New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0046

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Had a really tiring work trip, and honestly, I did not think that I would be able to complete this chapter today. But somehow I did, really thanks to CurlyAdi(my sis) and a few other friends(they don’t want to add their names here, so lets just call them Anonymous 1, 2, 3…..) who pitched in to help with the editing and the terms.

Enjoy the first regular release of this week:

  1. Chapter 0046 – The Land Of Cultivation
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller and Anonymous 1
    Proofread and Edited By – CurlyAdi and Anonymous 2, 3, 4

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0045

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Finally somehow managed to finish this in time, and honestly, it took me around an hour to just upload this chapter, with no wifi or other internet cafe’s around, I could only use my mobile data, which was dead slow, kept breaking off every five minutes.

Anyways enjoy the chapter:

  1. Chapter 0045 – A Vicious Person
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread and Edited By – CurlyAdi

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0044

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Sorry for the extremely late post, this chapter really gave me a headache, there were a few new terms, whose names just couldn’t be decided easily.

Ended up discussing the skill names with other people for almost 2 hrs before resolving it.

Enjoy the Second Regular Chapter of the week [people why you not donate.]

  1. Chapter 0044 – Ice Type Magical Techniques
    Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Note: The regular Saturday chapter might be delayed by a day or two as I have to make an official trip for 3-4 days starting tomorrow morning, so I may not be able to translate much. I’ll try to keep it regular, but it all depends on the free time and the internet connectivity that I get. So no promises.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0039

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Enjoy the third and last regular chapter of the week, sigh, to many things have already piled up, there are even some games that I bought and have still not opened the packaging yet, like Fallout 4, Black Ops, etc.

Anyways enjoy todays chapter, as I go hunt down the packages which most probably have already been opened by those demons that I call as my siblings, *cry* I can’t have that pleasurable feeling of opening an unopened case for the first time. But, insert sinister smile here, I will take revenge of playing them while they helplessly study for their exams, he, he…….

  1. Chapter 0039 – Where To Go
    Translated, Checked and Edited by – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

This is the third regular chapter of the week, bringing the count of total number of chapter this week to 4 (1 Sponsored and 3 regular).

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0037

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The first regular chapter of the week, had to bleed my pockets dry to make my sis proofread the chapter, didn’t have the time to double check the work, so if you find any mistakes then please point them out in the comments and I will correct it as soon as possible.

Enjoy the chapter:

  1. Chapter 0037 – Blood Red Walls Of The Courtyard
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. See you all on regular chapter Thursday, if there are no sponsored chapters in between (the queue for sponsored chapters is currently at 0, as indicated by the donations bar).

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0036

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So many of you might have noticed that our donations bar is showing a healthy green color now. Surprise surprise we finally received our first donation in a long time, so I decided to sacrifice my weekly day of rest i.e. Sunday, to bring to you the first sponsored chapter for the week. Don’t worry, I am going to work on the next chapter as soon as I finish my lunch, it should be ready by tonight and would be proofread and edited by tomorrow, provided our moody princess here can proofread it, might need some coaxing though…… I think chocolates should do the trick :p :p

  1. Chapter 0036 – Entering The Heart Of Lansha Island
    Translated, Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi
    Sponsored By – Anonymous

This is our first sponsored chapter of the week.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0035

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Enjoy the third and final regular release of this week (Unfortunately there are no sponsored chapters this week too, since no one donated 😦 )

  1. Chapter 0035 – Lansha Island
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. Sorry for the late release today, had to finish some work today, so was not able to post the chapter in the noon when I completed it.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0034

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Enjoy the second regular chapter release for the week:

  1. Chapter 0034 – Deserted Island
    Translated, Edited and Checked by – DemonKiller and co
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi (Another avatar of DemonKiller’s devilish sister)

Man taking care of your younger siblings, especially when your parents are not around, is really a huge headache. Every time, its as if I am the bad guy. It really makes you think, was I also a pain in the a** for for parents when I was at their age…….

P.S. That’s just me ranting about my problems, but I know you will definitely enjoy this chapter.

P.P.S. I made a small mistake in translating in the previous chapters, i.e. the sword slash attack that the people performed before with their sword artifacts, its actually ‘Sword Light/Glow Attack’ it was pointed out to me by a person who does not wishes to be named one one of the forums that I frequent. I’ll change those instances in the previous chapters at a later date, and will now continue on with the new term, once I decide on whether to use Light or Glow. Do comment on what you would prefer.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0033

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Sorry about the ruckus before, that what happens when you live with your younger siblings without your parents supervision. Being the eldest brother, it really drives you crazy. Kind of makes you think about how did our parents managed to raise us, or in their words ‘little devils’.

Anyways, enjoy the genuine chapter release, which was actually Monday’s scheduled regular release:

  1. Chapter 0033 – A Different Path
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. for those who saw what happened a few hours ago, lets just say that it stopped after I made a few deals and promises with them which can be counted as bribes to not to open their mouths to our parents.

P.P.S. don’t EVER leave your account open at home, especially if you have siblings who just love to take advantage of the situations to get you into trouble.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0032

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This chapter was a bit longer than usual, almost 1.5 times lengthier than the others, but fear not as promised, here is the other chapter that was promised yesterday.

[Sorry, was a bit busy with relatives visiting, otherwise the chapter would have been released yesterday, man I have to say, little kids really do not allow you to work.]

  1. Chapter 0032 – The Helpless Fang Jiyan
    Translated By – DemonKiller, with a bit of help from MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – Curly Adi

P.S. – The Monday regular release might be delayed a bit as I promised to play with the little buggers for the entire day once I get back from work. I would only get time to translate the next chapters when they tire out, and honestly looking at their energy levels being over 9000, it doesn’t look good. Don’t worry they would be shipped back to their parents homes by the day after tomorrow, i.e. by Tuesday and we would again be back to the normal schedule.

Once again, sorry about it, but as the saying goes, family first.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0031

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Enjoy the third regular release, of this week:

  1. Chapter 0031 – A Strange Ship
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. There is still almost a third of the next chapter to be translated, was a bit busy with entertaining a few relatives at home. Will see if I could complete it by today night by 10.00 PM here other wise the chapter would definitely be released tomorrow.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0030

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Finally got back after my tour of Moscow, though I wish I could stay a few more days there, well not because I liked the place (which of course I did), but because I got to be in such warm blankets in such a cold weather that you really do not want to go out of the warm and cozy bed and into the biting cold outside. I know its a weird feeling, but who can resist warm blankies in such a cold weather. Ah but all good things have to end like having to leave such a warm……..

Before I get deluded with my own thoughts, here enjoy your regular Thursday chapter, which is also our 2nd regular chapter this week, I have already finished half of the next chapter and by Saturday, I think you can expect a double release as promised.

  1. Chapter 0030 – Pursued Till Death
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0029

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Enjoy the early release of the new chapter, for some reason I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended to translating a chapter, good thing I don’t have any work to do today, as now I really am feeling sleepy, enjoy the chapter as I go to sleep at 8 in the morning here.

  1. Chapter 0029 – Calm Heart Academy
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0028

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Got the thumbs up from our tech guy, it seems he is now gorging on food as we speak. The migration of the site is complete, but then again, if there are any problems that crop up, then please do contact me through the comments or through mail asap.

Anyways, enjoy the third and final regular chapter of the week. Truthfully I was planning on doing one more by tomorrow, but it seems that there is a big thing going on here which requires all of our colleagues to attend. I will be back to at home on Wednesday, so the Monday regular release will be a bit iffy but once I get back you can expect 4 regular chapters next week, provided there are no sponsored chapters for me to do.

  1. Chapter 0028 – The Place Where The Strong Eats The Weak
    Translated, Edited and Checked by – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0027

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This is the Second Regular Chapter of the week, kinda rushed it as I have to stay up late for some other work, and damn its cold here, its only 4 o’clock and the temperature is 1 degree Celsius, really don’t want to get out of the comforts of the warm blankets, sigh but at the same time duty calls people.

Also, was slightly tired yesterday after all the ‘sightseeing’ so for all those who celebrate the happy festival of Diwali, hope you all had a pleasant and cheerful day while your ears hurt from the sounds of the crackers exploding. >:D

Please do comment if there is any mistakes, and I will correct them tomorrow.

  1. Chapter 0027 – Mingot City
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread by – CurlyAdi

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0026

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Here’s your first sponsored chapter, I figured that since there was only around 50 cents remaining fill up up the sponsored chapter queue, I might just add the rest myself and release the sponsored chapter. I was a bit too busy yesterday with the presentation work so could release it yesterday, but I am completely free today, as the other people have to do their work. I’ll start with tomorrow’s regular chapter, once I come back from ‘sight seeing’ the local pubs with a few new friends.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter:

  1. Chapter 0026 – Intangible
    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

[Edit : Forgot to add the Generous Sponsors for this chapter – A special thanks to Joshua Jacobs, Anonymous and Abdelkrim Ouahasna for sponsoring this chapter.]

P.S. this chapter was a bit tiresome, as it mostly contains information about ……. Just read the chapter and you will understand it. Also leave your valuable suggestions when you read the small favor that I require from you all regarding some terms. Count it as a poll of sorts to set the terms straight for the long run.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0025

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Its pretty cold out here in Moscow, good thing they have pretty comfy and warm blankets in the hotel room. Its only 6 Pm here, so I will be going out to some sight seeing with a few colleagues, so wanted to post this out before I get wasted by downing Vodka shots, which I think everyone is planning to do. God, you should see the people here, they drink this stuff as if it was water.

Anyway, here you go, the scheduled Monday Release:

  1. Chapter 0025 – Information About The Mysterious Yellow Qi
    Translated, Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. we are still looking for a TLC, so if you are interested then just drop a mail or you can even comment.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0024

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Just managed to get this chapter done in time, honestly this chapter gave me a bit of headache, especially a line in the middle, it should help you from the withdrawal of the previous chapter’s minor cliff hanger. Also, I will be visiting Moscow, Russia for some work related conference, so the chapters posting timings might be a little whacky but don’t worry, I will definitely post them on the scheduled days, though I might not be able to do a double release that I was planning to this week. But you can be assured that once I come back from my official trip, I will definitely do one double release apart from the regular release. That said, enjoy the chapter:

  1. Chapter 0024 – Powerful Capabilities
    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL Max
    Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Also, on an important note, MeTaL MaX decided to quit doing this project and is going to pick up a new project of his own, so do support him in his endeavor. I will post the new link to his project when he decides to come out with it.

Also, we are also looking for a TLC for this project, someone with a good Chinese background would be preferred, as machine translating is already a bit tedious plus with checking it again after translating and then again correcting it for grammar it becomes even more of a headache. Fortunately, I ended up loving this series otherwise I would have dropped it long ago.

Also a reminder that the sponsored chapter queue is still open, so you can contribute and also at the same time have the advantage of making me work as your personal translator slave for a day. Though, doing more than one chapter a day is still not something I can not achieve at the moment but I am trying my best.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0023

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Since I have a lot of work tomorrow at my work place and would only return late at night, I decided to rush through translating this chapter and post it today. Though I got to say, the lack of Sponsored Chapters is kinda heaven sent that allows me to translate the chapters at a leisure rate. Though truth be told, it still take around 4-6 hrs to translate the chapters and then another hour or so to edit it and get it proofread before releasing it.

So enjoy the chapter:

  1. Chapter 0023 – Frenzied Escape
    Translated, Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread by – CurlyAdi

This is the second regular chapter for the week (according to the schedule, it was supposed to be posted tomorrow.) See you all on Friday/Saturday or whenever I finish the next chapter. Don’t worry as I said I will try sticking with the schedule as much as possible.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0022

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So, yesterday night I was just barely able to catch my bus back to where I live from my parents home, and lo and behold, it ended up breaking down in the middle of the way, although it was successfully repaired but I ended up getting in late for work, plus just when I arrived at work, I found that I left my mouse at home, and I was like f****** and some BS words.

How the hell was I to play around give a presentation without my mouse. Fortunately, there was only a few paragraphs left for translating in this chapter and was able to complete. He He you might like the cl Forget that I said anything, and enjoy the chapter:

  1. Chapter 0022 – Forced To Team Up
    Translated, Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Also, need some recommendations for some RPG games like Diablo 3 and the like, I want to buys a game for my little sis for her birthday, and she likes games like these along with some horror and gory games (truthfully RPG games are still OK with me, but I can’t stand the Horror and gory games, just how is able to enjoy them id beyond me.), so any recommendations for that…

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0021

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A simple poll for you all:

The first things your parents say to you, the moment you step into their house after a long time:

  1. You got fat
  2. Go take a bath, you stink
  3. Did you loose anything while coming over
  4. Did you forget to bring back something
  5. Are you eating well
  6. Are you cooking your own food or still ordering pizzas
  7. Are you sleeping well
  8. Did you get a girlfriend/boyfriend yet
  9. Are you planning to sleep all days you are here
  10. And last but not the least, when are you planning to get married.

Comment your answers, FYI of all of you, I get asked all these questions before even stepping into the house, and truthfully I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this point.

Anyways, enjoy your third guaranteed chapter of the week:

  1. Chapter 0021 – Golden Cicada Fruit
    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. I’ll start out on the next chapter tomorrow, too tired today after all the pampering from home, I’ll see if I can complete the chapter tomorrow, otherwise see you all on the next regular release on Monday. Also, since the queue is still yet to be filled, so no sponsored chapters this week.


New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0019

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What would Ji Luofei do now? Would she try to take revenge or just sit back and relax in her new life? What about An Yi’s feelings? Would she marry Ning Cheng or not? And most of all Ning Cheng, would he continue to take care of An Yi or would he just say, f*ck this sh*t, I’m out, and leave her? The answer to some of these questions, if not all, can be found in this chapter.

So what are you waiting for hurry up and start reading:

  1. Chapter 0019 – Ji Luofei’s Sadness
    Translated, Edited and Checked By – DemonKiller

P.S. sorry for the delay in posting this chapter, it was 90% completed yesterday but ended up falling asleep, barely woke up in time to go to work. Hope you can forgive us.

Count this as the second regular chapter of the week, as we did not receive any more donations after the initial one by our patron Joshua Jacobs.

Also, a kind reminder to leave your valuable comments, feedbacks and criticisms to our work as they are highly appreciated. Basically, anything from your side which would help us in improving the accuracy and the grammar of our translations are most welcome. So, do please share your views with us.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0018

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Here is your chapter that I promised yesterday, enjoy:

  1. Chapter 0018 – Can’t Marry
    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited by – DemonKiller
    Proofread by – CurlyAdi

Honestly, I did not think that I would be able to translate this chapter today, as although I had a half day at work, I still arrived home at around 5’ish in the evening. Ended up visiting a colleague in hospital who was admitted for a biking accident.

Anyways, all in all, I’d say that today, was able to make good timing, it only took me and MeTaL MaX 4 hours to translate it, check it and then send it towards my sister to proofread it.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0017

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As promised, here is your fifth regular chapter of the week. Wow, I seriously did not expect that I would be able to translate 6 chapters (1 Sponsored and 5 regular) in a week, especially with my crazy work schedule. So enjoy the chapter, and also do share your your feedback/comments/criticisms on what could be improved.

  1. Chapter 0017 – Kindness Is Not Something Expressed with Words
    Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
    Proofread By – CurlyAdi

P.S. tomorrow being a Sunday, I only have a half day at work, so I might get another chapter out probably by the end of the day at least. So stay tuned.

New TGOGF Chapter Release!! Chapter 0016

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Enjoy the chapter, this is our fourth regular chapter, wow did not think that we would be able to release five chapters this week (one sponsored and four regular ones) despite our whacky work schedules. For now we our trying our best to try and stick to our schedule, so please bear with us. Also this weekend, if I am able to come home from work early, then you can expect one more chapter, making it a six chapter week. So stay tuned.

  1. Chapter 0016 – Little Nun An Yi 
    Translated By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
    Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller

For those who celebrate Dushera, hope you get to enjoy some amazing fireworks and delicious food, unlike little ol me, who still has to slug it through office even on the weekends.