Chapter 0041 – Separated

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Translated, Checked and Edited By – DemonKiller
Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0041 – Separated

“An Yi you are now a Junior Apprentice Sister, I introduced you to her once, this is the Clear Heart Academy’s Senior Sister Apprentice Yong Gu Yun, Senior Sister Yong helps the Clear Heart Academy in choosing which students to take back……” when Ning Cheng and An Yi comes out, Lu Xue introduced An Yi with enthusiasm, besides her, there were already several people gathered near her, some of them were telling each other the dangers and the resulting experiences that they had come across, some of them were saying that it was time to choose students from the Ping Continent for the Clear Heart Academy.

Le Bohong was also with Lu Xue, there was also a circle of people gathered around them, and were jubilantly discussing things with each other.

Ning Cheng knew that he himself did not belong to any of the circles, those people gossiping around in the circles, the worst cultivation among them was Qi Gathering 6th Level, while Yong Gu Yun was at the pinnacle of the Qi Gathering 8th Level. In contrast, his cultivation of the Qi Gathering 4th Level really did not belong in this place. Since An Yi was able to become friends with the enthusiastic Lu Xue, he estimated that it was because of her Spiritual Root. If An Yi was the same as him, having a Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, surely even she would not have the qualifications to be in that circle.

An Yi already was a person who did not talk much, especially after her Master’s death which was a great blow to her. However recently, she had been following Ning Cheng and even risking her life together with him, and had seen too many things, after seeing so many things her heart was slowly starting to open up. In addition, Lu Xue was also a woman, so there were a lot of common topics between them. As Lu Xue deliberately wanted to become close friends with her, she thought that An Yi had no experience in such matters and thus gradually integrated her into her circle.

Ning Cheng also did not go interrupt them, as he was looking at the huge airship Type Artefact in front of him. On his planet Earth, he had never boarded a plane, but he knew how big the planes were. Now in his opinion, even the largest plane was smaller than the huge airship Type Artefact in front of him by at least a dozen times, this was a genuine giant.

This huge airship Type Artefact was going to fly, he did not know if it purely depended on Spirit Stones, of if there was something else that powered it. He did not believe that this kind of huge airship did not have a power source, as it would not fly for no reason.

Only when it was time to board, did An Yi had the opportunity to excuse herself to go call Ning Cheng.

“Who is he?” Yong Gu Yun thought she knew everything about An Yi even better than herself, she also similarly had a Pure Spiritual Root, and thus paid a high attention to An Yi, now that An Yi had specifically gone to call a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, she asked with some doubt.

Lu Xue looked back at An Yi and said while sighing, “That is An Yi’s cousin Ning Cheng, An Yi and his relationship doesn’t seem to normal.”

Yong Gu Yun immediately asks, “What is Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Root?”

Lu Xue shook her head and said, “I heard that it was a very disappointing multi line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root, he and An Yi are just opposites in this matter.”

“Impossible, in the waters of the Mingot Sea, how can one with a multi-line Hybrid Support Spiritual Root cultivate? Looking at his Qi fluctuations, he should be at the Qi Gathering 4th Level, right?” Yong Gu Yun asked in a surprised way.

“It is because of luck; he had obtained 5 Qi Gathering Pills.” Le Bohong came over with a smile, “However Ning Cheng is still quite good, and is highly principled, unfortunately, it seems that in this life, he is likely to stop at just the Qi Gathering Realm, I think that it would be even difficult for him to reach the Qi Gathering 7th Level.”

“If that is the case, he really should not go to the Clear Heart Academy. To arrive at the Clear Heart Academy, An Yi would certainly be taken in as a disciple by an Elder in the Essence Building Realm, it would be difficult for Ning Cheng to see her again.” Yong Gu Yun said while smiling and looking in the direction of Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng did not know what the others were thinking of him, however he was a person from Earth, he was already well versed with the changes in human feelings. He could even anticipate what would happen to him once he arrived at the Clear Heart Academy, he would definitely not be treated well. At this time An Yi came to him to call him to get on board, he swept his eyes over the rest of the students from the Clear Heart Academy, and said to An Yi, “An Yi, with your Spiritual Roots you can easily go into the Clear Heart Academy, and would definitely have a well-known teacher to guide you, you can even become a core student of the Clear Heart Academy. The chances of us meeting in the future will be very few, it is better if I share some of my Spirit Stones with you now.”

An Yi in her mind was very surprised, and hastily said, “Big Brother, I will always be together with you, my master also said this, she wanted me to be together with you.”

Ning Cheng forced out a wry smile and said, “An Yi, at that time your master had said that, because at that time you did not have any friends, and also did not have anyone else, now that you have friends, you could clearly focus on your cultivation in the Clear Heart Academy. If your master was still alive, even she would not want you and me to be together.”

“No, I must be together with you.” An Yi stubbornly said. She did not have many reasons to argue with Ning Cheng, she simply felt that she would only be happy in being together with Ning Cheng, it just felt comfortable in her heart.

Ning Cheng sighed darkly and said, “We must leave Mingot City, wait until we reach the Clear Heart Academy and cultivate hard, I believe that the Clear Heart Academy will give a lot of training resources to you. Moreover, even your master said that your background is not ordinary, if your cultivation level does not rise up, there is absolutely no way of knowing your origins. More importantly, if you became the core disciple of the Academy, and if you and I are still together, maybe the Academy would think that I am the one who was holding you back.”

An Yi fell silent, she no longer was the pure young nun who had just stepped out of the temple. She understood the meaning of Ning Cheng’s words, Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Root was very poor, if she went along with Ning Cheng, perhaps the Academy would kill Ning Cheng for holding her back. In this period of time together with him, she had already seen too many bloody things.

“I understand; I will remember Big Brother’s words.” An Yi already had secretly made up her heart, she must try hard in cultivation, when her cultivation level was high enough, then she would help Ning Cheng in seeking more Spirit Stones.

Ning Cheng in his heart was very upset, now when he saw An Yi, going to the Clear Heart Academy, he knew that it would be very difficult for them to meet.

“After I arrive at the Academy, I would definitely have more cultivation resources, you do not have to give me those things immediately. The amount of cultivation resources needed by you are definitely more.” An Yi had seen Ning Cheng’s cultivation, she knew that Ning Cheng needed a scary amount of Spirit Stones to cultivate. Although Ning Cheng had obtained several hundred pieces of Spirit Stones previously, she knew that it was definitely not enough for him.

“An Yi, let’s go aboard.” Lu Xue called from afar.

Ning Cheng took An Yi’s hand and said, “Come on, let’s go aboard.”

Miao Li Hu who was standing far away to one side was staring at the back of Ning Cheng and An Yi with raw hate, he pledged in his heart, even if he had to sacrifice the Wolf’s Palace, he would secretly follow them to the Ming Ye country, then he would try to find opportunities to kill Ning Cheng.


Ning Cheng had not guessed wrong, when he and An Yi went aboard, An Yi was put in a better room than him, only after Ning Cheng asked the other people to show him the way did he know, that this airship really had a partnership with the Clear Heart Academy and the Ming Ye Country.

Ning Cheng was also not the only person who occupied his room, but there were also five other people whom he did not know, who were also staying in that room. These five people were very young and had the same characteristics, the oldest one was about 20 years in age.

This made Ning Cheng relax a bit, his cultivation level in this room was finally not the worst one. This room had five people, and there were only two of them who were at the Qi Gathering 4th Level.

“Are you also students from the Clear Heart Academy?” Ning Cheng asked as he cupped his fists. His was a bit surprised in his heart, even if it was the Clear Heart Academy, cultivators in the Qi Gathering 2nd Level earning 2 Low Grade Spirit Stones for the fare was definitely not a simple thing, right?

One of them who was the same as Ning Cheng, a teenager with the same cultivation level of Qi Gathering 4th Level said, “Of course not, are you not going to the Clear Heart Academy to be selected, are you also not going to participate in the admission selection of the Clear Heart Academy? Only by passing the Academy’s selection, would you be considered as a student of the Clear Heart Academy.”

Ning Cheng suddenly came to understand, before he had heard that this airship had a partnership with the Min Yi Country and the Clear Heart Academy. It seems that this ship went around the whole Ping Continent, in all directions to select youths with good aptitudes to enter the Clear Heart Academy, once they pass the test, they would then become the students of the Clear Heart Academy. Le Bohong said that one required 2 Spirit Stones to embark on this airship, perhaps it was to help him open a backdoor for him and An Yi.

Ning Cheng quickly familiarized himself with the other people, these people were just like Ning Cheng had guessed them to be, they all had come from different regions to join the Clear Heart Academy, and were getting ready to participate in the selection tests of the Clear Heart Academy. The qualification of several people in his room could be considered as the bottom of all the people on board, despite being in the bottom, the worst one of them had a better qualification than Ning Cheng, at least they had a primary Spiritual Root.

“What would happen if we fail the tests?” Ning Cheng suddenly thought, if they failed in passing the entrance test, the Clear Heart Academy would certainly not recruit them, it was certain that there would not be any airships that would send them back.

A skinny teenager who was at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level clenched his fist and said, “I have to pass it.”

Seeing him and Ning Cheng, the teenager at the Qi Gathering 4th Level said with contempt, “If you could really pass the test, then the rest of us can reach the moon in a single jump, if you can’t pass, you could only stay in the Ming Ye Country to seek living. If someone wants to return home from Ming Ye Country, you would just be seeking death.”

Finished saying that with a sigh, he said, “If you have at least Yu Hong Feng’s type of Spiritual Root, then you do not have to worry.”

“Who is Yu Hong Feng?” Ning Cheng asked.

“He is a person who selected by Yu Anguo, I heard that he would only select students who have a golden Spiritual Roots. Even the elders on the airship are very polite to him, he has boundless prospects …….” The teenager at the Qi Gathering 4th Level replied with some envy in his voice.

Ning Cheng was moved in his heart, a Pure Spiritual Root was given such attention, would that also mean that An Yi would also share the same attention?

At this time, the door of the room was opened with a slight squeak, and a boy wearing a blue robe came in carrying a wooden tray, on the wooden tray were several similar lunch boxes.

“Here is your dinner.” That blue robed youth said without even showing the slightest feeling.

Ning Cheng knew that there would be a person who would come to deliver the food, it seems that the treatment here was not as bad as he thought. It seemed that the other teenagers in the room were already accustomed to it, and hurried to take their lunch boxes. After Ning Cheng took his lunch box, he asked the meal delivery boy in a very kind way, “Excuse me my friend, where does the disciples with Pure Spiritual Roots live?”

The meal delivery youth gave Ning Cheng a surprised look, and then he said, “They live in the core area, do not try to go looking for them, otherwise you would soon be kicked out of the airship.”

The teenager at the Qi Gathering 4th Level heard the exchange, asked in a puzzled way, “Is Yu Hong Feng not the only person with a Pure Spiritual Root?”

“Of course not, I have heard that this time in the Mingot Sea they were able to find a person with a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root.” The meal delivery youth immediately replied.

Ning Cheng knew that the other party would definitely keep An Yi safe, having heard that, he understood that An Yi would definitely be properly taken care of. But he was still very worried in his heart, and also asked, “If I wanted to meet one of the students with the Pure Spiritual Roots, will there be trouble?”

“It is not troublesome, tomorrow night the people on board will throw a welcoming party for the two people with the Pure Spiritual Roots. If you have to ability to get the admission tickets, then you can go see them.” This meal delivery youth smiled at Ning Cheng thinking that he was overestimating his own ability, after saying that, he did not continue to exchange words with Ning Cheng, and turned around to leave the room.

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