Chapter 0039 – Where To Go

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0039 – Where To Go

When Ning Cheng saw the ship coming over, he was surprised in his heart. He was in an urgent need to find another human to find his bearings, but at the same time, was afraid to be seen by others. He had already offended two big forces of the Mingot City, he felt that these ships in the Mingot Sea were definitely related to the Mingot City. Once anyone recognized Ning Cheng and An Yi, the result would definitely not be good.

In just a moment, the ship had already arrived close to Ning Cheng’s boat.

“Ha Ha, I did not think that in this vast and endless Mingot Sea, I would be able to meet Brother Ning and his cousin, it really was destined.” A hearty laughter was transmitted.

Ning Cheng was able to immediately recognize the person who this voice belonged to, it was the same person who had helped him back in the Mingot City, Le Bohong. For Le Bohong to appear here, he simply did not need to think about it, he certainly knew that they were coming back from the Lansha Island, but he did not know how their harvest went.

“Brother Le, I am truly happy to see you, it really seemed to be predestined for us to meet again.” Ning Cheng said while he smiled and cupped his fists towards them. But in his heart he was feeling a bit frustrated, he knew that this Bohong guy would definitely ask him what he had come here to do, how should he answer? If he said that he was coming back from the Lansha Island, it would just sound idiotic.

Sure enough Le Bohong immediately asked, “Brother Ning sure has courage, you even dared to kill Mingot City’s Miu Wen Hong, I really admire you. Moreover, Brother Ning you even dare to stay near the Mingot Sea’s shore, you really are quite bold.”

When Ning Cheng saw that Le Bohong’s eyes swept over the pile of materials from the sea beasts, he instantly understood why Taoist Pu had piled up so much material from the sea beasts here. In his heart, he couldn’t help but admire Taoist Pu, compared to his experience, it was far less when compared to Taoist Pu. Taoist Pu had piled all these materials from the sea beasts, so that he could clearly use it as an excuse for roaming the sea.

After calming his heart a bit Ning Cheng looked a bit dull and said, “Miu Wen Hong went too far, if I did not have an advanced level thunder and lightning Talisman, me and my cousin would have been killed by that person. Killing this man, it was only due to self-defence.”

Self-defence? Le Bohong was trying to understand the meaning behind the words of Ning Cheng, but he immediately agreed and said, “Good thing that Brother Ning killed him, if this kind of two-piece shit had tried to bump into me, I would also not hesitate to kill him.”

Ning Cheng in his heart was speechless, you clearly had come from the Clear Heart Academy, if you had killed Miu Wen Hong, you certainly would not have any problems.

Le Bohong did not seem to think about his own background, after he said that one sentence, he stared at Ning Cheng and the pile of sea beasts’ materials on the bow of the boat and said, “Brother Ning, you are already at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, these materials from the sea beasts can only be exchanged for some gold at best. Although you made a lot, but because of your cultivation level it would not be of much help to you.”

Ning Cheng just pretended to be helpless and said, “How could I not know about these, me and my cousin are just two scattered cultivators that do not have any backing, our cultivations are also poor, besides collecting the materials from the sea beasts in the Mingot Sea, we really have nowhere to go.”

Le Bohong listened to Ning Cheng’s words and then said, “Brother Ning, if you believe in my words, you might as well come with me to my Academy to have a look at it. Even if Brother Ning could not enter the Clear Heart Academy as a student, you could still come to work at our Academy, living here in the Mingot Sea waters doing manual labour is just too much. Moreover, Brother Ning you already have thoroughly offended the Mingot City’s Wolf Palace, if you want to survive in this neighbourhood with your cousin, it will be somewhat difficult.”

Ning Cheng saw that this Le Bohong was sweeping his eyes over An Yi’s body, how could he not know his thoughts. But what he said was indeed right, he could not continue to stay in the Mingot waters for a long time.

“What Brother Le said is right, before Brother Le explained to me that the Clear Heart Academy was going to recruit students from the entire Ping Continent, the reason I was collecting these materials from the sea beasts, was precisely in order to gather enough travel expenses to go to the Clear Heart Academy.” Ning Cheng said these words to Le Bohong.

Le Bohong looked at Ning Cheng sternly and said, “Brother Ning, if I may say so frankly. If Brother Ning intends to rely only on gold coins as travel expenses to go to the Clear Heart Academy, even if you immediately set of, you would hardly be able to arrive at the Clear Heart Academy in a year. Two weeks later, there is an airship that will pass by Mingot City. We are going to take this airship back to the Clear Heart Academy. Brother Ning if you do not mind, we can go together.”

Ning Cheng was very moved in his heart, but he just shook his head and said immediately, “I have already offended two powerful forces of the Mingot City, and even if I arrive at the airship passing through the Mingot City, I do not have enough gold coins to pay for it.”

Le Bohong laughed, “Brother Ning, you should come sit in this airship, this airship belongs to the category of large airship Type Artefacts, they do not accept gold coins. At worst they accept Qi Gathering Stones for short distances, but for long distances, they will not accept Qi Gathering Stones, but what they require is Low Grade Spirit Stones.”

“Low Grade Spirit Stones?” Ning Cheng repeated those words, with a shock on his face.

The woman standing behind Le Bohong suddenly said, “Rather that stopping and speaking in the sea, we might as well speak about it on our ship.”

Ning Cheng, although did not know the name of that woman, but Ning Cheng had seen them in the Mingot City. Qi Gathering 7th Level, according to the badge on her chest, she should also be from the Clear Heart Academy.

Le Bohong after listening to the words from the woman, looked at Ning Cheng apologetically and said, “Brother Ning, let me introduce you, this here is Junior Apprentice Sister Lu Xue.”

He then pointed to the other two men and said, “These two are Yin Wen Guang and He Xu Xiang, this time the four of us had come out together to gain experience, this time we have been already in the Mingot waters for many days, and we were just going back. What Junior Apprentice Sister Lu Xue said was true, Brother Ning why don’t you abandon your boat and come join us and our peers.”

Have to say this Le Bohong spoke in a very gracious manner, telling Ning Cheng to abandon his boat, what he wanted to say was that his boat was worthless, might as well abandon it.

This time Ning Cheng did not hesitate, and gave An Yi a meaningful look, taking out the cloth bag from the cabin, he led An Yi to board Le Bohong’s ship. Now Ning Cheng’s boat did not have anyone to control it, and instantly it and Le Bohong’s ship separated from each other as it disappeared into the boundless sea.

Seeing Ning Cheng abandoning his ship and travelling together with his companions, Le Bohong said with enthusiasm, “From the Mingot City to travel to the Calm Heart Academy is two Spirit Stones per person, Brother Ning do you have enough Spirit Stones……”

Ning Cheng knew that Le Bohong wanted to say something, but he quickly waved his hand and said, “I do have a knife, Brother Le can you help me see how much is it worth? If it would be enough for our travel expenses.”

While speaking, Ning Cheng already took out a knife that was wrapped in the cloth. Before Feng Fei Zhang helped him with the travel expenses of the beast carriage, he still owed Feng Fei Zhang a favour, but he also knew that he would not be able to repay it now. At this point of time Ning Cheng did not want to owe favours to other people for no reason.

“Hey, Brother Ning also has a low grade Artefact?” Le Bohong saw Ning Cheng take out the knife, he was immediately startled and said those words. But he immediately guessed that, this Artefact must be of Miu Wen Hong.

“I will give you four pieces of Spirit Stones for this knife.” That person, Lu Xue, who had invited them before, immediately said to Ning Cheng and An Yi.

Ning Cheng listened to Lu Xue’s words, and he immediately knew that this knife was probably not worth four Spirit Stones, Lu Xue thought that she could help them in this way.

Even if he knew that Lu Xue wanted to help them, Ning Cheng gave the knife to Lu Xue and said, “Thank you Senior Sister Apprentice Lu, you do not have to give those Spirit Stones to me, as long as when the time comes, Elder Sister Lu please help us pay the fare once for us.”

Seeing Ning Cheng not taking advantage of Le Bohong, many people’s view about Ning Cheng changed.

Ning Cheng also introduced An Yi, and soon the people began to warm up to them, and starting talking in a familiar way.

Ning Cheng also learned from Le Bohong that they had truly came back from the Lansha Island, this time there were hundreds of cultivators going to the Lansha Island, and there were even cultivators who were in the Qi Gathering 1st and 2nd Level.

Le Bohong and the few people who had a set of high level defensive Array Formations, were lucky to survive the robberies unharmed. However, there were several people who did not want continue towards the heart of the island, and immediately returned.

“I am certain, that the news of the Golden Cicada Fruit was actually made up by the people.” A man with dusky skin who was introduced as Yin Wen Guang said with some indignation.

Ning Cheng looked puzzled and asked, “Why does Brother Yin has such an affirmation? Did nobody who entered the Lansha Island not obtained the Golden Cicada Fruit?”

Ning Cheng certainly knew that the Lansha Island did contain the Golden Cicada Fruit, otherwise it would be impossible for Taoist Pu to obtain this kind of a thing.

Le Bohong showed a faint smile: “Brother Ning may not know about it, but Wen Guang is from the Pill Division of the Clear Heart Academy, he specialises in a variety of Medicinal Solutions, and is also known to concoct Elixirs, so Wen Guang could definitely say those words with a certain assurance.”

Ning Cheng already knew what Medical Solutions were, and was comparing the Clear Heart Academy with the Universities back on Earth, it seems that even in this world, the Academies also had various other subjects.

That Wen Guang also was not modest, and said directly, “After the Golden Cicada Fruit matures, it will have an extremely thick aroma of a Spiritual Fruit, the entire Lansha Island is within the range of that aroma, if there was actually a Golden Cicada Fruit, I would have surely smelt the aroma already. After we entered the island, there was not even the slightest hint of the aroma of the Golden Cicada Fruit, I immediately knew that the Lansha Island should have been a scam.”

“Brother Le, since the Clear Heart Academy has the Pill Division, does it also have other divisions like the Refining Division and the Array Formation Division?” Ning Cheng was not willing to continue the topic of Lansha Island, but he was definitely more interested in the different Divisions of the Clear Heart Academy.

Le Bohong shook his head and said, “That is not the case, I heard that only in the 6 Star and above Academies will they have such Divisions. The Clear Heart Academy does not have this kind of strength, besides the Pill Division, the rest are just mixtures of each other. They are based solely on cultivation and a few other points, of course, if there was an exceptional student with good qualifications, the teachers would coach them separately. Once an Apprentice Disciple is selected by a teacher, then he could have more cultivation resources.”

Ning Cheng suddenly asked, “Your cultivations are already high, can it be said that you all are also individual Apprentice Disciples too?”

Le Bohong just chuckled and said, “Brother Ning, we are just cultivators of the Qi Gathering Realm, it really is not much, with my age and cultivation of the Qi Gathering Realm, I can only be described as an above average disciple, I can barely even enter the core classes with my qualification.

Ning Cheng was thinking that if it was like this in a 3 Star Academy, then what about the 5 Star Academy that Ji Luo Fei went to, after he heard the words of Le Bohong, Ning Cheng was really surprised. Listening to Le Bohong’s words’ meaning, it seemed that in the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy students of the Late Stage Qi Gathering Realm were really commonplace, it seems that that there were even many students with the cultivation in the True Condensation Realm studying there.

Seeing Ning Cheng surprised, Le Bohong suddenly asked, “Brother Ning you look quite young, but you already are at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, presumably your qualifications are not bad, right?”

Ning Cheng said with a wry smile, “I only have a three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, I was only able to advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, because I luckily came across 5 pieces of a good quality Qi Gathering Pills by chance that’s all.”

If Le Bohong asked about the origins of it, Ning Cheng could just push it onto the Ji Luo Fei’s aunt and use her as a shield.

After hearing the words of Ning Cheng, the other people with Le Bohong just looked at each other, in their view, if Ning Cheng could advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level in such a poor environment, then his Spiritual Root was certainly not bad. But they did not think that he would merely have a three-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, with such a Spiritual Root it was just not worth for them to make friends with him.

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