Chapter 0059 – Two Kinds Of Murderous Auras

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Translated and Checked By – DemonKiller
Edited and Proofread By – CurlyAdi and SmartyMouth
[In honor of Deathblade and totmems for their help in deciding some crucial terms]

Chapter 0059 – Two Kinds Of Murderous Auras

It was a Spear Artefact; it certainly was the case. After Ning Cheng saw that Spear, he did not move any further.

He did not like to use his Flying Sword against his enemies, what he really wanted a powerful long ranged Artefact like a lance or a Spear. Moreover, he also had the Profound Grade Spear Technique ‘36 Thick Ice Spears’, which made Ning Cheng want a Spear even more. Unfortunately, he only had a Flying Sword, and nothing else.

Now that there was a long Spear, although this Spear was already broken at the tip, but for Ning Cheng, it still had an infinite attraction.

He did not know the cultivation level of the people who fought here, to create such a frightful battlefield in front of him, but he knew that their cultivation levels would definitely not be bad. With the cultivation levels of the two powerful masters fighting here, how could they not leave such a scene behind?

Ning Cheng slowly moved towards the centre of the crisscrossed ravines, where the fighting seemed to be more concentrated, originally he was at the edge of this ravine, and felt the aggressive Killing Intent that the air was filled with. But when he took his first step into the battlefield, this kind of formidable thirst for blood, almost immediately tore his clothes to shreds.

This Killing Intent was just like an extremely sharp knife slicing through him, and when it swept past Ning Cheng’s body, Ning Cheng’s body was immediately covered by several dozen cuts from which blood spilled out unceasingly. Although the bloody cuts were shallow, but the blood streaming out instantly stained Ning Cheng’s body in a bloody red colour.

Ning Cheng did not dare to take the second step, although he was attracted to the Spear Artefact, it also did not stop him from dropping out from the crisscrossed ravines if he wanted to. He stopped, while he operated his Qi to slowly heal himself, at the same time he started to advanced slowly. Even if he had to spend several months here, he wanted to get his hands on that Spear. Alchemy and Crafting were not easy, Ning Cheng had already known about it. If he lost such a Spear Artefact here, if he did not get it, he would not be able to sleep at night.

As Ning Cheng let his Qi to flow though his Meridians, the originally stationary Mysterious Yellow Bead in his Dantian suddenly started to spin, and a Mysterious Yellow Qi started to mix with his own Qi, fully penetrating through Ning Cheng’s Meridians.

Ning Cheng unexpectedly sat down in the middle of the crisscrossing ravines that was filled with the Killing Intent, in his mind appeared shadows of two people. These two shadows were standing in the sky above the Daan Forest, one of them was wielding a long Spear, and the other person was wielding a Great Axe. Of the two shadows fighting in the air above the Daan Forest, the shadow wielding the Spear seems to be dominating, while the shadow wielding the Great Axe seemed to be in a bit of disadvantage.

In just a short period of time, this originally densely packed place that was filled with trees were completely devastated and only a few charred stumps of the trees remained. The murderous path of the Spear was something that could be vaguely sensed by Ning Cheng, in his consciousness, suddenly the entire picture became static as one picture after another flashed by very slowly, that figure with the Spear Artefact in his hands, as if wanting to get rid of the Artefact, immediately thrust out his Spear.

The Spear immediately brought out several tens of thousands Spear Shadows, this kind of Spear moves filled with such dense Killing Intent immediately made Ning Cheng breathless. Such strength, it immediately made Ning Cheng’s heart tremble, he immediately became alert, he had just felt a hint of the residual Killing Intent coming from the Spear, and had already suffered to such a state. If he was to face the actual Killing Intent from that Spear, he could only close his eyes and wait for his death. Perhaps he would not even have to wait for his death, as long as that terrible Killing Intent came out, it would be enough for him to be completely annihilated by it into nothingness.

This intensive brutal Killing Intent that emanated from the Spear swept through almost the entire Daan Forest, it seemed as if it wanted to tear apart the entire Daan Forest.

He did not know how, in the face of this terrible destructive Spear Shadows, did the Great Axe wielding shadow plan on resisting it. But he could vaguely feel, that the movements of the Spear Shadows seemed to be a bit weird.

All of a sudden, there was a severe pain in his mind, at the same time he could no longer see the counter attack by the Great Axe wielding shadow. He could only feel a terrible pain in his head, which felt as if it would tear his head apart, the next moment he immediately spurted out a spray of blood from his mouth.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood Ning Cheng’s face looked a bit pale, but he still did not retreat back, rather he slowly stood up, and raised his hand, the Flying Sword appeared in his hands. At the same time, he stabbed his Flying Sword out as a Spear.

“Shoop” just like an arrow that was just shot out, the Flying Sword in his hands brought out a long Sword Light, which tore through the surrounding Killing Intent. This sword of Ning Cheng, completely tore through the surrounding Killing Intent, making it so that this Killing Intent to not impact him again in the slightest.

Was this the Dao of that Spear? Ning Cheng in his heart was very excited, he did not think that he would be able to comprehend such a Dao of the Spear in this kind of place. If he were to comprehend this Dao of the Spear completely, wouldn’t his battle proficiency rise up to a new level?

That’s not right, Ning Cheng suddenly stopped, the momentary joy on his face immediately disappeared without a trace. In his mind appeared a few flaws in this Spear’s Dao which were as clear as day, moreover these flaws were fatal.

Originally, when the Spear wielding shadow displayed his technique, there was no way for his Spear to turn into countless Spear Shadows with similarly fearful strengths, what he had used was a second Spear for assistance. That’s right, it was a second Spear, because that person could truly could not accomplish such a feat with just a single Spear, so he had to use up several secondary Spears to help out and complement each other.

It was also precisely because of this, that the tracks of the Spears seemed to be flawed. If that Great Axe wielding person got hold of that flaw, then the Spear wielding shadow would have surely lost without a doubt.

Ning Cheng’s complexion immediately turned pale again, he saw the ravine in front of him, and understood it very clearly, that the Spear wielding shadow had certainly lost. The ravine in front of him was very deep, but the surrounding ravines were relatively small and narrow, and even the Killing Intent around them was also weak.

The reason why Ning Cheng’s complexion turned pale, was because he had also comprehended this superficial Dao of this Spear a moment ago. It meant that if in the future he fought with an enemy with such half assed knowledge, then as long as his opponent grabbed onto the flaws of the Spear Technique, he would also face the same disastrous defeat.

Even if he did not have the support of the secondary Spear, he came to realise that this Spear Technique was unable to flow smoothly, and thus would always have a little flaw during combat.

Although he knew that this person was unable to link up his Spear with the other Spears, and as such let his Spear Technique have a few fatal flaws. But from a psychological point of view, Ning Cheng who was still standing near the Spear, still wanted to use the Spear as his weapon Artefact. Similarly, Ning Cheng finally understood that the ravine in the middle contained the remnants of that person’s Spear, the others should be from the persons other secondary Spears. After that Spear wielding person lost, even his support from the auxiliary Spears could not help him. Obviously he would suffer a disastrous defeat.

However, Ning Cheng quickly abandoned the idea, thinking about his current cultivation level and that of the masters who just fought, it was simply a dream, so he did not think too much of it. In the future he would definitely be able to reach the level of the two masters who just fought, plus more or less he had already corrected some the flaws of the Spear Technique a long time ago in his mind.

Putting this idea aside, that Spear once again started to emit that Killing Intent which rushed towards Ning Cheng, while in his mind it was getting increasingly clear about the methodology to utilize the Spear.

Although Ning Cheng did not understand it completely, but the aura that had completely enveloped him before and now was not the Killing Intent of the Spear, but was rather a trace of the true meaning of the Spear.

If anyone came to know that Ning Cheng, who just had the trivial cultivation of Qi Gathering Realm, could induce the scene of the fight from the Killing Intent in the surroundings, and even comprehend a hint of the true meaning of the Spear. Even if Ning Cheng hid beyond the horizon, people would still pursue him and once caught, they would tear him up little by little to study him thoroughly.

Ning Cheng knew why he was able to induce the fearful fight scene, it had nothing to do with his qualifications or his intelligence or monstrous comprehension ability, rather it was because of the Mysterious Yellow Bead.

After just a few breaths, Ning Cheng took a gulp, lifted both his hands once, and stirred up a Spear Intent from his hands. The surrounding Killing Intent around him immediately lightened up and weakened substantially.

Ning Cheng was delighted in his heart, and quickly sped up his pace. He had planned to spend several months to get to the place where that vicious broken Spear was at, but he never thought that he would be able to comprehend a sliver of the Killing Intent from the Spear, and would be able to walk towards the middle of the ravine so quickly.

In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Ning Cheng arrived at a place that was not far from one of the halves of the broken Spear. Ning Cheng wanted to take a step forward, and grasp the remnant of the Spear in his hands. When a more aggressive and fierce murderous blasted out, directly blasting towards the chest of Ning Cheng.

This Killing Intent, when compared to the Killing Intent from the Spear before, was much more aggressive and fierce, and Ning Cheng was immediately sent flying because of this terrible Killing Intent. As Ning Cheng once again coughed out another mouthful of blood, in Ning Cheng’s consciousness, at the same time, appeared the Great Axe wielding shadow.

Ning Cheng stood up tremblingly, he could still feel his leg shaking, this had nothing to do with fear, but because the Killing Intent of that Great Axe was just too terrible, making him feel that there was absolutely no way to resist it.

“This must be the Great Axe shadow that broke the Spear, it really is too overbearing.” Only after a long time, did Ning Cheng uttered those words.

Ning Cheng was very clear at this time, if he could not block the Killing Intent of the Great Axe, he absolutely would have no means to take out the broken Spear. Even if the Spear was in reach of his fingertips, he could only look at it and not touch it.

“Bah” looking at his chest that had been blasted a moment ago, only to see the armour through the gap, Ning Cheng spit out a mouthful of spittle as he said to himself, “This father will definitely have the Spear today.”

Ning Cheng made up his mind, and carefully approached the ravine that emitted the Killing Intent from the Great Axe. Just when he approached it, that Great Axe Shadow immediately emitted a rumbling noise, which again blew him out.

He continued to comprehend the Killing Intent that was being emitted as he continued to plod forward.

Thrown out, getting injured, gaining a slight insight from it, going forward…. once again being thrown out, once again getting injured, once again gaining a slight insight from it, once again going forward….

Ning Cheng was time and time again being blown out of the ravine as he sustained more and more injuries, but every time he took a step forward he would gain more and more insights.

Time and time again this kind thing kept repeating, while the Killing Intent being emitted from the Great Axe was slowly clearing up in the consciousness of Ning Cheng.

Pressing forward with an indomitable will, with boundless and overpowering momentum, with no room to look back, this was the imposing manner of this Great Axe.

Just in terms of momentum, the Killing Intent that was being emitted from the Great Axe shadow was much fiercer that the Killing Intent that Ning Cheng had felt from the Spear Intent previously. This was not because the cultivation of the Great Axe wielding person was higher than the cultivation of the Spear wielding person, but because of its thirst for blood that he won, as for the thirst for blood for the one who lost, it was just simply not comparable.

Ning Cheng cannot remember how many times he was blown out of the ravine, moreover there was not even one inch of space on his body that was still intact, even his face had numerous clusters of bloody scars.

However, he was not surprised, but rather he looked pleased, once again rushing forward, at the same time using the Flying Sword in his hands to perform a chop. This time he regarded the Flying Sword in his hands as a Great Axe, and at once used it to hack.

The Sword Qi aroused the Killing Intent of the surrounding ravines, and sent out intermittent ‘crackling’ explosions. In a very short moment after that, Ning Cheng stopped, at present he was staring at the ravine that was immediately in front of him. Before he would have been easily killed by the Killing Intent that blew him out time and time again, but at this time it was no longer able to blow him back even half a step.

Ning Cheng was standing before the ravine that was split by the huge axe, a twinkling of an enlightment appeared in his mind. He did not know for how long he had been standing there, but when Ning Cheng suddenly opened his eyes, his body issued a soft echo, and a powerful Qi started flowing throughout his body, it was similar to a stream of flowing water, even the sound of it was becoming increasingly clear.

A touch of surprise appeared in the eyes of Ning Cheng, this was the first time that he did not have to use Spirit Stones to cultivate, moreover without using any outside resources was able to advance in his cultivation. He had now officially advanced to Qi Gathering 9th Level, and it was completely due to him comprehending the two types of Killing Intents.

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