Chapter 0057 – Battling True Condensation

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
Edited and Checked By – CurlyAdi

Chapter 0057 – Battling True Condensation

Ning Cheng ran out of Nan Yuan City with his maximum speed, after leaving the Nan Yuan City, Ning Cheng finally felt a bit relaxed.

To be honest, he was not really afraid of Lan Yin Yue. Although Lan Yin Yue was already at True Condensation 8th Level, as Ning Cheng already knew from the mouth of Fang Jiyan. Because the resources and the Spiritual Qi in the Ping Continent were scarce, thus the Cultivation Methods in the Ping Continents have their own limitations and were actually not complete since the time they were created, and even their Spiritual Sense was a lot weaker. In other words, even though Lan Yin Yue was a cultivator at the True Condensation 8th Level, in fact her true cultivation level was much below that of the genuine True Condensation 8th Level.

What Ning Cheng feared was the Essence Building Realm Cultivator of the Clear Heart Academy, once that cultivator in the Essence Building Realm stepped into the Nan Yuan City, then he really wouldn’t be able to walk away.

According to Ning Cheng’s idea, as long as he left the Nan Yuan City, it would be tantamount to being safe. He would then try to find a secluded place, and then use his Flying Sword to fly back to the Daan Forest. Then passing through the Daan Forest, he would try to enter the Yuan Continent.

But just as Ning Cheng left the Nan Yuan City, he felt that he someone was following him.

Ning Cheng immediately sped up, although he was not much worried in his heart. If he really was being targeted by a cultivator in the Essence Building Realm, he wouldn’t be able walk away. But if it was a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm who was following him, he simply would not need to fear him.

In Ning Cheng’s opinion, a cultivator at the Essence Building Realm would never be bored enough to stalk a cultivator in the Qi Gathering Realm, in this place like the Nan Yuan City, the possibility for such a thing to happen was basically zero.

An hour later, the person who was following Ning Cheng suddenly accelerated. At this time Ning Cheng could clearly see who was trying to follow him, it was Miao Li Hu from the Mingot City’s Wolf Palace. He knew that Miao Li Hu hated Ning Cheng to the bone, but he did not think that he would be so persistent, and even chase him till Nan Yuan City. Fortunately, An Yi was regarded highly by the Clear Heart Academy, otherwise it would really be dangerous for An Yi.

Half a year ago, he could not clearly see the cultivation level of Miao Li Hu, but now he could clearly see that Miao Li Hu had the cultivation of True Condensation 4th Level. For a cultivator at the True Condensation Realm who was unable to step on a Flying Sword to fly, this made Ning Cheng to not be wary Miao Li Hu.

For him, Miao Li Hu just came at the right time, he really wanted to try out the power of the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

“Little bastard, even if you run away again, this father will definitely burn you and let your ashes be buried along with my dead son.” Miao Li Hu said after seeing that Ning Cheng had actually stopped, immediately letting out a thunderous roar before stopping in front of Ning Chen, in his opinion, Ning Cheng should have already been petrified by his presence.

Ning Cheng unhurriedly said, “Miao Li Hu, you may be able flaunt your swagger in Mingot City, but in this place, you do not have the qualification to be arrogant. Here’s what I don’t understand, how did you know that I just got out of the city? Someone delivered a message to you, right?”

When Miao Li Hu saw that Ning Cheng was actually not petrified, but was actually speaking quite calmly and in a leisure manner, he was immediately shocked. But then he responded immediately, and spoke in a fierce voice, “Die for me……”

While speaking, his hands turned a scarlet colour as he moved it towards Ning Cheng, he really hated Ning Cheng to the bone, so he really did not want to wait for even a single moment.

“Buzz……” his scarlet coloured hand flew across the air, and was giving off an extremely miserable humming sounds, which completely sealed the entire space around Ning Cheng.

Originally the environment around him was clear as the blue sky above him, but under the influence of the scarlet blood coloured light from the hands of Miao Li Hu, it immediately descended into a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Just like countless hungry ghosts, a bloody mist pounced onto Ning Cheng.

Under this bloody mist, Ning Cheng became somewhat absent minded, he obviously knew that he should move out of the way quickly, but his body was completely shrouded by a bloody mist which covered him from head to toe, it even made him feel a bit dazed.

The Mysterious Yellow Bead immediately let out its Mysterious Yellow Qi, which covered the entire surface of Ning Cheng’s body with a pale yellow light, Ning Cheng suddenly became alert, and without any hesitation madly started circulating his Qi, taking out his Flying Sword he immediately sent out a Sword Light form it.

This Sword Light under the agitation of Ning Cheng’s Qi, immediately split the scarlet fog to create a gap in front of him. Ning Cheng at once rushed out through the gap. Even if it was like that, a bloody light blasted towards Ning Cheng’s chest.

“Bang……” Ning Cheng had just left the scarlet fog, when a fierce explosion sound came from the place where he was just standing at.

Ning Cheng was shocked to discover, that the place where he was just a moment ago blew up to form a huge pit, and this pit was also dark red in colour, it was as if blood had spilled on that ground since a long time. He subconsciously lowered his head for a moment, and saw that the clothes on his chest had a long gash, which revealed the inner dragon hide armour that was given by the old woman.

There was a lingering fear in Ning Cheng’s heart now, if he had not been wearing the inner armour, then that scarlet light would have cut out a deep and bloody gash out of his chest just a moment ago.

Slowly heaving a sigh, Ning Cheng then looked at the Artefact in Miao Li Hu’s hands, it unexpectedly turned out to be a large scarlet streamer with an indistinct skull on it. The scarlet light, along with the dismal atmosphere, and the scarlet light that blew up on his chest, all of it came out of the bloody red banner.

If not for the help from the Mysterious Yellow Bead, perhaps he would have already been dead. At the same time Ning Cheng in his heart was also scared a bit, he was aware that although he had accumulated a large combat experience, but it was mostly against Monstrous Beasts. Although he was a cultivator at the Qi Gathering Realm, he unexpectedly dared to look down upon Miao Li Hu who was cultivator at the True Condensation Realm, was this not him courting death?

True Condensation Cultivators, even if it was someone with poor qualifications, they simply cannot be treated as ordinary people.

Ning Cheng did not dare to be negligent anymore, and once again unleashed a Sword Light from the Flying Sword in his hands, which chased towards Miao Li Hu.

“What……” Miao Li Hu shockingly looked towards the huge pit that was created by his attack, for a Qi Gathering 4th Level Cultivator to escape from his Scarlet Ghost Streamer, it was his first time seeing such a thing.

In his opinion, it was simply impossible for such a thing to happen, for a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, it was fundamentally impossible to escape from his Scarlet Ghost Streamer.

This Ning Cheng was clearly a Qi Gathering 4th Level cultivator, but not only did he escape his Scarlet Ghost Streamer, he even used a Flying Sword to counter attack.

Eight Ice Cold Sword Lights arrived, it seemed as if the entire space around him was frozen. This completely sealed up area around him, and did not even leave any room for him to move.

“You are not a Qi Gathering Realm Cultivator……” Miao Li Hu was completely shocked as he called out, while he once again wielded the big streamer in his hands.

No matter how powerful a Qi Gathering Cultivator was, they would never be able to cast out this kind of an Ice Sword Light, moreover continuously casting eight of them, although these eight Sword Lights were not connected or linked up to each other, but it was actually enough to threaten the True Condensation Realm Cultivator with the surname Miao. Once they were linked up into one, even he would find it extremely difficult to resist.

For a Qi Gathering 4th Level Cultivator for release such a fearful Ice Sword Qi, he did not dare believe it.

After the shock, he quickly calmed down, although Ning Cheng’s counter attack was truly powerful, but he still believed that he could get rid of Ning Cheng.

“Chi Chi……” The Ice Sword Light of Ning Cheng and the Scarlet Light of Miao Li Hu’s streamer clashed together, creating a Chi Chi sound which resounded in the air, which sounded like the tearing of rags.

The 8 Sword Ice Lights were swept away by the scarlet light from this big bloody streamer, and the chilling cold that came from the ice Sword Lights immediately weakened. Miao Li Hu felt a bit happy, these 8 Ice Sword Qi were weak and cannot link up with each other into a single unit. As long as he could suppress Ning Cheng’s 8 Ice Sword Qi, he believed that he could easily kill Ning Cheng.

At this time, in the clash between the 8 Sword Lights condensed from the Ice Sword Qi and the scarlet light, once more 4 Ice Sword Lights emerged out of thin air. When these 4 Ice Sword Qi came out, the 8 Ice Sword Lights Qi from a moment before, which were scattered throughout the area instantaneously converged into one. Forming a Sword Net, the big scarlet streamer was completely frozen in the middle of the sword net.

“This, this is a Profound Grade Sword Technique……” Miao Li Hu felt his own spirit fly away, he did not think even for a moment that Ning Cheng would even have a Profound Grade Sword Technique on him. Although he had not seen this type of sword technique before, but that did not mean that he could not judge what was right in front of him. This person who he considered as an ant in front of his eyes really had such a fearful sword technique.

Seeing the Profound Grade Sword Technique in front of him, Miao Li Hu knew that if he did not walk away from here immediately, he would really end up dying in this place today.

He always felt that Ning Cheng was inferior to him, but when he had fought with Ning Cheng before, he felt that he would not be able to kill him. But now he came to fully understand, that it was because Ning Cheng possessed the Profound Grade Sword Technique, as such he might not be able to do so.

Miao Li Hu did not know that he had guessed wrong, it was true that in terms of Qi he really was inferior to him. So when he fought with Ning Cheng, it was really weird for him, it was not because Ning Cheng was using the 36 Ice Sword Technique, but because Ning Cheng’s Spiritual Sense was much more formidable than him.

In the battle of wits between the cultivators, the person who has a stronger Spiritual Sense would always come out on top, Miao Li Hu had not realised the importance of Spiritual Sense, so it really would not be strange if he were to be defeated. In other words, as long as his Spiritual Sense was on par with Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng certainly would not be his opponent, that was why Ning Cheng was able to match up to him easily.

Miao Li Hu simply ignored the injury that his Scarlet Ghost Streamer received from the Ice Sword Qi, and sent out a ferocious blow with his palm, while at the same time took the Scarlet Streamer and rapidly retreated, he did not want to fight with Ning Cheng anymore.

At this time, a thin and fine needle which was hidden in the sword shadows appeared and disappeared through the gaps of the big Scarlet Streamer, and in an instant it disappeared into Miao Li Hu’s body.

Miao Liu who was crazily retreating suddenly stopped, he was staring at Ning Cheng, and wanted to say something, but the next moment he felt like his heart was struck from a blow of an extremely heavy hammer, and it instantly exploded.

With his heart exploding, he still had an unwilling look in his eyes as he fell to the ground with a loud thump.

“Is it really this powerful?” When Ning Cheng saw Miao Li Hu lying on the ground, he muttered to himself.

The Profound Grade 36 Ice Sword Technique had given him a surprise, but the surprise given by the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle Technique, he really did not expect it. He thought that when Miao Li Hu was attacked by the 7 Pleiades Ice Needle, he would still be able to resist for a moment or two, but he did not expect that he would not be able to resist it for even half a moment. This made Ning Cheng realise that, he really had grossly underestimated his own 7 Pleiades Ice Needle.

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