Chapter 0036 – Entering The Heart Of Lansha Island

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Chapter 0036 – Entering The Heart Of Lansha Island

“Is it really the Golden Cicada Fruit?” Ning Cheng said in a tone that was brimming with excitement.

He did not want to enter the heart of the Lansha Island, not because he despised the Golden Cicada Fruit, but because he knows that him going there would be useless. His cultivation level was simply too low, he cannot simply go and grab the Golden Cicada Fruit. Moreover, he suspected that the fruit was not really the Golden Cicada Fruit.

He could also clearly see that those students from the Clear Heart Academy were also going to the Lansha Island for the Golden Cicada Fruit, and also the worst cultivation level among that group was Qi Gathering 6th Level, if he took something wouldn’t the others be able to snatch the Golden Cicada Fruit from him easily?

“This is not right, An Yi, today does not seem to be the 15th of the month, how can we even smell the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit? Did that Taoist Pu deceive us by telling us those things?” Ning Cheng said as he immediately remembered that Taoist Pu had mentioned that one could only enter the Array Formation only on the 15th of every month.

“Big Brother Ning…….” An Yi was just about to call out to Ning Cheng, when she saw in his eyes what Ning Cheng wanted to do.

If they did not smell the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit, Ning Cheng would certainly would not have moved, in his view, even if there was a Golden Cicada Fruit, it’s not that he could not get it, but rather the him now he might not even find the Golden Cicada Fruit.

But now it was different, he could clearly smell the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit. This indicated that as long as he followed the direction from which the aroma originated, he could certainly arrive at where the was Golden Cicada Fruit.

This issue could not be directly neglected by Ning Cheng, cultivating in this place, if such a fruit like the Golden Cicada Fruit appeared in front of him, if he still remained unconcerned, then what kind of opportunity could he even speak of? Would he even get such an opportunity in the future? He would have to take this opportunity immediately.

In the Ping Continent, the Golden Cicada Fruit was one of the most valuable kind of Spiritual Fruit, it can help a cultivator at the Qi Gathering Realm to successfully advance to the True Condensation Realm. This kind of thing, how could he give up? If he gave up this time, maybe he would no longer see it. What’s more, perhaps the Golden Cicada Fruit here was ripe, since there was no one here, this was just the right moment to meet.

“An Yi, I decided to go look for the Golden Cicada Fruit, you stay here and wait for me. If I don’t come back, you wait till your Spirit Stones are exhausted, and then look for opportunities to leave this Lansha Island.” Ning Cheng said in a determined voice.

Those words spoken by Ning Cheng, it surprised An Yi as she directly stood up from the ground on which she was cultivating and said, “Big Brother Ning, I am coming with you. If you went away, my stay here will be very lonely, I really am very afraid of those soul soldiers.”

Ning Cheng scratched his head and said, “An Yi, I told you, I always wanted to return to my home. My hometown is very far away, and my cultivation is simply very poor and cannot go back. I do not know to what extent would I have to cultivate before I can go back, but I do not want to give up, therefore if there is any opportunity for me to advance in my cultivation level, I do not want to let it go.”

“I know that the opportunity to go back is very slim, but no matter how slim the chances are, I will still try to go back. This time if we went to look for the Golden Cicada Fruit together, it would certainly be tough to escape, but I cannot give up this opportunity, you must go. You are different from me, your home is here, there is no need for you to accompany me.”

“Big Brother Ning, why do you have to go back to your hometown, isn’t the Ping Continent not good? We can even go to the other continents. Before in the Mingot City, the people from the Clear Heart Academy said something about the enrolment examination of the Clear Heart Academy, we can even go to the Clear Heart Academy. Is it because your girlfriend is in your hometown, therefore you are so worried about it?” An Yi asked carefully.

Ning Cheng shook his head and said, “It is not because of her, it is because of my sister. I have a younger sister, without me, she must be very worried. Unfortunately, I cannot go back to her. Therefore, I want to cultivate, so that one day when my cultivation level is high enough, I could go back.”

“Big Brother Ning, I will come with you to find the Golden Cicada Fruit.” said An Yi simply, after listening to his words, she did not give any reason or explanation again.

Ning Cheng looked at An Yi’s determined and firm look, he knew that continuing to persuade her would be useless. He just helplessly nodded and said, “All right, but you must always stick to me. With us two together, at least we will not be lonely if death approaches.”

Since Ning Cheng knew that until he cultivates to the Essence Building Realm, only then would he be able to leave the Ping Continent, as for returning to Earth, he knew that it was extremely uncertain if he could accomplish it. But as he said, even if there was even the slightest chance, he did not want to give up on it. Don’t give up, even if there was the slightest of chance, if he gave up that opportunity, he knew that there would not be a second one.

Heavens had given him a chance, letting him have the Mysterious Yellow Bead. This Mysterious Yellow Bead went against the will of the heavens, but also needed a large amount of Spirit Stones to help him in cultivating, not only that, it also required a lot of Spiritual Grasses. He did not have any family, he even could not enter into the doors of any Academy, if he did not go desperately looking for various magical things, then who would help him? Besides, even if he wanted to be a disciple of an Academy, there would be no such Academy that would take him, who would give him heaps of Spirit Stones just to cultivate.


Ning Cheng led An Yi carefully to the entrance of the reef cave, and directly followed the direction from which the fragrant aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit came. After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, that indistinct foggy haze shrouded them once more, Ning Cheng could only vaguely see An Yi close to him.

Ning Cheng grabbed An Yi’s hand, he knew that in this place, if one of them was lost, then the two of them could never be able to be together again.

“Pata, Pata……” There was a sound of footsteps approaching, Ning Cheng and An Yi immediately stopped.

The footsteps were getting close, but to the horror of Ning Cheng he could not even see anyone’s shadow, he could only hear the sounds of the footsteps nonstop.

Suddenly, the footsteps stopped, it seems that whatever it was, was just a few meters in front of Ning Cheng. An Yi also subconsciously tightened her grip on Ning Cheng, she was just like Ning Cheng, she also could not see who those footsteps belonged to.

A kind of cold wave hit them, in Ning Cheng’s eyes there suddenly appeared a bright and clear path, Ning Cheng was just about to pull An Yi onto the path, when the Mysterious Yellow Bead emitted a burst of Qi. This burst of Qi invaded Ning Cheng and the cloudy and cold feeling was instantly dissipated from his body, immediately even the “patter” sounds of the footsteps that Ning Cheng heard had also gone.

“Big Brother Ning, I just now saw a path a moment ago, but that path quickly disappeared, I think it was a fake.” An Yi already understood that path she and Ning Cheng saw was a fake.

Ning Cheng muttered, “This Mingot Sea Area and the Lansha Island are somewhat strange, before there were soul soldiers, then a man without a head, and now footsteps without people. We cannot go on like this, wait a minute.”

Ning Cheng slightly hesitated for a moment and then he said, “According to the map of Taoist Pu, I feel that the map that he gave us was real.”

An Yi just humphed and did not speak again.

After Ning Cheng recalled the map of the Lansha Island given to him by Taoist Pu, he immediately changed directions. He had committed the map of the Lansha Island to his memory, in addition he could also use one or two Array Formations himself although only low level ones, so after taking just a few step he arrived to find himself in front of a small bend in the road.

When Ning Cheng and An Yi found this curved path, the fog surrounding them also grew a bit lighter. Not only that, the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit was getting more concentrated as they moved forward.

“That map is right, let us hurry up.” Ning Cheng said as he tightened his grip on An Yi, as he turned on the small curved path from time to time. Their speed was also getting faster and faster, they also did not encounter anything strange in their path.

After an hour, Ning Cheng and An Yi stopped, in front of them there was no longer a path, the map given to them by Taoist Pu only led so far.

“There is no way ahead.” Ning Cheng said as stared in front of the curved path that disappeared and frowned. He also knew that there was also a Killing Array Formation, unfortunately, that Array Formation was too advanced, currently he had no way to find the correct path.

“Big Brother Ning, the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit seems to have disappeared.” An Yi said suddenly.

Ning Cheng was paying careful attention to the path in front of him, at that time he did not pay attention to the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit, as An Yi said those words, before he could even react. He was not even aware that the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit had disappeared.

“An Yi, you stay close to me, I am going down this road, if it is not right, we will come back again.” After Ning Cheng carefully explained to An Yi, he carefully advanced step by step into the curving path.

“Boom……” Ning Cheng had just taken a step forward on this path, when he heard a loud bang in front of him.

At this point of time Ning Cheng was paying attention to everything very carefully, when he heard the first muffled boom, he wanted to turn back to the original path, but when he looked back at the path he found that it had already disappeared. It was as if he had teleported somewhere else, around him there were only weeds and rocks.

“An Yi……” Ning Cheng felt that something was wrong, and discovered that he did not know when An Yi had disappeared. Next to him there was a hazy fog all around, where did An Yi’s shadow go?

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