Chapter 0035 – Lansha Island

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0035 – Lansha Island

An Yi did not realize that she was completely exposed in front of Ning Cheng, but instead was tightly holding onto Ning Cheng, and was even trembling.

“An Yi……” Ning Cheng was just going to ask An Yi if she was alright, but he felt that something was not right, he and An Yi were completely surrounded by a foggy haze, even An Yi’s snow white chest was blocked out by the fog, and appeared indistinctly.

“There are soul soldiers……” An Yi said in a trembling voice, she seemed very afraid of the soul soldiers.

Ning Cheng already threw An Yi’s chest problems aside in his mind, and instantly sat up, he simply refused to be exhausted, he immediately grabbed An Yi and hid behind a protruding piece of rock.

A headless man carrying his head in his hand was slowly moving forward in the foggy haze. After the headless man walked a few steps forward, he suddenly removed his bloody palm from the head in his hands, and then immediately plugged it into the mouth of the head. The head in his other hand, unexpectedly began to slowly chew on that bloody palm.

Ning Cheng’s scalp was tingling unceasingly, even when he was on that Fang’s ship, he did not have this kind of eerie feeling.

After the head completely chewed through the bloody hand, it suddenly turned its head in their direction, the two grey eyes were like dying embers and were staring directly in the direction where Ning Cheng and An Yi were hiding, there was even blood dripping from the corners of its mouth.

Ning Cheng felt his heart turn cold, but at the same time the Mysterious Yellow Bead sent out a strand of Qi again, driving the ice cold feeling out of his body.

Fortunately, it did not seem that that headless man knew that Ning Cheng and An Yi were hiding in the direction he was looking, and it leisurely walked away into the foggy haze disappearing from their view.

“Big Brother, that soul soldier did not have a head…….” An Yi spoke with a bit tremor in her voice, apparently she had not seen such a strange and frightful scene before.

Ning Cheng spoke while lowering his voice, “An Yi, I suspect that it was not a soul soldier that we had first met, we have just arrived on this island. Now suddenly there is a lot of fog around, it simply makes us not see thing clearly. Here it is very likely to be an Array Formation, perhaps it is an Illusion Array Formation. A person that had no head, simply does not exist, it is an illusion produced by our own minds.”

Although he was comforting An Yi, Ning Cheng in his heart was not completely sure either, he could not confirm if that was an illusion or not, because it felt way too real.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the fog gradually disappeared, and Ning Cheng and An Yi were again able to see the original island that was in front of them.

“I know; this is the Lansha Island.” Ning Cheng finally had something that clicked in his mind, he felt that the surroundings were somewhat familiar, it was clearly depicted in the map provided to them by that Taoist Pu.

Ning Cheng never forgot the details, although he had already thrown away the two route maps, but the Array Formation that was drawn in the route map, he still remembered it clearly. The blue sands in the outer periphery of the Lansha Island were actually the Array Formation that was in front of them.

“What do we do now? I heard that a Golden Cicada Fruit Tree appeared here, it would mean that there will be a lot of people coming over.” said An Yi when heard Ning Cheng say that this island was the Lansha Island, she asked this in a bit worried voice.

Ning Cheng immediately said, “That Taoist Pu wanted us to join their team, they absolutely did not have any good intentions towards us. No matter if this Taoist Pu had already come over before the 15th of that month or during the 15th of this month, currently we do not have sufficient strength to act against them. There are still 15 days till this Island opens once again for the people, we first have to find a safe place to hide.”

If there was even a boat around, Ning Cheng wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there was not even a boat around let alone a ship, they simply could not walk away from here. He did not believe that he could obtain the Golden Cicada Fruit, this kind of thing like the Golden Cicada Fruit, it was not something that was easy to obtain, how could that Taoist Pu and the others who were only at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level obtain it?

Ning Cheng and An Yi did not dare to enter the heart of the island, they were walking along the edge of the island for more than an hour, finally they found a huge rock on the side of the island.

Ning Cheng took out the low grade Artefact that he had obtained after their confrontation with San Pi, it was a long knife, seeking a secluded place for them to hide, he began to dig with the help of the Artefact. Ning Cheng was cultivator at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, in addition, he had a low grade Artefact, but at the same time he did not cherish that Artefact, in as little as half a day, Ning Cheng was able to dig out a huge rocky cavern from the huge stone.

At this time An Yi had already changed into a fresh set of clothes, and followed Ning Cheng into the new cave he had dug out of the huge rock. They had only just entered the freshly made cave, when the foggy haze enveloped the outside once again.

“It is very strange here, I have to find a way to refine some Array Flags, then we can arrange an Array Formation to seal up the entrance. An Yi, you already have the Spirit Stones with you, it’s better if you start cultivating first.” Said Ning Cheng as he saw the fog outside getting more concentrated as every moment passed by, he was secretly glad that he ended up making the right choice. If he was still in the fog, perhaps he would have already lost his sense of direction and would directly enter into the heart of the island.

An Yi also did not have any objections to the views of Ning Cheng, she knew that Ning Cheng’s cultivation needed a huge amount of Spirit Stones, the small amount of Spirit Stones in her possession were meaningless to him, it might be better if she used those for her own cultivation. Waiting for her to advance to a higher cultivation level, she would then help Ning Cheng in going out to look for Spirit Stones for his cultivation.

Seeing An Yi starting to cultivate, Ning Cheng also took out some materials to start refining an Array Flag. He had never studied refining Array Flags, but inside the books for the basic Array Formation Methods, it did have some simple introductions to it. After two days of exploration and a number of tests, Ning Cheng unexpectedly refined some Level 1 Array Flags. Though they were still a bit rough, but these Array Flags can be arranged to form a Level 1 Array Formation.

But Ning Cheng was still very unsatisfied, he was somewhat regretting that he did not ask that Fang for several pieces of jade regarding refining. At this time, he was very clear, Refining and Array Formations were really closely linked. He was very clear that if he did not learn Refining, then he could not become a good Array Master.

Thinking that Array Formations and Refining were very closely linked, Ning Cheng sighed, Refining was never easier than Alchemy i.e. refining pills of immortality. The Mysterious Yellow Bead could only help in correcting the Cultivation Methods, it actually can’t help him in quickly master the skills of Alchemy and Refining. It appears that even if he mastered more theories of Array Formations, it was unlikely that he would become a powerful Array Master.

After arranging the Level 1 Concealment Array Formation at the entrance of the cave, Ning Cheng began to take out the several pieces of Jade that he had obtained from Fang. On one of the two pieces of jade for the magical spells, Ning Cheng could not even see a single word. He did not know if his own cultivation level was too low for it or if the Jade Piece given to him by Fang was a fake.

Ning Cheng again took out the four pieces of Jade that contained Cultivation Methods, the first one he was not able to see, the second one also he could not see anything, the same with the third one …….

Ning Cheng in his heart, felt that he was cheated by Fang, even if he was unable to see everything from the Jade Pieces, with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Bead he could correct the Cultivation Method, making it even more stronger that what the other average Qi Gathering cultivators were cultivating. But now he was unable to see even a single word, if that Fang did not lie to him, then what was this?

With this view in mind, Ning Cheng picked up the fourth Jade Piece, but this time something changed, in the fourth piece Ning Cheng was actually able to read some things while sweeping it with his Spiritual Sense.

“Profound Grade [Wishful Wooden Tactics] ……”

Words started to appear in front of Ning Cheng which were no problem to him, but the words that were behind them were becoming fuzzier, all Ning Cheng could see was ‘Qi Gathering into Essence Building, achieving True Condensation is true’ at this time, his mind started to hurt, and was unable to look again. However, Ning Cheng had an abnormal memory, as long as he had seen it once he could not simply forget about it.

It was wood based Cultivation Method, Ning Cheng closed his eyes and carefully thought about this Cultivation Method again. After discovering this Cultivation Method, he wanted to see how much further ahead the corrected and modified Cultivation Method would be when compared to the original.

Ning Cheng did not want to cultivate this Cultivation Method, he was thinking about An Yi. At this time An Yi was cultivating, after Ning Cheng heard the words of Fang, he was thinking about An Yi’s Cultivation Method which seemed to be very general. He interrupted An Yi who was cultivating and asked, “An Yi, what is your Spiritual Root? Also what Cultivation Method are you using for cultivation?”

An Yi whose eyes were closed just a moment before as she cultivated, opened her eyes and said, “My Main Spiritual Root is of wood, and the Cultivation Method that I can use is ‘Wooden Tactics’. My master said, if I wanted to enter into the True Condensation Realm, then I had to find a new and powerful Cultivation Method.”

“Only wood Cultivation Methods ah, it should be one of the lowest grade Cultivation Methods. Fang gave me this Cultivation Method, it is the Profound Grade [Wishful Wooden Tactics], I cannot use it, I am leaving it to you for practicing it.” Ning Cheng said, as he put the Jade Piece in the hands of An Yi.

“Wishful Wooden Tactic? This should be a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, my master had not seen something like this, if that Fang had given this to you, then he really must be rich.”

An Yi just took a look at the Jade Piece, and exclaimed in surprise. Even if she did have a strong last name, receiving a Profound Grade Cultivation Method would really make anyone excited. She certainly knew how precious a Profound Grade Cultivation Method was, her master had said that even in a 3 Star Academy, they may not even have a few Profound Grade Cultivation Methods.

Most Cultivation Methods are classified into Ordinary Grade, followed by the True Grade, and then the higher ones were classified as the Profound Grade. But after the Profound Grade there was another level of Cultivation Methods known as the Heaven Grade Cultivation Methods, but they were simply stuff of the legends.

Even if An Yi did not have a powerful surname, receiving a Profound Grade Cultivation Method, she just couldn’t wait to start reading and cultivating in it. Unfortunately, her Spiritual Sense’s strength was less than that of Ning Cheng, she basically could not see even a single word.

Seeing An Yi’s facial expression, Ning Cheng understood that she could not see even a single word from the Jade Piece, and simply said, “I will narrate it to you, you just write it down OK.”

An Yi knew that Ning Cheng was able to read the contents of the Jade Piece and did not feel strange about it, as she spent more time together with Ning Cheng, she was becoming more and more comfortable with the strange affairs of Ning Cheng.

Although An Yi’s memory was quite good, but it was far from being compared with Ning Cheng’s memory which was simply abnormal. Ning Cheng had already demonstrated it several times before, An Yi was fully confident that Ning Cheng would have already completely memorised the Mysterious Wooden Wishful Tactics.

“Big Brother Ning, do you want me to change my Cultivation Method to ‘Profound Grade [Wishful Wooden Tactics]’.” An Yi said after taking a look at the ‘Profound Grade [Wishful Wooden Tactics]’ Cultivation Method, it was immediately clear that it was much more powerful than her own ‘Wooden Tactics’ Cultivation Method, but she did not know how many times more powerful it was.

Ning Cheng was the same as An Yi, they did not know that changing a Cultivation Method although it was dangerous, but because the Cultivation Method was much better, so of course they would definitely change to the new and powerful Cultivation Method, this type of thing was not nothing new.

Ning Cheng was just about to approve An Yi’s words, when suddenly a delicate fragrance spread into the cave coming from the entrance. Ning Cheng sniffed it a few times, and he suddenly felt refreshed. He subconsciously stood up, “What’s that smell? It seems similar to the smell of a Spiritual Fruit, or something like that, I think……”

“It is the Golden Cicada Fruit.” An Yi also stood up, Ning Cheng had read about it in the books of Spiritual Grasses that he had got from An Yi, Ning Cheng was able to tell that it was the smell of the Golden Cicada Fruit from that book, it was obvious that she would also know about it.

“Is it really the Golden Cicada Fruit?” Ning Cheng said in a tone that was filled with excitement.

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