Chapter 0188

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0188: The Most Beautiful Woman

But this time, he really did have a bit of a guilty conscience. Ning Cheng darkly sighed on his bad luck, while also lamented the good fortune of not being a part of a large academy. When he had last seen this purple robed woman, at that time she was only at the True Condensation Realm. And now that they had met yet again, she had already advanced all the way up to Essence Building 5th Level, a full level above him, and it was all done in just less than a year.

Obviously when he had met this purple robed woman initially in the Angry Axe Valley, she was originally at the True Condensation Realm, and had not at all advanced in her cultivation, however as for the good fortunes that she accumulated inside that place, it was something that he did not know. Moreover, the imposing manner of a large Academy was simply too different from his own. For him, if he wanted to advance to the next level in the Essence Building Realm then he would have to patiently wait and seize the moment himself, who knows when the next moment would arrive, but for people like them, from the large Academies, when did they ever need to wait?

“Elder Sister Lingwei……” Zhangsun Yan immediately became joyful as she rushed up and immediately hugged the woman in the front of the group.

“It’s you?” The purple robed woman saw Ning Cheng, and an angry flame immediately started burning in her eyes.

“Nalan Ruxue, what’s going on?” The red robed woman standing at the end found something amiss, and immediately asked.

Ning Cheng did not wait for this purple robed woman named Nalan Ruxue to speak up, and by his own initiative cupped his fists and spoke, “Jia Continent’s cultivator army’s Ning Cheng greets several Senior Apprentice Sisters.”

He first immediately stated his identity as a person from the cultivator army, generally the cultivator army of the 9 Continents held a certain respect and offered a certain security. If there was no special reason, ordinary cultivators were simply unwilling to offend the people from the cultivator army.

When the few women heard Ning Cheng say that he was from the cultivator army, they looked at him with wondering eyes, but Zhangsun Yan cried out with excitement, “Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng, you are from the cultivator army, ah, did you fight against the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army? Since there were many people fighting together, was the great war fun? I heard that there were even Spirit Stone Cannons, and they are incomparably powerful, have you looked at those things?”

Ning Cheng quickly spoke up, “Junior Apprentice Sister Zhangsun’s demand to hear about the war with the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army, of course, I would definitely be able to speak to you about it in detail. But before that, I would like to explain to Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxue about the reason for the last time……”

The purple robed woman’s cultivation was a little higher than himself, but Ning Cheng was afraid that she would immediately call her perverted Daoist Priestess of a master, as such calling her as ‘Senior Apprentice Sister’ and not as ‘little sister’ would not decrease a piece of meat from him. But if she really called for her master, then he did not have a second Blood Escaping Talisman.

“If you dare to wag your tongue randomly, I will chop you into fine meat……” The purple robed woman’s hate filled voice transmission immediately interrupted Ning Cheng’s words.

“If you do not go look for your master, then I will also promise that I will not talk any nonsense about this. Even though you are so ungrateful, I will not hold it against you, but everyone here had not seen what had happened and as such I can definitely make an educated guess that they do not know about this.” Ning Cheng knew why this purple robed woman did not want him to speak up, she feared a slip of tongue from his part, and thought that he would simply blather about it with his loose lips.

However, he was not so bored that he would blabber about such things to others. But what Ning Cheng found strange was that this purple robed woman’s temper should not be this good. Going by the last time she got angry, she should have taken care of him the first time she laid her eyes on him, rather than stand and speak with him at present.

Ning Cheng, of course, did not know that this purple robed woman’s heart was entangled at present, she had even specifically asked about such a thing from Yue Ying. Although there was no direct way to say that Ning Cheng had touched her chest, but she had vaguely hinted and said that Ning Cheng had wanted to take liberties with her.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxue. You are definitely wrong about Big Brother Ning. Big Brother Ning is not that kind of a person, I and Big Brother Ning had lived together for almost a full year in the same room, as such you can even say that I know him the best amongst us. If he really was such a person, then I would have already been his ……”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Ru Xue, before I also had heard people say that Big Brother Ning is not a good person, and even I had badly misunderstood him initially. However, during the time that I had stayed together with him, I realized that he was definitely not such a person that the others had made him out to be, please believe in Big Brother Ning. Perhaps it was because of some other reason at that time, which had made you misunderstand Big Brother Ning.”

“Big Brother Ning always says that sometimes what we see with our own eyes is not always the truth. I had never understood this truth before, but after Big Brother Ning explained it to me, I finally understood it……”

Although Yue Ying kept tossing out whatever was going on in her mind over and over again. But she hardly understood the thoughts that Yue Ying was trying to convey to her. Yue Ying had progressed very rapidly in the Wu Nian Academy, and although she was young but her behaviour was completely rational, serene and also very mature. Moreover, from her words she could make out that she had a kind of kinship with this Ning Cheng, and as such a girl like her logically would not lie about such a thing. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t come up with any valid reason why Ning Cheng’s hand was on her chest.

Even if it was to check for injuries, or to help her heal, he could have checked from anywhere else, why her chest? Other than Ning Cheng being a shameless bully in a darkroom, she really could not find a good explanation for it.

But also because of Yue Ying, she did not immediately fight it out with Ning Cheng the moment she laid her eyes on him.

The rest of the few women present there were quite smart, they had already noticed that there was something wrong between Ning Cheng and Nalan Ruxue.

The one who was called Elder Sister Lingwei by Zhangsun Yan gave a natural looking smile towards Ning Cheng and spoke, “I am called Jia Lingwei, since you and Yan Yan know each other, and she is also one of my close friends, if you don’t mind it, then why don’t you come with us to have a chat back at my place?”

Jia Lingwei did not know what kind of relationship Ning Cheng had with Zhangsun Yan, as when she had met him, Zhangsun Yan had spoken as if she knew Ning Cheng from a long time before, although it was like that, only after speaking to him would she come to fully understand it. So out of courtesy, she had ended up inviting Ning Cheng.

Moreover, the way Jia Lingwei spoke, it was full of gentleness, and had a mature charm to it with a touch of rationality, combined with her delicate looks, any person who heard it would feel extreme comfort well up in them.

Also this Jia Lingwei’s cultivation was also not low, as she had the cultivation of Profound Congealing 7th Level, it simply exceeded Ning Cheng’s by too much.

Ning Cheng had just wanted to refuse the invitation, when that girl who was similar in age to Yue Ying clapped and spoke, “Good, I also want to hear from Senior Apprentice Brother Ning about the war between the cultivator armies. After I come out from the Law’s Way, I intend to go the cultivator army to have a look at it.”

Ruxue frowned slightly, she had a foreboding that Ning Cheng seem to have a special effect on little girls. For example, Wu Nian Academy’s Ruimu Danqin and Yue Ying, both of them worshipped Ning Cheng, and can even be said to be somewhat dependent on him, then there was even Zhangsun Yan. Was it because of his Cultivation Method that he cultivated in? Thinking of this, Ruxue immediately used her Spiritual Consciousness to carefully scrutinize Ning Cheng.

Although Ning Cheng was not happy about this, regardless of who it was who was using their Spiritual Consciousness to scrutinize his body, he really did not feel good in his heart. Unfortunately, he also did not dare to stir up trouble with this Nalan Ruxue, as behind this Nalan Ruxue was still that old Daoist Priestess.

Just as that sentence was spoken, the red robed woman besides Nalan Ruxue saw it as slightly improper, as such she immediately spoke up, “Although Junior Apprentice Brother Ning is Yan Yan’s friend, so of course it’s only natural for us to go and chat together. Only I am afraid that if Master Lan found out about it, she would not be pleased in her heart.”

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, I heard that your master is the most beautiful female cultivator of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, is it really true? Is she even more beautiful than you?” When Zhangsun Yan heard the red robed woman speak about Jia Lingwei’s Master, she immediately started to gossip about it.

At this time Ning Cheng thought back to the phrase, that gossiping really is not related to the age of a woman. But since at this moment, this purple robed woman was not looking for trouble with him, so he was already very satisfied, as for these gossips among these women, he did not have even half an interest in them. He was just going to speak out that he was taking his leave, when he suddenly heard Jia Lingwei speak, “I already look very ugly, how can I even be compared to my master. But the most beautiful in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy is not my master, but rather Uncle Master Miao Shu……”

[TL Note – Please do not be confused with the term ‘Uncle Master’ here, it does not mean that the person here, Miao Shu, is a male. It is just a transliteration of the characters 师叔 (Shishu) which, going by the literal translation, means ‘Teacher’s younger brother’ which in turn is interpreted as ‘Uncle Master’.]

“Miao Shu……” Ning Cheng spoke out aloud in surprise.

“Does Junior Apprentice Brother Ning also know Master Shu?” Jia Lingwei asked with some doubts, although she had called her Uncle Master Miao Shu, but this Uncle Master Miao’s reputation in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy was very old. It was simply because she never showed up, and moreover did not concern herself about the worldly affairs, which was the main reason she has always been called as Uncle Master.

Ning Cheng quickly replied, “Yes, this time I had specifically come here to find Master Shu. But I have been loitering around the front of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy for almost half a day, and do not know where Master Shu resides, Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, I don’t know if you could bring me to her?”

When Ning Cheng had heard this name ‘Miao Shu’, he immediately thought of his meeting with Lan Yuechen who had perished in the Angry Axe Valley, according to what he found, Miao Shu was Lan Yuechen’s wife. His Golden Great Axe was also obtained from Lan Yuechen, now that he came to know about Miao Shu, he felt that he needed to see her.

If this Miao Shu from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy was the same as the Miao Shu who was Lan Yuechen’s wife, he would immediately give the Golden Great Axe back to her. He had prepared almost all the materials necessary, and would go to the Dragon and Phoenix City to find someone to craft an axe. If she really was not the Miao Shu that he was looking for, then he would simply apologize and leave.

“You came here to look for Master Shu?” Jia Lingwei repeated the sentence in disbelief.

Ning Cheng once again spoke in an affirmative manner, “Yes, that is right, is there something wrong with it? If Master Shu is unwilling to see me then also I do not mind it, as long Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei can help me show the way to her place, it would be more than Ok for me.”

“This, this, do you not know…….”

Jia Lingwei did not even have the time to speak out her words when the purple robed woman spoke up, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, if you want I can take Junior Apprentice Brother Ning there. You had showed me Master Shu’s place once before, so I remember it.”

Jia Lingwei looked at this purple robed woman with a strange expression, and only after a moment spoke up, “But but….”

The purple robed woman gave a light smile and spoke, “Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, there are no buts. I am quite familiar with Ning Cheng, you can be rest assured, once I take him to Master Shu’s place, I will immediately return to you right away.”

Having said this, the purple robed woman looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “What are you gawking about? For the sake of your acquaintances, I will do you a favour this one time, come with me.”

Watching the purple robed woman go inside, Ning Cheng felt that there was something wrong with her, but he soon cupped his fists towards the three women and spoke, “Several Senior Sister Apprentices, then I’ll be taking my leave first.”

Even though this purple robed woman gave him a weird feeling, he was not afraid of her. She was only at Essence Building 5th Level, even if she was an Essence Building 5th Level Cultivator from the Wu Nian Academy, it still did not qualify for him to be afraid of her.

Seeing Ning Cheng follow behind Nalan Ruxue, the red dressed woman spoke out in amazement, “Ruxue and this Ning Cheng seem to have a great hatred between them? Why would she lead him to see Master Shu?”


As for the words spoken by the red robed woman, Ning Cheng had not heard them. He simply followed behind the purple robed woman and did not speak anything about touching her chest. Now that the other party was not investigating this matter, he also did not want to bring this matter up. He and the purple robed woman were simply two passers-by in life, so none of them expected to be appreciated by each other.

“Thank you for leading the way, I would like to ask about the two people, Younger Brother Cang Shuo and the two Junior Apprentice Sisters Danqin and Yue Ying, are they alright in the Wu Nian Academy?” Ning Cheng was still a bit worried about the three people. He did not have a good relationship with Yong Guyun, as such to the words spoken by Yong Guyun, he also had his doubts.

“They are good, now that they are people from the Wu Nian Academy, you do not need to worry about them.” The purple robed woman replied in a cold tone.

Once Ning Cheng got the answer, he also immediately stopped talking.

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