Chapter 0051 – White Haired Old Woman

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
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Chapter 0051 – While Haired Old Woman

Ning Cheng came out of the Feiyan Pill Pavilion, as he did not dare to take out the Golden Cicada Fruit. He already came to know from the mouth of that salesperson, that even if he had a Golden Cicada Fruit, it would be very difficult to obtain a True Condensation Pill. Taking a step back, even if he could use the Golden Cicada Fruit to trade for a True Condensation Pill, he would have to pass through the Clear Heart Academy’s inspection. Ning Cheng was not brain damaged, why would he do such a thing?

Since this was the Feiyan Pill Pavilion, he did not need to go visit the rest of the Pill Shops, they all would certainly be similar to this. It appeared that even if he had the Golden Cicada Fruit, trying to get a True Condensation Pill, would not be an easy matter.

Because of the experience from the Feiyan Pill Pavilion, Ning Cheng decided to look for a more common Refining Store. He had no plans to take out the only Flood Dragon Horn he had, he wanted to sell the sickle Artefact that he had on him, or if possible try to trade it for a needle Type Artefact.

Ning Cheng did not know much about Refining, so he ended up looking for an entire half a day, the sky was also starting to turn dark, but still he could not find a place that specialised in refining Artefacts. At most he only found a few vendors with stalls who were selling a few used low ranking Artefacts, these places could also refine Artefacts, but at most they could only refine some common low levelled Artefacts, as such even if Ning Cheng requested them to refine what he wanted, they absolutely would not be able to refine it.

This made Ning Cheng very disappointed, he even thought to start refining the Artefact himself, but then thought of the True Condensation Pill again, and couldn’t help becoming even more discouraged. If only everyone had similar thoughts like him, with not having Pills to refine, nor having Magical Artefacts to refine, this type of cultivation would be so simple. No matter how hard he searched, he could not even find a single person in Nan Yuan City who could refine what he wanted.

Because whether it was Alchemy or Refining, they were not simple to learn, even if one studied for a lifetime, a Pill Master or a Crafting Master were very rare to the point of being scarce in the Nan Yuan City. Even if there were many Pill Master and Craftsmen, they would certainly not stay in the Ping Continent.

Ning Cheng decided to give up finding a Refiner, and wanted to go back and rest for the day, he would then go to the Clear Heart Academy to inquire about An Yi and then see if he could see her. If he could see An Yi earlier, he would be able to leave Nan Yuan City early.

“My Friend, please stay back.” Just when Ning Cheng was preparing to head back to take rest, he was suddenly hailed by someone.

Ning Cheng stopped, he turned around and saw a skinny and wretched looking middle aged man, but his cultivation level was actually not weak, he was already at the Qi Gathering 3rd Level.

“Did you call me?” Ning Cheng asked with a deep voice, he seemed to have seen this guy before, however he did not remember in which store did he see him. As he, in order to find a Refiner’s Shop, had visited many of the stores in the city.

“I am called Ge Chang, friend, are you looking for someone to create a custom Artefact?” this skinny middle aged man said to Ning Cheng while clasping his fists, while his tone held a hint of questioning in it.

Although this guy’s name and his appearance were exactly opposite, Ning Cheng did not think of it as funny, on the contrary he frowned, and said in a cold voice, “So from what you said, aren’t you following me?”

Ge Chang quickly waved his hands and hastily said, “Friend please do not misunderstand, I Ge Chang am a very respected character in the Nan Yuan City, how could I follow you? It is because there have been many cultivators who came to the Nan Yuan City and were unable to find an authentic Refining Shop, so I offer them my services as I just happen to know a good Refining Master. I have already helped a lot of busy people, as long as you want, I can lead you to this Refining Master’s place.”

Ning Cheng came to understand, that this guy originally solicited business from everywhere, and exclusively lurked outside waiting for them to come out. In the meantime, Ning Cheng was secretly vigilant in his heart, he was being followed by a Qi Gathering 3rd Level Cultivator for so long, but he did not know about it.

Only because this was the Nan Yuan City did Ning Cheng feel a bit relieved, at least he did not encounter the scenes like he had experienced in the Cang Le City and the Mingot City.

Besides since this person with the talent of Qi Gathering 3rd Level decided to show up and propose such a thing to him, Ning Cheng just nodded and said, “Ok, how much do I need to pay you?”

Ning Cheng came from Earth, so of course he knew that in the world there was no such thing as a free lunch, this Ge Chang had come to him with his own initiative, so he definitely wanted to earn a little, he absolutely would not do such a good thing for no reason at all.

Ge Chang listened to Ning Cheng’s words, immediately gave a thumbs up and said, “Friend you are simply the most straightforward person that I have met. You definitely will not suffer a loss; this master can be said to be the most powerful Refiner in the entire Nan Yuan City……”

Ning Cheng directly interrupted Ge Chang, “Just say the price you want to take me there, as for the rest, it is not very important.”

Ning Cheng did not believe most of the words that Ge Chang spoke, if that Refining Master was really the most powerful, he would not need this Ge Chang person to draw business from everywhere. If there really was such a powerful refining Master, in this place like the Nan Yuan City, he would already have procured the most luxurious building as his refining store long ago.

Fortunately, as long as he could refine a thin needle that matched the idea in his mind, as for the quality being good or bad, he did not care much about it. In this place like the Nan Yuan City, to refine a top class Artefact, it would be more appropriate to say that it would just be a dream.

Ge Chang saw that Ning Cheng had no interest in what he said, however he said with some slight embarrassment, “Because this Refining Master does not like to be disturbed by others, moreover being a genuine expert in the field, the price thus that I want might possible be a bit higher, I just need two Low Grade Spirit Stones………”

Ning Cheng sneered, “You taking me to a place to see a Refining Master requires two Low Grade Spirit Stones, in just one year, wouldn’t you become the richest person in the entire Nan Yuan City? If Spirit Stones were so easy to earn, then why would I need to even go and toil in the Daan Forest? You can go look for other patrons who are willing to pay 2 Spirit Stones, I am just a poor person, I cannot afford it.”

Just as Ning Cheng finished, he turned around to walk away. Two Low Grade Spirit Stones were already a great fortune in the Nan Yuan City, even if Ning Cheng was able to take out two Spirit Stones, he would not spend it on such a fool. Even the core disciples of the Clear Heart Academy like Lu Xue, Le Bohong and the others, were only rewarded a single piece of Low Grade Spirit Stone every month. If they wanted to obtain more Spirit Stones, the students would have to go out and start killing others.

“Ok Ok, just give me 10 Qi Gathering Stones.” Ge Chang saw that Ning Cheng was not paying attention to him, quickly called out to Ning Cheng, and immediately dropped the price by a dozen times.

Actually Ning Cheng also had had dozens of pieces of Qi Gathering Stones, they were actually the spoils of war, but these things did not have much use to him, as they contained too many impurities inside them. Plus, Ning Cheng really wanted to look for a Refining Master to refine a Magical Artefact, so this time he did not argue with Ge Chang, he took out 10 Qi Gathering Stones from the cloth bag on his back and gave it to Ge Chang saying, “Lead the way.”

Ge Chang took the Qi Gathering Stones, and was overjoyed in his heart, he had just given out a ridiculous price, he did not think that Ning Cheng would actually give him 10 Qi Gathering Stones.

“My friend, please come with me.” Ge Chang immediately became quite warm in his tone. He even politely stretched out his hand, and then led the way.

Ning Cheng immediately followed close behind Ge Chang, but was also carefully looking around in the surroundings while being on guard.

Ge Chang turned around 7 or 8 times, and was walking with Ning Cheng for about half an hour, as he went through dozens of streets, and entered into a residential area. After arriving here, there were fewer people around them, even in the entire street you could only find 1 or 2 ordinary people idling about.

Just when Ning Cheng was getting impatient, Ge Chang entered a small alley, while simultaneously stopping in front of a low one storied house, and said, “This is it, this Master’s temperament is somewhat strange, whether she is willing to help you refine or not, I do not know. I have already brought you here, you can go in by yourself, I will not go.”

After explaining this to Ning Cheng, Ge Chang also called out a sentence which was carried to the inside of the house, “Master Kung, I came to look for a business for you again.”

After finishing these words, Ge Chang quickly turned and fled, and instantly vanished from his view in the small alley.

Ning Cheng knew that he was probably cheated, this small alley was clearly a place where the ordinary people lived, how could there be a Refining Master here? If there really was a refining master here, why did this Ge Chang run away? Fortunately, he had only given him 10 Qi Gathering Stones.

Whether it was true or false, Ning Cheng still pushed the door and went inside.

It was very dark inside the house, and Ning Cheng’s eyes could only vaguely see what was inside the house. The decorations inside were very simple, only a table and two chairs, other than that, there was nothing else.

There was a door on both sides of the room, the door to the right of the room was closed, but a glimmer of light could be seen coming out the door on the left side of the room.

“Is there anyone here?” Ning Cheng called out.

After waiting for a long time, he still did not get an answer. Ning Cheng went to the entrance on the left side of the room, he pushed the door a little with his hand, but found that the door was unlocked.

After entering the room, Ning Cheng saw that there was already someone inside the room. Not only was there a person inside, it was a white haired old woman.

This old woman had her back to him, there was a stove in front of her, and there was a flame above the stove. However, this stove was not a furnace, but an ordinary and common household stove. There was round pot on top of the stove, but he did not know what was cooking inside the pot.

At this time the old woman did not seem to know that Ning Cheng had already entered the room, she lifted her hand to uncover the pot, and an aroma of food greeted his nostrils. Ning Cheng was somewhat speechless and was shaking his head, this was simply the house of an ordinary person, and the person in front of him was preparing food.

“I’m sorry, grandma, I got into the wrong place.” with that, Ning Cheng quickly stepped back wanting to get out of the house.

However just as Ning Cheng entered the room before, he found that there was something wrong with the room, this room did not even have a window, he actually was also not able to smell even a bit of smoke.

Because there was no smell of smoke, Ning Cheng remembered, that the stove did seem to be burning. It was definitely unusual; he did not believe that an ordinary person could use a stove without burning the coal in the stove.

Sure enough, when Ning Cheng entered the room once more, he could see more clearly. The stove truly did not have anything that was burning, but the flames seemed to have a trace of one’s Spiritual Qi in it. Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Sense was very strong, he understood with just a glance that the flame that he was seeing did not use ordinary fuel.

“This junior heard that senior here is Refining Master, I have especially come to seek the help of the senior to refine an Artefact. Although I may be disturbing senior’s peace and quiet, I ask senior to forgive me.” After Ning Cheng discovered that the flame was unusual, he discovered that he could not even see the old woman’s cultivation level. He immediately guessed in his heart that this old woman should be a cultivator in the Essence Building Realm, with such a strange temperament, Ning Cheng did not dare to be casual in front of her.

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