Chapter 0030 – Pursued Till Death

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Chapter 0030 – Pursued Till Death

“Letting your grandfather suffer such a loss, and you still want to walk away?” Miu Wen Hong was shouting at the top of his voice, obviously his hatred for Ning Cheng had become bone deep.

After seeing Ning Cheng and An Yi, the person who had called out to them wanting them to come aboard his boat for business, on seeing Miu Wen Hong rush towards them on a one horned stone beast and yelling out loudly, his facial expression suddenly turned pale. Moreover, on seeing that, he did not ask Ning Cheng a second time, he immediately turned away, and in only a short time, he ran to the wharf boat at the seaside, and the next moment the boat immediately pulled up the anchors and set sail into the vast sea waters.

Ning Cheng did not care about the boatman, but he was surprised that Miu Wen Hong even dared to chase them. Miu Wen Hong did not only chase them alone, but had also brought along just the servant who was at the Qi Gathering 6th Level, he did not bring any other person with him.

Only a mere two people, and they wanted to kill him and take away An Yi with this? He could already kill a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 5th Level with ease, and was not afraid in facing a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 6th Level.

Ning Cheng, of course, was aware that if his Meridians did not have the Mysterious Yellow Qi flowing through them, generally for a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 6th Level, killing two cultivators at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, would not really be a laborious task. Not to mention in the eyes of Miu Wen Hong and his servant, Ning Cheng and An Yi were just like lambs to be slaughtered, as they thought that they did not even have a shred of combat experience.

“San Pi, waste this bastard first, I will slowly let this kid know……” Miu Wen Hong had yet to arrive, as he said through gnashing teeth while he was stared at Ning Cheng with a cutting glare. It was obvious that in his view, the reason he had lost face in the Mingot City, was all because of Ning Cheng.

This San Pi seemed to be a loyal servant of his, he seemed to know the meaning of the words spoken by his young master, although they had yet to arrive in front of Ning Cheng, they were flying towards them on their horned beast, while he simultaneously swept a white Sword Light towards Ning Cheng.

This white Sword Light was aimed at the two feet of Ning Cheng, evidently he did not want to kill Ning Cheng in the first strike.

This was an Artefact, Ning Cheng was able to feel the Sword Light and at the same time came to understand. Before when he and the rusty faced man at the Qi Gathering 5th Level clashed, he had used a common dual bladed weapon, although it was not low level one, but weapons and Artefacts were just not the same concept.

San Pi was just a family servant, but already had an Artefact on his body, thus it was evident that Miu Wen Hong would have more good stuff on him.

Ning Cheng did not think, as this white Sword Light was coming towards him, he used his Flying Sword that had fallen into his hands, to split it into two like in the past.

San Pi did not think that Ning Cheng would still dare to make a move, using a mere sword to dare to stop his sword Type Artefact, it was just simply seeking his death.

However, this idea of San Pi was instantly shattered as an ear piercing sound of an impact arrived, he did not imagine that the sword in the hands in Ning Cheng, would slice through it like a tofu, completely shattering his Sword Light. As the powerful energy shock wave reached him, San Pi felt as if his chest had been hit with huge blow from a hammer.

Not good, this kid was definitely concealing his cultivation, he must be at Qi Gathering 6th Level. Moreover, his foundation was definitely deep, it was not even half a bit inferior to his own. San Pi, when he received the powerful shock wave, was forced to take a few steps back, but he also understood that not only Ning Cheng was not at Qi Gathering 4th Level, but the Artefact in his hands was even of a higher level than the one that he was using.

San Pi and Ning Cheng had just exchanged one blow, but in that instant he could clearly feel that if Ning Cheng took the initiative to attack, he could easily beat him, he felt that he and his young master would be easily killed by him. This cultivator was very audacious; he simply did not seem to consider his fate if he killed the young master.

“Ice…. Fire……” San Pi saw that his attack had no effect on Ning Cheng, but he once again sent out a long Sword Light, he was howling in his heart with fear. He no longer cared about anything, raising his other hand he shot out a Talisman from his body, while simultaneously infusing his sword Artefact with his Qi, the sword blade in his hands started to shine in two different colours.

One side was icy white, while the other side was fiery red. Two distinct kinds of lights wrapped around the sword blade in front of Ning Cheng, Ning Cheng could suddenly feel the air around him stagnate. He himself felt that regardless of if he was to block the icy light or the fiery light, he could only block one of them, making the other’s power and influence increase.

Not just Ning Cheng, but any low levelled cultivators would appreciate this, it was natural as the opponents Qi and attributes was completely opposite to each other and would end up producing some kind of resistance to each other. If the other party was a cultivator with a fire attribute, while using his fire attribute to block the other party’s fire attributed attack, he would inevitably produce a Qi with a fire attribute to resist it, but would then be relatively weakened because of the other party’s ice attribute. But some of the more experienced cultivators of the lower levels, all have their unique ways to deal with such a situation.

Ning Cheng’s combat experience was not rich, thus because the blade attack had both ice and fire properties, so he immediately had to make a trade-off between them.

Ning Cheng was able to block the flame attack, but could not block the ice attack completely. Fortunately, his Qi was not weaker that the one in front of him, in fact even if the Qi of the other party was several times stronger than him it would not have mattered. Under the urgency of the situation, in Ning Cheng’s mind flashed with several distorted movements, it was the same distorted and twisty movements of the rusty faced man he had encountered previously. At that time, he had sent out 6 Flame Edges, and the other party was able to block only 3 of them, the other three, he could not block, but actually twisted his body to escape them.

This kind of distorted body skill, in Ning Cheng’s mind, in just a short moment, became very clear, the San Pi’s ice attack, now that Ning Cheng had learned this Distorted Body Skill, he just willed his body to twist to one side.

“Puff……” blood spurted out, but Ning Cheng calmed his heart down, it was because he could not entirely escape the ice attack, but at least he avoided the vital point that it was aimed at, as a result he was just slightly wounded.

San Pi after he used his ice and fire technique, his expression immediately turned pale, it was clear that using that dual attributed attack with Sword Light had a consumption that was clearly not small.

He did not wait for him to recover, Ning Cheng immediately drew his sword up, while sending out several Flame Edges. Ning Cheng’s means of attack was very simple, besides using the Flying Sword to attack, he only used the Flame Edges to threaten. His body which he had twisted to escape, had not yet fully recovered.

In order to quickly kill Ning Cheng, San Pi had consumed too much of his Qi, now knowing that Ning Cheng sent out a sword flash, he could only escape stiffly. Ning Cheng’s Sword Light split the shoulder of San Pi apart, he was able to avoid a crucial hit but was ripped apart by the several Flame Edges thrown at him.

On one side, when Miu Wen Hong saw San Pi was killed, he knew that the outcome was already decided. Ning Cheng was not killed, but San Pi was.

“You actually killed San Pi…….” Miu Wen Hong still did not dare believe it even after he looked at Ning Cheng, San Pi had told him that Ning Cheng was only at Qi Gathering 4th Level, how can a Qi Gathering 4th Level Cultivator kill a Qi Gathering 6th Level one? Moreover, under the circumstances San Pi had even displayed his incomparable Ice – Fire blade technique.

Ning Cheng felt his Qi recover quickly, he would not let Miu Wen Hong return to Mingot City. After he killed Miu Wen Hong, he would escape to the inner regions of the Mingot Sea, if he stayed in this place he would just be courting death.

“You better pray for a good fortune in your next life.” Ning Cheng just finished saying, when the sword in his hands split him into two.

Miu Wen Hong opened his mouth, he even could not say the words to beg for mercy, even when Ning Cheng’s sword arrived, before he died, he still couldn’t believe that, in the Mingot Sea there was someone who dared to kill him.

Ning Cheng was extremely skilled with fire as he quickly burned the two corpses, he put the things of the two men away, turned to An Yi and said, “An Yi, we’ll use these two horned beast beasts to flee.”

“Big Brother Ning, where are we going now?” An Yi had been living together with Ning Cheng for some time, she knew that Ning Cheng was very capable in making good decisions, thus when Ning Cheng killed Miu Wen Hong and his servant, it did not feel strange to her.

“Let’s go to the sea, before didn’t some people ask us to travel by boat? Since there was one ship, then there is also a possibility of another ship.” Ning Cheng said in an affirmative way. When he had killed the two people, Miu Wen Hong and his servant, he was already thinking about it, since there was a boat before, then there definitely would be another one to go out to the sea. The Mingot Sea was endless, and the people coming here were also many, thus there would absolutely be not just one or two boats here.

An Yi just gave a ‘hmm’ sound, she hesitated for a while before asking in a puzzled way, “Big Brother Ning, I heard my master say, that anyone who cultivated, they only cultivated in one main attribute. This is also why we all have just a single Main Spiritual Root, even without the Main Spiritual Root, one must look for a suitable attribute that works suitably as the primary attribute for their Support Spiritual Roots.”

Ning Cheng did not wait for An Yi to finish, he could already understand what An Yi wanted to ask, and then immediately asked “An Yi, you want to ask why this San Pi person could simultaneously use the two ice and fire skills, right?”

Ning Chang was now not a person who was ignorant, now that he had already advanced to the Qi Gathering 4th Level in his cultivation, he was also able to understand some of the truths. Fireball Technique, Waterball Technique, these were the most basics of spell techniques, any kind of Spiritual Root can display these sort of spells. However, the achievement’s in it would be limited, and one would not be able to use them in combat.

Before when San Pi had used the Dual Attributed Attack with his sword blade, it was already a very strong and thus would consume a lot of Qi, this was not something which could be explained with the basic magic spells.

“Yes, I have been wondering how this San Pi was able to use two different attributes with his sword blade. If it was me, I really would not have come up with way to counter it. Could it be that this San Pi had two Main Spiritual Roots? A Dual Spiritual Root Cultivator?” An Yi just nodded.

Ning Cheng laughed and said, “You may not be able to know about it now, but when your cultivation level is high, you would immediately know. If this San Pi had two Main Spiritual Roots, and was even Dual Spiritual Root cultivator, then today the one who died would have been me and not him. When he casted the ice and fire double edge, he used a Talisman, it should have been a Level 2 Talisman.”

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  1. I really hope that that Tian girl from earlier was his girlfriend back on Earth. Maybe she committed suicide and wanted to see him or something. But I feel really bad for her and hope the situation gets cleared up. 😦


    1. U are hopeless sir
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      As for the misunderstanding it is cleared but it really is insignifant matter, and btw down to the gutter case. Our MC can take this as good psychologic lesson.
      I took prologue as good introduction and personality character view to compare how would he grow and change throught out the story


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