Chapter 0032 – The Helpless Fang Jiyan

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Translated By – DemonKiller with a bit of help from MeTaL MaX
Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0032 – The Helpless Fang Jiyan

“Soul Soldiers?” Ning Cheng was stunned for a moment, soul soldiers apparently meant that they did not have the soul composition of life. But a moment ago, weren’t they valiantly beating their hooves, how was it possible for them to be soul soldiers? Then again, do we really have a soul?

Seeing Ning Cheng’s stupid expression, Fang Jiyan’s voice again sounded, “What’s there to be surprised about, in the countless years, don’t you know how many innumerable cultivators have died in the waters of the Mingot Sea, a cultivator’s soul is already powerful, and many of them even have their own shape, the forms of the soul soldiers are thus also not surprising. Those soul soldiers all look alike, although they are a bit fearful, taking your cultivation level and vigilance into consideration, they are not worth mentioning.”

Ning Cheng this time understood clearly, the voice of Fang Jiyan was coming from the hull of the ship

He understood that this was the home of Fang Jiyan, and slightly loosened his heart, leading An Yi to enter the cabin with him.

“You have taken shelter in the woods of the hull, does that mean the wood of the hull is made from something special?” Ning Cheng knew that for an Essence Spirit to take shelter in the wood, he immediately came to understand that the wood that the ship was made of was not ordinary. Otherwise Fang Jiyan would have left early on, even if he burned the ship to the ground, Fang Jiyan should not have cared about it.

“It’s nothing special, it’s just that I like this ship, and was foolish enough to get accustomed to this ship.” Fang Jiyan nonchalantly said.

Ning Cheng glanced around and found that the same material made up many other things, and he immediately said, “So is the case, this type of wood, I know about it, it can be used to make a chair that can be quite refreshing to sit upon, this ship has quite a few of such wooden materials, I’ll dig them up and start using them. I am sure that this will not split apart the boat, you can rest assured about it.”

Seeing Ning Cheng ready to tear down the rest of the remaining stains of the Soul Nourishing Wood, Fang Jiyan was alarmed and said, “Do not dismantle it, I will tell you why you can’t, these wood pieces are from the Soul Wood Tree, in each stain here there is an inch of the soul that is the Soul Wood’s Heart, I am depended on it preserve my body and soul, if you demolish them, I would also be finished.”

“It is a soul wood……” When Ning Cheng heard this he was overjoyed, he had seen this Soul Wood in the book that An Yi had given him.

In fact, people usually keep the Soul Wood actually for the Soul Wood Heart, each stub can hold a soul, but it was really useful in keeping the soul preserved in the one-inch wooden heart. Here there were already four of such stubs, even if he left one for Fang Jiyan, he could still obtain the remaining three. Of course, he would certainly not take the three stubs away, for him, as long as he could keep the wood heart of the soul wood he would walk away.

Seeing the glowing look in Ning Cheng’s eyes, Fang Jiyan thought that it was not good, this guy was too greedy, and he quickly said, “You have eye’s but fail to see how the ship was built, digging out the Soul Wood would be akin to cutting down the ship, if you had not met me, this would simply have been a waste of nature’s resources. By the way, can I ask what is the name of this friend who has no respect?”

Ning Cheng did not know what was the meaning of Fang Jiyan’s words? Did Fang Jiyan wanted to remind them that since he was the one who found the soul wood, thus it was his. However, Ning Cheng just ignored the meaning of the words spoken by Fang Jiyan, he was almost killed by this guy, how would he be kind to him? He just proceeded to smile and said, “I am called Ning Cheng, meeting you today was just destiny. I think that you are quite pleasing to the eye, there are four one inch stubs of the soul wood here, I decided to leave you one of them, as for the other three one inch stubs, I am taking them away.”

“Brother Ning, you cannot do this…….” Fang Jiyan saw Ning Cheng go forward to dig out the three stumps of the soul wood, he was suddenly shocked. He had stayed here because of the soul wood, if he didn’t have the soul woods, he was finished, staying here would not have any significance.

Ning Cheng complexion turned completely cold and said, “Brother Fang, I had heard others say if two people each covered half the distance to a certain avenue, they would gain some wealth and share it amongst themselves. However, when one accidentally strayed from the avenue and asked the other if he could break the rule and share some wealth with him, do you think that he should just disregard the rules and divide the wealth with him?”

Fang Jiyan had lived for countless years, he did not think that he would hear such words. What’s this ‘disregard of rules’? This was plain and simple robbery.

“I did not mean that, I mean that I am an Essence Spirit, and you have a body of flesh, once you take the soul wood away, for me it would be a disaster. Place yourself in my shoes, if Brother Ning you were in my position, you would probably also have the same idea like me.” Fang Jiyan said as he forced back his anger, without the soul wood here, why would he stay in this fucked up place? He didn’t know that the rascal kid in front of him would do such kind of business, originally he thought that the two cultivators had a pure psyche, but he did not think that they would use his own thoughts against him and find him guilty.

Contrary to what Fang Jiyan expected, Ning Cheng just nodded and said, “What Brother Fang said was absolutely right, thanks for reminding me Brother Fang. This person had no foresight and must have caused you to immediately worry, don’t worry I will dig out only the Soul Wood Core so that I could use it in the future, thanks a lot.”

Fang Jiyan wanted to cry, he was trying to persuade Ning Cheng to not dig, but didn’t think that it would be counterproductive. When he saw Ning Cheng take out a Flying Sword, and pointed it towards one of the soul wood stumps as he carved out section of the soul wood and brought out the core of the soul wood, when he saw this his heart was almost bleeding.

Ning Cheng did not stop and went on to the next soul wood stump and dug out the second wood core that was in the soul wood stump. Seeing Ning Cheng go to dig out the third Soul Wood Core from the third soul wood stump, Fang Jiyan could really not hold back and said, “Brother Ning, please stop. Brother Ning is just at Qi Gathering 4th Level, surely there are many things that you do not understand. If Brother Ning is willing to leave behind just one Soul Wood Core, any question that you have, I will try to help and teach you with the best of my knowledge. Others may not dare, but I can guarantee that you would successfully pass through the Qi Gathering Realm in the shortest time.”

After listening to the words of Fang Jiyan, Ning Cheng stopped his actions and said, “Brother Fang, you said that yourself, I do have some questions for you. We can just use this Soul Wood as your reward.”

If he had teeth, then, at this time Fang Jiyan would have already bitten him to death, as if saying that those soul woods were clearly for his own good? Nevertheless, he could only smile drily and said, “Brother Ning, please ask what you want, this Fang will definitely reply if he had the knowledge of it.”

“Yes, Brother Fang, I heard that an Essence Spirit can take possession of other bodies, how can I prevent myself be possessed by you?” Ning Cheng pulled An Yi and sat down, as he suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

“Brother Ning really likes to joke; how can I take possession of my brother.” Fang Jiyan said with a smile but he was shouting abuses at him in his heart. Cultivating to this age, and also a mere Qi Gathering 4th Level, without looking at his Spiritual Roots he could tell that he had rubbish talent, only an idiot would try to possess you.

But Ning Cheng cautiously nodded and said, “Then I can rest assured, I heard people say that only by cultivating to the Essence Building Realm, only then one would be able to manifest their Spiritual Sense and transform it into a consciousness, and only then bring it outside their body. When in the True Condensation Realm, only then would have the means to control their Artefacts with their Spiritual Sense. But Brother Fang said earlier, that even a Qi Gathering Cultivator can bring out their Spiritual Sense?”

When he heard about this cultivation practice, Fang Jiyan’s tone immediately became full of disdain and said, “People who say these words are just idiots, a genuine cultivator in the Qi Gathering Realm can also use their Spiritual Sense externally, but only up to a certain limit because of their Cultivation Method and insufficient Spiritual Sense. Even so, Qi Gathering Realm cultivators can also control the Artefacts and use them to attack the enemy. In Le Continent, Qi Gathering Cultivators that use Flying Swords to attack are all too common.”

“Is the matter you spoke of true?” Ning Cheng hurriedly inquired.

Since Fang Jiyan had already fallen, so he had nothing to hide and said, “The Qi in the Le Continent is very rich, and even the Cultivation Methods there are also numerous, the level of power of these Cultivation Methods is clearly something not a mere low grade continent can compare to. In fact, even in many mid-grade continents, there are many Qi Gathering Cultivators who can control the Flying Sword with their Spiritual Sense. Since Low Grade Continents are deprived of Qi, in order to expedite the cultivation speed, some of the Cultivation Methods will weaken the role of Spiritual Sense, this results in only True Condensation Realm Cultivators being the ones who can only use the Artefacts, while Essence Building Realm Cultivators can manifest their Spiritual Sense outside.”

“So the Cultivation Methods we use to cultivate with are actually simplified versions of the original Cultivation Methods.” Ning Cheng suddenly came to understand, so as to say, the Cultivation Methods that his Mysterious Yellow Bead had modified, the one that he was currently using, should be the complete version of the Cultivation Method. He wanted to try if he could use it to control the Flying Sword.

“You bring the ship to the sea side, but it is clearly not intended for fishing? Deceiving people to embark? What happened to the original people on this ship?” When Ning Cheng thought how he was able to embark the ship, he suddenly became clear in his mind.

Although Fang Jiyan did not understand what he meant by fishing, listening to the words of Ning Cheng he was able to understand a part of the meaning behind it, and immediately replied, “That’s right, I really was fishing? I am an Essence Spirit, in addition to nourishing the soul with the help the soul wood, because I practice a powerful Cultivation Method, so I also have to swallow some souls to grow. This ship originally had some problems, and I happened to be the one who consumed those souls.”

Ning Cheng sneered in his heart, there were certainly a number of glaring issues, he was certain that he would have to kill this Fang Jiyan himself.

“Can you give me a few of those Cultivation Methods, I want something of a higher rank, I was cheated by you to board the ship, you can at least show them to me right?” Ning Cheng was certain that Fang Jiyan had good background, perhaps he has many good things on him.

When Fang Jiyan heard Ning Cheng to show him his Cultivation Methods, he just quickly waved his hands and said, “I do not really cultivate, I am just an Essence Spirit.”

“Really?” Ning Cheng asked him once more.

Fang Jiyan shuddered, in his heart he was increasingly regretting letting Ning Cheng board his ship, this was the first time he had met a person who could dodge his shadow less arrows which could easily massacre groups of cultivators at Qi Gathering 4th Level.

“I do not have any, but I have a way to help you get a Cultivation Method, thus I must make the trade with you. In a place not far from here, this is an island called the Dragon Island. You help me spread the news inside the Mingot City, that another island called Dragon Island appeared in the Mingot Sea which has a lot of low levelled treasures from the sea. When the time comes I will give you a map, as long as you accomplish this for me, I will definitely help you make a breakthrough in your Cultivation Method.” After Fang Jiyan finished speaking, he felt that he was lacking a bit of confidence in his own words.

Ning Cheng immediately understood the idea behind the words of Fang Jiyan, since the Dragon Island had plenty of low level treasured from the sea, it would certainly attract many adventurers over. But at the same time it would also attract a lot of low levelled cultivators to come over, then this Fang Jiyan would hide in the Dragon Island with the others, and then slowly devour their souls.

Ning Cheng emotionlessly replied, “I am really sorry, I was just inside the Mingot City and have already offended the Wolf Palace and the Houhai Village, you want me to go to the Mingot City, do you want to see me dead that badly?”

After Fang Jiyan listened to those words, he was already cursing loudly in his heart, this kid really was not a good thing, a mere cultivator of the Qi Gathering 4th Realm, but brought calamity everywhere, even unexpectedly offending the two main powers of the Mingot City. He had swallowed numerous souls, so of course, he understood what was in store for Ning Cheng in the hands of Wolf Palace and the Houhai Village.

“It appears, you really do not want to give me the Cultivation Method, it is really regrettable, I will not trouble you again, um, there is a small boat on this ship, me and my cousin will be taking that boat now.” Ning Cheng said as he slowly stood up.

“Don’t worry, I will think of a way……” when Fang Jiyan heard Ning Cheng wanted to walk away, he was suddenly alarmed. He and Ning Cheng had not been together for a long time, but to him it felt that Ning Cheng was a very shameless person. If he did not satisfy Ning Cheng, perhaps Ning Cheng would really disembark, and then afterwards he would throw numerous fireballs from behind to burn up the ship.

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