Chapter 0056 – Su Zhu’s Help

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Chapter 0056 – Su Zhu’s Help

Yue Ying was even more surprised than Yong Gu Yun, although she could not imagine why Yong Gu Yun with her strength did not start fighting herself, but was actually counting on Lan Yin Yue to get Ning Cheng killed, did she wanted Ning Cheng to die that badly?

As for Lu Xue, she actually had a bit positive impression about Ning Cheng, one of the reasons why she did not come forward to fight was because Ning Cheng and Le Bohong had a sort of good relation, so she really did not want to go to that extreme, at least she did not want to face Ning Cheng in a fight. There was still one other thing, she knew that An Yi was still very much dependent on Ning Cheng. Therefore, the news of Ning Cheng apparently dying before, she still had not disclosed it to An Yi. She did not expect, that Ning Cheng had not only not died, but there wasn’t even a single scratch on him, and even more amazingly followed them to the Nan Yuan City.

At this time, she saw the expression on Yue Ying’s face, and hurriedly said, “Junior Apprentice Sister Yue Ying, actually Senior Sister Apprentice did not make a mistake. If there were such people like Ning Cheng around, if they were not killed off, they would only end up harming even more innocent girls. Take you as an example, if you did not enter the Clear Heart Academy, perhaps you would have already been deceived by him.”

Yue Ying’s face immediately turned a slightly deeper shade of red, this time there was no rebuttal. If her elder brother had not found Ning Cheng, perhaps she would really would have gone out personally to look for Ning Cheng to thank him. While doing so, wouldn’t he get to know both of them? Although she herself felt a bit disgusted with Ning Cheng. But on the other hand, there were some vicissitudes of life in Ning Cheng’s breath, which made her appreciate him a bit.


Ning Cheng sped up, and once again reached the main plaza, while simultaneously pressing himself into the crowd.

This time Ning Cheng saw clearly, he was able to make out with a glance that An Yi was sitting at the edge of the podium, besides An Yi, there were two people Yu Hong Feng and Yue Yuan Hua. Compared to Yue Yuan Hua and Yu Hong Feng, An Yi was looking somewhat thin and haggard, and was sitting with her head lowered as if there were heavy thoughts going through her heart.

However, Ning Cheng actually felt relieved, An Yi had already advanced to the Qi Gathering 6th Level, once one’s Pure Spiritual Roots were exclusively trained and utilised, their advancement through the levels would be very smooth. Ning Cheng also knew about this matter, if he did not have several hundreds of Spirit Stones, and also if he had not found the Spiritual Essence Pool, it would have definitely been impossible for him to advance to the Qi Gathering 8th Level in just half a year.

Thus with this it can be seen that An Yi really did have a Pure Wooden Spiritual Root without a doubt, moreover her status in the Academy also seem to be good. At least he did not have to be worried about An Yi’s safety anymore, Ning Cheng heaved a sigh of relief, and did not continue to stay here, and turned around and sped towards the entrance.

As long as An Yi really had a Pure Spiritual Root, An Yi’s path to success would definitely be smooth, there was no need for him to worry. From now on, as long as he only had to take care of himself it would be good enough.

Ning Cheng had not even gotten to the entrance, when he stopped immediately. He saw that the front gate had been closed, and there were two people in front of the gates who wanted to go out but were stopped by the guard. Ning Cheng saw that the two people were stopped by the guard for a long time and were speaking heatedly for quite a while, before they turned back with a bitter look on their faces.

“Two friends, are we not allowed to go out of here?” Ning Cheng hurriedly stopped the two people and asked.

“The Clear Heart Academy is not much open about it, but it seems that we can only go out after the selection is concluded.” One of the people spoke in an angry tone when he saw that Ning Cheng was actually not a student of the Clear Heart Academy.

Ning Cheng’s heart sank a bit, just when he was trying to think of a way to get out, he suddenly heard a clear and crisp voice from behind, “Ning Xiao Cheng, come with me, accompany me to a trip to the outside.”

When Ning Cheng turned around he saw Su Zhu’s extremely bright smiling face, in his heart he immediately became happy, as he quickly played along with it and quickly said, “Certainly.”

Su Zhu naturally pulled on Ning Cheng’s hand, and walked a few steps, and when she was almost at the front gate she said, “Do you know? Senior Sister Apprentice Lu Xue asked me to help her purchase some Pills from the Feiyan Pill Pavilion. I am telling this to you, but oh my god, Senior Apprentice Sister Lu Xue will certainly go to the Hua Continent, maybe with her ability she may really be chosen to enter the 5 Star Academy. As long as Senior Apprentice Sister Lu Xue was selected for the 5 Star Academy, so when she comes back in the future, she would really never forget me.”

Ning Cheng listened while being somewhat bewildered, he certainly knew that Lu Xue did not send Su Zhu to buy pills for her. Lu Xue simply loathed Su Zhu’s attitude and always treated her with disgust, why would she send Su Zhu to buy pills for her?

At this time the two people had already come to the front door, Su Zhu did not even wait for the guard to speak, and actively greeted him with a brilliant and charming smile, “Brother Han, there are a lot of people today, it must be very hard on you. Right, I am going out for a small matter.”

The gate guard had seen Su Zhu before, he did not think that Su Zhu would even know that he was surnamed Han, and quickly replied, “It is not that hard, you take care of yourself.”

The Guard talked in a sort of neutral tone, as Su Zhu pulled Ning Cheng out the front door of the Clear Heart Academy.

Su Zhu’s footsteps immediately quickened, as she quickly brought Ning Cheng and passed through to the Ming Pu Plaza.

Ning Cheng understood that Su Zhu wanted to help him, as he was brought out of the Clear Heart Academy. Although Ning Cheng did not know how Su Zhu knew that he had to leave the Clear Heart Academy, but in his heart he was still very grateful towards her, and even said in a somewhat sheepish voice, “Senior Apprentice Sister, I am actually not from the Clear Heart Academy………”

She did not wait for Ning Cheng to finish what he was saying, when Su Zhu interrupted Ning Cheng’s words saying, “Do not talk about it, it would be better if you left quickly, I heard Yong Gu Yun saying that she was going to inform Elder Lan.”

Ning Cheng did not explain anymore, he cupped his fists to her and bowed saying, “Many thanks Senior Apprentice Sister Su, if Senior Apprentice Sister Su needs anything that she wants to ease her cultivation then just ask, although it may not be possible for me to be able to help you advance to the True Condensation Realm, but still please accept this as a thank you to the Senior Apprentice Sister, I’ll go first.”

With that, Ning Cheng stuffed a small package into the hands of Su Zhu, and turned around to quickly disappeared from her sight.

As Su Zhu watched Ning Cheng’s disappearing back, her face suddenly looked very desolate and lonely. How could she not know the meaning of what Ning Cheng said to her, cultivate with ease? She suddenly remembered the time when she had come to the Clear Heart Academy. She had been deceived by that person, and went to bed with some other people, and then just like a jar that broke when it fell, as a result there were more and more people who looked down upon her.

For her, she still had a year’s time, within one year if she could not advance to the Qi Gathering 7th Level, she would no longer be a student of the Clear Heart Academy.

Su Zhu suddenly felt empty as she felt something break inside her, even she did not know why she wanted to help Ning Cheng. Perhaps it was because Ning Cheng spoke those few comforting words to her.

She looked at the small package in her hands, suddenly she felt a faint but rich Spiritual Qi coming out of the package. Su Zhu’s heart skipped a beat, and she quickly opened the package to have a look. When she saw what was wrapped inside it, she was immediately stunned speechless, in the package there were actually a dozen Low Grade Spirit Stones.


“Elder Lan, I just saw Ning Cheng a moment ago, he seemed quite comfortable in the Clear Heart Academy, I estimate that he is looking for An Yi.” After Yong Gu Yun arrived to the Academy’s Plaza, she found some time to spare, and hurried to deliver the message about of Ning Cheng to Lan Yin Yue.

“What?” Lan Yin Yue asked in a surprised voice.

She had personally forced Ning Cheng to jump off the airship, how could he appear in the Clear Heart Academy? He was just a cultivator at the Qi Gathering 4th Level who jumped off from a high altitude airship moving at an extremely high speed, how was it possible that he survive that?

“Did you not see wrong?” Lan Yin Yue asked in a calm tone, this kind of thing was simply impossible, how could a dead person come back to life?

“I did not see wrong, even Junior Apprentice Sister Lu Xue saw him, and he even made it clear that he had come here to search for Junior Apprentice Sister An Yi. This person even recognised Yue Ying, if not for Yue Ying joining the Clear Heart Academy early, perhaps she would also have been cheated by him. I have arranged for Junior Apprentice Sister Lu Xue to try and find where he is now.” Yong Gu Yun replied quietly from the side.

Killing Intent flashed across Lan Yin Yue’s eyes, but she forcibly restrained her Killing Intent.

“Elder Lan, just now Su Zhu had already carried Ning Cheng out of the Clear Heart Academy. Do you want me to bring Su Zhu here?” said Lu Xue as she rushed over, she was watching over Ning Cheng on Yong Gu Yun’s order, she actually did not think that Su Zhu would help Ning Cheng in bringing him out of the Clear Heart Academy.

The Killing Intent emanating from Lan Yin Yue immediately grew even more fierce, after recovering a little while later she slowly said, “Inform Xue Cong, let him temporarily pass the order to kill him to Miao Li Hu from the Mingot City. In the meantime, since Ning Cheng appeared in Nan Yuan City, the news of Ning Cheng would soon reach Miao Li Hu anyway. After Miao Li Hu kills off Ning Cheng, as long as Xue Cong kills Miao Li Hu it will all be ok.”

“I understand.” Yong Gu Yun swept a glance at An Yi, and quickly walked away. She knew why the Elder Lan took such a move.

An Yi was too dependent on Ning Cheng and remembered him fondly, if one day in the future An Yi learned that it was Elder Lan who killed Ning Cheng, she and Elder Yan would definitely turn into enemies. Before Elder Lan did not know how much An Yi depended on Ning Cheng, now that she knew about it, this made her decide on the idea to plan his murder with a borrowed knife.

With Miao Li Hu killing Ning Cheng, and then Xue Cong killing Miao Li Hu. The result would definitely be, An Yi appreciating Xue Cang’s help in taking her revenge.

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