Chapter 0055 – How Can I Get Away

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0055 – How Can I Get Away

Su Zhu took Ning Cheng’s hands and after taking a few turns, entered a residential area. Here he could not even see a single student, Su Zhu suddenly brought her body close to Ning Cheng.

A woman’s fragrance and something soft hit him, making Ning Cheng subconsciously sway a bit.

“Why do you like me?” Su Zhu came even more close; her tone immediately became a bit clingy.

Although Ning Cheng talked about love, but he never actually taken any advantages from Tian Mu Wan, it can even be said that he only had restricted understanding to matters relating to a man and a woman, and has never really done it. When Su Zhu made contact with him in such a way, Ning Cheng who was also at the age where he was full of vigour, immediately felt that his body temperature began to rise.

However, Ning Cheng was able to overcome such a desire, and simultaneously realized something in his heart. When he first saw Su Zhu, Su Zhu’s face was somewhat red, while she was touching the corner of her eyes a little, it was as if she had been enjoying the soft embrace with a man only a moment ago. Ning Cheng did not need to ask, he knew that the private life of Su Zhu was extremely erotic. While others were concerned about the selection for the 5 Star Academy, she was actually hiding in her room and was even enjoying herself with someone else.

“Giggle…….” She felt that Ning Cheng was unfamiliar with this kind of matter, which made Su Zhu give out a giggling smile, which made his heart even more itchy. Ning Cheng seemed to look like an older person, especially with his beard, but his age was definitely not old. But this somewhat weathered feel of him made her even more attracted to him, that coupled with the fact that the atmosphere around Ning Cheng felt really clean.

Besides she had never been on this side of a secret love from a pure clean male who really admired her, moreover he was still the most attractive person that she has seen from the Pill Division of the Clear Heart Academy. If she could establish a relationship with this Ning Cheng, she could then have someone who could refine some elixirs for her.

“Come to my room.” Su Zhu said with some shortness in her breath, while her eyes betrayed that she couldn’t wait anymore.

Ning Cheng hastily said, “Yes, Senior Sister Apprentice Su Zhu, do all the female students of the Clear Heart Academy live here?”

Su Zhu was obviously did not care about this topic, and just casually said, “No, let’s walk towards the inside of from here ………”

She did not finish saying her words, when three people walked out, when Ning Cheng saw the trio he immediately became happy. These three people, he had seen them before, walking on either side were Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, while waking in the middle unexpectedly turned out to be the sarong wearing girl he had met earlier. Only this time she was not just wearing her simple sarong from before, but a purple one.

When the three people saw Ning Cheng and Su Zhu snuggled up together, they were simultaneously shocked.

“Is that you, Ning Cheng……” Lu Xue who was shocked a moment ago, immediately cried out, the reason why she was shocked, was because she knew the inside story of Ning Cheng’s disappearance.

Yong Gu Yun was also shocked, she understood it much better than Lu Xue, as she knew that Ning Cheng went missing because Lan Yin Yue had forced him out of the airship. Ning Cheng was just a Qi Gathering 4th Level Cultivator, and was thrown down from high up in the air, so he definitely should have died, but then why was he still here?

Because two other people were still here, and Ning Cheng was even snuggling up to one of them, Su Zhu, they immediately put the matter aside.

After the sarong wearing girl saw Ning Cheng, instead of having a shocked looked on her face like the other two had a relieved expression. She felt somewhat guilty towards Ning Cheng, after she made her elder brother look for Ning Cheng, she could not find him again.

She had heard her brother say, that why Ning Cheng wanted that pair of pearl hair clips, it was because of his fond remembrance of his little sister. But because she also liked it, and it was precisely because of her liking them, it was as if she had claimed the other party’ little sister as her own. Moreover, she listened to her elder brother say, that this man might never be able to see his sister again.

“Did you come here the same way?” After the sarong wearing girl was pleasantly surprised, and called out to Ning Cheng the first thing that came to her mind.

When Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun heard the sarong girl, before they could even react, the two people’s expressions kept on changing, then Yong Gu Yun immediately stepped forwards to tugged on the dress of the sarong wearing girl, and anxiously asked, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying, how do you know him?”

When Ning Cheng heard Yong Gu Yun’s words, he just came to understand something, in the Clear Heart Academy emerged two geniuses with two main Pure Spiritual Roots, they were the sarong wearing young girl and her simple and honest elder brother. Since she was called Yue Ying, then her brother must be the one called Yue Yuan Hua.

After Su Zhe saw Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, her complexion suddenly turned pale, and she immediately let go of Ning Cheng, while calling out the phrase, “Su Zhu greets Senior Sister Apprentice Lu Xue and Senior Sister Apprentice Yong Gu Yun.”

Yong Gu Yun’s face turned dark, and did not pay any attention to Su Zhu. But Lu Xue said in a cold voice “Su Zhu, it would be better if you leave first, this is not a matter which involves you. If you want to look for Ning Cheng, then after this matter is settled, you can go looking for him again.”

Su Zhu looked at Ning Cheng, and then once again looked at Lu Xue and Yong Gu Yun, and immediately walked away from the scene.

Although Yong Gu Yun was also at Qi Gathering 8th Level, but she did not possess Spiritual Sense, and Lu Xue’s cultivation level was even lower. The two people did not know that Su Zhu did not go far, she had only just turned a corner, and was hiding behind the wall’s edge. Although Ning Cheng had Spiritual Sense, he did not waste his Spiritual Sense to sense Su Zhu.

Seeing Su Zhu walk away, Yong Gu Yun said to Yue Ying in a soft voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying, do you know who that woman was who had just walked out?”

Yue Ying shook her head in puzzlement, in her heart she was also thinking about who the woman was and what relationship did she have with him?

“She is the slut of our Clear Heart Academy, the Clear Heart Academy might appear to be bright on the surface, but it’s filthiness is also incomparable. Do you know about this man called Ning Cheng, what he likes the most is being together with beautiful women. Before our Academy’s Junior Apprentice Sister An Yi, was almost deceived by him. Fortunately, she was able to meet Junior Apprentice Sister Lu Xue in time, and was able to avoid a disaster. Otherwise, in my Clear Heart Academy the number of people with Pure Spiritual Roots, would only have been 3. Therefore, for him to approach you definitely means he has some ulterior motive, you should not be deceived by his words.” Yong Gu Yun relentlessly poured down the false information of Ning Cheng.

In Yong Gu Yun’s opinion, Ning Cheng was far from being handsome. He could fool An Yi to become completely loyal to him, she thought that it was because of his honeyed words. Because of this, she also thought that Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying might get deceived by him. So when she saw Su Zhu and Ning Cheng together, she immediately came to the conclusion that he was definitely that type of person.

Lu Xue on the other side of her also agreed and added, “What Senior Sister Apprentice said is correct, people like Su Zhu are indeed countless here.”

Saying that, Lu Xue looks at Ning Cheng and said, “Ning Cheng, in fact, before when I met you I really was feeling bad for you, but today when I saw this scene, it really disappointed me. Su Zhu’s eyes were just like shining spring, and her face still was a bit red, do not say that you did not do anything to her. Everybody knows about these things, it’s just that I do not want to say it out loud. However, I really do not think that you should be exposed to Junior Apprentice Sister An Yi. In your heart you already know that you and An Yi are two different types of people.”

When Su Zhu who was hiding on the side heard those words, she immediately turned pale, and her whole body was trembling. She was very clear that Ning Cheng was pure and innocent, when she heard that Ning Cheng liked her, she truly was somewhat excited in her heart. Because among the people in the Clear Heart Academy and the people who came in contact with her, no one really liked her, but all of them wanted to go down on her.

Originally she had brought Ning Cheng to her room was not only to have sex with him, but to make a relationship with Ning Cheng and use sex with Ning Cheng so that she could obtain elixirs. Later when she saw that Ning Cheng was actually a novice in that area, she was even moved in her heart thinking that what he felt was genuine feelings. Originally she had been living by deceiving herself, and up to this point of time she did not know how unbearable was she in the eyes of others.

“What……” On the face of Yue Ying was a look as if she couldn’t believe what she heard, although she was aware of Ning Cheng, it was totally unintentional. It was not right; it does not seem that it was done intentionally. She could remember, she seemed to have seen the pearl hair clip first, then this person who called himself Ning Cheng had offered to buy the pearl hair clip.

That’s right, after listening to what her elder brother said, he bought the pearl hair clip but did not walk away, rather he remained standing in front of the original stall for a long time. Was it possible that he knew that her elder brother would come to look for him? And then took this opportunity to get himself closer? If it really was like this, then this man’s mental abilities were really frightening.

Before she was feeling a bit guilty towards Ning Cheng, but it had completely faded away now.

Ning Cheng’s face sank, and said in a cold voice, “This Su Zhu person, I do not know, but I do know what other say behind my back, that I am not a clean person. Even if there were countless people like Su Zhu, does it really matter to you? I became friends with Su Zhu, and if I want to make friends with An Yi again, is it any of your damn business? If I want to be happy, can I not? You intentionally want to make it look like I am trying to be friends with you, it does not make me happy, is that good enough for you?”

Ning Cheng in his heart knew that Su Zhu was a slut, and was always looked down upon, but he detested Yong Gu Yun who was in front of him even more.

“You are courting death.” Yong Gu Yun’s face changed, and a Flying Sword appeared in her hands, while simultaneously filling the air with Killing Intent.

Ning Cheng in his heart was feeling very unhappy, if he was outside he would have immediately split her apart with his sword. A mere Yong Gu Yun, he could casually take care of her with his sword.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Yong, don’t do it yourself.” as Yue Ying quickly stepped forward to block Yong Gu Yun hastily.

Yong Gu Yun seemed to care a lot about Yue Ying, seeing Yue Ying Come forward, she had to give her face, and did not continue forward.

Seeing Yong Gu Yun did not go forward to continue to fight, Yue Ying was relieved, and spoke hastily to Ning Cheng, “This Elder Brother, my elder brother said that you were very good. Although my brother is modest, but he is not an informed person when it comes to experience. You are not a person from the Clear Heart Academy, if you are not here to participate in the selection of disciples of the Clear Heart Academy, then you better quickly get out of here.”

Ning Cheng had not come to fight, so of course, he will not continue to challenge Yong Gu Yun. Now that Yue Ying spoke, he hastily said, “This Junior Apprentice Sister, I am only looking for my cousin An Yi, do you know where she is?”

“You dare to look for An Yi, I will immediately inform Elder Lan Yin Yue, making you forever unable to go out of the Clear Heart Academy.” Yong Gu Yun immediately snapped.

Before anything else happened, Yue Ying quickly grabbed Ning Cheng and quickly said, “Senior Sister Apprentice An Yi has gone to the Academy Plaza, I think at present she should be near the podium, you can go and see.”

Ning Cheng thought that he definitely must not miss An Yi this time, he hurriedly cupped his fist and thanked Yue Ying for a moment, and immediately turned away and hurried to the square. Now that he was exposed, if he could just see An Yi safe and sound, he would immediately leave the Nan Yuan City, otherwise in a few more minutes, it would become more dangerous.

Once Yong Gu Yun informed Lan Yin Yue that he had appeared in Nan Yuan City, he may really be unable to leave this place.

Seeing Ning Cheng depart rapidly, Yong Gu Yun said with some complain in her voice, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying, the next time you meet this shameless womanizer, do not be this soft hearted. Otherwise, you will always suffer, this kind of person is very despicable, I do not know how many young girls of good families has he broken.”

Yue Ying’s complexion slightly turned red and said, “I know, Senior Sister Apprentice Yong. Thank you, for giving me face.”

Yong Gu Yun smiled and said, “If he does not go to find An Yi then it’s ok, but if he dares to find An Yi, he would only be looking for death. Elder Lan Yin Yue tried to kill him last time, I do not know how he survived, this time he came looking for An Yi, if Lan Yin Yue happens to know about it, how would he still be able to get away?”

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