, moreover there was also no one else by her side.

Seeing Ning Cheng look at her, the girl gave a sweet smile and spoke, “I am Zhangsun Yan from Feng Continent’s Wu Yun Academy, and a friend of Elder Sister Lingwei. I have come here to participate in the Law’s Way, and to specifically meet Elder Sister Lingwei, can you please take me to find Elder Sister Lingwei, please?”

Ning Cheng looked at that young girl who was even younger than Ruimu Danqin, and couldn’t help but speak up with some uncertainty, “You are just slightly older than a child, yet still want to take part in the Law’s Way?”

“This Senior Apprentice Brother, I am definitely not small at all. This Senior Apprentice Brother, if you do not have the time, just tell me where is Elder Sister Lingwei’s residence is, I will find it on my own.” Zhangsun Yan’s tone was still very sweet, it showed that she was raised in a good way.

Ning Cheng spoke in an apologetical manner, “I’m sorry, it is also the first time for me to enter the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, I simply do not know who Jia Lingwei is.”

“Yan Yan, how can you come here alone?” A surprised voice sounded out, as Ning Cheng saw three women coming over.

But when he saw the girl waking in the middle with a veil covering her face, wearing a purple robe, he almost turned around to run away. This was the same woman from the Wu Nian Academy that he had rescued before. After being seen by that woman, how could he still have good fruit to eat? This woman was someone who would not even listen to his explanation.

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