Chapter 0038 – Unexpected Wealth

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0038 – Unexpected Wealth

Although Taoist Pu looked dishevelled, but the excitement in his eyes was difficult to conceal. As he crazily fled towards Ning Cheng, he simply did not pay any attention to Ning Cheng and An Yi who were hiding in front of him.

There was a strong and rich Qi coming from the bag he was escaping with, this kind of Qi was too familiar with Ning Cheng, it was the Qi contained in the Spirit Stones. Ning Cheng was already waiting for Taoist Pu for a long time, it was not the first time that he allowed An Yi to follow him immediately.

At the same time, Ning Cheng could not give up the thought of advancing in his cultivation, he immediately let his Spiritual Sense to wrap around Taoist Pu’s body. Prior to this, Ning Cheng did not really look down on Taoist Pu. But when his Spiritual Sense just glanced past Taoist Pu, his heart immediately tightened.

This Taoist Pu looked like he was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level, but in fact he was clearly at the Qi Gathering 7th Level. He did not know where this person came from, that he would even have such a formidable Concealment Technique with him, if it was before, Ning Cheng would not even think that the person in front of him was actually at Qi Gathering 7th Level.

He was already in the Late Stages of the Qi Gathering 7th Level, this guy really hid it very well.

Knowing that this Taoist Pu was already at the Qi Gathering 7th Level, Ning Cheng was no longer as calm as before, he was certain that once Taoist Pu heads into the fog, he would not be able to find him. At this point there was no reason for Taoist Pu to notice him, this Taoist Pu was not able to detect his Spiritual Sense, as he did not seem to have any idea that there were people who were waiting specifically for him in his path.

He could not let this guy escape, thought Ning Cheng as he took out the Flying Sword without any hesitation, suddenly he stepped forward, and with the Flying Sword in his hand he decisively swept out with it.

This Taoist Pu had been on this path of the Lansha Island for more than a few dozen times already, and he was very clear that although it looks very scary, in fact, as long as one was proficient in Array Formations, he would not be targeted by the evil spirits who were always eying the path. On course, the prerequisite was that they did not enter the blood red walls, and also did not go into the courtyard behind the blood red walls.

But this Taoist Pu was highly confident in himself, that coupled with his extremely careful nature, in addition to his superior cultivation level, he already surpassed Ning Cheng. When he noticed that the tip of the Flying Sword was already approaching him, he suddenly twisted his body.

“Puff……” the Sword Light flashed and blood spurted out, that Taoist Pu did not think that he would not be able to evade Ning Cheng’s strike. That Flying Sword of Ning Cheng almost directly cut his waist in half, although that wound was not enough to kill him, but it severely injured him.

An Yi had been together with Ning Cheng for a long time now, and since Ning Cheng even protected and sheltered her for several days in the sea, she had already become accustomed to how Ning Cheng did things. Almost in the next moment, she also sent out three Wind Edges, simultaneously cutting the string that tied her to Ning Cheng with her skill.

Taoist Pu had barely escaped the fatal Flying Sword strike from Ning Cheng, when An Yi’s Wind Edges arrived and detonated on him. But these just gave Taoist Pu a few minor injuries, other than the near fatal injury from Ning Cheng, it was still not enough to kill him.

Taoist Pu staggered for a few steps and stopped, at this time Ning Cheng found out, that he and Taoist Pu had come out from the fog, and onto the curved path. As to which curved that he arrived on, Ning Cheng did not care about it. He guessed that since the Taoist Pu also wanted to escape, so he would definitely choose the path that would lead to the exit.

“It is you……” Taoist Pu said as he forcefully suppressed his injuries and turned back to see Ning Cheng carrying the Flying Sword in his arms.

Ning Cheng did not answer, and once again brought up the Flying Sword and swept towards him with it, while simultaneously throwing out several Flame Edges. Striking when the iron was hot, that Taoist Pu was already a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 7th Level, if he let him catch his breath, then both him and An Yi would be in some serious trouble.

Taoist Pu’s face immediately turned pale, he saw that Ning Cheng did not even say a word when he continued with his attack, he understood that Ning Cheng undoubtedly wanted to kill him, as such idle chatter would not help him. Almost at the same time, he drew out a sickle. And swept away with it towards Ning Cheng’s Flying Sword that had arrived in front of him.

He was not willing, he clearly understood why Ning Cheng wanted to kill him. Before in the beast carriage, if Ning Cheng had dared to disagree to join his team, so as to not leak the secret information, Ning Cheng would have been killed by his hands.

He was not willing; he had just advanced to the Qi Gathering 7th Level before coming to the Lansha Island. This time he also had obtained a massive quantity of extremely precious Spirit Stones, to advance to the True Condensation Realm was just an issue of time for him. But at this crucial point, he was actually ambushed by Ning Cheng.

He did not understand how Ning Cheng could be safe and sound in Lansha Island, there were both Illusionary Array Formations and real evil spirits here, there were even some demonic soul soldiers. Without knowing about the intricacies of the Array Formation around here, even if one was a cultivator in the Essence Building Realm, he would not be able to do as he pleased. He concluded that Ning Cheng definitely knew about the Array Formations around here, otherwise how could he hide here for that many days and even plan an ambush against him here, but wasn’t even discovered by the evil spirits?

“Weng” a sound was heard, and the Sword Light was scattered, Ning Cheng just took a few steps back, but Ning Cheng did not stay still, and the Flying Sword in his hands once again turned into a long Sword Light.

“You unexpectedly even have an Artefact ……” This time Taoist Pu realized his mistake, it seemed that in Ning Cheng’s hand was high quality Artefact.

Although he was injured before, but he did not panic, he had the cultivation of Qi Gathering 7th Level, even if he was injured, he thought that he could use the Artefact in his hands to easily kill and behead Ning Cheng and An Yi. But now that he confirmed that Ning Cheng also was using an Artefact, one which was of even better quality than the Artefact in his hands, that Taoist Pu’s eyes were glinting with a hint of panic. Because he felt that, Ning Cheng’s cultivation did not seem to be that of an ordinary Qi Gathering 4th Level.

At this time An Yi once more threw out several Wing Edges towards him, Taoist Pu had to avoid An Yi’s Wind Edges, but simultaneously the Sword Light from Ning Cheng once again reached him.

Taoist Pu wanted to use the sickle Artefact in his hand to block it again, but this time when he really tried to block it, he felt a sharp pain from his waist, he had not completely stopped the bleeding from the previous wound when it started spraying blood again. The speed of his sickle immediately slowed down a beat, but at this time the Sword Light from Ning Cheng already arrived at his side.

The Sword Light hit his shoulder from the side, immediately splitting him down to his waist, into two parts, this Taoist Pu was still extremely unwilling to back down even when dying.

Ning Cheng gasped for breath, and first rushed to pick up the package that Taoist Pu had and threw it into his Storage Bag behind him, and then sent out a fireball to turn Taoist Pu into ash, after doing all this he said to An Yi, “An Yi, we have to run, I estimate that people from the Mingot City must be about to arrive.”

After the two ran all the way along the curved path, in just less than half an hour, the two once again saw the reef at the seashore. This was not the place were the two had entered the Lansha Island before, but it was actually the other side of the island.

There was a boat that was not very big on its side, Ning Cheng felt happy in his heart, he knew that this boat definitely belonged to Taoist Pu and his group. There were also a bunch of materials from the sea beasts piled up in a heap on the ship’s bow, these materials must have been left here by Taoist Pu and group to take back. Ning Cheng was not very clear about it, whether Taoist Pu was good or evil, he was a cultivator in the Qi Gathering Realm, why would he pay such attention to materials from ordinary sea beasts?

Those materials from the sea beasts, Ning Cheng did not discard them, but pushed them the side, and then quickly set sail and left the Lansha Island.

After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, with Ning Cheng and An Yi controlling the wooden boat, they had finally left the Lansha Island behind in dust.

Only until after that did An Yi heaved a sigh and said, “Big Brother Ning, my heart was constantly being suppressed and filled with panic when we were on the island, it always gave me a very bad feeling.”

Ning Cheng also nodded, “I am the same as you, I always felt that the island was definitely not simple as that. In the future, when our cultivation levels are high enough, we can come again to look at it. An Yi, your pendant should also be a good weapon, you have to carefully take care of it, it should not be found by others.”

An Yi also gave a simple reply, “I know.”

Returning to the sea once again, Ning Cheng first took out the cloth package from inside the Storage Bag, he wanted to look at his spoils from the battle.

Opening the cloth package, a dazzling white light made Ning Cheng surprised. There was a small pile of at least 4 to 5 hundred of brightly glittering stones. Moreover, when he had previously acquired the Spirit Stones, some of the Spirit Stones were less dazzling. However, this did not affect his cultivation.

“An Yi, we became rich, this really is an unexpected wealth.” Ning Cheng said with joy. What he lacked the most was Spirit Stones, but now he already had nearly 500 hundred Spirit Stones, if he required 100 Spirit Stones to advance a level, then maybe with all these Spirit Stones he may be able to reach the peak of the Qi Gathering Realm.

Ning Cheng was just about to share the Spirit Stones with An Yi, when she stopped him from doing it and said, “Big Brother Ning, the Spirit Stones that you gave me last time have still not run out. Moreover, you require a lot of Spirit Stones for your cultivation, if I do run out, I will ask you again.”

Ning Cheng also thought so, anyway An Yi always followed him, so it was all the same.

After putting away the Spirit Stones, Ning Cheng found a Jade Box in the bottom of the cloth bag. When he opened the Jade Box, a familiar aroma greeted him.

“Golden Cicada Fruit……” Ning Cheng and An Yi both simultaneously cried out in surprise.

In the Jade Box in Ning Cheng’s hands, was lying a green fruit with a golden sheen, this fruit was in the shape of two wings, except these ‘wings’ looked like they were made of pure white silk. No wonder the fruit was called a Cicada Fruit, Ning Cheng thought as he quickly closed the jade cover.

“That Taoist Pu really has a big mouth, that bastard said a lot about the Golden Cicada Fruit, and now I see this.” After Ning Cheng obtained the Golden Cicada Fruit, in his heart he was glad that he did not work with that guy.

Although they were rushing into the sea, Ning Cheng in his heart was very satisfied, at least he had a great harvest. The only regret that he had was, there was no way for them to save Feng Fei Zhang, who had helped them earlier. He knew that with his ability, his escape from the Lansha Island was purely based on luck, wanting to save Feng Fei Zhang, his strength was simply too poor to accomplish it.

After being happy for a while, Ning Cheng and An Yi quickly became lost. In this immense sea, they simply did not know which direction to go in. The sky over the Mingot Sea was cloudy all year long, so they could not discern any directional signs.

As a few days passed by, Ning Cheng was growing anxious in his heart. He not only could not even find the shore of the Mingot Sea, but he even could not find a small island.

“Big Brother Ning, a ship is coming.” An Yi knew that Ning Cheng was in a bit of hurry, when Ning Cheng saw the ship, he immediately knew that this ship was coming from the direction from which they came.

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