Chapter 0029 – Clear Heart Academy

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0029 – Clear Heart Academy

What made Ning Cheng shocked was that the lowest cultivation level of the four people was the Qi Gathering 6th Level and the highest one of the four blue robed youths was at Qi Gathering 8th Level. Although the four people in front of them had their ages similar to Ning Cheng and An Yi, but the cultivation levels of these four people, were far higher than Ning Cheng and An Yi.

“Who do you think you are? Daring to speak in such a way in the Mingot City……” When Miu Wen Hong heard this, anger immediately welled up in him.

In Mingot City, there was unexpectedly still a person who dared to talk to Miu Wen Hong in such a manner, did he not know that he was the Young Master of the Wolf Palace?

“San Pi, kill him.” Miu Wen Hong did not even finish his angry words, and instructed his servant behind him to kill the guy who had just spoken. In Mingot City, if Miu Wen Hong wanted to kill someone, it would be as easy as crushing an ant.

Although Miu Wen Hong’s anger was senseless, but that did not mean that the servant would also act senselessly, hearing Miu Wen Hong’s nonsensical order, that servant of Miu Wen Hong immediately stepped forward and whispered in his ear, “Master Wen Hong, these people are from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy, look at the badges on their chests……”

This servant called San Pi could clearly see that the lowest cultivation of the four people was not worse than him. Not to mention beat them, he did not even want to provoke their anger, as they were basically untouchables.

Hearing the hint from the old servant, Miu Wen Hong reacted immediately, he had certainly heard about the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy. Just now when he saw the young people in the blue dresses, he felt dizzy, he did not choose his words correctly before. Although he was the Young Master of the Wolf Palace, it was only in the Mingot City, a small part of the Mingot Sea Area. The Wolf Palace would not count for anything, even if they were the ruler of this entire area, even then they would not be able to compare with the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy.

Clear Heart 3 Star Academy belonged to the Ming Yi Country, even if the Academy did not have any relationship with the Country, the entire Mingot City, not to mention the Wolf Palace, would not be able to compare itself with a 3 Star Academy.

Ning Cheng, at this time, was able to clearly see the badges on the chests of the four people, they were engraved with the words ‘Clear Heart Academy’. At the bottom of the words there were three bright stars.

Seeing the demeanour of the four, Ning Cheng in heart let out a dark sigh. These people from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy were amazing. The students who came out from there were very tough, this was because they had the advantage of a powerful supporter, evidently he was thinking that if he could join this Academy, then they would have a big Academy on which they could rely on.

However, when Ning Cheng thought about his Spiritual Roots, he immediately dispelled that idea. With his Spiritual Roots, even going to a 1 Star Academy would be difficult, not to mention the higher Star Academies. Moreover, Ning Cheng did not dare to go, since his Spiritual Roots were also improving as his cultivation rose, once his Spiritual Roots improved to a certain extent, how could people not be able to notice?

“So these four brothers were from the 3 Star Academy, this Wen Hong was impolite just now, please forgive me……”  This Miao Wen Hong was able to quickly adapt to the situation, after he came to know that these 4 people were from a 3 Star Academy, he immediately greeted them with a smile.

The youth in the blue robe who had just spoken, lifted his hand and slapped his face, Miao Wen Hong did not think that he would be slapped in the face. Or even if he thought, he would not be able to dodge the slap to his face. Just at this moment, when his face was slapped, more than a dozen teeth and blood flew out into the air.

That slap was really tyrannical, and the surrounding people who were secretly watching suddenly sucked in cold air. The Young Master of the Wolf Palace, Miu Wen Hong just flew out like a garbage.

Lu Yan took only a moment to react, she immediately came forward with a smile and bowed in salute to this blue robed youth and immediately said, “Houhai Village’s Lu Yan greets Elder Brother, Elder Brother, are you from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy? You really are amazing; you even get to cultivate in that Academy. Lu Yan is quite envious.”

While speaking, Lu Yan’s face was filled with worship and admiration, she even wished that she could get the opposite party’s signature in her signature book.

The way this blue robed man treated Lu Yan and Miu Wen Hong was clearly different, when he heard the words of Lu Yan, he immediately smiled as his face softened and said, “The Clear Heart 3 Star Academy is not too far away, but it is also not near. If you wanted to pass by it, even if you took a beast carriage, it probably would be very difficult.”

“Can this Lu Yan ask about Elder Brother’s name? I would really love to hear it, as I also long to go to the 3 Star Academy.” as Lu Yan spoke, on her face the colour of worship was getting more and more stronger.

“I am called Le Bohong, you wanting to enter the Clear Heart Academy is not impossible. A year later, our Clear Heart 3 Star Academy will start enrolling students, you can still give it a try.” The blue robed youth expression was getting more and more gentle; it was as if what happened a moment ago did not happen at all.

Lu Yan was pleasantly surprised and immediately said, “Big Brother Le, this really is great. I must let my father take me and go over to have a look. Right Big Brother, you and other two brothers and sister have just arrived in Mingot City, you certainly must be tired. If you don’t mind, I can take you to the Houhai Village to rest, I can also stay behind with you to learn a thing or two from you.”

Le Bohong waved his hands and said, “The road to the sea does not go from the Houhai Village’s territory, so we have no interest to go there.”

There was an intense disappointment on the face of Lu Yan, she seemed to think of Ning Cheng and An Yi, she hurriedly walked to An Yi and said with a smiling face, “This sister, can you help me persuade Big Brother for me, then you can also come together to my Houhai Village.”

Lu Yan did not really want to ask An Yi, Le Bohong had not seen An Yi, now that Lu Yan talked to her, Le Bohong immediately noticed An Yi, this guy’s eyes suddenly shined, this girl really was too beautiful and slender.

Ning Cheng in his heart sneered, how could he not understand Lu Yan’s trick. Le Bohong had treated Miu Wen Hong and Lu Yan with two completely different attitudes, it showed that Le Bohong only had good treatment for a woman who had some sexual attractiveness to him. She wanted An Yi to come together with Le Bohong to the Houhai Village and wanted to find any excuse to bring them both to the Houhai Village’s territory.

This was of course based on the condition if Le Bohong likes An Yi, if Le Bohong does not like An Yi, then he could only be a blind man.

Ning Cheng did not wait for Le Bohong to speak, and said to Lu Yan, “Go away, slut.”

Le Bohong was forced to take back the words that he was about to speak that he did not want to go to the Houhai Village’s territory, and was somewhat looking at Ning Cheng in a puzzled way. He did not understand why Ning Cheng would fire off such words?

Ning Cheng ignored the ugly look on Lu Yan’s face, and turned to Le Bohong and cupped his fists and said, “Thank you friends for extending your helping hand.”

Le Bohong had recovered, before he saw that there seems to be some dispute between Lu Yan and Ning Cheng, but he did not think that Ning Cheng would call Lu Yan a slut. Now that Ning Cheng was thanking him with gratitude, he also cupped his fists and said, “This was just a small matter, it is not worth mentioning, I haven’t had the chance to ask my friends name, shall we go out to drink together.”

“I am called Ning Cheng, me and my cousin had just entered in Mingot City when these two mad dogs started biting at us, and now we don’t want to stay here. With brother’s help today, is something that would not be forgotten.” Ning Cheng did not want to go with these people, so he hurriedly refused and said while clasping his fist.

He had already offended Miu Wen Hong and Lu Yan, he was not a fool, why would he continue to stay here? Besides, these few people from the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy had quite a good cultivation level, even the lowest one had a cultivation level of the Qi Gathering 6th Level, he basically had no chance against them.

Hearing Ning Cheng was not willing to go together with them, Le Bohong’s eyes flashed with disappointment, he inadvertently glanced at An Yi, then he smiled and said to Ning Cheng, “Brother Ning, the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy will host the recruitment of student within the entire Ping Continent. Brother Ning, if you and your cousin are able to enter the Clear Heart Academy, it would be certain that you would be able to scale new heights.”

Ning Cheng certainly wanted to participate in the enrolment but his Spiritual Root was very bad. However, if there was a chance to go to the Clear Heart Academy with An Yi then it would be good. Fortunately, this thing was still early, as he would have to seek the opinion of An Yi about what she thought about all this, he once again said, “Thank you Brother Le, in the coming year if I have the chance, I would definitely come to the Clear Heart Academy. But first for today, we must take our leave.”

“Good, next year I will patiently wait for Brother Ning to clear the entrance of the Clear Heart Academy.” Le Bohong said with enthusiasm, it was regretful that An Yi never said a word, and also didn’t see him even once.

Miao Wen Hong’s face was full of blood, and was barely able to stand up with the help of his servant, he did not even dare to speak even half a word, and could only watch as Bohong and the others left. As for Ning Cheng and An Yi, he dared not come forward to speak anymore nonsense.

Lu Yan also stared at Ning Cheng with her eyes filled with the intent to kill, she pledged that she would no doubt kill Ning Cheng herself.

Ning Cheng and Le Bohong said goodbye to each other, but before departing, he took An Yi and Ning Cheng and helped them to buy several sets of clothes from the Mingot City, and also purchase several maps of the surrounding areas in the Mingot Sea Area, then they hurriedly left the Mingot City.

After experiencing these things, it made Ning Cheng clear on the fact that, at least in Mingot City, there was not a place where he could live, at least for the present.


“Big Brother Ning, Lu Yan was so sincere, but why did I feel uncomfortable? She wanted to invite me, but why did she threaten big brother?” An Yi did not understand much of the ways of the world, this kind of complicated relationship, she was completely confused by it.

Ning Cheng said with a sneer, “That woman was a broken piece of glass, that kind of woman is not even worth mentioning, even if she was an arrogant piece of thrash.”

“What is a broken piece of glass?” An Yi did not understand.

Ning Cheng just waved his hands and said, “These things, you do not need to understand at present, even that Bohong guy is not as simple as he looks, if we stayed in the Mingot City it would not be good for us, it’s better to go somewhere else.”

With the identity of Bohong, he could have completely killed Miu Wen Hong, but he went so far as to bear it, and just went ahead and slapped him in the face. It was obvious that this person was not simple on the surface, he was aware that even though he could kill Miu Wen Hong, he would end up with some troubles.

Ning Cheng and An Yi travelled continuously for about half a day, and had already left the Mingot City behind in a distance. Ning Cheng in his heart was continuously thinking about what those people came to the Mingot City for, some important people would sometime come, but only for the experience. In Ning Cheng’s view, if it was not for an important matter, Le Bohong would have definitely killed Miu Wen Hong.

“Are the two friends going out to the sea?” a hearty voice that came from far away which stopped Ning Cheng and An Yi by calling out to them.

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    1. Maybe the author intended it to be in a sarcastic way, just how he named to four other treasures as Good Luck treasures. Even I am not sure about it, maybe it would become clear as we progress further into the series.

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    1. Well i did read ahead till the 50 something chapter in the raws, and so far the struggle continues, though I think his situation will get a lot better at a later time according to the discussions and comments on the original raw site. Buts its still a bit far off for now, I estimate around a 100 chapters later going by the comments. Though I am not completely sure about it myself.


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