Chapter 0027 – Mingot City

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Chapter 0027 – Mingot City

The man that Ning Cheng saw, clearly had the face of a rogue, but that man was a cultivator of the Qi Gathering 5th Level, a level higher than he.

This person had a cultivation level higher than the cultivation level of that Taoist Pu, if he had met this person before that Taoist Pu, Ning Cheng would have had some fear after seeing this man, but after seeing this person, Ning Cheng’s heart did not have much worry.

After advancing to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, Ning Cheng felt that his own strength had increased several fold, this kind of strong and powerful Qi gave Ning Cheng a difficult to express confidence.

“What happened to that thing?” The person standing at the entrance of the cave asked as he immediately frowned. Apparently he did not find what he was looking for.

He did not wait for Ning Cheng to reply, and continued, “I just saw a yellow light from here, it should be a sign of a treasure being born. At the time when I came, I also heard you say about a yellow bead, you, where did you put that yellow bead?”

Ning Cheng and An Yi were only two people, but he did not even pay any attention to them. Once he saw then, he knew that Ning Cheng and An Yi have never experienced killing, moreover a Qi Gathering 4th level and Qi Gathering 5th level, although they were both in the Middle Stage of the Qi Gathering Realm, but the difference in the degree of the amount of Qi between them was not a little bit.

Ning Cheng did not even say half a sentence and raised his hands sending out 6 Flame Edges. When he was in the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, he could only send out 2 Flame Edges, but now that he was at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, he could instantly send out 6 Flame Edges.

Not to mention the fact that he had the Mysterious Yellow Bead, it was something that cannot be leaked out. Since this rusty faced man overbearingly intruded into his territory, Ning Cheng certainly would not be lenient towards him.

This rusty faced man did not seem to think that a Qi Gathering 4th Level person would dare take action against him, but because the speed of those Flame Edge was too fast, he immediately felt a great anger. The next moment a long knife with a green handle appeared in his hand, the long knife had a cruel green blade, he wanted to use it to block Ning Cheng’s Flame Edge.

In his view, Ning Cheng was just a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, wanting to injure him with a Flame Edge was simply a dream. But the more he split apart the Flame Edges, the more his power declined.

“Bang, Bang….” three explosions continuously rang, out of the 6 Flame Edges sent out by Ning Cheng, three of them were directly split apart by the long green bladed knife of the rusty faced man. After splitting them apart, these flames hit the walls of the reef cave, sending gravel flying randomly.

Originally this rusty faced man thought that he could easily split apart those 6 Flame Edges sent out by Ning Cheng with his long knife, but he did not think that he could only block 3 of them and stop. After he blocked the 3 fire blades, he immediately withdrew the long blade, and the remaining three Flame Edges directly flew across his long blade that was retreating, and arrived in front of his eyes in a flash.

The rusty faced man did not expect that a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, who looked like he had no prior experience in combat, could use the Flame Edge in such a way, but fortunately he had lived for many years in the Mingot Sea waters around him and had gone through a lot. Although this was critical moment, but he did not panic. He just twisted his body a little and the three fire blades just slipped by him.

When Ning Cheng saw this man slightly change his body’s posture, he immediately knew that his combat experience was much lower than him. Just from the point of view of the power of his Flame Edge, he was able to ascertain that this man’s ability to utilise the Qi at the Qi Gathering 5th Level was higher than many of his peers at the same level.

This rusty faced man had a rich combat experience, he discovered that even though the cultivation level of Ning Cheng was a level less than him he could only fight with him evenly, at this time, he wanted to immediately retreat and wanted to completely exit from the entrance of the cave. For him, fighting on the rocks outside the cave was much more favourable. Even now, he did not put Ning Cheng in his eyes.

Seeing this man wanting to retreat, Ning Cheng’s heart was surprised, he was not afraid to have a death match with him, but he was afraid of him escaping. Once this man escaped, if he could not catch up him, it would not be a good thing for both of them.

At this time, Ning Cheng no longer thought of anything else, he directly took out the Flying Sword from the Storage Bag, holding the Sword, he immediately slashed out with it as he infused his Qi in it, the Sword Light split the air. Although he could not understand how to use a Flying Sword, but since he did not refine this Flying Sword, this Flying Sword could only be treated an ordinary weapon in his hands.

“A Flying Sword Artefact?” This Qi Gathering 5th Level cultivator saw Ning Cheng pull out a Flying Sword, immediately called out in frightened voice.

There were numerous cultivators trying to survive in the Mingot waters, but the ones who used an Artefact were very few. Even if there were a few, it would have been accumulated over the years or that person would have been from a large family or in other words the origin of these kinds of people were certainly not ordinary.

Because the owner of the Flying Sword had fallen because of Ning Cheng, even if Ning Cheng had not refined it, under the influence of his Qi Gathering Realm, it still brought out a streak of light that over ten feet long.

The rusty faced man was full of panic, he hurriedly used his long blade to block. If he knew that Ning Cheng had a Flying Sword Artefact, he would not have tried to have a close quarters duel with Ning Cheng before, he would not have even rushed into the cave entrance. This time, his experience had deceived him, in his eyes Ning Cheng and An Yi were trying to hide in the reef cave, he thought they definitely did not know the immensity of the heavens and the earth, he did not think these poor people in his eyes would have taken that kind of risk. He never imagined that such a person, not only had a Flying Sword Type Artefact but it even seemed that it was a high level one.

“Ding Ding.” sounds emerged, the long blade in the rusty faced man’s hand was as if it was a brittle jade, the Flying Sword directly split it into two. But this Flying Sword was not even impeded even in a bit by it, just as it split the long blade in two, it also cleaved the rusty faced man in half as if he was a soft tofu.

As for An Yi, she did not have any fighting experience, until she saw Ning Cheng kill the opposite party, only at that point did she woke up, at that point she had no way of helping him.

Ning Cheng did not speak with An Yi, as he directly took the gold coins that the man had wrapped up on him and sent a few fireballs towards him, directly turning the man into ash. He then collected the ashes of the man and threw them outside the cave into the sea, and turned to An Yi and said, “We need to quickly leave, this is not a place that we can stay for long.”

As the few fireballs turned this man into ash, Ning Cheng could feel that even his techniques were upgraded as his cultivation level rose. If he was still in the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, then his fireballs absolutely would not be able to turn the man into ash.

“Yes.” An Yi also knew that they must leave as soon as possible.

After the two people left the reef cave, they rushed all the way to flee as far as possible, after more than an hour, Ning Cheng slowed down his pace and said, “OK, now we are similar to the rest of the average persons in the Mingot Sea area,”

Ning Cheng was very much confident on himself, he affirmed that his cultivation level rivalled that of a Qi Gathering 6th level cultivator, the only thing that he lacked was combat experience. Of course, he also lacked the necessity of being a killer.

At this point An Yi said, “Big Brother Ning, your cultivation is much better than mine, even if you are at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, but the power of your techniques that you cast are even more powerful than the ones cast by some of the cultivators of the Qi Gathering 5th Level.”

Even if An Yi did lack in experience, but it did not mean that she could not see with her eyes.

Ning Cheng again took out the Flying Sword, looked at it and said, “It is thanks to this Flying Sword Artefact that I used, otherwise even if I was not afraid of him, I may not necessarily be able to kill that man. Evidently equipping Artefacts is very important, ah.”

When An Yi heard Ning Cheng say ‘equipping Artefacts’ she did not know if Ning Cheng knew what it meant, she pointed towards the Flying Sword in Ning Cheng’s hands and said, “That Flying Sword should be a high grade Artefact, but now it’s yours. You should refine it; this can help in maximising its power. My master said, if you had a Spiritual Sense, then you would be able to remotely control the Flying Sword to attack the enemy, you can even step on the sword and use it to fly.”

Ning Cheng understood what Spiritual Sense was, it was similar to one’s soul, or rather it was the prototype of the soul. As for what An Yi said about riding the sword to fly, it can only be done after entering the Essence Building Realm. Only after entering Essence Building Realm, would one be able to use and expand their Spiritual Sense to outside their body.

Of course, with the cultivation of a formidable cultivator, one could even separate their Spiritual Sense from their body. But his Spiritual Sense was still extremely weak, it was unable to drive the Flying Sword’s flight, and also cannot be used with the Flying Sword to attack the enemy.

Ning Cheng nodded, thinking about the words of An Yi, he deeply agreed to it, and said, “An Yi, you are right, for now we should find a place to refine this Flying Sword. My biggest task right now it to find a heap of Spirit Stones, let us continue to rise our cultivation level again. Perhaps in the future there will be one day, when I could go back.”

“Big Brother Ning, are you trying to increase your cultivation level with the aim to go back to your hometown?” when An Yi heard Ning Cheng, she was somewhat perplexed.

“Of course.” Ning Cheng said without any hesitation, and asked An Yi, “An Yi, what is the purpose of your cultivation?”

An Yi was silent for a bit, then shook her head and said, “I have no purpose in cultivating, I only cultivated only because my master wanted me to cultivate.”

“What about your master?” Ning Cheng asked again.

“Master said that she was in pursuit of a higher realm, if master could advance to the higher realm, she would not have had to die while sitting.” when An Yi spoke about her master, she again became gloomy.

Ning Cheng was also silent, his aim was to go back and see his younger sister Ruo Lan, but he was very clear that this kind of goal may not be achievable in this lifetime.

Indeed, because of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he needed lots of Spirit Stones in order to cultivate. If one day, he could not find Spirit Stones then it would be difficult for him to advance, he would also end up like An Yi’s master, ending up dying while sitting.

Seeing Ning Cheng silent, An Yi suddenly spoke again, “Big Brother Ning, my master said that even if there was just a slim chance, if one did not put efforts to work hard, then they would have no opportunity. Because I listened to master’s words, I went outside to look for the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia. Although I was not able to find it, at least I put in the efforts.”

Listening to the words of An Yi, Ning Cheng woke up from daze. Yes, when he compared himself with the other people, then he had more Qi than them, he even had the Mysterious Yellow Bead’s support. If you are not willing to work hard, then in the future how could you always have good fortune? Now that he woke up from his daze, he thought that An Yi did not know the difficulties in obtaining the Heaven Scented Precious Zoysia, not only did she go looking for them in the wrong places, but with her ability she would not be able to go to the places where they can be actually found.

Thinking of all this, Ning Cheng once more regained his formidable confidence, “An Yi, thank you, I must work hard.”


The damp sea breeze and the sounds of the waves crashing drifted into the Mingot City, Mingot City was very lively and bustling. This is the largest town in the Mingot Sea Area, it was also the land which had the largest amount of cultivators gathered. But in this bustling town, the people had varied expressions, some had a cold one, some had an indifferent one, some kept a serious face as they hurriedly walked around.

Although there were many adventurers and cultivators here, in order to achieve greater profitability, they took the things back to the cities in their mainland, but there were also some people who did not wish to take the long journey back to their mainland, and directly sold their wares that they obtained in the Mingot Sea Area in the Mingot City. As such all year round in the waters of the Mingot Sea, the people referred to this place as the old Mingot.

At the outside of this bustling city was a man and a woman, the man looked very young, his face was slightly thin, but it was like a knife. He had extremely bright eyes, but had a calm expression on his face, he gave the feeling as if he was an old general of the Mingot City. The black hair was slightly messy, scattered a bit near his ears, and it seemed very casual.

At his side was a woman who was half a head shorter than him and looked very pretty, as beautiful as a lotus flower in water, even though she did expose her long hair, but the white turban on her head was completely dust free and made it seemed as if she was very refined.

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