Chapter 0037 – Blood Red Walls Of The Courtyard

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Chapter 0037 – Blood Red Walls Of The Courtyard

Ning Cheng in his heart was suddenly shocked, if An Yi ended up lost in this place then there was no way that he would be able to find her, it was really a narrow escape from death.

“Big Brother Ning……” A panic stricken voice sounded out, Ning Cheng on listening to it immediately knew that An Yi was safe.

At this time Ning Cheng did not think if this sound was really false, and threw himself directly towards the direction of the voice. Immediately he saw the faint hazy shadow of the frightened An Yi, the distance between him and An Yi was less than 2 meters.

Ning Cheng immediately stepped in front of An Yi and raised his hand to grab An Yi’s hand and said, “What’s the matter, An Yi? I clearly was holding your hand before, how did you come here?”

The hand of An Yi that he was holding was icy cold, but when Ning Cheng caught her hand, the Qi from the mysterious Yellow Bead automatically cleansed the icy cold feeling out of her body. At this time, he did not have the time to think how An Yi had suddenly disappeared from his side, nor did he find anything suspicious.

By rights, because of the strange disappearance, he should not have found her so easily.

After An Yi’s hand was grabbed by Ning Cheng, her pale complexion finally turned a bit healthy, she subconsciously approached Ning Cheng, and just said, “Just when I stepped onto the curved path, I found that you were not around. Then I saw a huge black claw grab me, and I was unable to speak. Just before the black claw was going to pull me, suddenly on my chest a dark yellow light emerged that blocked that jet black claw, and then I screamed out.”

“A dark yellow light emerged from your chest?” Ning Cheng immediately remembered that just before her master died, she had given An Yi a yellow Jade Pendant, that jade pendant was hanging on An Yi’s chest. Was it that jade pendant that protected An Yi?

Regardless of if it was true or not, this place was somewhat strange,

Ning Cheng took out a string and tied it to his and An Yi’s wrists, connecting them together, “An Yi, you and I are going to walk side by side, so that I can avoid not seeing you.”

“This is ……” Ning Cheng was just speaking to An Yi, when he was stunned by the scene in front of him.

In front of An Yi and him appeared a towering blood red wall, the wall seemed to be endless, there was simply no end to it in sight. As to what was on the other side of the wall, it couldn’t be seen. At this point he and An Yi were in front of a door on the wall directly on the path paved with blue stones that they were walking on.

This blue stone paved path lead directly to the door on the blood red wall. The front of the door on the walls was unlatched. For a long time, the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit had not appeared, about this Ning Cheng was very clear, but now the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit was coming out from the other side of the wall through the unlatched door.

“Big Brother Ning, the Golden Cicada Fruit seems to be on the other side of the red wall, it seems that this big wall was actually built by the seniors who lived here?” An Yi whispered in the ear of Ning Cheng.

“This is not right……”  Ning Cheng was in his mind very clear, he discovered that he could clearly see the front courtyard clearly, he could even see the path leading to it clearly. However, in his peripheral vision, and also behind him, it was completely fuzzy.

Ning Cheng forced his Qi to circulate in his body, he did not cultivate the Profound Grade [Wishful Wooden Tactics], but rather he cultivated his Clan’s modified Cultivation Method, when the Qi of a cultivator is already powerful enough, he would be able to control his Qi actively, and can make his eyes to see more clearly.

At this point he was forcing his Qi to circulate in his body, and wanted to see if he could see the things around him more clearly. In the next moment, a 1 meter of area around him appeared a bit fuzzy within his consciousness.

This was the result of using his Spiritual Sense? Ning Cheng had just thought of bringing his Spiritual Sense to the outside, and was already able to see around one meter around him, before it disappeared once again.

“Are we going in?” An Yi whispered, she suddenly did not want to enter those bloody red walls, she felt that those bloody red walls were a bit strange.

Ning Cheng waved his hand, and once more forced his Spiritual Sense out of his body, this time he could see an area that was slightly larger than before, his viewing area seemed to have been increased to 1.5 meters. A vague vision of a person appeared within his Spiritual Sense, this figure seemed to be staring at him and An Yi, and seemed to be lifeless.

Ning Cheng was shocked, he did not think of anything, and sent out a Flame Edge towards it chopping it into two. After he heard a sharp cry, the shadowy figure in front of Ning Cheng disappeared without a trace because of Ning Cheng’s Flame Edge.

Ning Cheng was relieved, although these forms were unable to be perceived by one’s eyes completely, but once they were perceived by his Spiritual Sense, as long as he could throw out a Flame Edge, it could be resolved. From this, he found that using one’s Spiritual Sense made one much more powerful than just using one’s eye. At this moment Ning Cheng made a firm resolve, when he was cultivating, he must not neglect cultivating and strengthening his Spiritual Sense.

“What’s going on? Big Brother Ning?” An Yi asked as she did not understand why Ning Cheng threw out a Flame Edge suddenly, but the sharp cry that she had heard was crystal clear.

Ning Cheng waved his hand again, and cast out his Spiritual Sense once again. This time several shadowy figures appeared within his Spiritual Sense, among a few of those figures Ning Cheng could even feel a breath of life emanating from them. He immediately knew that these few figures and the others were different, it seemed that there were more people in this place that just them. Ning Cheng hurriedly took An Yi and retreated back a few step, hiding in a patch of tall grass behind them.

When those figures arrived from the curved path in front of the blood red walls of the courtyard in front of the path, Ning Cheng could see them clearly. There were a total of eight people, of these eight people, Ning Cheng even knew four of them. Taoist Pu, Feng Fei Zhang, Tian Fei and Miao Xiu Ming.

After the eight people arrived from the curved road, they immediately saw the blood red walls, but at the same time they also noticed that the door was ajar.

“That’s right, this is definitely the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit, it really is here, it also seems that this wall was built around it. If I had not sniffed the aroma, I was thinking that we were going in the wrong way.” One of the Qi Gathering 3rd Level cultivator who had just stepped off from the curved path and had narrow slit like eyes, called out in surprise.

Taoist Pu just said with a sneer, “Xue Sinian, do not blame me for not reminding you. Even if this place was to somehow disappear, it would be a normal thing, we eight people arrived here to break the Array Formation by working together, otherwise you probably would have disappeared a long time ago.”

“Yes Yes, what Brother Pu said was right, if not for the map for the Array Formation provided by Brother Pu, we would not have been able to come here. Brother Pu’s warning, I have already taken it to heart.” That slit eyed cultivator thought that this Taoist Pu wanted to reaffirm his role in the group, and hurriedly repeated those words many times.

Taoist Pu also did not bother to remind the guy about his role in breaking the Array Formation, it seems that the Array Flags Identifiers and the Array Formation path were inexplicably missing. Fortunately, now that they have reached the blood red wall in front of them, even if the Flag Identifiers was lost, the problem would not be too great.

“Brother Xue, I would like to remind you that you not only play a role in this Array Formation, but also remind you that you should not lose your Flame character.” Feng Fei Zhang understood the meaning of Taoist Pu.

Taoist Pu did not continue to explain, and just said, “After we enter through the blood red walls of the courtyard through the door, do not rush inside, listen to my instructions, each of us eight people will occupy a corner, and we will then proceed to break open the Defensive Array Formation around the Golden Cicada Fruit Tree.”

“Of Course, we will listen to your instructions of Brother Pu, Brother Pu just say the word.” Miao Xiu Ming immediately echoed out, indicating the he insisted on standing on Taoist Pu’s side.

Taoist Pu nodded and said, “There are already a lot of people who, by now, have gotten hold of the Lansha Island’s map, but they think that they can only come here on the 15th of every month. What they absolutely do not know, is that the Golden Cicada Fruit matures rapidly by the 10th. Unfortunately, many of them do not have the power to break the Array Formation and thus would fail, even if they knew about it, they would only come here to die. Today is the 9th day, it is exactly the time that suits us to break the Array Formation, and then we can take the Golden Cicada Fruit away.”

Ning Cheng in his heart was cursing Taoist Pu for being so shameless, as he himself said that they could only arrive on the 15th, but fortunately, he arrived at the Lansha Island first. And moreover this guy even had the Flame mark of the Talisman, but did not disclose it to the other. If not for him, An Yi would have been one of his victims and would have almost disappeared.

Taoist Pu led the other people to the front of the slightly open door, and pushed it open carefully. The slightly opened door gave out a loud ‘squeak’ sound, it was not exactly loud but it seemed to pierce through and grab at their hearts making them feel uncomfortable.

Looking at the eight people entering the open door from the side, Ning Cheng dispelled the idea of going in behind them. They had not yet entered the blood red walls, but have already seen so many strange and weird things, once they went inside, would that even be good? It was not that he was afraid of getting into trouble, but because his cultivation was very poor, only at the Qi Gathering 4th Level. The Golden Cicada Fruit was definitely good, but it was also possible that he would have to fight for his life in the present situation, it was not worthwhile to gamble with his life in that manner.

Ning Cheng did not plan to go, since the Golden Cicada Fruit was in front of him, he was not the kind of person who would be courteous towards such a shameless person. Ning Cheng already vaguely felt that there were some problems with that Taoist Pu, even though the map and the Array Formation Breaking Methods were provided by Taoist Pu, and even proposing to divide the things equally, he believed that this Taoist Pu was not this kind of a classy guy. But now with those eight people inside, he could not think of how Taoist Pu would use the other seven for his own purpose.

Ning Cheng also did not follow them inside for two reasons, one was he did not know how to get out of that place, and the other was he wanted to kill that Taoist Pu.

Before in the Beast Carriage, that Taoist Pu used the others to blackmail him into joining his team, if he did not do something about this hatred, then this was not Ning Cheng. Moreover, if Taoist Pu came out from the inside of the blood red walls, then it would also mean that he would have obtained some good stuff.


Waiting for the time to pass, on the first day Ning Cheng and An Yi could only hear an intermittent dull thumping sound coming from the inside of the dark red walls. At the start, the interval between the dull thumping sounds was very short, but as the time passed the interval between the dull thumping sounds was getting longer and longer while the sound was getting weaker and weaker.

The next day, Ning Cheng and An Yi could not hear even half a sound coming from inside, the eight people who entered the blood red walls, it was as if mud falling into the sea, it was completely lifeless without any sound.

Ning Cheng did not have to confidence to continue to stay there for longer periods of time, if he continued to stay there, maybe in a few days, many people would start to reach the island. Moreover, he had a strange and vague feeling that this fog seemed to have a pair of eyes staring at him and An Yi which made him very uncomfortable.

“Big Brother Ning, I am always feeling that someone is calling for me, wanting me to enter the blood red walls. If you did not hold onto me, I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to resist it.” An Yi whispered into Ning Cheng’s ear.

Ning Cheng was about to speak, when the door in the blood red wall again sent out a ‘squeak’, as Taoist Pu crazily rushed out from the inside. This time that Taoist Pu had dishevelled look on him, what happened to his calm appearance from before?

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