Chapter 0034 – Deserted Island

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Chapter 0034 – Deserted Island

Ning Cheng was just planning to arrange a Rain Avoidance Array Formation, when the boat was burst open by the wave, and two rows of dense and sharp white teeth tried to bite into Ning Cheng.

This time An Yi reacted unexpectedly quicker than Ning Cheng, sending out a Wind Edge past Ning Cheng, it directly split the sea beast with the sharp white teeth letting it fall back into the sea.

Ning Cheng looked at An Yi in a surprised way, in his view, An Yi was always slower than him in reacting, but now, how did she react this quickly? Although this sea beast was nothing to speak of in front of him, as even a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 1st Realm could take care of it easily, but this reaction speed from An Yi made Ning Cheng see her in a high regard.

Seeing the surprised look on Ning Cheng’s face, An Yi said in a shy manner, “These days, there have been a variety of sea beasts attacking our boat, I was prepared all the time, so……”

Ning Cheng suddenly understood, because he was caught up in the study of the Array Formations, An Yi did not allow these low level sea beasts to disturb his study, so she assumed the task of defending him and the boat from the attacks of those wild sea beasts.

Although the strength of these sea beasts were low, it was a thing that most adventures like to hunt the most. There were many valuable things that one could get from the body of these sea beasts, one of these sea beasts can easily sell for a few dozen gold coins. Ning Cheng, at present, did not care about gold coins, even if it was Qi Gathering Stones, he did not care about it very much. What he cared about were Spirit Stones, in order to cultivate and also increase his Qi, ordinary Qi Gathering Stones were not much use to him.

Another wave arrived, Ning Cheng did not even have the chance to say thanks, when he hurriedly tried to take control of the boat once again. When Ning Cheng was preparing to arrange the Array Formation, he found that he did not even have a single Array Flag, as he basically did not refine any Array Flags. At this point of time, for him, all the Array Formations and the Array Flags, were all theoretical things, at present he could not make them into reality.

The rain was growing harder and harder, and even the waves were growing larger with each passing moment. Ning Cheng and An Yi absolutely did not have any means to take shelter from this rain at this time, the two of them had to control the boat with all their strength, at least they did not want the boat to overturn.

Although Ning Cheng and An Yi were both at Qi Gathering 4th Level, and the heavy rain didn’t seem to stop anytime soon. The two people controlled the boat for the whole day, but unexpectedly it rained harder and harder.

In addition, the waves were also several feet high, although the boat was being controlled by Ning Cheng and An Yi, but it was slowly breaking apart.

A small wooden boat, under this kind of wind and waves, was able to persist for a whole day, it can already be regarded as exceptional.

The boat completely broke apart under the unending storm, and Ning Cheng and An Yi both fell directly into the sea. Ning Cheng first grabbed a wooden plank, and turned to find An Yi, but he could only see a few pieces of An Yi’s clothes. Ning Cheng panicked, while clutching onto the wooden plank, he directly gathered his Qi into his hands and rushed out, grabbed An Yi and held her tight to his bosom.

An Yi was also a cultivator at Qi Gathering 4th Level, but because she did not have any experience of the sea, and as she was constantly fighting the storms and the waves of the sea, she was already very exhausted. Moreover prior to this, she was also constantly taking care of Ning Cheng for nearly a week. At the time when the wooden boat began to split apart, she did not say that she could swim, even if she could swim, she would be unable to because of her exhaustion. Fortunately, Ning Cheng was able to react quickly, and caught An Yi with his hands, or else, An Yi feared that she would have been washed away by the rough waves of the sea.

An Yi broke out of the surface of water with the help of Ning Cheng, spat out a few mouthfuls of the sea’s salty water, and said, “Big Brother Ning, are we going to die?”

Ning Cheng was hugging An Yi as he treaded the water, his heart was also gloomy, if he still had the broken wooden plank, maybe he could find a way deal with the situation for some more time, but now he had lost the broken wooden plank, even if he was more powerful, he did not know how long would he be able to persist.

“Big Brother Ning, if the both of us die, will we also become like those soul soldiers, coming in and out of the periphery of the sea every day?” An Yi said as she unexpectedly thought of the soul soldiers that she heard about back then.

Ning Cheng quickly said, “Don’t go blindly thinking of things, we may not die, as long as the storm stops, we can perhaps be saved. Well, if we could fly out by riding on the Flying Sword, we wouldn’t have to be afraid of the waves……”

He did not even speak a few words when a large wave directly crashed onto Ning Cheng, making him plunge into the water again.

After the rough sea wave, An Yi lifted her hand to help Ning Cheng remove her hair that was sticking to his face and said, “Big Brother Ning, it would be better if you let me go, but I am a person who is really afraid. I am not a person who is afraid of death, but I am afraid that I may turn into a soul soldier……”

Ning Cheng was barely holding onto An Yi, but unwillingly said, “Do not be silly, how could I let you go? Death is always death, letting you go is all the same, if two people go with each other, at least both of them will have a companion. I have already died once, and if I die once again, perhaps I can still go back…….”

“Big Brother Ning, does a girlfriend have the same meaning as fiancée?” An Yi saw that Ning Cheng suddenly turned silent and did not finish his words, and suddenly took the initiative to ask.

Initially An Yi had asked Ning Cheng about his girlfriend, but at that time they were suddenly interrupted by those two cultivators who were flying about and fighting with each other. Ning Cheng did not expect that An Yi would ask about it again in this situation?

Ning Cheng was just thinking about Ning Ruo Lan a moment ago, but now he was thinking of Tian Mu Wan, this time he did not know if he would survive, now that An Yi had asked again, he did not conceal anything and replied directly, “A girlfriend is not a fiancée, to want a girlfriend to become one’s fiancée, you have to propose to her and get engaged.”

“Is she your girlfriend because you forgot to propose to her, so did you both ended up in a fight because of that?”

Ning Cheng sighed and said, “That’s not it, that person who is currently is my fiancée went in that person’s car in front of me, although I know that she might have done it intentionally, but with my personality I just can’t accept it, I think……”

An Yi face suddenly changed, and said in a fierce tone, “Big Brother Ning, who is this shameless woman? You still bring her up…….”

Another rough sea wave hit them, Ning Cheng by now had a bit of experience, and holding onto An Yi he plunged into the water, escaping the waves in the process, and once again brought their heads up to the surface.

Wiping the water from his face, Ning Cheng forcibly smiled and said, “An Yi, you mentioned something a moment ago, but I never originally mentioned her.”

In the meantime, in his heart, he was speechless, he knew An Yi hasn’t been to Earth, so this kind of viewpoint can be considered normal. This sense of shame was simply two different things, rather Ning Cheng had no way to explain this kind of thing to An Yi.

“Sorry, Big Brother Ning, I should not have brought it up.” An Yi felt Ning Cheng’s sadness, suddenly even her heart did not feel that good. She had always followed her master to cultivate together, but together with Ning Cheng, she felt that she could speak up a little more than with her master.

“An Yi, did you look at those sea beasts that had sneak attacked us?” Ning Cheng said as he subconsciously embraced An Yi tightly, but his heart was cold as ice.

A dense cluster of those sea beasts were approaching Ning Cheng and An Yi, each of those sea beast’s eyes were filled with a bloodthirsty tint, as their sharp white teeth shone. It was obvious that they were seeing them as their prey.

“It’s a type of canine……” An Yi was in a state of panic, it was inconceivable for her, if the two of them were to be attacked by that dense cluster of sea beasts, then there would not even be a shred of meat left behind.

Ning Cheng took out the Flying Sword, holding the sword in one of his hands, he darted to the front of the dozens of those sea beasts, and started to directly tear them apart with the sword. These sharp toothed sea beasts immediately surrounded those dead sea beasts, they were entirely eating up their dead comrades that Ning Cheng had cut up just now.

The waves seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, and actually did not crash over them for a long time, but for Ning Cheng it was getting harder every passing moment, he was wielding the Flying Sword continuously as he killed those sea beasts, while holding An Yi and retreating back as much as possible. Because of the sea’s resistance, he could not increase his speed.

Wanting to survive at any cost, Ning Cheng erupted with an unprecedented power and strength, he took An Yi as he was retreating while killing, unexpectedly, he went on like this for more than half a day. Those sharped toothed sea beasts were just too much, as soon as he killed some, he would have to kill many more.

“An Yi….” Ning Cheng was going to say that he did not have any more strength to continue, when a piece of reef appeared in front of him.

An Yi also saw the piece of reef at the same time, she was about to speak, when Ning Cheng joyfully shouted, “We have arrived at an island……”

Speaking that, Ning Cheng once again erupted with the last amount of strength that he could muster, with An Yi clutched to his bosom, he started to pick up speed, and eventually rushed out of the water and unexpectedly fell onto the reef on the outer periphery of the island.

After taking a few steps into the island, he could not go any further and fell onto the ground saying, “Finally escaped with our lives……”

Ning Cheng suddenly stopped speaking, he just stared at An Yi who was pressing her body onto him.

To be honest, Ning Cheng had never regarded An Yi as an adult, but the An Yi now had her clothes completely soaked, which showed her exquisite womanly shapes which could even be compared to the best of the women.

Ning Cheng had a unique feeling in his heart, this little nun usually is ordinary at all times, just when did her bosom get so big?

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