Chapter 0033 – A Different Path

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Chapter 0033 – A Different Path

With a rustling sound, several Jade Pieces were thrown out.

“What are these Jade Pieces?” Ning Cheng did not understand when he saw those Jade Pieces, on the contrary he felt a bit strange.

“I heard my master say, that when one cultivated, one could carve their knowledge into those Jade Pieces. Engraving and recording them with your spirit, when compared to writing on a parchment, it can store many times more information. However, it is necessary for one to have a good spiritual talent, otherwise the contents will be invisible.” An Yi whispered with a small voice in Ning Cheng’s ear.

Fang Jiyan said with some contempt in his voice, “What that little girl said is right, the Jade Pieces before you contain a lot of records, even I do not know how many records they contain.”

Ning Cheng himself was looking forward to it, and quickly put the Jade Pieces away and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“I just gave you the Jade Pieces than contain a top class Cultivation Methods, a person like you would not be able to finish cultivating it anyway, what possibly more could you want?” Fang Jiyan said in a somewhat angry manner.

“For example, you could still give me the Jade Pieces containing the Array Formations methods.” Ning Cheng just nonchalantly said.

“Here you go, these are the Jade Pieces that contains the basic Array Formations Methods, inside you will find the entry level Foundation Arrays and also an introduction to them.” Fang Jiyan said as he sneered in his heart, with your qualification, you also want to learn Array Formation Methods? Bah!

“Another example would be the Jade Pieces that contain information regarding Spiritual Grasses, I will not demand it from you………”

“Here you go.”

“By the way, I think that if I could have one or two more powerful spells, then I could be able to beat other people, it shouldn’t be much expensive. Of course, I am just casually saying.”

“Here you go.”

Fang Jiyan forced back his anger inside, these things that he gave to Ning Cheng, it was simply a turtle eating the barley, it was a complete waste of food.

“Thank you, Brother Fang, you really helped me greatly. This time when I was in the Mingot City I saw someone selling Pills, my heart was filled with envy, if I could also make pills, in the future I would be able to save up a lot of Spirit Stones.” Ning Cheng did not even delay for half a minute in front of Fang Jiyan, and still was deeply lamenting while sighing.

Fang Jiyan said with a voice filled with disdain, “Do you want to refine Pills? Do you even know how difficult Alchemy is? Do you know that even in large families and clans, it is very difficult for them to train a Pill Master? With your cultivation level, even if there was some chance, I will still advise you to give up on this idea.”

Ning Cheng just disagreed and said, “There is a Pill auction at the end of the month in the Mingot City, aren’t these Pills made and refined by humans? If other people can learn them, then why can’t I study them?”

Fang Jiyan sneered, “Can those pieces of garbage even be called as Pills? Even the best level of their products cannot be regarded as a Pill. At most those products can only be regarded as Red Pills and nothing more.”

“Red Pill?” Ning Cheng asked immediately, since he did not understand them, now that he had the opportunity, he would not be polite about it.

Fang Jiyan did not grasp the tone in which he said, and directly said, “These people have a limited knowledge about Spiritual Sense, nor have they inherited the refining procedures of the Pills, and thus are unable to refine Pills, they can only make Medicinal Solutions. These so called medicinal solutions, refers to using some simple methods to purify the Spiritual Grasses, and then mixed with each other according to a certain proportion. Red Pills are similar to these medicinal solutions, they do not come out from refining in a furnace, but by solidification of the solution.”

Ning Cheng was stunned, he did not think that refining Pills was so difficult, after listening to him speaking, those so called high quality medicines that he had referred to as Pills, that was a little bit too shameless.

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, Fang Jiyan said again, “Even if I was able to refine Pills, I do not have any Jade Pieces regarding Alchemy to make such pills.”

Ning Cheng knew that Fang Jiyan does not have any Jade Pieces regarding Alchemy, and said with a depressed voice, “Since it is like that, let us forget this matter, I would like to leave now, goodbye.”

Although Fang Jiyan was anxious for Ning Cheng to get out of his ship, but he was also afraid that once Ning Cheng left, he would send out a fireball to burn down the ship, and he reluctantly said, “This is a pretty big ship, if you want you can also stay here…….”

Ning Cheng unhurriedly said, “Brother Fang, the personalities of two of us are different. Your ship is specifically designed to kill people, and also to refine their souls. Me and you also have no common language between us, I am good person, how can I be together with an Essence Spirit like you in the same place?”

Having said this, Ning Cheng directly pushed the small boat into the sea and jumped onto it along with An Yi. In just a blink of the eye, the boat that came from the ship disappeared into the vast waters of the Mingot Sea.

When Fang Jiyan saw that Ning Cheng was not throwing fireballs to attack his ship, he was relieved and at the same time cursed out to them, “The two of us have different personalities, what a load of fart, you little bastard, why don’t you take all my Jade Pieces? Take away all the things of your father, besides saying those shameless words once again to my face.”

“Big Brother Ning, I think what you did was right, although that Fang was a senior, but he would just casually kill innocent people, this definitely should not happen.” An Yi stood on the boat, and was in admiration of the decision made by Ning Cheng. She felt that she was really starting to understand Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was actually embarrassed and standing on one side of the boat he said, “In fact, I am actually not that refined or noble.”

In this world only the strong would have a place of respect in this world, Ning Cheng will not be as noble or refined as to blame Fang Jiyan for killing innocent people casually. The main reason why he had left the ship, was because he was afraid of staying there.

Although this Fang person was just an Essence Spirit, he was already able to shoot groups of such shadow less arrows, the only way he would live together with such a person, was unless he was really tired of living. This Fang Jiyan feared that he would burn his ship, but he also feared Fang Jiyan. If he had the ability to get rid of this Fang Jiyan, perhaps he really would have gotten rid of that guy already. If there was a large ship, who would use a boat? Moreover, Ning Cheng knew that burning the ship was something which would harm other without benefiting oneself, Ning Cheng was not brain dead, of course, he would not do such a thing.

An Yi knew that Ning Cheng’s mind was glistening with his intestines, but she still looked at Ning Cheng with an esteemed face and said, “Big Brother Ning, it was fortunate that I met you, if not you, then, I would have to stay back in the Blue Heart Temple, and I think that it would not be easy. As my master had said, perhaps some people might have come there with bad intentions.”

Ning Cheng did not refute what An Yi had said, he just nodded his head and said, “Before I did not understand anything about Array Formations, and thought that the Blue Heart Temple was a safe place, but I just came to know about it now, it really was not safe there.”

The Array Formation around the Blue Heart Temple, at best, would be able to act against Ning Cheng who was a rookie in this area, but for others, it would certainly pose no problem. For someone who was even slightly proficient in the Array Formation Methods, he would be able to crack it open easily.

“Big Brother Ning, where are we going now?” At this time as they were already in the middle of the sea, and as she depended on Ning Cheng, she did not give it any more thought.

“We first start by finding an island nearby to gain experience and to train while simultaneously raising our cultivation levels. After a period of time, the information about us will slowly die down, and then we will go ashore again. Anyway, we have brought more than enough things with us, at least we would not be afraid dying due to starvation.” The boat under Ning Cheng and An Yi could also be stored in the Storage Bags, and moreover in the Storage Bags they had enough stockpiles of food and water.

Meanwhile Ning Cheng started to inspect the spoils that he had obtained from Fang Jiyan, An Yi saw that Ning Cheng was occupied with his own matter, and simply rowed the boat.

Miu Wen Hong and his servant did not have a Storage Bag on them, it showed that Storage Bags were quite rare, the best thing that San Pi had was a low grade Artefact. Miu Wen Hong estimated that the equipment of San Pi was good enough to have an advantage over them, thus he only gave San Pi a low grade Artefact.

As for Miu Wen Hong’s articles, apart from some gold coins, there was only some obscene/filthy medicine and the likes. Ning Cheng despised this kind of young master, the kid had advanced to the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, presumably because his Spiritual Roots were even better than him. But this kid placed all his time and energy in the embrace of women’s belly, he even carried things related to it on him, there was basically no good stuff that he could use.

Throwing those things into his Storage Bag with his hands, Ning Cheng began to continue his studies of Array Formation from the books that An Yi had given him. As for the pieces of Jade that were given to him by Fang, Ning Cheng did not use them. He knew that the him now was still weak, and so trying to study from those Jade Pieces would not be possible at the moment.

As Ning Cheng researched the basic Array Formation Methods, he once again entered the sudden enlightenment condition. An Yi and Ning Cheng had not been with each other for a short time, she had long since become accustomed to Ning Cheng’s method of learning. She did not disturb Ning Cheng, and at the same time controlled the boat herself, but she often put some food and water nearby Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng was completely immersed in his state of concentration, in his mind emerged a three dimensional Array Formation method screen. The orientation of the Array Formations was unceasingly evolving in his mind, while it was constantly being modified by him.

Five days flashed by, when Ning Cheng turned the last page of the book, he unexpectedly discovered that he had already completed understanding the foundation Array Formation methods.

“I had read the book for several years, but was only able to gain a smattering of knowledge, but I did not expect that in just a half a month you would be able to completely comprehend the entire book.” As An Yi saw Ning Cheng turn over the last page of the book, she said quietly from the side.

She had always been a quite person, although for these past ten days, Ning Cheng and she had never said anything to each other, but she did not feel lonely.

Ning Cheng looked at An Yi with an apologetic look in his eyes, and was just about to speak, when a huge wave rushed over, he and An Yi were directly thrown off the boat. The next moment, the sky turned gloomy, with lightning flashing across the sky, followed by the sound of thunder, and raindrops the size of soybeans started falling densely packed together.

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