Chapter 0028 – The Place Where The Strong Eats The Weak

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Chapter 0028 – The Place Where The Strong Eats The Weak

These people in front of the Mingot City were obviously Ning Cheng and An Yi, after Ning Cheng spent some time in refining the Flying Sword, he directly, along with An Yi, arrived at the Mingot City. Although he was able to advance in his cultivation with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, but he was only able to do so by using a huge amount of Spirit Stones, and it seemed that this was just the beginning. Even if he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, Ning Cheng was still worried about his cultivation.

“Big Brother Ning, it seems to be very busy and prosperous here.” An Yi had always lived in the area around the Blue Heart Temple, and had rarely seen such a bustling city like the Mingot City.

This was also the first time for Ning Cheng to visit such a busy city, although Cang Le City was also quite bustling, but it could not be compared to the Mingot City. But comparing the two, Ning Cheng was now preferring to be in the Cang Le City rather that coming to the Mingot City.

In the Cang Le City, the highest powers were the Cang Qin Royal Family and Cang Qin 2 Star Academy. Even though Cang Le City emphasized on the law of the jungle, but it emphasised more on cultivation, even if a person was of a low status, if he had a good comprehension ability regarding the cultivation, they would be able to be respected and also be unified and integrated with the city forces.

But Mingot City was different, when Ning Cheng first arrived in the Mingot City, he felt that there was absolutely no unified force. He was able to feel that in the Mingot City there were many different forces, the law of the jungle, these were the words that could be strongly attached to this place.

“The Auction Meeting, The Mingot City Auction meeting…….” a thin girl who was holding dozens of brochures in her hand said while shouting as she waved those brochures in her hands, “This auction will have many Artefacts, high quality medicines, and the most important of all, the map to go into the Lansha Island Array Formation……………”

Ning Cheng did not intend to participate in the auction, beside he only had a few gold coins, and no other good stuff. In this kind of auction, even if he had more gold coins, it would not be of much use, much less the combined amount of the gold coins that they have.

“The two seniors should have just arrived at the Mingot City, and I have a hunch that you do not have a map of the Mingot City, nor do you have an introduction to any of the major forces in the Mingot City, the price is not expensive, I only want 50, no only 30 silver coins……”

The girl who had seen Ning Cheng and An Yi arrive, immediately came over to sell her stuff. Her eyes were very sharp, with just a glance she was able to determine that Ning Cheng and An Yi were not the regulars of the Mingot City, nor were they from the Mingot Sea Area.

Ning Cheng took out a gold coin and handed it to this girl, and said, “OK, if you can help me get me a copy of the map of this place, the remaining silver coins, you can keep them, and also give me a brochure of the auction.”

This little girl saw that Ning Cheng was very generous and hurried to grab the gold coin, while simultaneously taking out two books to give to Ning Cheng, her speed was very quick.

Ning Cheng had some doubts about it, but she had already left. When Ning Chang saw that there were many people surging forward to sell the manuals, he understood a bit, it seems that there was a very competitive atmosphere here to sell the manuals.

“Wait Wait, I’ll first find a place for us to stay.” said Ning Cheng to An Yi as at the same time he pulled An Yi along with him onto the street.

Although he was not a rich man back on Earth, but that did not mean he was always remained outside without a fixed residence. But after coming here, Ning Cheng had never found a safe place to sleep. At present in the Mingot City, in any case, he was going to live here for a period of time, so he had to take care of this situation immediately. He, of course, knew that he would not be able to buy a house here to live in, but at least he knew how to find out which inn was better.

Of course since An Yi was also depended on Ning Cheng, so she did not have any comment about it, Ning Cheng opened the map of the Mingot City and saw that the map was clearly marked with the labels of the several big powers. The First Mingot Meeting, this was the Mingot City’s largest organisation. They controlled more than 50 percent of the Mingot City’s trading, and were like the ace within the cloud. The second was the Wolf Palace, third was the Houhai Village ……

Ning Cheng looked in front of him as he sensed that there was someone standing in front of him and An Yi. Ning Cheng looked up and saw a pretty girl wearing a red dress, and was at the Qi Gathering 2nd Level. This woman in the red dress looked very pretty and beautiful, at her side stood two equally beautiful female companions. Looking at the attire of the two companions, he came to the conclusion that they were the servants of the girl wearing the red dress.

“Did you just arrive in the Mingot City?” This woman in red dress pointed at Ning Cheng and bluntly asked.

Ning Cheng, in his heart felt a bit unhappy, he had just arrived here, what relationship did he have with her? Facing the woman in red dress, Ning Cheng felt himself to be a little uncomfortable.

“Yes, me and my cousin had just arrived in the Mingot City.” Ning Cheng replied calmly as he cupped his fists, he knew that he could not afford to provoke anyone in the Mingot City.

“Oh, so this is your cousin?” The woman in the red dress swept her eyes over An Yi, as Ning Cheng saw it, the objective of the woman in red dress seemed to be An Yi.

Not waiting for Ning Cheng to answer, the woman in the red dress said again, “I really like your cousin, I am a person from the Houhai Village. Let your cousin come with me, I will not treat her unjustly.”

Ning Cheng immediately wrinkled his brows and said, “Sorry, my cousin will not walk with anyone else, we can support ourselves.”

“If you do not let your cousin come with me, you will not be able to live.” This woman in red dress did not think the Ning Cheng would dare to talk back, and immediately said in a cold tone. However, she immediately thought that Ning Cheng should have just arrived to the Mingot City, so he did not know how fearsome was the Houhai Village.

Ning Cheng held his anger back, he knew that in the Mingot Sea Area, Mingot City was not a good place, but he did not think, that just when he arrived here, not only he found himself in trouble, but they even unexpectedly wanted to take away An Yi.

“Lu Yan, the two of them should have just arrived at the Mingot City, what you are doing is not good, right?” Ning Cheng had not yet spoken, when a voice arrived from the side.

On one side, he felt someone come and help him and An Yi out, this made her feel slightly relieved. Letting her leave Ning Cheng, she would definitely not agree to it. Moreover, when she saw the look in the eyes of the woman in the red dress, it definitely made her uncomfortable, it even made her feel a kind of fear.

Ning Cheng also saw this person come over, this person was a young man dressed in a very fine dress. The rim of his eyes even had a hint of blue in it, and looked very thin and emaciated. But this person’s cultivation level was higher than this red dressed woman called Lu Yan, it was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level. Behind him there was also a servant, but his cultivation level was at Qi Gathering 6th Level.

The red dressed woman called Lu Yan immediately retorted, “Miu Wen Hong, do you think that I don’t know what you want to do? The last time I allowed you once, but this time I will never let up. What happened to the girl you forcibly took away last time? I’m afraid that you have already wasted her.”

Miu Wen Hong coldly snorted and said, “That girl is now in the Wolf Mansion and is well, what did you mean by saying I wasted her? You bring back the person that you wasted. You are a woman, but you also like to sleep with other women, aren’t you the one who is spoiled?”

Hearing the words of Miu Wen Hong, Lu Yan was overflowing with anger, the two people immediately began to argue.

Ning Cheng came to understand something, that these two people were in no way a good thing for them. He pulled An Yi and said, “An Yi, let’s go, this is not a good place.”

“Since you have arrived just now, don’t rush to leave.” Seeing Ning Cheng just about to leave, Lu Yan and Miu Wen Hong immediately stopped quarrelling.

Ning Cheng looked around, unexpectedly the people who came to watch the spectacle were not a few, not only they came to watch, they were also secretly eyeing them. It was clear that these two people fighting held much influence in the Mingot City.

Ning Cheng felt a strong Killing Intent from the two, and said in a slow voice “Me and you two are strangers, can a person only enter the Mingot City and not leave?”

Saying these words, Ning Cheng was already thinking about how to run out of the Mingot City. The servant who was at the Qi Gathering 6th Level would not be able to stop him, and in the meantime he also wanted to take make use of the good opportunity to kill Miu Wen Hong and Li Yan. Now that he had just entered the city, he completely had the opportunity to rush out.

With Miu Wen Hong’s and Lu Yan’s natures, even if he did not kill them, they would not let them go, so he wanted to go ahead and kill them so as to save them the future trouble. Since he had already offended them, then it would be better to offend them to the end, there was no need to be timid in front of such people.

“You can return, that’s true, but I will not let you go and would definitely not let you walk away. Tell this woman beside you to stay, then you may be able to leave.” Miu Wen Hong’s tone was still nasty, but with his tone it was revealed that, without a doubt, his status in this city was very high.

“Oh, what would you do if I allow those two to go away?” exclaimed a voice.

This time, there were four people approaching them, three man and a woman, the man in the front was wearing a light blue dress and was also a bit thin.

Ning Cheng had already noticed, all these four people had a similar mark on the cloths of their chest, it was apparent that these four were from the same place. Ning Cheng did not speak, here in the Mingot City, there was a complex mix of forces, he was not sure if those people who had just arrived had any intention of helping them.

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