Chapter 0189

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0189: Borrowing A Knife To Kill Another

This Master Shu’s residence did not seem to be near, as this purple robed woman in front of Ning Cheng had already walked for almost the time it took for half an incense stick to burn, and yet they still haven’t arrived. Instead because the purple robed woman wore a veil on her face, because of which all along the way, it had aroused the curiosity of many people. This place was the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, as such there were not many women here who would wear a veil to cover their face.

“Did you lift my veil to take a look beneath?” The purple robed woman who was still in front of Ning Cheng suddenly asked.

Ning Cheng spoke in an even tone, “I have seen your face, but your veil was not torn by me. It was done by that nefarious cultivator called Sikong Kai who had the cultivation of Profound Congealing Realm. Me and my Junior Apprentice Sister Meng Jingxiu, in order to rescue you, had tracked you down to that nefarious cultivator’s lair. Although I managed to kill that Sikong Kai, it was something that had to be done in order to save you, moreover I also was seriously injured in the process and had to take a few months to recover from it, but then I was suddenly attacked by your old Daoist Priestess of a Master.”

The purple robed woman suddenly stopped and glared at Ning Cheng with cold eyes, “You said that you rescued me, moreover rescued me from the hands of a nefarious Profound Congealing Cultivator? If I remember it correctly, didn’t that Junior Apprentice Sister of yours only had the cultivation of True Condensation Realm? You are just a cultivator with the cultivation of Essence Building 4th Level while the other is a cultivator with the cultivation of True Condensation Realm, yet the two of you managed to RESCUE me from the hands of a Profound Congealing Cultivator? Moreover, a nefarious cultivator at that?”

Ning Cheng also stopped walking, facing such an overbearing and sarcastic tone, he was definitely not happy about it, “You are right, but at the time when I rescued you, I was not at Essence Building 4th Level but at Essence Building 1st Level, whether you believe me or not is not of my concern. But in order to save you, not only did I lose a life preserving magic weapon, but was even almost discovered by the second Profound Congealing Cultivator after I managed to kill him. You wake up, and then let your old Daoist Priestess of a master attack me, so just saying that you are ungrateful is simply too light.”

The purple robed woman gave a nasty smile filled with anger as she spoke, “So now it’s two Profound Congealing Cultivators huh? Why don’t you say that you saved me from the hands of two Crucible Transformation Cultivators? Like this, wouldn’t I owe you even more?”

Ning Cheng simply spoke in a mild yet boring tone, “Even if I was a person who did not cultivate, or even a beggar for the matter, I would have still tried to rescue you from his hands. You owe me your life and that is an undeniable fact. I did it not because the other party’s cultivation was high, but because your life is precious for a few. A person who is unconcerned about face truly is someone invincible and you really proved it. You can choose not to believe it, and you can also choose to feel suspicious about it, yet you did not investigate even a tiny bit of this matter properly, and only remained convinced of your own subjective conjecture, that is precisely the reason why I said that you have no sense of shame.

“To tell you the truth, I did not mean for you to owe me, I just wanted to ask about how my two Junior Apprentice Sisters and Younger Brother Cang Shuo were doing. Now that you have informed me that they are all good, it’s enough for me. From here on out, we have nothing to do with each other, you walk your own single log bridge, while I walk my sunshine path.”

[TL Note – The phrase “you walk your own single log bridge, while I walk my sunshine path” is a Chinese idiom for “Each going their separate ways”.]

At this moment the purple robed woman was angered to the extreme, she had long forgotten what Yue Ying had said to her, and spoke up, “Good, good, very good. I will definitely walk my single log bridge, but I hope that you are able to walk your sunshine path. Why don’t you also go ahead and say that the reason why you placed your hand on my …… was because you were trying to save me. Originally the reason why I was this tolerant was for the sake of Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying, at that time I had even thought for a moment that you were not that kind of a person, as such I had not planned on investigating it, but you are simply too shameless…….”

As the purple robed woman spoke back to him, her chest was heaving up and down, it was obvious that she was greatly incensed.

Ning Cheng, at this time, spoke with even more calm in his voice, “I have seen a lot of ungrateful people like you, as such I do not care a whit about you. As for my hand being on your chest, other than checking for external injuries, it truly was in order to save you. Do not ask why I did not put my hand in other places, as I already knew your six senses were already sealed.”

“If I had placed my hand on any other place, and then unsealed your Zifu and Dantian, can you imagine how many more secret places of you would be exposed? So you should thank me for my honourable gentlemanly conduct rather than barking around with no brain.”

What Ning Cheng had spoken was not wrong, if he had taken hold of the purple robed woman’s wrist to unlock her Dantian, then he would have to use his True Essence and Spiritual Consciousness to inevitably sweep through the purple robed woman’s body. And the reason why he had directly put his hand on her Dantian, other than for convenience, it was also to not do a full body check-up on this purple robed woman. For Ning Cheng, of course, convenience was the most important factor.

But the problem was, Ning Cheng had just put his hand on there, when she had woken up by herself. If the Daoist Priestess had not come in at that time, Ning Cheng would still have a chance to explain himself at that time. Who would have known that the Daoist Priestess on arriving would immediately move to kill him, as such why would Ning Cheng still dare to stay there?

“You…. you….” The purple robed woman almost immediately wanted to start fighting, how could she believe the words that Ning Cheng just spoke? How could Ning Cheng even speak those words to her? How could he even speak and attach the words ‘honourable gentleman’ to his act of touching her chest with his hand?

In her anger, she forgot to ask Ning Cheng another thing, that since he kept saying that he had saved her with the help of Meng Jingxiu, then why hadn’t she seen Meng Jingxiu at that time?

The purple robed woman was now visibly shaking from anger, she could no longer speak, but Ning Cheng was simply too lazy to even speak up. He already knew that any kind of explanation would be of no use, if not for this woman who had taken the initiative to ask him, he wouldn’t have even bothered to explain this kind of thing to her. If not for the fact that the Law’s Way was in the Le Continent, he and this purple robed woman would not have even crossed paths.


This Dragon and Phoenix Academy was simply too big, and this purple robed woman had also speeded up a lot, and after the time it took for an incense stick to burn, she finally stopped at a corner of the Academy.

“Is this really the place?” Ning Cheng asked as he complicatedly looked at the surroundings. Although he could not see the Array Formations laid down here, he knew that there were a lot of different kinds of Array Formations set up here, but the houses here were simply too dilapidated, even the Spiritual Qi here seemed to be the thinnest in the entire Dragon and Phoenix Academy, does this Miao Shu really live in such a place?

“That’s right, this is the place, this place only has a single person, that is Master Shu, living here. It was because of Yue Ying that I had brought you here, the other things that happen from here on out is not of my concern.” The purple robed woman’s expression by now had returned to normal.

Ning Cheng frowned, this place here was full of Restrictions and Array Formations, wouldn’t he simply be trapped here right away?

The purple robed woman seeing Ning Cheng hesitate, sneered but did not speak, and turned away.

Ning Cheng knew that her Spiritual Consciousness had latched onto his body, but as to this approach of hers, Ning Cheng simply chose to ignore it. He simply thought for just a moment and entered into the middle of the Restrictions.

The Restrictions placed here were all very high levelled ones, yet Ning Cheng had a very good impression of this Master Shu in his heart, he believed that not all people were like the purple robed woman and her master.

The reason why Ning Cheng had a good impression of Master Shu was because of the message that she had left behind. A woman, who held her husband in a very high respect, would absolutely not be an unreasonable person.

When the purple robed woman saw Ning Cheng really enter the Restrictions, she actually gawked. She then stopped, and looked back at the Restrictions for a moment, then shook her head and turned back. Regardless of what Ning Cheng did, it was simply not of any more importance to her.

Moreover, she had also heard about the legends concerning Master Shu in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. Throughout her history here, there were only three men who entered the Restrictions placed here by Master Shu herself. But the result was that although those three people appeared again, but they appeared in the form of dead bodies. Moreover, their dead bodies were still hanging at the entrance to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy.

She had brought Ning Cheng to let him see Master Shu, and on the way she came up with the idea to use Master Shu to kill Ning Cheng. It was because of this that she had originally asked about that matter. If Ning Cheng had admitted to his mistakes, then she for Yue Ying’s sake, would have immediately let off Ning Cheng.

However, Ning Cheng still spoke incoherently, daring to say that he tracked a nefarious Profound Congealing Cultivator to his lair and even killed that nefarious Profound Congealing Cultivator and rescued her. For an Essence Building Cultivator to follow a Profound Congealing Cultivator, how could he not be found? Even if he could not be discovered, Ning Cheng at present was just an Essence Building 4th Level Cultivator and it was simply impossible for him to sneak attack a Profound Congealing Cultivator, let alone when Ning Cheng added that the him at that time was at Essence Building 1st Level.

Even if he successfully sneak attacked him, even if it was the moment just before his death, for a Profound Congealing Cultivator to kill Ning Cheng who was an Essence Building 1st Level Cultivator was simply too easy. Even if she took 10,000 steps back, even if Ning Cheng successfully tracked him, and even successfully sneak attacked this Profound Congealing Cultivator, and even killed him in the process, but what about the other one?

This guy in order to increase her debt towards him, had even said that he had rescued her from the hands of two Profound Congealing Cultivators. To use such shameless words to justify oneself, it almost made her to be driven beyond the limits of her forbearance. Just a trivial Essence Building 1st Level Cultivator, but simultaneously sneak attacking two Profound Congealing Cultivators? Does he think that he is the reincarnation of ancient masters, she thought as she sneered.

What made it even more unbearable for her was that he was still speaking calmly, if at that time, Ning Cheng had admitted that he was thinking of perverted thoughts at that time, she could still have forgiven Ning Cheng once. After all, she also knew that she was simply too beautiful, that too even with a veil covering her face. Since she was bullied in a darkroom, since she also knew that she was too attractive, she would have still been able to reconcile for Yue Ying’s sake. But even at that moment, Ning Cheng still insisted that he did it because he was rescuing her and was being considerate of her, how could such a shameless person exist in the world? Such kind of people ought to die a thousand times and should not be pitied at all.

If Ning Cheng really was as noble as he claimed himself out to be, then why would he use his hands to touch her chest.

With this kind of anger in her, she had really let Ning Cheng to walk into the Restriction, but then she immediately began to doubt if she had really done the right thing. Ning Cheng was after all a friend of Yue Ying, wasn’t this using a borrowed knife to kill another?

The purple robed woman subconsciously stopped, then turned to look back once again for a moment, finally sighed, and then once again went into the distance. Because of her desire for revenge, she was not feeling happy in her mind and heart, so much so that she could not even speak out the angry words that were sealed up inside her.


Once Ning Cheng entered the Restrictions, he found himself to be surrounded by several Killing Arrays. But Ning Cheng knew that that if he analysed them carefully these Killing Arrays may not be able to kill him. But at this moment he had come to meet someone, as such there was no need to break the Killing Arrays. If the other side was not the person he was looking for, he could still calmly retreat. Once he came into the Array Formations he did not move to leave, the other party would not be so unreasonable as to hear out his reason first, right?

“Ning Cheng comes to meet with Master Shu……” As Ning Cheng’s voice passed through the Killing Array, it did not echo back even after a long time.

Waiting for a while, when Ning Cheng was sure that there was no echo, Ning Cheng then cupped his fists and spoke again, “Ning Cheng comes to pay respects to Master Shu, at the same time brings Elder Brother Yuchen’s belongings to Master Shu.”

Ning Cheng estimated that Lan Yuchen only had the cultivation of True Condensation Realm, and should be almost similar to age as him when he died. As such Ning Cheng, rather than calling him Senior Lan Yuchen, he called him as Elder Brother Yuchen. If he called him as Elder Brother Yuchen, and Master Shu did not come out, then it indicated that this Master Shu was not Lan Yuchen’s wife. As such he would proceed to withdraw from this place, with his cognition towards Array Formations, if he wanted to retreat at this moment, then it would definitely not pose any issue to him.

Ning Cheng had just spoken his words, when he felt a bright light in front of him, the next instant a foot-wide path laid with blue stones appeared in front of him.

“You can come in……” A trembling voice sounded out, which also sounded slightly hoarse.

Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved, he knew that he should not have found the wrong person, this Master Shu was definitely the person he was looking for.

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