Chapter 0054 – Ning Cheng Hooks A Girl

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0054 – Ning Cheng Hooks A Girl

Ning Cheng did not pay any heed to the man in charge of the Spiritual Root Test, trying to find a resolution with this person would just be a waste of his energy.

The person in charge of the Spiritual Root Test obviously did not stop there, and still chattered on endlessly behind Ning Cheng’s back, “People think that they are the same as the Yue family’s brother-sister pair, bah!”

“In the entire Ping and Yuan Continent where would you find such a pair of geniuses whose talent went against the will of the heavens? How can there be a third, taking you as an example would really not be fitting to them.” Some person immediately refuted that sentence from the side.

Ning Cheng was in no mood to listen to the nonsense of these people. he picked up his pace and walked out of the Spiritual Roots Testing Hall.

There were more and more people coming to the Ming Pu Plaza, and many more people had already entered the Clear Heart Academy. Ning Cheng arrived at the entrance of the Clear Heart Academy following this crowd of people, only to find that all the people here were the one’s grasping the wooden plaque in their hands, there were no other person to check them if they were legit or not. He was just thinking that to enter the Clear Heart Academy one simply did not need the wooden plaque, but then he saw that there were a few people who were thrown out flying just as they entered through the gate.

“Not having the wooden plaque and even daring to enter the Clear Heart Academy, get out of here.” The guard at the gate of the Academy just sneered and cursed at the people.

Ning Cheng came to understand, it turned out that there was an Array Formation laid out at the entrance of the Academy. He carefully brought up the wooden plaque in his hands, after scanning it he found that it was one of the simplest type of Array Formation Flag called the Burst Array Flag. This simple Array Flag was inscribed with four thin lines, presumably it represented that he had four Spiritual Roots.

The Clear Heart Academy did not look much larger than the Cang Qin Academy, Ning Cheng thought after entering the Academy, but immediately felt that here and the Cang Qin Academy were just two different places. Here the Spiritual Qi was a lot more concentrated when compared to the Cang Qin Academy and even surpassed it by many times, seems like there was a Spirit Convergence Array Formation placed on the outer periphery of the Clear Heart Academy. It felt as if the Spiritual Qi all around the Nan Yuan City was being absorbed by the Clear Heart Academy.

This kind of activity like the selection of disciples, can often be seen in many of the Academies, it is just that the Clear Heart Academy did it on a larger scale. Ning Cheng had also experienced it once before, and easily made his way to a corner a long time ago. He just wanted to look for An Yi without anyone noticing him. In this kind of situation, with An Yi’s Spiritual Roots, she was already qualified to enter.

So many people were crowded into a huge plaza, Ning Cheng simply did not have to take the initiative to hide himself, as absolutely no one would be able to notice him in such a huge crowd.

Meanwhile Ning Cheng noticed, that the Clear Heart Academy had three large slices of vacant land in front of the plaza, these three vast slices of empty spaces were divided by three different colours. All the people who came to the plaza outside stood outside the three coloured empty swaths of land, no one dared to even stand near the podium in front of the coloured line.

Ning Cheng thought that it was probably a custom that he did not know, fortunately he was similar to many of the people here, and that was to not participate in the selection. Standing along with the people together, it should not be a problem.

Waiting for more than half an hour, there were people coming up on the podium one after another. Ning Cheng also soon saw Lan Yin Yue, Lan Yin Yue walked to the position in the middle, it indicated that her status in the Clear Heart Academy was at least relatively important.

Walking to the front of the square was a square faced man wearing grey clothes, his appearance was a bit rough, and actually looked very crude in his clothes. But Ning Cheng knew, that it was just a superficial look. This person who walked to the front, perhaps he was the Dean of the Clear Heart Academy. At his side was a very refined middle aged man, in Ning Cheng’s view, the cultivation levels of these two people were far beyond that of Lan Yin Yue.

After all the other people have filled the seats on the podium, Ning Cheng frowned, he did not see An Yi. Despite this, Ning Cheng was not anxious. Because he also did not see the rest of the so called godly students, at least he did not see the student with the pure gold Spiritual Root among them.

After all the people sat down, the speaker unexpectedly turned out to be Lan Yin Yue. Lan Yin Yue walked to the front of the podium, glanced at the people crowded onto the plaza, and then said with a crisp voice, “I believe that the most outstanding people in the entire Ping Continent have, at this time gathered here with us. I think that a lot of people already known, that this time our Clear Heart Academy is not only enrolling students for itself but there is also a special reason. That’s right, this time our Clear Heart Academy is also participating in the recruitment of students for the Hua Continent’s 5 Star Academy …….”

Many people already knew that there were a few dignitaries who had arrived from the Hua Continent’s 5 Star Academy, now that Lan Yin Yue had once again reaffirmed the news, everyone immediately became even more enthusiastic, it seemed that if one would be selected then they would immediately be able to go to the Hua Continent.

After waiting for the noise to die down a bit, Lan Yin Yue once again said, “Because the recruitment of students for the 5 Star Academy is very strict, not only one needs their Spiritual Roots to be outstanding, it also required them to be powerful. Although the you here are the most outstanding people in the Ping Continent, but the number of people who can go to the Hua Continent is only 50. Even if you are able to be selected to go to the Hua Continent, the number of people who would be able to be selected into the 5 Star Academy may not be even 10 amongst you.”

All the people present knew about this reality, even if you are selected to go to the 5 Star Academy from here, one could not say that they were actually from the 5 Star Academy.

“However please do not get discouraged, my Ping Continent definitely have many outstanding personalities who have a good ground work, in other words you all might as well be the top of our outstanding disciples. In the Ping Continent, there are also several other 3 Star Academies, but I can assure you that our Clear Heart Academy is the strongest among all. Because we have found four disciples with Pure Spiritual Roots, which also include two disciples having 2 different pure Main Spiritual Roots. Even if it was 5 Star Academy of the Hua Continent, I would still dare to say that they may not have even a single disciple with two Main Spiritual Roots……….”

Lan Yin Yue’s words once again caused a sensation, invoking all kinds of emotions, envy, jealousy……

“So speaking about the Clear Heart Academy’s selection of disciples this time, would they only need to choose at most 46 more members?”

“46 people? Don’t dream about it. In addition to the Clear Heart Academy having Pure Spiritual Roots disciples, there are still the 10 core disciples, in addition to the 10 core disciples, there are also some other disciples with very high qualifications. We at most have only 30 places to compete against, it can already be regarded as a splendid thing.”

There were various comments that could be heard all around, no one thought, that with so many people competing for the 50 spots, even without those few who had Pure Spiritual Roots, they could only wait for their turn.

“Everyone, this time besides the choosing of 50 who would be going to the Hua Continent, our Clear Heart Academy still has a need to recruit students. This time we want to recruit 1000 students, so everyone has a chance.”

The entire square was silent once again, all the people were thinking, even if there was no chance for them to go to the Hua Continent’s 5 Star Academy, they could stay back in the 3 Star Academy which was also quite good.

“Please, people who are having a Main Spiritual Roots, moreover people having no more than three Support Spiritual Roots go stand in the first coloured swath.”

After Lan Yin Yue finished, immediately about 3000 people entered the first coloured swath. Ning Cheng came to understand what the coloured swaths of land in front of them were for, it was for the selection and filtering of the best students.

“The people who did not enter the first coloured line should not worry, there is also a supplementary selection. Now I invite all of you in the first coloured swath whose Main Spiritual Root is yellow, and have attained at least 5 feet in height to walk into the second coloured swath next to you.”

Lan Yin Yue had not forgotten to comfort the hearts of most of the students who came to attend the selection exam of the Academy, some of these student candidates had even arrived as much as six months before, if they did not even have a chance at the selection, they would certainly be very unhappy.

Out of the 3000 students standing in the first coloured swath, only a few hundred students entered the second coloured swath of land. Ning Cheng sighed, although he did not have a Main Spiritual Root, his four Support Spiritual Roots were already more than 4 feet tall.

The following selection procedure, Ning Cheng had no interest in watching it, he knew well about the selection process, at this point most of the people were looking at the Clear Heart Academy’s selection of disciples, it was time for him to go search for An Yi.

Ning Cheng carefully came out of the crowd, and slowly left the plaza.


Most people from the Clear Heart Academy had already gone to the Academy plaza, but Ning Cheng was already far away from the Academy’s plaza, and as such he did not encounter a single person.

Ning Cheng in his heart was a bit pleased, he was just thinking in which direction he should go to look for An Yi, when suddenly he felt that someone was sweeping a glance at his body. This seemingly vague glance had a trace of Killing Intent in it, almost making Ning Cheng’s body to go stiff.

In just a short time, Ning Cheng understood what was the matter, and simultaneously criticized his own stupidity. This was not a glance; it was Spiritual Sense. He was in the Clear Heart 3 Star Academy, it would obviously have a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm. Cultivators at the Essence Building Realm can bring out their Spiritual Sense, as he was just a lone person who did not go to the Academy’s Square at this time, but was rather in this place, it was already very suspicious.

Initially Ji Luo Fei’s Aunt had been able to find him and Ji Luo Fei, was not because of luck, but because she was a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm, and thus could extend her Spiritual Sense to a very great distance.

Just when Ning Cheng was extremely anxious, a person came into view from a distance wearing a pink coloured woman’s robe, it was a girl with the cultivation level of Qi Gathering 6th Level. Ning Cheng did not even consider for even half a second that he would meet another person, and with a pleasantly surprised look said, “Senior Sister Apprentice, I really did not expect to find you here.”

This girl apparently did not think that someone would stop her, she looked at Ning Cheng whom she did not recognize, and immediately became dumbfounded.

Ning Cheng quickly said, “Senior Sister Apprentice, I am Ning Cheng from the Pill Division. The last time I saw you from afar, it has been hard to forget about you. This time our Clear Heart Academy wants to select the very best students with excellent qualifications to send to the Hua Continent, but I was not able to see Senior Sister Apprentice in the plaza. Thus I feared that since Senior Sister Apprentice would definitely want to go to the Hua Continent, I would not have the chance to speak to you later, so I mustered up the courage to come find Senior Sister Apprentice myself.”

Ning Cheng’s face did not even miss a beat when he said those words, when he discovered that this girl was unexpectedly not ugly. Not only was she not ugly, her complexion was a bit ruddy, even her eyes had a hint of spring in them.

“Oh…….” This pink dress wearing girl did not seem to think, that she would be secretly liked by such a handsome boy. Although she did not know Ning Cheng, but the words spoken by Ning Cheng made her feel a sense of satisfaction. More importantly, this very good looking handsome fellow was from the Pill Division.

“Actually I do not know what name is Senior Sister Apprentice called by.” When Ning Cheng spoke these words, this time he felt that the Spiritual Sense surrounding his body weakening.

Ning Cheng in his heart was feeling really lucky, if he did not have the help of the Mysterious Yellow Bead, he absolutely would have no way of knowing that someone swept him with their Spiritual Sense.

“My name is Su Zhu, are you really from the Pill Division?” the ruddy complexion on the pink dress wearing girl subsided a bit, but the trace of spring in her eyes still remained. However, her tone and expression carried a hint of surprise in them, which let him come to the understanding that the Pill Division was actually very popular.

In the Clear Heart Academy, Ning Cheng only knew about the Pill Division. Otherwise, he certainly would not have said that he was from the Pill Division. Now that Su Zhu was asking, he quickly said in an affirmative way, “Yes of course, I and Brother Wen Guang’s relationship is pretty good, moreover I received a lot of pointers from Brother Wen Guang.”

“You really have a good relationship with Brother Wen Guang?” at this time Su Zhu’s expression of surprise was not simple anymore, it was as if she was overwhelmed by an unexpected favour. This kind of character like Ning Cheng, had unexpectedly had a crush on her.

Ning Cheng said immediately, “Yes, but my qualifications are a bit poor, I was afraid that you would have already left the Clear Heart Academy already, which is why I hurried over to see you. It really must have been fate; I did not expect that I would be able to meet you here.”

Su Zhu looked around a bit, suddenly she whispered to Ning Cheng in a low voice, “With my qualifications I am unable to be selected, why don’t we go to my place to talk about it.”

Then, Su Zhu unexpectedly took the initiative to hold Ning Cheng’s hands and pulled him closer.

Ning Cheng did not think that she was such an active girl, this was really too easy. Fortunately, what made him relax was that the Spiritual Sense that was around him finally disappeared.

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