Chapter 0058 – A Terrible Battle Scene

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi and SmartyMouth

Chapter 0058 – A Terrible Battle Scene

Hua Continent.

In the Yi Xing Mainland there were three low class continents, out of which the Spiritual Qi of the Hua Continent is the thickest. If the Jia Continent and the Hua Continent were not separated by these endless and vast looking mountains, the Spiritual Qi present in the Hua Continent would have been much thicker, in fact it would be so dense that the Hua Continent could be then easily considered as an Intermediate Class Continent.

On the Hua Continent, there were 6 extremely powerful countries, there were also numerous big and small clans and sects comparable to them and as such it is impossible to try and quantify their size or power. But the absolute top of the Hua Continent was the five 5 Star Academies, these five 5 Star Academies were existences that were truly beyond any country/clan/sect. Even if it was the Hua Continent’s most powerful and formidable country, they would not dare to be rude to any of the 5 Star Academies.

If one removed the 5 Star Academies, the Hua Continent’s most famous were undoubtedly the 6 big counties, next to the 6 big countries were the 7 respected clans, they were not much weaker than the 6 big countries in strength.

But the most famous of the 7 Clans was the Shui Clan of the East Water Country, although the Shui Clan is one of the 7 most respected and the strongest clans of the Hua Continent, but because they have a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm, as such they were more powerful than the other clans in the continent.

In the Lower Class Continent, only the 5 Star Academy and a few individual countries had a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm. But in the Shui Clan, there was a cultivator in the Profound Core Realm, that is why they deserved to be the first of the 7 Clans. If not for that, the overall strength of the Shui Clan was relatively poor, and could only safely exist within the country.

At this moment in the Shui Clan’s Manor, a family meeting was taking place, a middle aged man was shouting at a youth by his side. The youth is already had the cultivation of the True Condensation Realm, but had his head down, despite being yelled at, he did not dare to open his mouth.

The Shui Clan’s general assembly was something that all the elders of the Shui Clan had to participate in, moreover these elders brought one or two of their most outstanding children to the General Assembly. This middle aged man who was scolding the youth was called Shui Gao Yuan, and was one of the Essence Building Elders of the Shui Clan, and the one who he was scolding was one of the two most outstanding sons that he had, Shui Feng Ji. Less than 30 of age, but already had the cultivation of True Condensation 4th Level.

The patience of the youth who was being scolded finally snapped, suddenly he looked up and said loudly, “That Ji Luo Fei is simply disfigured, why do you want me to marry her? Even if you just picked up a random woman, she would be a hundred times prettier than her.”

When the middle aged man saw that his son unexpectedly dared to argue with him, he immediately stood up and said in an angry voice, “You understand my ass, Ji Luo Fei was not born ugly, once her face was restored, how many people do you think would be comparable to her in the Falling Star Academy? Although recovering one’s appearance in this Hua Continent is a bit difficult, but in an Intermediate Class Continent it is an easy thing, you idiot.”

At this time the old man sitting at the topmost position waved his hand, and loudly interrupted the angry middle aged man, “Gao Yuan, do not scold Feng Ji, the young people always have their own ideas. Since Ji Luo Fei has a disfigured face, so he presumably thought that she was a bit ugly.”

When the middle aged man heard this old man speak, he did not dare to continue to speak, and quickly sat down. This was the head of the Shui Clan, Shui Cheng Hua, and already had the cultivation of the initial stages of the Profound Congealing Realm. In the Shui Clan, besides their ancestor in the Profound Core Realm who has been in secluded closed door cultivation for many years, everyone had to listen to the words spoken by him, for the other clan members the words spoken by him were akin to words spoken by god himself.

“Shui Yu is willing to take Ji Luo Fei as his wife, but also requests the master of the house to take the decision for me.” At this time, sitting not far from the position of the Shui’s Clans head, a youth took the initiative to stand up and bow speaking those words.

“Are you really willing to marry Ji Luo Fei? You don’t mind her having a disfigured face?” The Clan Head, Shui Cheng Hua asked with some doubt and amazement in his voice.

Not waiting for Shui Yu to speak, the man sitting across from Shui Yu also stood up and said, “Clan Master, Shui Yu is one of my disciples with the highest qualifications, his future is limitless, how could he be married to that disfigured Ji Luo Fei?”

With that, he turned his head towards Shui Yu and earnestly said, “Shui Yu, your father is out, so you can’t act stupid and cause troubles for him.”

The young man called Shui Yu and gave a very respectful bow, and then solemnly said, “I am not that impulsive, I already had thought about marrying Ji Luo Fei for a long time. Ji Luo Fei’s qualifications and aptitude is not much worse than me, I believe that when she comes home to my Shui Clan, it would only benefit our Shui Clan in the future, there will not be any harm. Regarding her face, I am not concerned about it.”

The man in front of him on hearing this youth Shui Yu’s words, immediately clenched his fists. Originally he was the one who wanted to marry Ji Luo Fei, but he did not think that Shui Yu would take the initiative to speak first. At this time when Shui Yu spoke, he also knew that he liked Ji Luo Fei, but did not dare to stand up and grab her from Shui Yu’s grasp.

Only he knew that Shui Yu’s words were credible, Shui Yu was completely attracted to Ji Luo Fei’s peerless charm and beauty. That’s right, it was because of the beautiful appearance. Although Ji Luo Fei’s was disfigured, but her body was unparalleled, it made it hard for people to dismiss her from their mind. Once her face was restored, her beauty would absolutely be unmatched. Not to mention her appearance, but even Ji Luo Fei’s qualifications were outstanding, if she became his wife, he could certainly borrow her strength in the future.

Unfortunately, that Shui Clan’s disciple Shui Feng Ji was really a blind person, he could only see that Ji Luo Fei’s face was not good.

“But, I heard that Ji Luo Fei also has an aunt called Ji Yao He. Cheng Zhou, you go look for Ji Yao He, and discuss the marriage with Shui Yu. Remember to show Shui Clan’s sincerity, just because Ji Luo Fei has a disfigured face you cannot be disrespectful to them.” When Shui Yu heard Shui Chen Hua’s words, he was extremely happy. For his Shui family to have such an exceptional disciple he felt really satisfied. Although he had not seen or met Ji Yao He before, but he had heard that the Ji Luo Fei’s qualifications and intelligence in the Falling Star Academy was very good. The only regret was, Ji Luo Fei had a disfigured face.

“Yes, Clan Master.” An extremely lean man stood up and replied while bowing.


At this point of time Ning Cheng had already entered the Daan Forest nearly a month ago, according to Ning Cheng’s estimates, in this month, he had nearly covered about half the distance according to the map.

Walking through the Daan Forest for more than a month, Ning Cheng’s understanding of the Daan Forest became even more profound. He was glad that he had obtained a map of this place, if he did not have a map, then if he had already not lost his way in the Daan Forest, he would have died in the mouths of the high level Monstrous Beasts.

Even though he had the map, he was almost killed several times by a high level Monstrous Beasts. On this trip, he did not know how many times he saw dense clusters of bones. In addition to the bones from the Monstrous Beasts, there were also many bones from humans. From this it could be seen that throughout the history, there have been many people who died in Daan forest.

However, his harvest was also by no means small, not only did he find over a hundred Rank 1 Spiritual Grasses, he also found several dozens of Rank 2 Spiritual Grasses. What surprised him the most was, he was even able to obtain a Rank 4 Rainbow Light Grass, but on the contrary he did not find a single Rank 3 Spiritual Grass.

Although Rainbow Light Grass was a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, but it was extremely rare even for a Rank 4 Spiritual Grass, and although Ning Cheng did not know much about Alchemy and thus cannot refine Pills, but he was pretty familiar with some of the uses of the Spiritual Grass which he had read from the books that were provided to him from An Yi. The Rainbow Light grass can help restore the Core Lake of a person, and is even one of the ingredients required to refine the Profound Core Pill. Of course using the Rainbow Light Grass to refine a Profound Core Pill was too outrageous at this point, after all to refine a pill on the level of the Profound Core Pill required Tier 4 Pill Master, and Ning Cheng did not know a single Alchemy Masters at this point, let alone a Tier 4 Pill Master who could refine it.

Walking in the Daan Forest, although one will surely encounter a few of such opportunities, but they often would have to carry their heads in their hands. Although Ning Cheng could use his Flying Sword to fly, but he does not dare to fly even ten meters. Flying in this kind of place, it would only lead to dying quicker.

Not only one could not afford to fly here, even when one was walking, one must try to be as careful as possible. Ning Cheng by virtue of his caution, had been able to travel nearly halfway through the forest.

However, in the last two days, Ning Cheng felt that something was not right. That was because he did not even encounter a single Monstrous Beast for the past 2 days, even normal wild beasts could not be seen. It was dead silent all around, if he did not have the clearly defined map that he had memorized in his head, even he would have thought that he was going the wrong way.

Ning Cheng began to walk slower, almost half a day later, a burst of hot air blew towards him, when Ning Cheng saw the scene in front of him, he was immediately stunned speechless.

In front of him for an area of several dozen miles, the entire area had many crisscrossing ravines, and was completely devoid of any trees.

In the Daan Forest, although there were some open spaces, but there was never a place like this in front of him, all the ravines crisscrossed with each other, and not even a single tree could be seen.

Rather than saying that there wasn’t a single tree in sight, Ning Cheng saw a few broken trees that were lying scattered throughout in those ravines.

A sharp Killing Intent could be felt coming out of the ravines, this Killing Intent made Ning Cheng feel really uncomfortable.

What a terrifying battle scene, Ning Cheng came to realize that the scene in front of him was a result of a fight between two extremely powerful people. Before he and Feng Fei Zhang had gone to the Mingot Sea Area at that time, he had also met two masters fighting with each other. But if one compared that fight to the battle scene in front of him, it was simply like comparing heaven and earth, one simply could simply not make a comparison between the two.

Ning Cheng did not dare to directly pass through this battle field, even if this battle field in front of him had been abandoned a long time ago, he could still feel the Killing Intent that filled the air. Moreover, this was just the edge of the battlefield, once he entered the battlefield, this Killing Intent would definitely be much stronger, whether he could bear it or die, he could only choose one of the two.

Ning Cheng was just about to carefully go around this fearful battlefield, when a section of the ground which was revealed made him immediately stop in his tracks.

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    This novel is good but i just want to say that the author really has a problem with the MC because it seems like all the girls that come into his life never stay and there is always problems with them. e.g. his girlfriend on earth disregarded him on a simple confusion, then the girl with the disfigured face was also taken away never to be seen again and then the MC did not even go and meet up with An Yi to let her know that she can stay here or something and then leave. he knows that she depends on him but he didn’t even have the decency to say good bye to her face. just don’t know what the author wants to do. if he doesn’t want to develop these characters relation with MC then why bring them up they could be passing people like all the rest of the character instead the author just throws them. not trying to put the novel down but it is frustrating that the author does not even take time to properly finish relationship if you understand what i mean, thanks for the translation


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