Chapter 0040 – Return To Mingot City

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Chapter 0040 – Return To Mingot City

Not to mention that Ning Cheng used 5 Qi Gathering Pills in order to advance to the Qi Gathering 4th Level, showing the extent of his Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, it was simply horrible.

“Ning Cheng, your Spiritual Root is so poor, why didn’t you give those Qi Gathering Pills to your cousin An Yi? Is your cousin’s Spiritual Roots also as bad as yours?” Lu Xue directly called out using Ning Cheng’s name.

Ning Cheng did not mind it, in this world this was the reality. His Spiritual Root is of a poor quality; it was apparent that he had no future. Letting cultivators, who were already at Qi Gathering 7th Level, call him Brother Ning, it was just not realistic. Anyone would look down on such a relationship, in fact, just as the saying goes birds of the same feather flock together, these words can be applicable anywhere. He and Le Bohong, Lu Xue and the rest were simply not in the same group.

Now that Lu Xue asked about An Yi, Ning Cheng quickly said, “My cousin has a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root, it’s long way out when compared to my own. But when she was young, she went away with her master, and stayed with her till her master passed away, only then did I find her. At that time, my Qi Gathering Pills were already finished.”

If An Yi’s Spiritual Root was bad, maybe Le Bohong and his people would not take them to the Clear Heart Academy. They may even leave him and his cousin in the Mingot waters or try something worse with them, he was really not sure if he, Ning Cheng, could even escape being killed by the several forces of the Mingot City.

“Junior Apprentice Sister An Yi, do you really have a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root?” Lu Xue’s eyes lit up and immediately asked.

It was not only Lu Xue’s eyes that were shining brightly, even the other people were looking at An Yi with envious looks. Having a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root, one could not only easily enter the Clear Heart Academy, but even a teacher would also accept her to mentor her as her Master.

An Yi nodded, “Yes, I do have a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root.”

Learning that An Yi did indeed have a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root, Le Bohong and the others suddenly became more enthusiastic, but rather their enthusiasm had shifted from Ning Cheng, and onto An Yi.

Ning Cheng did not mind it, with her having a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root, he knew that it was the right and proper thing to do.


Three days later Ning Cheng followed Le Bohong and the several people to return to the Mingot City once more. This was Ning Cheng’s second visit to the Mingot City, the first time he had come here, he had stayed there for less than half an hour, before he had to leave.

This time he was absolutely helpless, if he did not follow Le Bohong and the others, he did not know what the people from the Clear Heart Academy would do to them.

Mingot City remained the same, but at the entrance of the Mingot City was a short figure, but he was extremely fierce looking.

“Ning Cheng, that person is called Miu Li Hu, and is one of the big shots of the Wolf Palace, the one you killed, Miu Wen Hong, was his son, I heard that this person covers his shortcomings extremely closely. You do not need to worry, you are now a person of the Clear Heart Academy, how could he even hurt you.” Le Bohong after knowing that Ning Cheng only had a Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, in addition to his age being older than Ning Cheng, he no longer called him as Brother Ning. However, he was still fairly polite, except for the change in addressing him, he did not change anything else, as he did not know if Ning Cheng and An Yi had a deep relationship.

Without even Le Bohong speaking those words to him, Ning Cheng could already feel that that short guy was staring at him with his eyes filled with Killing Intent. Le Bohong said that this person was Miu Wen Hong’s father, evidently he was not wrong about it.

“Was it you who killed my son Wen Hong?” Miu Li Hu still held back his anger in front of Le Bohong, but looked at Ning Cheng with a ruthless and severe stare and asked.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank, he felt that Miu Li Hu simply did not put Le Bohong and the others in his eyes. Moreover, Miu Li Hu’s cultivation level, he could not see through it. Since he could not see through his cultivation level, it was obvious that Miu Li Hu was, without a doubt, a cultivator in the True Condensation Realm.

“Who is your son?” Ning Cheng calmly said, while simultaneously thinking in his heart, that if Le Bohong did not help him, what should he do?

“My son is Miu Wen Hong, who chased after you, but did not come back, wasn’t it you who killed my child? You will leave your head behind in order to pay homage to my child now.” Miu Li Hu unceremoniously said, as he stepped forward, and moved his hands towards Ning Cheng.

Le Bohong did not think that Miu Li Hu would not even look him in the eyes, and even step forward, his face sank and said, “Miu Li Hu, what do you mean by that? Do you not even keep the Clear Heart Academy in your eyes?”

Miu Li Hu’s red eyes stared at Le Bohong and said, “I have always respected the Clear Heart Academy, but my son was killed, moreover the person who killed him does not belong to the Clear Heart Academy, why would the Clear Heart Academy step forward to stop me from taking revenge for my dead son?”

Le Bohong did not expect that Miu Li Hu did not fear the Clear Heart Academy and would even dare to argue with him, his face immediately turned red.

Lu Xue came forward and said, “Lord of the Wolf Palace, you killing Ning Cheng does not matter, but I am sure that if you kill Ning Cheng now, a month later, the Wolf Palace would be exterminated from this place, then the Miu Clan will not even have a single person left alive.”

The words from Lu Xue, suddenly chilled Miu Li Hu to the bone, even his hatred had cooled down a lot. If the people from the Clear Heart Academy were determined to guard this Ning kid, he simply would not be able to kill him anytime soon, unless he wanted to be a fugitive. But he did not understand just how did this kid make the students from the Clear Heart Academy come forward to help him?

Thinking of this, Miu Li Hu became calmer, he turned to Lu Xue and said while clasping his fist, “I, Miu Li Hu, am capable in my mind, I know that this kid is not a part of the Clear Heart Academy, I know this very well. Why does the Clear Heart Academy want to destroy me, when this matter doesn’t even involve the Clear Heart Academy with the Wolf Palace, just where is the justice in this?”

Lu Xue just sneered and said, “Discriminating against you, do not speak about morality and justice? Master Miu, others may be able to say that sentence to me, but what you just said was a slap to your own face. Do you even know what kind of a son you had, tell me one person in this Mingot City who doesn’t know about your son’s character. Do you think that only your son has the right to kill others, but others do not have the right kill your son?”

After saying those words, Lu Xue was disinclined to speak more words with Miu Li Hu, pointed at An Yi and directly said, “She is the cousin of Ning Cheng, do you even know that she is a person from the Clear Heart Academy? An Yi has a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root, do you even understand what it means, that as a Clear Heart Academy’s student, she is already qualified to be a core disciple of the Clear Heart Academy. Therefore, An Yi is already equal to a core disciple of the Clear Heart Academy, and Ning Cheng is her cousin, if you do not want your Wolf Palace, and are even willing to destroy your Miu Clan, then you can go ahead and kill him.”

Because Miu Li Hu did not give him any face, Le Bohong’s face was already dark. After Lu Xue finished, he did not wait for Miu Li Hu to reply and coldly continued, “Miu Li Hu, do not think that just because this is Mingot City, and that you are also a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm, so you can show your swagger before others. I do not even put you even in my eyes, even if I did not have the heart to kill you, as long as I even mention your name in the Academy, I am pretty sure there would be many people that would come for your head for the Academy.”

This time Miu Li Hu seemed to have completely calmed down, but there were many veins that stood out on his hands. But he knew that Le Bohong had not lied to him, once he angered the disciples of the Clear Heart Academy. He knew that in Mingot City, there were already a lot of people who would even sacrifice their lives for even getting a bone to enter the Clear Heart Academy, him being a cultivator of the True Condensation Realm was really nothing compared to it. Wolf Palace was not even the dominant power of the Mingot City. Even if he took a step back, nobody would help him in engaging the disciples of the Clear Heart Academy, Ning Cheng even had a cousin with a Pure Spiritual Root, how could he let Ning Cheng go, unless he could kill them together. Otherwise it would only create future troubles for him.

Miu Li Hu stared at Ning Cheng with a wicked and ferocious stare, and eventually gave up, turned and quickly disappeared into the Mingot City. He must kill Ning Cheng, however he had to find an alternate way to accomplish it.

Ning Cheng tuned towards Le Bohong and Lu Xue and cupped his fists and said thanks, but in his heart he had already made up his mind. He must make sure to hold his destiny in his own hands, the feeling of depending on such people made him really uncomfortable. At this time, he had already gotten his hands on several hundred Spirit Stones, as well as the Golden Cicada Fruit, who knows maybe he could even enter the True Condensation Realm with its help?

“It is just a small matter, we will wait for a few days in the Mingot City, in a few days, we will board the airship Type Artefact that will be visiting here from the Ming Yi Country.” Le Bohong said in an extremely casual tone.


Ning Cheng and An Yi followed the arrangement made by Le Bohong, and also started to understand the minds of the disciple that were admitted into the Clear Heart Academy. Lu Xue would also often seek An Yi from time to time, to discuss cultivation, and even trying to deepen their relationship. After learning that Ning Cheng had a Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, there was practically no one who came to seek him out apart from Le Bohong, who only came occasionally, other than him no one came even close to him.

Ning Cheng was also aware of this, and did not go out to seek Le Bohong to deepen their relations. He did not dare to stick himself with the other’s cultivation, and simply began to study his own Array Formations Methods. His knowledge about it was only at the basic level, now that he was concentrating on researching Array Formation Methods, with the help of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, this knowledge about Array Formations grew leaps and bounds.

On this day Ning Cheng was preparing a Level 2 Array Formation, when An Yi knocked on his door.

“Big Brother Ning……” An Yi had just said a few words, when Ning Cheng beckoned her with his hands and said, “An Yi, from now on, call me by my name, or simply as ‘Cousin’.”

Call Big Brother Ning, as her cousin, ‘cousin’?

An Yi simply didn’t think much and omitted the word Ning before saying, “Big Brother, the airship has stopped outside Mingot City, Sister Lu Xue asked me to ask you to come on board together.”

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