Chapter 0190

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0190: True Cosmic Devil Metal

Ning Cheng walked along the blue stone path for more than 20 meters, and all through the way he could only see flowers and flower gardens, moreover there were all kinds of flowers and plants inside them. Although there were many varieties of flowers, but none of them were spiritual in nature, each and every one of them were ordinary flowers. Ning Cheng even saw several Morning Glories, which dumbfounded him.

After coming here, his memories of Earth seemed to have been buried deep inside, which were replaced by looking for Spiritual Grasses and other resources for his cultivation. But now that he saw the familiar Morning Glory from back on Earth, all of his remote memories came flooding back to his mind.

“You can come in…….” That trembling voice once again resounded in Ning Cheng’s ear, only then did Ning Cheng react, this place was where Master Shu resided, he immediately hurried up his pace and passed through the flower gardens, as he entered a bamboo house that was not very large.

There was a Clear Light Stones arranged in an Array Formation inside the bamboo house, as such Ning Cheng could clearly see the insides.

In addition to a bamboo table, that was in the middle of the room, there were only two bamboo chairs. On one of the chairs, a woman wearing light blue robes was sitting, and was somewhat excitedly staring at Ning Cheng.

When Ning Cheng’s vision fell on the blue robed woman’s face, he immediately became out of sorts. He finally came to understand why Jia Lingwei had said that Master Shu was the most beautiful woman in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy. Prior to this, the most beautiful woman that Ning Cheng had seen was the purple robed woman from not too long ago. But with Master Shu in front of him, other than looking slightly pale in her face, she was no less beautiful than the purple robed woman, in fact she even projected the image of a delicate beauty. This delicate beauty of hers was even more exquisite than that of the purple robed woman.

If Ning Cheng really was given the choice between this Master Shu and the purple robed woman to choose who was more attractive, then Ning Cheng would without hesitation choose this Master Shu in front of him. Moreover, this Master Shu’s aura was completely retracted. And although he could not perceive her cultivation, but he could sense that Master Shu’s cultivation was definitely much higher than that of Kong Peng Peng.

Master Shu seemed to have been used to the dazed expression others gave when they saw her. As such she really did not mind Ning Cheng’s expression, but rather asked in a trembling voice, “Do you really know my Yuchen?”

Ning Cheng hurriedly cupped his fist with respect and spoke, “Yes, when the Angry Axe Valley was opened a year ago, this junior had also entered the Angry Axe Valley. This junior was able to enter the True Angry Axe Valley; it was where I found the remains of Elder Brother Yuchen……”

When the blue robed woman heard the word ‘remains’, she immediately started trembling. Her hands clenched her chair, Ning Cheng even heard the chair issue a ‘Ka’ sound. Two lines of tears flowed down her eyes, and it did not look as if would ever stop.

“Senior please restrain your grief……” Ning Cheng immediately took out his Golden Great Axe and holding it gently by its handle, he brought it over and spoke, “This was the Great Axe left behind by Elder Brother Yuchen, this junior brought it out from the Angry Axe Valley.”

The blue robed woman tremblingly took the Great Axe handed to her by Ning Cheng and immediately began to caress it slowly, and did not speak for a long time. She had already known that Lan Yuchen had perished. But today, when she finally heard the news, she was still unable to get rid of that sadness. She had waited countless years alone, but ultimately got such a result.

Ning Cheng at this moment very much wanted to say his goodbyes and leave this place, but he knew that this was not the best time for leaving, and as such could only stand at one side.

He also did not know how much longer he had stayed standing, when the blue robed woman slowly lifted her head. Then looking at Ning Cheng she finally spoke, “Thank you for bringing back this Great Axe, can you tell me the situation at that time?”

Ning Cheng immediately spoke up, “When I got to the True Angry Axe Valley, I immediately went in. But then I immediately felt a formidable Axe Intent. This Axe Intent directly bombed onto my Spiritual Sense, but fortunately, I already had a bit of superficial knowledge relating to Axe Intents at that time. Although I was thrown back by that Axe Chop, but I was able to block this axe in a timely manner. I fully came to understand then that this axe was actually formed from Killing Intent. It was also at that time that I saw the remains of Elder Brother Yuchen. On Elder Brother Yuchen’s side, there was a golden buckle, presumably it was given to him by Master Shu.”

“I put the buckle and the remains of Elder Brother Yuchen in a Jade Box and buried it in the same spot. This Golden Great Axe was then brought out by me, this has saved my life countless times.”

“Thank you for burying the remains of Yuchen, but since this Golden Great Axe has saved you many times, then why are you willing to give this axe to me?” The blue robed woman’s voice was increasingly getting hoarse, but at least the sorrow in her seemed to have been contained.

Ning Cheng spoke sadly, “The reason I have come here, was because of the lines left behind by Senior on the buckle. Since you are a woman who is so worried for your husband, it is something that I respect the most. To do such things for Senior, it’s my pleasure. Besides as my cultivation improves, this Golden Great Axe will simply not be enough, I think that for this axe to remain by Senior’s side, is the most appropriate.”

“You know why the men who came here never left alive? After I started living here, there have been three men till now who came to this place, but the results were that all three men were killed by me and their bodies were hung at the entrance of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy.” The blue robed woman quietly watched Ning Cheng as she calmly spoke those words.

Although Ning Cheng was satisfied with Master Shu, but he still thought did she develop a violent personality because of the disappearance of her husband? If it really was the case and he was killed here, then he would have really been treated unjustly.

“If senior finds it necessary to kill me, then I can do nothing about it.” Ning Cheng spoke calmly, moreover he still did not feel any Killing Intent from this blue robed woman, this also indicated that the opposite party had no intention of killing him.

Sure enough the blue robed woman continued to speak, but this time in a softened tone, as she looked at Ning Cheng and spoke, “This Miao has cause harm to my lord husband, I am no longer the person from the Miao Family. Later on I took the name as Lan Shu. Since you referred Yuchen as your Elder Brother, then you don’t need to call me as ‘Senior’, you can also call me as Elder Sister Shu.”

“Yes, Elder Sister Shu.” Ning Cheng spoke as he was secretly relieved in his heart, since she had said those words, then he should not be in any danger.

“You can sit down, first I want to ask you a few questions, how were you able to find this place?” Lan Shu gestured Ning Cheng to sit down and asked.

Ning Cheng was also not polite, and after sitting down he spoke, “This one found a woman who knew Elder Sister Shu’s residence and it was she who lead me here, it seems she usually comes here.”

Lan Shu nodded and said, “Ning Cheng, do you know that that person had actually brought you here because of her hatred towards you. You have to remember that the reason that person had brought you here, was to borrow my hand to kill you, as such you have to carefully watch out for her.”

But she did not wait for Ning Cheng to answer and immediately spoke, “The first person to come here was a man by the name of Lan Yuxing, he was the blood brother of Yuchen. But no one knew that he was actually a beast in disguise, on the pretext of coming here to see me, the first thing he wanted to do was to rape me. But he did not know that I had already successfully broken my core, and had successfully stabilized my Soul Essence. As such his plot against me failed and was instead killed by me. Once I killed him, I hung his body at the entrance to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy.”

“The second person was an Elder from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, and was a peak Soul Essence existence, because the Yi Xing Ocean’s cultivator army was about to attack the Le Continent, he wanted to come find help from me, and also to lead a few disciples from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy into the war. At that time, I had just successfully stepped into Soul Sculpting Realm, and was cleaning my body. That Elder’s Array Formation level was higher than me, and without my consent, broke through my Array Formations.”

“Even though I felt humiliated, I still gave him the chance to get out immediately. But after that Elder saw my body, not only did he not leave, but he was same as that Lan Yuxing, and wanted to take possession of me. If not for the fact that I was successful in sculpting my soul, I would have been ravaged by him. After I killed him, his body was hung at the entrance to the Dragon and Phoenix Academy.”

Ning Cheng sighed darkly in his heart, a woman being too beautiful was also a curse. The key point in it at present was that this Lan Shu was really too beautiful, that Elder when he saw Lan Shu bathing, he should have been shocked senseless by that type of beauty, and thus ended up sprouting such an evil thought.

Lan Shu sighed and spoke, “After that, I devoted myself to the study of Array Formations, and finally improved my Killing Arrays that I placed here. The third man to come here for me was a Soul Sculpting Cultivator, his cultivation was not worse than my own. The reason he came to me was because he came to know that I had an enormous quantity of True Cosmic Devil Metal……”

“True Cosmic Devil Metal?” Ning Cheng subconsciously cried out.

He was aware of such kind of material, it can be regarded as a Top Quality material among the Top Quality materials, compared to the True Burning Star Sand that he acquired from Gui Yutang, it was still on a higher level than it. But using this material to refine a magic weapon, it would have a particular characteristic, that is it would have a hint of Devilish Nature in it, and as such would be most suitable for the path of Devil Cultivation. If an ordinary cultivator refined magic weapons with this kind of material, then after a long time, they might end up being eroded by the encroachment of the Devilish Nature, and turn into a Devil.

“Yes, True Cosmic Devil Metal.” Lan Shu nodded and spoke, “This was what I had prepared for Yuchen, but that man wanted to snatch the True Cosmic Devil Metal, because of which I ended up burning by Essence Blood to use the Array Formations to kill him. Unfortunately, although I managed to kill him, in the end I also ended up paralyzed, moreover even all the Meridians in my body ended up cracked, and can only sit in this chair. Moreover, because I killed those three people, after which there was never a man that came after me, for you to come here, you would actually be the fourth man.”

“Oh……” Ning Cheng subconsciously looked at Lan Shu’s legs, and understood in his heart that no wonder she did not get up, originally it was because her Meridians were crippled. Simultaneously he also thought about that purple robed woman’s vicious nature and was secretly a bit apprehensive, he believed that even if she was an eccentric, at most she would have only tried to teach him a lesson that’s all, who would have imagined that she would still pine for his small life here?

Lan Shu softly spoke, “The reason I spoke these words to you, is because I appreciate you not only for bringing me Yuchen’s belongings, but also for you helping Yuchen by burying his remains. Therefore, this True Cosmic Devil Metal, I have already planned to give it to you, you can take it away to refine it into an Axe Type Magic Weapon.”

Ning Cheng did not react, as Lan Shu immediately brought out a two by three meter in length and breadth and one-meter-wide cuboid of light golden material.

Ning Cheng looked at the disseminating light of the True Cosmic Devil Metal, as he felt a few doubts in his mind, was this really the True Cosmic Devil Metal? He immediately asked the doubts that he felt, “Elder Sister Shu, is this really the Devil Metal?”

“Exactly, this is the True Cosmic Devil Metal, did you think that all kinds of Devil Metal are black in colour. The True Cosmic Devil Metal also has True Cosmic Metal as its component, if you use this True Cosmic Devil Metal to create an axe, then you would not need to add any other materials, it should be more than enough.” Lan Shu once again supplemented.

“But Elder Sister Shu, I heard that if one crafted the True Cosmic Devil into a magic weapon, and if it was used for a long time, they would be likely to be possessed by its Devilish Nature, and finally turn into a Devil Cultivator, so much so that there would be no distinguishing them from the natural red devil.” Ning Cheng spoke with some fear in his heart.

Lan Shu spoke in a light voice, “If you have a strong enough heart, then this True Cosmic Devil Metal is a magic weapon just for you, and it would not control you. But if you do not have a strong and firm heart then you can never control this True Cosmic Devil Metal. If you want you can even sell it, the income you would get would be more than enough for you to reach the cultivation of peak Profound Core Realm.”

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