Chapter 0191

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Translated By – DemonKiller
Checked and Edited By – MissLucifer and CurlyAdi
Proofread By – SmartyMouth

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Chapter 0191: Trust

“Many thanks to Elder Sister Shu for such a generous gift and advice, but it would really be impolite of me to not accept them. Since I already have the opportunity, I can now go look for an Advance Tier Crafting Master to help me craft the axe.” Ning Cheng bluntly put away this incomparably large piece of True Cosmic Devil Metal, although he had the intention to keep it and although this True Cosmic Devil Metal was extremely precious, he did not like Elder Sister Shu losing out on it.

He did not believe that since he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, and also the Mysterious Yellow Origin remoulding his Meridians, as such the situation of being controlled and taken over by the magic weapon crafted with it was not something possible. If it really happened, then it was just his bad luck. He might as well throw away the axe, and just cultivate normally step-by-step.

Lan Shu when seeing Ning Cheng putting away the True Cosmic Devil Metal, nodded slightly, she very much liked this kind of straightforward personality in a person. She then took out a black wooden plaque, handing it to Ning Cheng and spoke, “If you want to find someone that is able to craft the True Cosmic Devil Metal, it would take you over a hundred years to do so. You can take this wooden plaque to the Dragon and Phoenix City to find Abundant Harvest Blacksmith’s Shop’s Nong Zhen, and let him help you craft an axe.”

Ning Cheng took the wooden sign, and asked in disbelief, “Elder Sister Shu, you want me to go to a Blacksmith’s Shop, someone who can actually craft a magic weapon from a Rank 9 Crafting Material?”

What was even more wonderful was that the Blacksmith’s Shop was even called as “Abundant Harvest” Blacksmith Shop.

“You can put away the wooden plaque, if you just do according to my words you will be just fine, you do not need to be worried about others.” Lan Shu beckoned with her hand, after saying that her attention once again landed back on the Golden Great Axe in her hands. After a moment, she finally stored the Great Axe into her ring.

“Elder Sister Shu……”

Ning Cheng had just begun when he was interrupted by Lan Shu, “If I still had my cultivation, I would have taken you on a trip, but alas……”

After sighing, Lan Shu seemed to have remembered something and asked, “Ning Cheng, you mentioned about the buckle that I had left behind with Yuchen. Why did your mood go sad at that time?”

Ning Cheng already knew that this Elder Sister Shu and he himself had a similar disposition in personality, as such he did not have anything to hide and spoke up, “Back in my hometown, there was a woman who was very good to me, but then for some reason she just ignored me, and in front of my face she left with another man that pursued her. When I saw the words Elder Sister Shu left behind for Elder Brother Yuchen, it was something that pulled at the feeling in my heart. It was because of this that I felt really depressed at that time.”

“Why do you feel such things for such a type of shameless woman?” Lan Shu spoke out in an angry voice.

Ning Cheng opened his mouth wide, but there was simply no way to explain such a thing. What he wanted to say was that this kind of affair back on Earth, was really something that did not count for much? That was because that place had a different cultural atmosphere than here, it was something that even he could not explain it clearly. Although he had sensed something in his heart, but he did not really resent Tian Muwan. To sift through each and every cabbage to find the extent of love, to finally marry the other person only to leave them again, not to mention that he and Tian Muwan had only talked about love, it had not even developed to a deeper level.

He firmly decided to not mention Tian Muwan. The last time An Yi had also said the same thing, as such he knew that he looked like a person who went around only to complain. Moreover, there was simply no way to explain this kind of thing, the only thing that he could not understand was why Tian Muwan must behave like this, if Tian Muwan really thinks that he wasn’t good enough for her, then that was it.

“This woman is simply not worthy of you to hang on to, you do not have to often put this kind of thing in mind, as this will also affect your cultivation. If you still hang around this kind of thing, then that piece of True Cosmic Devil Metal, I should not be giving it to you.” Lan Shu spoke with a sigh.

Ning Cheng gave a smile and spoke, “Elder Sister Shu does not have to worry about it, I have a fiancée. She is also very kind to me.”

“Then it is the best, my Meridians are already crippled. As such just getting the news about Yuchen before I departed from this world has already made me very satisfied. I also have a mask here; you can take it. Remember when you go out find that Crafter Nong Zhen, don’t let other people see you, and also don’t let other people recognize you.” Lan Shu then took out a wooden box and handed it to Ning Cheng. Because Ning Cheng had brought her the news of her husband, and Ning Cheng even helped her husband in giving his remains a proper burial, Lan Shu was especially kind towards Ning Cheng.

“Many thanks Elder Sister Shu.” Ning Cheng knew that Lan Shu had intended to see her guest out.

After he took the mask, he took out a jade bottle and placed it on the bamboo table and spoke, “Elder Sister Shu, this is a small token from my heart, Elder Sister Shu please do not refuse it.”

“This is ….” Lan Shu seemed to feel the aura coming from inside the Jade Bottle as she spoke up tremblingly.

“This is the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence that I had obtained, I altogether had obtained two bottles, if Elder Sister Shu feels that this is insufficient, then you can also take the remaining bottle with me.” Ning Cheng quickly replied, since Lan Shu’s Meridians were crippled, the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was the best thing for her.

Ning Cheng knew that repairing Meridians and remoulding Meridians were two different things, as one of them involved his Mysterious Yellow Origin. He, of course, could not transfer the Mysterious Yellow Origin to Lan Shu, and even if it was not convenient, giving her the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was the most appropriate.

“This really is the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence. It is more than enough, even the full bottle would not be used up.” Lan Shu tremblingly grabbed the jade bottle, and excitedly spoke out. She also had a lot of things that she wanted to do, but because her Meridians were crippled, she did not have any means to finish her stuff. But today to repair her Meridians, the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence appeared in front of her, how could she not be excited.

Ning Cheng knew that the repairing of Meridians was a secret matter, as he heard Lan Shu speak it was more than enough for him, and quickly spoke up, “Elder Sister Shu, you can repair your Meridians in peace, I will be leaving now.”

“Wait Wait….” Lan Shu sobered up from her excitement, as her eyes were filled with an endless gratitude as she called out to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng stopped, “Elder Sister Shu’s order is my command.”

“Ning Cheng, thank you, without your Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence that you brought, there were a lot of things that I wouldn’t have been able to do.” Lan Shu’s tone was extremely gentle and warm. Ning Cheng not only brought back Yuchen’s relic, he also helped her enormously by bringing the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence that could repair her Meridians.

At present for a tiny person, where they would go to any lengths to accomplish things by fair means or foul in such a brutal world, Ning Cheng’s actions were really commendable. The Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was not an ordinary thing, it was something priceless, although it was a Rank 8 material, but in terms of spiritual value, it was even higher than many of those Rank 9 materials.

Ning Cheng smiled and spoke, “Elder Sister Shu even gave me the True Cosmic Devil Metal, what is a trivial bottle of Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence compared to it?”

“It is not the same.” Lan Shu shook her head and spoke.

After a pause, she asked, “Your Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence, where did it come from?”

Ning Cheng gave a very honest reply, “This Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence is also somewhat related to a disciple from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, when I was in the Angry Axe Valley I had obtained an Ancient Inheritance Ring. This disciple wanted my ring, so he finally duelled with me with a bet. The gambling stake that he used were two bottles of Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence, which was finally won by me.”

Lan Shu’s face slightly changed, “Did you say that this Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was obtained from a person from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy, does anybody know about this?”


“You can’t go out; you must remain here. Once the people know that you have come to the Dragon and Phoenix City, and that the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence is on your body, even if you have infinite lives, it would not be enough. Do you know how much precious the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence is? Later you will come to understand about it. That disciple from the Dragon and Phoenix Academy must have not known how precious the thing he bet was, but how could those old bastards in the Dragon and Phoenix Academy not know about it. Therefore, irrespective of whether that disciple leaked the matter or not, you must stay here, and can’t leave.” Lan Shu’s tone became more and more solemn as she talked.

Ning Cheng knew that the Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence was very precious, but he did not care about it very much, but now that Lan Shu spoke in such a manner, he began to feel that this matter was not as simple as he perceived it to be.

“But I came here to participate in the Law’s Way, if I don’t go out, then how would I be able to attend the Law’s Way?” Ning Cheng spoke with some distress.

Lan Shu thought for a moment and spoke, “There is a kind of trust that is innate between us, the moment you entered this room, for some reason I could feel that you were a person that is worthy of my trust. If you also trust me the same way, then I believe that this innate trust is certainly not a mistake. You can stay here, after my Meridians are restored, I will take you to Nong Zhen to help you craft your axe. On the day that you have to enter the Law’s Way, I will once more be accompanying you there.”

Ning Cheng did not hesitate, he immediately agreed to Lan Shu. He had also thought that Lan Shu was worthy of his trust, this was a kind of feeling, that he simply could not justify.

Seeing Ning Cheng agree, Lan Shu grabbed the bottle of Amethyst Heaven Coloured Glaze Essence and spoke, “I am going to repair my Meridians, you can stay here.”

Speaking till here, Lan Shu immediately entered the room to her right, while Ning Cheng stayed outside where he was.

For an outsider to remain during the repairing of her Meridians, it showed the degree of trust she had in him at that time. When Lan Shu went inside to repair her Meridians, Ning Cheng still stood there for a short while as if he was the only person here, in reality even Ning Cheng thought of considering to come and observe what went on during this process from his own perspective.

But Ning Cheng also knew that repairing the Meridians would only take a few days, as such it would be much better for him to wait outside.


Nalan Ruxue depressingly returned back to Jia Lingwei’s residence, Zhangsun Yan was the first one to stand up and ask anxiously, “Senior Apprentice Sister Ruxue, I heard Elder Sister Lingwei say a moment ago that any man that goes to Master Shu’s residence will be killed, you really did not take Senior Apprentice Brother Ning Cheng to Master Shu, right?”

Nalan Ruxue spoke with a heavy tone, “Yes, I really took him there, moreover I also saw him go inside.”

Jia Lingwei sighed, “Ruxue, I could see that Ning Cheng was a good person, not only was he very polite he even understood about discretion. Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue, because of your beauty, there would always be someone who would end up offending you. What I mean is, is…… If it is not a particularly serious matter, you should not haggle over them. After all, there might be a different reason for you be offended, of course, this is just my personal opinion, Junior Apprentice Sister Ruxue don’t get me wrong, I actually do not know that man named Ning Cheng.”

Nalan Ruxue remained silent, she originally had no intention to quarrel with Ning Cheng, but that man was simply too shameless, which forced her to be driven beyond the limits of her patience and forbearance.

The oldest among them seemed to be the red robed woman who suddenly opened her mouth and spoke, “Do not say such things, only this kind of punishment is good, otherwise it would only harm other women.”

The few people here were not interested in this kind of topic and wanted to change it, but because Nalan Ruxue felt her heart being blocked by something, as such the few people immediately became silent.

The next morning, she set out after saying her goodbyes to Jia Lingwei, she had intended to live here for a few days, but now she did not want to stay at this place.

Jia Lingwei and her trio knew that that Nalan Ruxue was in a bad mood, as such they also did not persuade her. After the three people delivered Nalan Ruxue to the Academy’s Entrance, they actually saw a group of people gathered around there and were chirping away in discussions.

“Senior Apprentice Sister Lingwei, is there something exciting to look at?” Zhangsun Yan was the first to speak out in excitement.

Jia Lingwei had not replied, when a nearby disciple with the cultivation of Essence Building Realm spoke up, “I heard this morning a dead cultivator was nailed to the outside plaza of the Dragon and Phoenix Academy …….”

Nalan Ruxue’s hand shook a bit, as her complexion became even more pale.

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