New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0990+ An Important Announcement

Sup Folks

As you all have observed for the past few weeks, the chapter releases have been quite inconsistent from our end. As much as we want to give an excuse for it, the truth is that the team is burned out, especially me.

There have been so many things going on in my personal and professional life that I no longer can muster up enough energy to translate. With things in RL showing no signs of slowing down, it would be impossible for us to keep pace with everyone’s expectations.

For this reason, we decided to stop and take a break from the blog and translation for 2 to 3 weeks to prevent a full-fledged burnout among everyone, especially me.

I want to reassure everyone that I’m not quitting on this novel as we’ve come so far, reaching almost 1000 chapters. This is a much required break for everyone to recoup from the burnout and maintain some sort of sanity. I’ve even put in a month-long break from my work starting from the 13th of April to sort out many of my issues that have started to spill over and affect my family and friends.

That said, please enjoy today’s chapter, which is also the last chapter of Volume 17:

  1. Chapter 0990 – Heading To The Grand Essence Ruins Once Again
    Translated By – DemonKiller
    Checked and Edited By – Livewidsmile
    Proofread By – DemonKiller

We hope to see everyone back after the break.

Thank you all for the continued support!

2 thoughts on “New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0990+ An Important Announcement

  1. Take your time. If 2 weeks aren’t enough, take 2 months. I like your translation and I like the story. I’d rather wait than having to go on MTL. Thanks for the great work so far!!!

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  2. All is well — I finished reading Strongest Abandoned Son and wanted to continue reading Old Five’s works, so I found your site and am enjoying this story and your notes. Personally, I’m a little burned out from work right now myself, so I definitely don’t fault you for taking a breather. Thanks for all you do, and enjoy your time away.

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