Chapter 0050 – Medicinal Pills Are Hard To Get

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0050 – Medicinal Pills Are Hard To Get

“In my heart, my younger sister is a princess, but she is like me and lives in poverty. A few months ago, after my sister heard that the Clear Heart Academy was recruiting students, she in her heart always wanted to go to such a place, but she was never willing to tell me about this matter, she was afraid that I would be worried. The only thing that I could do to help her, was sell everything from our home immediately, then accompany her to come here to participate in the selection exam.” This youth said these words with a voice filled with great and strong love, he had always looked at his sister as if she was the stars in the sky, all he could think of was how to help her.

“What if your sister fails in the selection exam, what would you do then? Don’t you have a family back at home?” Ning Cheng asked this time, while in his heart he was thinking that it was not this youth but his sister who was going to participate in the selection exam. He thought of him and his younger sister Ruo Lan, how he had to take care of his younger sister Ruo Lan, how he had similarly left everything from his home, and followed her younger sister to Jiangzhou.

Wasn’t this youth and him very much alike?

When he heard Ning Cheng’s questions, this youth replied with pride, “As long as someone is selected, my sister will definitely be one of those who are selected, there is nobody more outstanding than my younger sister.”

Ning Cheng did not criticize this young man, as a person who cherished his younger sister to such an extent, his words also resonated strongly with him, and did not cause a bad impression of the young man in his eyes.

“This time my sister will definitely be selected for the Clear Heart Academy, I wanted to help her get back this pearl hair clip, it may be the last thing that I may be able to do for her. So, I request you to make a promise with me. Although I do not have much gold, but I will try to give you as many gold coins as I can.” Said the young man with a pleading tone in his voice. He was obviously not a fool, he knew that once his sister gets selected for the Clear Heart Academy, she would not be able to be involved with him any longer.

Ning Cheng did not say anything else, he just took out the pair of the pearl hair clips and handed it to the young man and said, “I also very much love my little sister, you can give this to your younger sister. For your younger sister to have a big brother like you, she must be very happy.”

When he gave the pearl hair clips, Ning Cheng also sighed in his heart, suddenly he was somewhat envious of the young man in front of him. At least he could still see his sister, even under the same sky.

“Ah……” this young man did not think that Ning Cheng would speak in such a good way, he already did not have much hope for it, but Ning Cheng actually gave him the pearl hair clips.

For a moment he did not react, and then he hastily started pulling out gold coins from his pouch. Ning Cheng just waved his hands and said, “I do not want your gold, for me gold coins are just something superfluous. The reason why I gave you the pearl hair clips, is because I also have a younger sister, she also liked this type of pearl hair clips……”

“Ah, this, this……” this young man was a simple and honest person, he knew what it meant to love someone. His sister was his only younger sister; then doesn’t somebody else’s sister would not be a younger sister to someone? But he was reluctant to return the pearl hair clips back to Ning Cheng, so at this time he unexpectedly came up with a solution.

“Why don’t we take one each? You can then deliver the one you have to your younger sister.” This young man hesitated a bit before handing a pearl hair clip to Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng pushed it away and said, “No it’s okay, these pearl hair clips are originally supposed to be a pair, you must not tamper with it. Moreover, in this lifetime, I possibly cannot see my little sister again. Keeping the pearl hair clip on me, will only make me sadder, it would be better if you gave it to your younger sister.”

This young man was not well versed with words, he did not know how to come forward and comfort Ning Cheng.

Ning Cheng just smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that when I gave you the pearl hair clips, you would tell me about the competition between the 5 Star Academies of the Hua continent? Also what does ‘coming out on top’ mean?”

The young man saw Ning Cheng change the topic with his own initiative, he just heaved a sigh of relief, he hastily picked up the pearl hair clips and said, “I heard that in the Yi Xing Mainland, the high levelled continents in order to enhance the strength of the low levelled continents, decided to set up a 6 Star Academy on the Hua Continent. This 6 Star Academy, will be the only 6 Star Academy in all of the three Lower Class Continents. But there are five 5 Star Academies in the Hua Continent itself, as a result of that, it created a problem on how to decide which one of the five 5 Star Academies would be promoted to a 6 Star Academy.”

“For the sake of fairness, the people of the high levelled continents of the Yi Xing Mainland decided to adopt the form of competition to select which one of the Academies who would advance. The five 5 Star Academies would send out their most outstanding disciples for this competition, the Academy with the most outstanding achievement and results, will be supported to advance to a 6 Star Academy, the other four 5 Star Academy would become the subordinates of this newly formed 6 Star Academy.”

The young man embarrassedly scratched his head and said, “This is what my younger sister told me, it was also a person from the Clear Heart Academy who told these things to my younger sister. In fact, the reason why the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy is recruiting students, is so that it could conduct a selection, to determine the best and the most important disciples, it is very likely that they would be sent to the Hua Continent to participate in the competition. After going to the Hua Continent, those 5 Star Academies will once again screen them.”

“I understand, thank you.” Ning Cheng nodded, he finally understood what was going on, it was evident that the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy was not just selecting the disciples to enter the Clear Heart Academy. The last time when the Falling Star 5 Star Academy had come to especially select disciples, perhaps it was because they were taking advantage of the favour of the Ping Continent’s ancestor Lian Hao Yan, and then select some outstanding disciples from the lot for this purpose.

The young man apparently felt that although he had to answer the two questions that he was supposed to answer, it was not enough to repay Ning Cheng for the pearl hair clips, and added another sentence, “Elder Brother if you want to participate in the selection exam of the Clear Heart Academy, you need to go to the Ming Pu Plaza on the outside courtyard of the Clear Heart Academy to first test out your Spiritual Root, only then would you be eligible to enter the Clear Heart Academy. Me and my little sister are going there tomorrow to take the test, half a month later, the Clear Heart Academy will officially begin to recruit students.”

Ning Cheng once again thanked him, and prepared to leave first to find a place to stay.

This young man actually gave the handkerchief in his hands to Ning Cheng and said, “This picture is yours, so I am just returning it to you.”

Ning Cheng did not know whether to laugh or to cry as he pushed his hand back and said, “I do not need it, I’ll take my leave now, I wish you and your little sister good luck, hope you can get selected into the Academy.”

He was talking about people falling in love, certainly this young man can’t have such a thick skin, casually giving away a woman’s handkerchief to a complete stranger.

It was not until Ning Cheng went far away, that this young man was mumbled it to himself, “This person really is a great man.”

Ning Cheng certainly was not a person who was on good terms with everybody, in this young man he saw his own shadow, because of this he took the initiative to give the two pearl hair clips to him.

At this time Ning Cheng was looking for a place to stay in the Nan Yuan City, after he secured some accommodation, he would then go to the Ming Pu Plaza to have a look, and even test out his Spiritual Root.

Ning Cheng was very clear, to meet with An Yi would certainly not be simple. An Yi would certainly be inside the Clear Heart Academy, with nobody to take him there, he was clear that he had to go through the entrance of the Clear Heart Academy. If he wanted to see An Yi, he could only wait for the time when the Clear Heart Academy officially started recruiting disciples, till then he could only go and fish through the troubled waters.

The inns in the Nan Yuan City were already packed to the full, Ning Cheng was still very far from the place where the Clear Heart Academy was located, because of the city being so crowded he had to spend nearly 10 times the price to find a place to stay.

After finding a place to stay, Ning Cheng did not stay in that place. He had come to this Nan Yuan City not only to look for An Yi, but to look for some other things as well. The most important things were of course finding someone who could help him in refining the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle and a True Condensation Pill.

Regardless of whether it was refining the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle or exchanging the Golden Cicada Fruit for a True Condensation Pill, Ning Cheng could not be careless about it.


Feiyan Pill Pavilion, it was one of the three big Pill Stores of the Nan Yuan City. However, the location where it was situated was relatively remote, it was at the Northern edge of the Nan Yuan City.

At present Nan Yuan City was packed with people, even though the Feiyan Pill Pavilion was located in a remote area, there were still many cultivators coming and going through its doors.

Ning Cheng was wearing a large hat that covered his face, and carrying a black cloth package on his back, he entered the Feiyan Pill Pavilion. In the Nan Yuan City, people who dressed like him were not uncommon.

Some people did not want to be recognized by others, still some people intentionally pretended to be deep. Speaking of Ning Cheng, no matter what, the more such people were present the better it was for him, at least he did not appear to stand out of the crowd.

“I’ll take a bottle of Spiritual Qi Restoring Solution.”

“Give me a small bottle of Returning Spiritual Qi Solution.”


When Ning Cheng came in, he heard a variety of noisy voices. The majority of requests were for the purchase of different kinds of Spiritual Solutions, there were also some wanting to buy Pills, while there were also a few others who were bargaining back and forth.

Compared to the Cang Le City and the Mingot City, the Nan Yuan City was much more standardized, at least there were no one shouting about Pills openly.

Ning Cheng after listening for a long time, became aware about the rough prices of some of the items, a single bottle of Spiritual Qi Restoring Solution was going for 10 Qi Gathering Stones, it had the ability to recover a part of one’s Spiritual Qi for an Initial Stage Qi Gathering Cultivator. The small bottle of Returning Spiritual Qi Solution was a spiritual healing solution, and also costed 10 Qi Gathering Stones, it can only be used to heal some common injuries.

As for the Spiritual Qi Solutions that had better effects, the price for those rose up in straight line. Ning Cheng moved towards a salesperson who looked busy and asked, “Excuse me, do you have a few Higher Level Medicinal Pills to sell?”

Ning Cheng was very careful, when he looked at most of the Spiritual Solutions and the Pills sold here, Ning Cheng already had some doubts if he could purchase the True Condensation Pill in the Nan Yuan City.

“High Levelled Medicinal Pills? What kinds of Medicinal Pills do you want? Returning Qi Pills? Rejuvenating Pills? or True Returning Pills?” The sales person stared at Ning Cheng and directly asked. After he asked, with extreme pride in his voice he said, “We the Feiyan Pill Pavilion do not sell inferior quality medicinal pills, but in this place, you cannot purchase pills in the same way as other places in the Nan Yuan City. Of course, if you want to truly buy a high level medicinal pill, then we are required to authenticate your credentials and establish your identity, otherwise they are not for sale.”

A True Returning Pill can even be used by early True Condensation Realm cultivators to recover their Spiritual Qi, but this type of medicinal pill requires authentication and verification of one’s credentials, doesn’t this mean that the True Condensation Pill which was even more precious than the True Returning Pill would be even more difficult to buy? Ning Cheng now understood, that in this kind of place like the Nan Yuan City, although he could use the Spirit Stones and Spiritual Grasses that he has to buy the medicinal pill, but he knew that he could not act rashly.

He said with a slight exaggeration, “According to your statement, if I wanted to buy a True Condensation Pill, or to buy an Essence Building Pill wouldn’t I need to bring out my entire family tree for verification and authentication?”

The surrounding cultivators when they heard Ning Cheng talking about something interesting, immediately roared with laughter.

The salesman did not care about what was said and replied, “You all should be foreign cultivators, many of you do not understand the rules of Nan Yuan City. The True Returning Pill is something that is hard to come by in the Nan Yuan City, of course selling it is not an easy thing. As for the True Condensation Pill, although I should not say this, but it is not something that we sell in the Feiyan Pill Pavilion, as for the Essence Building Pill, I am afraid that even in the entire Ping Continent you would not be able to buy it.”

“According to you, if I found a bunch of Golden Cicada Fruits, can I not use the same to get the True Condensation Pill?” said someone, helping Ning Cheng who also wanted to ask those words the most.

The salesman still unhurriedly replied, “If you can really get the Golden Cicada Fruit, then you would not have to worry about the True Condensation Pill. As a go between our Pill Pavilions, the Clear Heart Academy’s Pill Division’s Elders, will surely help you concoct the pill. Of course, refining the pill for you will require an appropriate remuneration.”

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