Chapter 0031 – A Strange Ship

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller, MeTaL MaX
Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0031 – A Strange Ship

Ning Cheng and An Yi, both haven’t ridden a stone horned beast before, although they were riding this stone horned beast, and their speed had increased but it was not by much.

“An Yi, hurry up, we need to escape.” Ning Cheng felt the ground was somewhat shaking, this was definitely because a large amount of those stone horned beasts were galloping across the ground, it was clear that someone was chasing them.

An Yi simultaneously also felt the subtle vibrations from the ground, she did not need Ning Cheng reminding her, the two people riding on the stone horned beasts, were trying to crazily escape along the shores of the Mange Sea.

The vibrations from the ground were getting even more intense, Ning Cheng’s heart was extremely anxious, he and An Yi had been searching for a long time but still hadn’t found a single boat. If they had found a boat, they could have absolutely escaped without delay.

But, in ten breaths, Ning Cheng already could see a dark swath covering a large expanse of land coming over, his heart was cold, they really were lagging behind. What was the origin of this Miu Wen Hong? Actually getting so many people to chase after him?

“Big Brother Ning, there is a boat.” Ning Cheng was paying attention to the dark swath of soldiers chasing them from behind, An Yi, however, saw that there was a ship at the shore of the Mingot Sea.

“It really is a ship, quickly go up.” Ning Cheng immediately called out to An Yi, both people after jumping from their beasts, landed on the ship.

When Ning Cheng arrived on the ship, he at once called out to the ship master to set sail, even if the ship was not going to sail, he would forcibly make the other side to set sail. This was a matter about his small life, so he may not be able to speak kind words. Not only that, Ning Cheng also knew, that most of such ships would also, in a large part, be comprised of adventurers.

Bluntly put, adventurers were those people who couldn’t cultivate, so they and cultivators were two entirely different concepts.

But when Ning Cheng arrived at the side of the ship’s cabin, he immediately swallowed what he wanted to say, the ship wasn’t small but he didn’t see a single person on it, the entire ship was quiet, there not was even the slightest sound.

But there was a faint smell of blood and also a bloody dark aura that was coming from inside the cabin, this made Ning Cheng frown.

“There is no one inside the ship.” said An Yi as even she was also able to sense it, as she somewhat nervously approached towards Ning Cheng.

“This is not right.” Ning Cheng suddenly said, those shiny dark green horde of pursuers he saw a moment ago were also not right. Even if Miu Wen Hong’s status was extremely high, it was impossible to quickly track and chase them, moreover with an entire brigade.

As Ning Cheng finished speaking, he subconsciously looked back, only to find that he and An Yi, who were standing on the boat had already left the shore of the Mingot Sea behind. He was even not able to see where the shore was, or in which direction was it.

Where did the pursuers behind them go? In addition to that, the sky was getting more and more dark, and all he could see was the vast expanse of the endless sea, other than that he could no longer see anything.

A cold wind blew past, Ning Cheng felt a cold shiver run through his body, he was also subconsciously shivering with fright, from his Dantian the Mysterious Yellow Bead suddenly shone and sent out some Qi, which swept away the chill in his body.

“An Yi, where are you going?” when Ning Cheng saw An Yi take a step forward, he immediately pulled her back to be safe. He had just come back to his senses when he saw An Yi approach the cabin, it seems that she wanted to enter the cabin. If he had even been a breath late, An Yi would have entered the cabin.

Ning Cheng had just caught the wrist of An Yi, when he could feel a strange cold and sticky aura around her. Just when he felt the strange cold aura, the Mysterious Yellow Bead again released a soft warm Qi, and the strange cold aura disappeared without a trace.

An Yi recovered and looked at Ning Cheng in a daze and asked, “Big Brother Ning, what happened to me a moment ago?”

Ning Cheng beckoned with his hand, but did not release An Yi’s wrist, he just stared into the darkness of the cabin and said, “Something’s wrong with this ship.”

An Yi was about to say that they should look for another ship, but immediately understood that she and Ning Cheng could simply not change ships. They were in the middle of the sea and there was no one to control the ship, plus the ship’s speed was also not slow.

“I do not care if you are a ghost cultivator or something, me and my cousin are going to borrow your deck to stay for a while, we are irrelevant, but if you dare to plot against us, then I will immediately burn down the ship.” Ning Cheng stood outside the cabin and shouted out the few sentences but did not go in.

Ning Cheng knew a bit about Ghost Cultivators, they were kind of a vague concept in his memory. Ning Cheng was confident that with his cultivation level, if the other party was just merely some ghost spirit, then he would not have the slightest fear about it.

Ning Cheng had just finished saying these words, when they heard a faint laughter that came from inside the cabin, this was a very strange laughter, and Ning Cheng was not able to pinpoint the specific source it came from.

Ning Cheng subconsciously pulled An Yi and withdrew a few steps back, even if he had great courage and was already a Middle Stage Qi Gathering Level Cultivator, even then this faint laughter made his scalp tingle.

Almost at the same time, at the back of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng could immediately subconsciously feel two ice shadows appear behind him in the shape of arrows, he immediately took hold of An Yi and dodged to the side. Those two things definitely had substance to them, he was able to feel them as they flashed past his face, thanks to him perceiving them early, he was able to dodge them otherwise his head would definitely have been pierced through by them.

It was very terrifying sneak attack, if not for his mind that mysteriously presented the path of the first invisible arrow’s track, he would surely have been hit by the arrow.

Ning Cheng had never been a good speaker nor was he an easy man, even if he knew that the dark shadow who released the arrow was conspiring against him, he would not just suffer the beatings and not strike back.

Not waiting even for a moment to let more such arrows to appear, Ning Cheng in the next moment fired off a number of Fireballs as he raised his hands. Without exception, all the fireballs were thrown into the cabin. At this point since his life was already in danger, why would he be concerned if the cabin would end up burning?

Just an instant before those few shadow less arrows were shot out from the cabin, An Yi was also able to detect it. If Ning Cheng had not pulled her, she knew that she definitely would not have been able to dodge them. Now when she saw Ning Cheng constantly throw fireballs one after another into the cabin, she also did not hesitate and also started throwing fireballs into the cabin.

This ship was originally made of wood, and An Yi and Ning Cheng kept throwing fireballs at the cabin continuously, these fireballs were not made of ordinary fire, this led to the damp ship to start burning. After some time, the inside of the cabin was filled with smoke, and the fire also started to rise up.

Ning Cheng did not stop his bombardment, he once again started to throw out fireballs, and this time he wanted to completely burn down the top of the cabin.

At this time, a cold voice arrived, “Stop, quickly put out the fire, otherwise everyone will die.”

Ning Cheng, when he heard the voice being transmitted from the cabin, immediately began to throw out fireballs with even more vigour. He could never let a person who threatened him like that live, whether it was a ghost or a ghost cultivator, since they decided to plot against him, they could not blame the actions he would take. Before, when he was on the deck he had clearly stated that he did not want to stir up trouble, but since they decided to come for his head, he would definitely retaliate against them.

“Do you want everyone to die? It is not necessary, right? We were just looking for a deck to survive. You being a ghost or a ghost cultivator, you already have the word ghost, we do not want to get in contact with you ……” While speaking, Ning Cheng again threw a number of fireballs out, this time even the top of the cabin was already on fire.

“All right, this time I am in the wrong. I am neither a ghost nor a ghost cultivator, will you please extinguish the fire, I am willing to give you some compensations for it.” A helpless voice with a bit of frustration in it came from the cabin, he could only compromise with Ning Cheng.

“What would you compensate me with?” Ning Cheng was not the kind of guy who would be moved easily, if there was some fear in him before, he did not have even a trace of it now. Ghost Cultivators and ghosts, he had never seen them, he did not know whether it was an incredible affair or not. Of the things that could not be seen, people would always have some fear towards them. Since the other party was not one of them, what was there to be feared about?

“I am familiar with the waters of this area, I can also help you in advancing into the Late Stages of the Qi Gathering Realm. Otherwise with your cultivation level of Qi Gathering 4th Level, you cultivators would only be food for someone else.”

“I do not like to be stabbed in the back.” Ning Cheng said slowly, he did not make any demands, nor did he stop him.

“Bang……” a piece of wood from the crossbars at the top of the cabin fell down, hitting the deck of the ship, and issued a ‘bang’ sound.

“I swear, if I, Fang, dare plot against you again, I will be frightened out of my wits, I will not give any opportunity for it to happen again.” The voice from inside the cabin said as it came to understand that Ning Cheng was not someone that it could easily deal with, and swore to not dare cheat him.

“You are called Fang?” Ning Cheng continued as he stopped throwing fireballs out.

But the voice from inside the cabin was urgent, and said, “After you put out the fire on the ship, you can then ask my name, OK?”

Inside the cabin, the fire was burning everything, having not yet become too powerful, after Ning Cheng threw a number of Waterballs over, the flame was immediately suppressed, but after a moment once more rose again. Ning Cheng seeing this, raised his hands and directly brought up the water under the ship, and threw it at the raging fire, An Yi also came to help, with the two people working together, they managed to put out the flame.

“Quite good, a mere Qi Gathering 4th Level, but unexpectedly have such a thick Qi. No wonder you could escape my shadow less arrow.” The voice from the cabin came unexpectedly.

Ning Cheng said with a voice filled with disdain, “I am only at the Qi Gathering Realm, wait till I get to the Essence Building Realm, then to deal with such a ghost, I could just use you as a sacrifice for my Flying Sword.”

“Well, the people here are too stupid, who told you that you could not be able to control a Flying Sword while being in the Qi Gathering Realm? As a Qi Gathering Realm cultivator you can utilize Qi, if your Qi is strong and thick enough, you can use the same to control the Flying Sword.” When the voice from the cabin heard the words of Ning Cheng, he replied with an equally cold voice filled with disdain.

After these cold words from him, he seemed to remember that Ning Cheng had called him a ghost of sorts, he was not happy with it and once again said, “Do not call me a ghost, I am called Fang Yijan, and am not a ghost, I am an Essence Spirit. But since you are also able to survive my attacks, it shows that you are also capable, come in let’s talk about it.”

“Essence Spirit? I thought you were a ghost. It looks like the large amount of people who were chasing us on the shore were really related to Miu Wen Hong’s background.” Ning Cheng heaved a sigh of relief, he did not think that the people from the Mingot City’s Wolf Palace would react so fast and also be able to form such a large team to chase them in just a short amount of time.

The other party claiming to be an Essence Spirit with the name of Fang Yijan said with a cold voice, “You are wrong again, that brigade rushing towards you, they were real soul soldiers.”

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